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  1. That you’re being deliberately obtuse. Carry on, I’ve said my piece.
  2. Not really. Not with everything else we know.
  3. Could be a meteor struck. Can’t be sure one way or another.
  4. You don’t have zero evidence. You have child protective services and the DA’s office investigating child abuse. That’s highly unusual, as the vast majority of parents of kids who break arms do not get investigated. You also have a history with Hill. You also have the DA’s comments. The kid has been removed from his home.
  5. What on earth do you assume did happen? Kids break arms all the time, but rarely do they get investigated by child protective services and district attorneys. Is it your assumption it was an accident?
  6. He’ll be released today or tomorrow right?
  7. I'm interested by the fact that they signed 27 year old Williams to a really cheap extension (2 years, $5.1m, only $2.1m guaranteed) and then followed that up by signing the "29 year old banger" to a $2.8m contract ($1.6m guaranteed) and whose pedigree is far more accomplished. From W13 on, DW's carries were 5, 8, 10, 13, 11, 25, 10, respectively. Really nice outlier against IND, but otherwise, he had 20 touches only once in those final 7 games during his "workhorse" stretch. His production with those touches is outstanding, so I can see how that frames the hope and the hype. But, I think this is where most folks are tapping the brakes a bit, given what we know about the dangers of extrapolating from small sample sizes.
  8. I'm curious how you interpret the public statements from coaches about DW as the starter? You've mentioned this several times. I don't know about your experience, but I tend to be pretty cynical and skeptical of coach-speak, especially months--and players--removed from having to make any definitive decisions. In this case, I've treated those comments regarding DW with a grain of salt. Am I being too dismissive?
  9. This is what I don't get. Hyde was a consistent 4.0+ guy in SFO and now all of a sudden he's a paltry 3.3 guy based on his performance receiving handoffs from Tyrod, Kessler, and Bortles? If we laud Damien Williams for a small sample size in KC--while at the same time giving him a pass for his 3 years of awfulness in MIA--why not give the same benefit of the doubt to Hyde here?
  10. All fair. And, I’m not gonna die on any hill with regards to DW. I think he’s a fascinating case study, whose range of totally plausible outcomes is greater than anyone I can think of this year.
  11. I didn’t double count anything. Which actually is rather amusing and ironic that the balance of your post is framed around extrapolating a 1600/27 season based on his 3 starts last year. I can simultaneously hold the view that (a) he’s a JAG, (b) he can be a RB10 this year, and (c) he can drift back into mediocrity or even irrelevance a year later. Historically, that’s not uncommon at all.
  12. If his value now is early 2nd rounder and they do nothing, will his value increase to 1st round? I’m skeptical. But, if they do make a substantial draft investment, Williams’s trade value craters. If you’re looking to trade him, I think now is the time. I just think we’ve reached his ceiling, and there’s a reasonable chance the floor drops right out from under him in a few weeks.
  13. I think he’s a JAG, so I don’t think he’s terrible, but I don’t think he’s a long term option, either. FWIW, I don’t think Hyde is anything much either, but he’s established that he can be a 50-60 reception guy out of the backfield, if needed, and is only a year older than Williams. You noted the one underwhelming comment, and I’ve read others from coaches that left the impression on me that they were pleasantly surprised by the quality of his contribution but are not committed to him by any means. I just see the odds as super long he’s got any value past this year. But, it raises an interesting value conundrum that I’m not settled on. Let’s stipulate he gets that RB10 season but then has zero value after that. What’s the percentage chance you “hit” on an early 2nd rounder. In our league, hit rate on picks 11-15 has been about 7-10%. Not great at all and, if guaranteed just one RB10 season of Williams, I suppose it’s better metrics to take that and live with subsequent irrelevance, as opposed to a 10% chance of ever being relevant. But, I can’t imagine giving up a 1st rounder for him, so I still think early-2nd is the sweet spot. i don’t know if that answers any of your questions, but for better or worse that’s how I think about it.
  14. They brought in Hyde, too, right? Look, if he gets 60% of the share, he's a great asset to have, potential top-10 RB. But, I think that's a long shot as it is, and even more remote chance he's a long-term solution in KC. I frankly wouldn't be pouring many assets into Williams at this point. I'd give up a late 2, but I don't think he's worth a top-15 pick.