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  1. nope, looks like he's gone again. agree the title change is pretty lame. can we at least change it to something more recognizable? 'SHOW YOURSELF' is pretty vague.
  2. hey rude - can you ensure my message makes it to our boy cstu?
  3. not sure about kamala tbh.  seems like she threw most of her voter base in prison.

  4. your PMs are down fyi.  figured you may not know

  5. @cstu cannot receive PMs for whatever reason. can a mod @Maurile Tremblay or someone get this message to him through his email address or some other means? "hey, just explain what happened and apologize, and my debt is forgiven or you can donate it to charity. i assume you'll opt for the former, which is fine. stop saying it was a joke bet, you know that's not true." thanks. I assume he has seen it, but i want to make certain. we can put this whole thing to bed with a few lines of sincere contrition. everyone makes mistakes. few spend years hiding from them and then aggressively denying them, but I can look past that! let's get cstu back in time for the 2020 election imo.
  6. come on man i just want to talk

    1. Peyton Marino

      Peyton Marino

      hit me back when you see this

  7. while i’m here, is there a bernie thread around these parts?
  8. again i say to cstu, come back and explain what happened and why you can't pay. apologize, and you can forget my debt or donate it to a charity of your choice. i can't speak for the others, but that's the way i see it.
  9. hey sorry i missed you last night.  how are things?

  10. why did this get moved to the political forum