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  1. Another instance of entourage predicting the future
  2. 5dimes is actually by far the best for golf offerings that I've come across. Consistently the most different types of wagers and the lowest vig out there. You're looking in the pga section. You want to be looking in the futures section. Leish is in there.
  3. going 50/50 ARI and PIT today in survivor
  4. I've used them the last two years for a league with some buddies who watch way more basketball than I do. Won the first year, would have won last year if Durant didn't die (still won the regular season though). The guy who runs the site does a daily podcast which is also really good. I literally go into the draft with a spreadsheet I download from the site a couple hours prior and just crush. Really good resource.
  5. Basketball monster
  6. 118-110. cool sport @Good Posting Judge
  7. my guess: some young lady (black, it seems, not that that is important!) propositioned you to buy her a cheap bottle of wine. to do so, she ran some sort of hustle, as is common in these types of situations. am I on the right track? what was the hustle?
  8. lmao. is this like pulp fiction where we're going to get the story in bits and pieces out of order? just give it to us straight, man!
  9. Why don't you tell us what happened?
  10. Not sure we're there yet j. Not quite yet
  11. we all have a price (much like your mom)
  12. for whatever sporting event you want to watch: mmastreams nbastreams etc etc sorry in advance frosty