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  1. 73 is in play @ me at your leisure
  2. an actual conversation, verbatim simmons: john wall sucks at defense hv: he's actually quite good at defense simmons: nuh uh!
  3. you can't spell thames without team tho
  4. I offered him to lambskin for votto but then he hit his second homer tonight and I changed my mind
  5. a run it was
  6. Staring to cut it pretty close here
  7. came across this today. maybe if he took his head out of his ### he'd be a better hitter
  8. Wouldn't put it past Maddon to be pulling a fast one in his home league.
  9. I saw the it live, it was above the zone and inside IIRC on the pitchtrax thing. but agreed, it doesn't look too bad in real time. CB Bucknor never gonna get the benefit of the doubt though.
  10. LoMo gets cb bucknor'd and doesn't mince words in his reaction
  11. Boy I tell ya hwat, that Anthony Rizzo can swing a bat
  12. That may be part of it. He hates all the walks mostly. Doesn't really understand how to properly value a player, thinks Votto needs more RBIs. He's the poster child for the old (but not necessarily white!) man who the game has passed by.
  13. Turd is a bit far and a bit rich coming from a member of the BFIB crew