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  1. Would love to hear him explain the Gudbranson trade last season though. That's Victor Rask-esque.
  2. I understand we're supposed to hate Roman, but he kind of ruins the show for me. He's just so over the top all the time. Really can't stand it. At this point, Greg is the only one on the show I like.
  3. Could I get the contact info on this place? That's the kind of thing I'm looking to do.
  4. Jorge Polanco might be the worst player in the league right now.
  5. Total frauds. Falvine clearly overestimated where this team was at the trade deadline. The injuries are one thing, but the pitching - and you could see it coming for weeks and weeks - has been brutal. Even though they have the easiest schedule in the league the rest of the way, they probably won't even get the wild card, which is fine, because they would just get murdered anyway. Can't compete with the big boys.
  6. I think I would just be so bored. Honestly. It's become "something to do" for me.
  7. I thought for a second it had blown up and killed us all.
  8. I understand the attraction for all the reasons you mentioned. But, man, I would have no idea what to even do with half of that stuff if I ever got it in the boat!
  9. I don't understand how you guys fish in the ocean. The stuff coming out of there weirds me out. I'm heading to the Minnesota/Canada border to fish Rainy Lake (part of Voyageurs National Park) for a week at the end of the month. Hoping to get at least one 25- to 30-inch walleye and some monster Northern Pike. The 15- to 20-inch walleye are abundant. Probably go after some perch and crappie too, in addition to plenty of big smallies.