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  1. So after several years of screwing around (gambling) with part of my ROTH, I've been pulling back lately and finally sold off the last of my individual stocks this week. I enjoyed some early success (luck) and it probably distorted my view to where I was buying and selling more than I should've been. I took a few different losses that turned out to be bigger than it turned out I was comfortable with. Made most of it back in recent months but have just decided I really don't want to do it anymore. The risk of owning individual stocks and the ups and downs for seemingly no reason just isn't for me. The vast majority of my retirement and my wife's has been in a few different Vanguard funds. I'm simply going to add the rest of this "play money" now and stop screwing around. Just too exhausting for me, especially when I don't know anything about anything and just sit and stare at tickers all day. So for me, while I'm sure it will be better financially for me too, it's more about cutting the stress out of my life. Good luck to you guys going forward. Who knows, maybe the impending Trump Crash will draw me back in. Hopefully not.
  2. It doesn't all come out of the check, per se, but the way the contract negotiations work, they agree to a package that includes salary and health benefits. The cost of health care that's supposedly covered by the employer actually isn't, because then they just lower everyone's salary by that amount. It's a shell game. Bottom line is, they claim the teachers (and principals in my wife's case) make X amount, and that amount is 24 grand less than they take home before taxes if a family of 3 is on there. Yes, they do have a pension. We'll see if it's still there or not in 20 years. Not holding my breath.
  3. All of it is out of her pocket.
  4. $23,817 for family of 3. And that's offered through wife's public school employer, where supposedly they're all screwing over the taxpayers with their "free" health care.
  5. You going to do the managing too? What's your estimate on how much of your time that will take up?
  6. Jack Nicklaus Tony Gwynn Ken Griffey Jr. (and Jay Buhner) Martin Brodeur Alex Rodriguez Michael Richards
  7. What about Mean Gene Okerlund?
  8. Yes, they do.
  9. National Park Service employees start an alternative Twitter feed: @AltNatParkSer
  10. Not to sound like Lhucks, but it feels like a meltdown is coming. The Trump panic seems to be settling in. This is based on nothing of course, and I'm not doing anything, but...
  11. I always cash it at the customer service counter.
  12. Hasn't worked in several weeks now. Sent a PM to Memphis Foundry, who always used to handle these situations, but I haven't gotten any response, and it looks like he hasn't been on the site in several months, so he must not be around anymore. Anyone know how to feed the hamster?
  13. Anyone ever use this channel pear? Is that similar to Kodi?
  14. Stratasys (SSYS) S&P: 2,138