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  1. My only source for sports coverage now basically. Great site. Well worth the cost. They always have some deal going on for new subscribers.
  2. Don't like the Blues at all, but absolutely love them taking the first two in Winnipeg. Jets are bar-none, IMO, the dirtiest team in all of sports. I wish bad things on them. I really do. Getting swept by the Blues would be a good start.
  3. How many times did you run over your own hand on one of those things? Man, that hurt.
  4. There are only two acceptable answers: Dodge ball and floor hockey
  5. Yes, I do too. Unfortunately, his other moves include: Nino for Rask Granlund for Fiala Re-signing Staal and picking up bums Aberg and Bitetto Fenton is an absolute clown. And he's going to fire Boudreau. And elevate his longtime pal. The guy running the god-awful power play. So what could go wrong? Leipold will stupidly wait three or four years before finally admitting his mistake and firing Fenton. Wild won't be relevant again for 10 years.
  6. It's been established that Tim and Joe are the same person, right?
  7. This falls under the "stand your ground" law as far as I'm concerned.
  8. Absolutely not in someone else's can. Carry it home.
  9. I don't see any harm. And I'm not outraged. I just don't think it's clever. Or funny. Or even fun. It's just stupid.
  10. Sano's injury not healing as fast as they'd hoped. Shocking.
  11. Did I say he should only be evaluated at 5 on 5 or any other single stat? No, I didn't. But I had said earlier that he lets in a ton of soft goals. You mocked and ridiculed me saying that was irrational and emotional. So I was providing some numbers to back up that one specific point. But never mind. I'll just go away. And you keep not apologizing for Dubnyk.