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  1. I have everything with USAA too (although I have IRAs that I contribute to every month at Vanguard). What changes are you talking about?
  2. Wrigley getting closer and closer. My wife and I have tickets to both nights. But we're going with some friends that only could get tickets to the first night. Anyone somehow have 2 tickets for night 2 that are available?
  3. Switched to Cricket a couple months ago. Kept my Nexus 6. Haven't had a single issue.
  4. I have AT&T and just added some GM recently for this purpose. Mostly an index guy, though.
  5. Read a report that NFL Network may be coming to Sling soon as part of their ongoing negotiations with Dish Network to get it back on their service. If that happens, I might go back to Sling. Wonder how that would impact the price though.
  6. Yes. Bodie.
  7. Best pilot I can remember seeing in a long, long time.
  8. Now it looks like the fractional share is gone too. So I don't know how that worked, or if I got paid for it or what. Didn't disappear until a day or two after the original sale. ETA: Looks like they called it a withdrawal in lieu of. Did it automatically for me. So I did get the cash for it.
  9. So what would happen to that dividend if I didn't have it turned on to reinvest? Would it just go to cash within my account?
  10. Yes, I do. When I went to sell them, I tried to put in the fractional share as well, and it wouldn't allow it. I go through USAA. Not exactly their specialty. And to sell it now, if I could, would cost me as much in fees as the fractional share is worth.
  11. Stupid question here, but I have these fractional shares of various stocks that I own. First, how did I get them? From dividends or something? And secondly, how do I get rid of them? I recently sold my stake in COP, but it wouldn't let me sell the .660 share of it that I had somehow accumulated. So the value of that is just tied up forever and I can't ever get paid for it or what? It's not a lot of money obviously, but it's annoying more than anything else.
  12. I was just here for the Alan Parsons Project.
  13. Well, I cashed the check. We'll see what happens.