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  1. you think you can hold this puppy together with paperclips and glue huh? because that worked so well for the college fantasy leeg
  2. life is just a series of coinflips with varying odds attached
  3. Dentist still butthurt over some poker beat he took 10 years ago, so he finds a way to turn every discussion into a bad beat story
  4. Lol, again with this ####
  5. A bit morbid but I approve
  6. I'm ok with waiting to put your signal on in this situation. In fact, I do this too. What I can't stand is the guy who waits to put it on when he knows he's turning. If you're going to turn at a busy light or some random intersection, give me some notice so I can change lanes and go around you.
  7. dude it sounds like he has cancer or something
  8. this is unforgivable. in a just society these people's cars blow up instantly upon doing this.
  9. i don't joke about schwarbs
  10. please don't turn the thread into a joke
  11. nice
  12. he's got world series experience now. gotta factor that in