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  1. Come on dude
  2. didn't need to worry about that stuff in the 90s and early 2000s when knowing the CBB teams was enough to win. now he's ####ed, but his identity is tied to this stuff, sadly, and I don't think he can just walk away.
  3. laying minus 75 on a single round golf matchup gonna get him there a lot quicker
  4. Boy this thread turned into a #### show huh? Hate Reed all you want, but leave the family stuff alone imo. That stuff is too sensitive to be speculating on what is, at best, incomplete information.
  5. Was waiting for you to chime in yesterday during Spieth's rise
  6. spieth just owns this course.
  7. Reed has done a ####-ton for this country golf-wise. Show some respect guys.
  8. woods mutants
  9. Si Woo Kim gives you pause too until you realize he's from South Korea
  10. Rahm seems like a hothead. And Wiesberger just sounds like a name you don't want to try.
  11. six is certainly doable, it's a tough course and #### happens. also, Fowler and Rahm are currently tied.
  12. Rahm down?
  13. boy rory just stripes it
  14. holy #### rory