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  1. If it weren’t for Boston sports, random 80s movies and wrestling, Bill Simmons would have no clue how to process the world around him. It’s literally his entire frame of reference.
  2. His tweet mapping golfers to wrestlers was vintage simmons, and truly some of the dumbest #### I’ve seen in 2018
  3. Reed noting he’s the only golfer who can win the grand slam this year
  4. Noted FFA and crowd favorite Patrick Reed making his push early
  5. I think some folks are missing the point regarding the course setup yesterday. It's not that the course was too hard. That is to be expected from a US Open setup, and I enjoy watching the best golfers in the world get killed for one weekend out of the year. There were two issues separate from that which stood out for me. First, the morning draw ended up playing about 3 strokes easier than the afternoon. The morning draw, all else equal, will always play somewhat easier than afternoon, but this was too far imo. The final group being two guys who are there solely because they tee'd off in the morning is silly. Second, the course was so difficult that it became a crapshoot to the point that it was impossible to predict where putts would go, and great approach shots would routinely bounce or roll off of the green. Some parity is good, but when professional golfers feel powerless to do anything out there, I think it has gone too far. With all that said, I still thoroughly enjoyed the theatrics of yesterday. I enjoy watching golfers struggle to extreme limits and still empathize with the guys out there getting a raw deal. Just my .02, I think the USGA will reel it back in today and it will be closer to what we saw Thursday, which was a good middle ground. Portnoy might end up winning this thing!
  6. Yea Berger and Finau being in the thick of things right now is kind of a joke
  7. Course is basically a crapshoot right now. Skill matters a lot less out there this afternoon. For reference, the morning tee times played about 4 over par. The afternoon is playing 6 over and only getting worse.
  8. any update on portnoy shooting 4 under here?
  9. Took him sticking it to two feet to get some air time
  10. Haven’t seen a ####### shot from rose or stenson since 1 but I’ve seen every ### #### shot from Hefty, who is 21 shots back of the gd lead
  11. Course playing easier today. Should firm up over the day, and as wind picks up the afternoon should play harder. Think we see at least one early guy go low and play themselves into the hunt.