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  1. If you really want to lose it, check out this live duet with him and his daughter about a year and a half ago:
  2. Cornell was at the heart of two of my all-time favorite memories/experiences: First, I moved to Seattle the day I graduated from college, and the night I drove into town, I went down to Seattle Center (where the Space Needle is) to just be down there and check out the new city. There's an outdoor soccer stadium there and as I walk up, I hear Cornell's voice just booming out over everything and I walk in free to my first Soundgarden show. A night I'll never forget. Then, at PJ 20 in Alpine Valley, there were all the rumors swirling that Cornell would be there. We stayed at the resort right at the concert venue and got there the night before it all started, as did a bunch of other fans. We all sat out in the parking lot of the resort chilling and having a good time when the various sound checks started up a few hundred yards away. You couldn't see anything, but you could hear it all. Finally PJ gets up there and starts doing a couple songs when all of the sudden... Hunger Strike starts up and Cornell is there. One of the greatest nights ever.
  3. Rosario or Kepler will slide over, and Grossman will slide in. Awesome.
  4. Byron Buxton hitting .069 with MLB-leading 17 strikeouts.
  5. This was what my buddy was saying.
  6. Right, I had found the same thing and saw that in many cases Subaru was paying for it. So that's why I contacted them and asked to pay even though it was out of warranty. They didn't agree that it was a "known problem" but did end up paying, so fine with me.
  7. That's what I argued too. My understanding is the dealer agreed to pay half and Subaru agreed to pay half.
  8. They changed the spark plugs, and they sent out the cylinder heads (??) or something to a machine shop to get them back to where they're supposed to be. They did also clean the radiator and replaced the thermostat and the water pump. Appreciate the info.
  9. The mechanic who originally diagnosed the issue said he'd be concerned that the water from the coolant mix could've ended up in the engine block or any number of other places that could lead to major problems down the road. He had no money to make here, so he wasn't scamming me. He was the one who steered me to the dealership, saying no way the head gaskets should blow at 70K miles, so see if Subaru will pay for it. And he doesn't make any money if I buy a new car either.
  10. Why don't you read what I wrote? Subaru paid for it. That's why the dealership fixed it.
  11. We didn't ignore the temperature warning. There is no gauge on the display on this car. The first we were aware of it is when it lit up yellow, and then red 2 seconds later. We immediately stopped driving it.
  12. I know nothing about cars and need some advice here. My wife has a 2011 Subaru Outback with 70K miles on it. Paid off. Planned to keep it for another 4-5 years. In the fall, it overheated and the coolant basically erupted under the hood and spilled out everywhere. Filled it back up and had no issues with it since. At next oil change, dealer said it all looked fine. So now a couple weeks ago, it happened again. But this time, just refilling the coolant didn't work. It would start to immediately overheat again, and so I had to have it towed. Turned out to be blown head gaskets, which evidently is a somewhat common problem with this model year. I yelled at Subaru for a few days and got them to cover the cost of the repair even though I was out of warranty. But now I have a buddy who knows quite a bit about cars telling me that I should sell it and get a new one, that with the coolant/water mix spilling out everywhere under the hood twice, who knows where that water might've gone and what problems could pop up with it down the road. A mechanic said that seems like a legitimate concern too. The Subaru dealer that fixed the head gaskets says that's BS, there should be no worry. Of course, they have no credibility (they insisted for a week it was just a dirty radiator and not blown head gaskets even though a different mechanic had diagnosed the head gaskets right away). So, what do I do here? I could get 11K on trade-in or maybe 13K if I sell privately. Is it warranted to get rid of it to avoid a potential major issue down the road? Any advice would be appreciated.
  13. Already worried about Buxton's strikeouts, but at least the pitching has been decent for two games!