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  1. don't look now but rory has his tee shot on 18 to tie the lead
  2. surprised it didn't bounce off someone and run back into the fairway
  3. if rory can hole out both his 2nd shot approaches on 15 and 17 we might see him work himself into this
  4. I typically agree with letting it ride, and I think that's the way to go here. If you're set on getting a winner, I think we see Spieth get it done more often than not.
  5. Spieth lays up as Kuch drives the green. Kid is scared out there.
  6. Perfect weather today and we should see the big hitters make a run. Grace shoots a record 62. Will be interesting to see how Spieth deals with Rory and DJ nipping at his heels (JoeT> hi)
  7. so should I sell before the end of the month and get back in after the dip?
  8. Can you share the source for your data so we can see what you're looking at?