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  1. I've loved all the past seasons, but this one has been a snoozefest for me so far.
  2. When I look them up on Amazon, it does refer to a service with a monthly fee of like $10 a month: "Store video clips and photos in the cloud with the Blink Subscription Plan and save events locally to the Blink Sync Module 2 via a USB flash drive (sold separately)."
  3. Still using this? Happy with it? Pros/cons?
  4. A lot has happened, I'm sure, in this area in the past couple years since this thread last got bumped. What are the current top options out there for a basic system with motion-sensor external cameras?
  5. Tried searching and couldn't find any threads. Wanting to add some home security cameras for outside and wondering what my easiest and best options are? I know Ring now has some motion-detector external cameras. Is that a good option? And whatever I get, do I want to get ones that are only running when something triggers them? I've heard home owners that have had them running 24/7 have Internet usage issues and then their monthly fee for all that data would be huge. Total noob here, so looking for something easy and hopefully affordable, but good enough quality that it actually works. Thinking one over garage and a couple more to go over the front and rear entry doors? Any advice appreciated.
  6. Correct. Destroying lakes in Minnesota.
  7. Wake boats should be illegal. Flame away.
  8. Lender Fi has been good to me and a lot of others on here.
  9. No idea what you're saying, especially when you link to a story in a major newspaper while claiming there are no stories.
  10. I haven't, but Jason Mitchell does a ton of his shows on there, and it's supposed to be awesome. I think it's more quantity of walleye over quality - that's all of North Dakota. You could probably find some info from Mitchell online somewhere telling you where to go this time of year.