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  1. leave it imo
  2. Where are the haters now
  3. I already did this shtick in the inaugural fantasy basketball leeg. Was funny then. Is stale now
  4. According to a podcast I listened to this morning you do have the ability to add DL spots. We really should look into this.
  5. In a shocking upset the Lakers best the Warriors 6-1 in what turns out to be the lowest scoring game in NBA history
  6. @Doctor Detroit come get ya boy
  7. He wants to make an Internet that ####s, basically
  8. I'm 4 minutes in and, not breaking any new ground here, but does Simmons really not realize he talks too much on these? Buddy I promise you people aren't downloading your podcast with Aziz to hear you talk over him constantly.
  9. Oh #### I have to listen to this now