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  1. I still like it, but it's downhill after first three episodes. After first three episodes, thought it might be one of favorite shows of all time. But it pretty quickly reverts into all their personal relationships, blah, blah, blah. And the cliched storyline of fighting the boss is so, so tiresome. It's like a freaking soap opera. Only have one episode left. Hope that redeems it.
  2. The first guys in the room were not Swat.
  3. Didn't even know this was a thing.
  4. Pretty fascinating stuff to listen to those audio recordings of the presidents and their staff.
  5. Grape jelly? Haven't heard of that one before.
  6. Cocaine usually does the trick. HTH.
  7. Although, my guess is that the neighbor might be parking in front of your house out of spite because of you constantly parking on the street because of your hoarding. And I can kind of respect that. But if that's not why he's doing it, off with his head!
  8. I think the death penalty should apply here, as it should in the case of people throwing cigarette butts out their car window.
  9. My Costco in Minnesota no longer is selling the marinated chicken kabobs that I love to do on the grill. Being early August, I guess it's now officially the winter season, especially since they had a big display of mittens when you walked in.
  10. Best breakfast by far. Usually a line.
  11. Worth the wait. Get the the mashed potato pizza.
  12. I always like Hell's Kitchen downtown for food and alcohol. Live music on weekends too. Psycho Suzi's is a cool place to hang out in the afternoon and get bombed.