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  1. damn, that seems crazy to me. i guess he gets a pass for that one.
  2. bill invents the 'undroppable players' list for fantasy football on today's podcast
  3. Yea it's a fair point. I mostly never bet futures or multi way markets for that reason (golf outrights the exception)
  4. I don't mean to be rude or anything here, but, no ####?
  5. 2 bitcoin, 1 check. I know a lot of people on sbr are still waiting. sucks, I think it's just random.
  6. Fully paid by topbet #blessup
  7. A truly timeless thread
  8. Spent the day at the zoo, no idea what you talmbout
  9. lmao we really out here
  10. surprised you didn't beat me to this. i was half expecting you to post an u6.5 from 6am
  11. *bill swears 3 times in 30 seconds* sal: "i don't think we're supposed to swear during the sponsored segment" bill: "it's fine" tate: "too much captain morgan"
  12. Bill dropping some baseball knowledge on us today. "i think you have to manage in the playoffs differently than you do in the regular season"
  13. we have truly entered the golden age of sports media
  14. snick my man I think you may need to hire some help with writing these recaps.