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  1. The deal breaker for me is the political malpractice of being so unprepared.
  2. I understand philosophical shifts happen. A normal process. I don’t understand supporting pathological, dim-witted, craven, criminal self-promoters.
  3. Yup. Whoops, that one got away. For all of Manfred’s bluster about not tolerating retaliation, the league really can’t legislate a stiff fastball in Bregman’s ribs or a cleat in Altuve’s thigh any differently than anyone else. These guys know what’s coming and there’s not really a thing they can do about it. Manfred’s cowardice ultimately puts players in a position where they’ll just take it upon themselves.
  4. Predictable nonsense about cheating is cheating. As if my daughter rolling a 5 but moving 6 spaces in Candyland is on par with a systematic, sophisticated scheme and cover-up. The ‘whataboutism’ at this point is almost as shameful as the cheating itself.
  5. Strangely, it would help me some if MLB vacated the WS. I couldn’t bask in the glow of the team I root for being honored for something that wasn’t earned.
  6. If it were my team, I’d disown them. Wouldn’t matter how long I supported them, memories, all that is irrelevant. If the organization I rooted for engaged in this level of cheating, I’d no longer root for them, full stop. Can’t really wrap my head around how someone resolves the cognitive dissonance to keep rooting for them, in fact. It’s like an evil super power.
  7. This is a bit of a straw man. To respond, I think it would help if you were more clear that you understand what the underlying issue(s) is(are) here.
  8. People are acting like the stock market performance under Trump has been some sort of behemoth. Why is this? Not even close to the most recent 4 terms under a Democrat.
  9. I wouldn’t say “worse.” But, it sure is terrible. And disqualifying.
  10. I voted for Hillary, and I am pretty sure Dow would be pretty close to a continuation of Obama era. Which is to say right about where it is now.
  11. Obviously do with your vote what you wish. It's a personal thing. But, a 3rd party vote, although a symbolic gesture that potentially makes us feel better about our participation in the process, has no practical value within the current system. If demeanor, intelligence, and emotional maturity are supremely important to you, I would hope witnessing Trump and considering 4 more years of stupidity, emotional regression, and continued assault on the very agencies and norms that protect us citizens from authoritarians and dictators would be sufficient to vote for whatever viable alternative there is to Trump. If the scenario were somehow that you were the last person to cast a vote in America and, at the point you made the vote, Trump was tied with another human being that has superior demeanor, intelligence, and emotional maturity compared to Trump, do I understand your position to be that you would vote for someone else entirely, leaving it a tie (and thus to Trump for 4 years)?