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  1. JJ Mic'd up.
  2. I think there is enough to go around in that offense that Lafell can be considered a WR3 going forward.
  3. I don't own him but for some reason I think he has a good day today. He's been catching all the TD's as it was..
  4. Just heard that he is OUT for the rest of the game.
  5. He hasn't been given much of a shot, but when he has, he has been awful.
  6. I scored 1.9 more points than t-rich in our playoff fantasy pool. Thankfully I didn't draft him.. but someone did!
  7. The man crush I have on this kid is insane.
  8. Not sure if anyone caught this snoozer but I had the pleasure () of watching this one. Ellington looked good, however, the ATL D was playing touch football. It was incredible how poorly they tackle. Heck they made Stepfan Taylor look like a pro bowler out there.
  9. Marvin Lewis simply loves BJGE in key spots. Anytime he needs 2 yards, Ellis is out there, every time they sniff the goal line, Ellis is out there. Regardless of the fact that Ellis was repeatedly stuffed at the line today Lewis kept throwing him out there. Then the Bengals got up huge and threw in the third string RB as they are on a short week (they play Thursday). It's not for a lack of talent, but I can't see Gio doing much given the situation.
  10. A few more from my trip. Waikiki from Diamond Head Shipwreck from the sky (Fraser Island, Australia) Mirror Lakes - Milford Sound, New Zealand Sunset over the Southern Alps
  11. I have about 1200 pictures that I need to go through from 2 months in New Zealand and Australia (and a couple of days in Shanghai and 6 days in Hawaii). Here are a couple I have already posted to my flickr A photo of the Shanghai skyline at night. A photo of the wild weather in New Zealand. Merged from 3 different exposures (HDR).
  12. Watching a lot of the Bengals game and it is just a matter of time before Gio is the man in Cinci. BJGE is awful!
  13. The common response, but this poor guy doesn't have any to save!