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  1. This has been my experience lately too. They never offer me any kind of refund, no matter how small, when stuff is late. They would offer it up right away in the past. Not anymore. Looks like the monopoly is just about complete.
  2. I liked how in the presidential palace they had the analyst on point and kept the Marines behind him. Makes sense.
  3. Is blindness considered a serious complication? That's what I'm afraid of.
  4. My eyes are very sensitive to light, and I'm told that Lasik would make that even worse, so there's no way I can do it. But, boy, it would be nice. Lasers do scare me, though.
  5. I always buy the highest-rated tires they make for my vehicle. No matter what they cost. Money well spent.
  6. Hardest thing so far was getting my shoes on (damn ratchet!) and then clicking in. My god, I'm old.
  7. It's being delivered today. I'm guessing it will end up making a nice clothes rack.
  8. Just pointing out that there really is no wrong side. So as dumb as she is for being unable to maneuver her car to the "right" side, the whole exercise was unnecessary.
  9. It's my experience that the pump hoses at most gas stations are long enough to reach the other side of your vehicle anyway, so....
  10. I'd love to see the show. Been to the Guthrie a bunch of times over the years. But it seems like, ahem, if someone's sister was the, ahem, director, maybe he could get a good FBG buddy some free tix! I'll take a PM.
  11. Might be taking the plunge and getting one here. Does anyone know if they traditionally offer any Black Friday deals?
  12. Could something be happening with Canucks here? Good start, and Markstrom looks like he might be one of top goaltenders in the league.
  13. And they have zero chance of winning the lottery, because Minnesota.