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  1. I'd take zero if only he would come back and explain himself
  2. Sounds like you've got it all figured out buddy. Why even start the thread?
  3. Of course Bill is too dense to put it together when she doesn't come back from the bathroom (not that it would have mattered bc Pedro was pitching)
  4. The pod with Morey was pretty good, and incidentally reminded me of one of my favorite tweets of all time.
  5. Nah dropped out this year. Gllll to you guys
  6. to follow along and anti-sweat FDAS draft
  7. Season 5 is in my top 3 honestly
  8. Fun fact: when stringer said "there go a life that had to be snatched" he was referring to @Don't Noonan, not D'angelo. That's a common misconception that he was referring to D.
  9. Meant to put this in the ethereum thread. Tough to keep all these threads straight. Crypto mania babie!
  10. We're getting the band back together!