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  1. You need to look closer then. There's a freaking wire underneath it and coming down out the bottom. If that's not Photoshopped, they're caught red-handed. ETA: Or is that part of some sort of necklace?
  2. I don't know, but I'm assuming people are saying that's Photoshopped
  3. It is widely known that they are a big issue in the locker room. They run the organization - to the detriment of many coaches and younger players. And Leipold lets them.
  4. Reports are he's not hiring anyone till the offseason. Evason is the interim. Reports are also that Doug Weight could be the guy. Gallant another option - but they don't think he'll come to Minnesota. I wouldn't. Parise/Suter/Zuccarello are giant anchors impossible to overcome for years.
  5. Makes no sense to me. Guerin trades Zucker for futures, which would indicate he doesn't care about this year and is looking ahead. And I think that makes sense. Team sucks. But then apparently the reason Guerin has given for firing Boudreau is that Guerin thinks the Wild have a shot at the playoffs this year and he wants that to happen. Never mind the Wild are like 7-3-1 in their last 11. I don't get it.
  6. That really surprises me. Guerin must think they actually have a shot at the playoffs this year. Which I guess they do, but why bother?
  7. They did. Rosenthal and MLB Network were all over that.
  8. Crane should face a lifetime ban for stupidity. There should really be a standard there.
  9. I changed it to the original German with subtitles instead.