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  1. Lamar or Eli - 6 pts ALL TDS
  2. Ingram or Kerryon, PPR Cheers
  3. 10 Team PPR Should I deal Allen Robinson for Ekeler (as Gordon’s handcuff). Have crazy depth at WR (Hopkins, Jeffrey, JGordon, Kupp, Funchess) and decent RB depth. cheers!
  4. 2 are on waivers, but thanks anyway ?. Loaded everywhere else (Dak led me here before his fall).
  5. 6 pt pass/rush TD Need help sorting thru this heap: TTaylor vs NE MMariota vs HOU BHundley vs TB ADalton vs PIT Thank you!
  6. PPR Give Cooks and Mccaffrey, get Gordon - Thoughts are that Gordon will be fine, especially with his schedule for next 3 games (wow). CMC though is an ascending RB2 and Cooks is a high upside WR2, so perhaps too much to give up.
  7. PPR. Trade A.Brown, receive Gordon. Current RB's are M.Ingram and CMC. Current WR's are AB, B.Cooks and Tyreke. Thanks!
  8. Mariota vs JAX, Dak vs DEN, Palmer vs IND or Goff vs WAS (6 pts pass TD). Thanks!
  9. Mariota vs JAX, Dak vs DEN, Palmer vs IND or Goff vs WAS (6 pts pass TD). Thanks!
  10. MITYH, very sorry about all this. Not sure if this has been addressed or not: 1. Have you checked your home and wife's cell phone records? 2. Have you left messages with George and Steve? Hang in there buddy.
  11. I've read this entire thread and my take is this ... MITYH, you need to sack up and stop being afraid of confrontation, or shut the F up. Your good buddy Steve allegedly took advantage of YOUR WIFE. Either this entire thread is bogus, or you are being a total wuss hoping this will just blow over and work itself out. Show some fight, brother! If your wife was truly taken advantage of, show her that you give a ####e and won't let this dude get away with it! And accusing your wife of infidelity is generally not conducive to a happy marriage, and something I highly doubt she takes lightly. You just can't throw around serious accusations and then not take any action. Very, very weak on many levels.