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  1. I'm too drunk to look at his team right now
  2. No shtick, I think pump started a thread asking how to take 500k or some ridiculous sum of money out of his bank at once and then disappeared shortly after
  3. You're assuming that because I projected him to reach less ABs than you think he will reach, that I think he's a lock to reach like 300 ABs. That's not how projections work. They're a mean that informs a range of outcomes. Try to think through this and get back to me.
  4. OK, but your proposal doesn't allow me to receive any of the benefit when he realizes the low end of his range of ABs (<500). I know you're smart enough to understand why your proposed bet is skewed to benefit you. Here's the best I can do for you. 30 HRs / 500 ABs = .06 HRs/AB. IF(G. Bird reaches 500 ABs & G. Bird >= .06 HRs / AB) {You win} Else {I win}
  5. yea, no. I'm not setting myself up for some situation where he ends up starting every day and getting 600 ABs. you get all of the upside and none of the downside in your proposed scenario.
  6. Sounds good. So, when he reaches 500 ABs this season, if he doesn't have 30 or more HRs I win? Or did you have something else in mind?
  7. Been stiffed here before by some corncob I didn't know, as shady alluded to. Don't really care to place anymore bets unless I'm sure the guy is good for it (which you're certainly not). Also I do not give a single #### whether or not you keep posting here, actually I prefer you do. Why don't you just come in here and gloat about it if you win? Seems like the same payout for you. Or, if you'd like, we pick a trustworthy poster here and escrow $100 each before the season starts.
  8. chris kattan
  9. folks ,,
  10. i am so ded rn
  11. oh wow ty
  12. You are a moron. I just projected him for 25 HRs this year. Do you not understand that given a mean projection of 25 HRs, there's a solid chance he does hit 30 HRs? The question is not whether he will hit 30 HRs, it's what the right projection is. Here's a better bet, which I will gladly accept - why don't you tweet to all the baseball writers you normally ask to rate your horrendous teams, and ask them how many HRs they would project Bird for given 500 ABs. Get a sample of 15 non-mouthbreathers (limit 5 total from ESPN, Yahoo, CBS) to reply and see what they say. Take the average. If it's 30 or more you win and I leave for 6 months, if it's 30 or less you admit that you literally have the IQ of a monkey.
  13. do you have any data on your son's wRC+ or perhaps DRS or UZR/150? batting average is a pretty antiquated stat nowadays. i would see about making a fangraphs page for your son and then sending the link to the coach.
  14. The guy fails to crack 25 HRs in 540 PAs spread across AA, AAA, and MLB in his last full season, has never eclipsed that number previously, coming back from a season ending shoulder injury, and you think he's a lock for 30+ HRs. You are so stupid it is just painful.
  15. Yankees HR park factor for lefties =1.15*25=28.75<30 You're mad online because I projected your heartthrob for 5 less HRs than you have him down for and you think I'm the one that needs to get a life.