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  1. No idea what you're saying, especially when you link to a story in a major newspaper while claiming there are no stories.
  2. I haven't, but Jason Mitchell does a ton of his shows on there, and it's supposed to be awesome. I think it's more quantity of walleye over quality - that's all of North Dakota. You could probably find some info from Mitchell online somewhere telling you where to go this time of year.
  3. So, I stop paying attention for a couple days and CYDY.... anything specific happen? This thread is a little cumbersome to hunt around.
  4. That's very similar to my son's public school experience.
  5. I don't know what state you're in, but that sounds like a joke. Not at all how it is here in Minnesota with my high schooler.
  6. Tony won two more tokens for winning immunity, so I think he did pay back two of the people.
  7. True. The look on the faces of people who no one will talk to is awesome.
  8. I'm all for the Jeff talking at Tribal and people talking to him. That went on as far back as I can remember. But this huddling up whispering in each other's ears is a whole new thing for me. Don't like it.
  9. I hadn't watched Survivor for a few years I think until these last couple. When did they start allowing all this secret strategy discussion at tribal council? It kind of ruins the show, IMO.