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  1. what’s going to happen with pickoff plays? ghostman on first situation? no baserunners at all? it really isn’t as low risk as you think it is, and relative to other sports doesn’t mean anything because baseball players and owners aren’t thinking about it like that (and why would they!)
  2. of course. the pga is planning to restart next month and plans to have testing in place for all players and staff, and golf is certainly lower risk than baseball. the KBO is playing baseball right now, but only with tests for all player and staff. if any legitimate pro league restarts without a strict testing regimen then i will stand corrected. but it isn’t going to happen.
  3. more to lose as in they stand to lose more money by not playing a season. absolutely not true. the NBA has already said they will not acquire mass testing until team cities have enough tests to do mass testing themselves. they don’t want to take tests out of the hands of ordinary citizens. the NFL will likely have no problem doing this.
  4. with that said, i do think mlb will figure out how to use mass testing to reasonably ensure player safety and come back in july. but when they come back, less player contact won’t have anything to do with why.
  5. it’s simply not true. any risk is seen as unacceptable risk. the league with the best chance to reopen is the league with the most to lose and most likely to use its power and influence to acquire mass testing. that is the nfl.
  6. the difference in risks becomes meaningless past a minimally acceptable risk, which baseball is already well past. yes there is less physical contact than in football, but still plenty of contact and risk. locker rooms are a thing as capella pointed out, germs can spread through the baseball like mquinn has said. the catcher, batter and umpire are right on top of eachother. outfielders collide all the time, players round bases and slide into second to break up double plays. you can try to reconfigure things but there is essentially no getting past some risk, which is unacceptable. football hasn’t actually figured anything out, its season just happens to be 4 months from now so they have some time. baseball is trying to restart in july, and when they do it won’t have anything to do with the level of physical contact, but rather how many people they can test to ensure no one playing in or involved in a game has the virus.
  7. three hour schedule reveal tonight
  9. just filled a GTC i forgot about from a couple days ago
  10. did a quick amazon search and found a bunch of sketch looking listings for kn95 and n95. any particular seller you would recommend?
  12. hope they can find some success. strongly feel that the best way to 'solve' this in the short and intermediate terms is to make testing as widespread as possible. quarantining the symptomatic is not good enough as so many people can be carriers without knowing. lockdown may work, but no one wants to do that and we don't know what happens once lockdown is lifted (we'll begin learning from SK and China soon, hopefully).