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  1. I still have no idea what to expect out of this team each week. Every week has been a competitive game no matter how good or bad the opponent is. We have seen before that all we have to do is get into the playoffs and we have a chance. There is enough on this team both offensively and defensively to make some significant noise in the playoffs. I am pleasantly surprised with what I have seen so far.
  2. Ben threw 36 times. He saw 2 targets and barely played. They have short week this week so I don't see anything better short term.
  3. Seems as though he is not a part of the game plan at all. He won't be useful at all this year.
  4. He spent all off season working out and getting ready for a huge load. This guy does not just want to be good, he wants to be great. He reached out to workout with Adrian Peterson this off season. If Gordon was old or coming off 4 plus years, maybe over worked would come into play, but he is capable of handling this type of a load.
  5. Some where so quick to write Gordon off. This guy is proving to be an elite all around back and looks the part. Congrats to all that bought him cheap while you could.
  6. He looked really good vs a very tough D. SD should have given him the ball on Devner 2 multiple times but they did not. 4 passes and no TD. Feed your TD machine back. Regardless, still almost 160 yards and looked really good doing it. He is turning into a such a complete back. For everyone bought low in dynasty good on you. He is who SD thought he could be when they picked him in the 1st round.
  7. Guy looks good and is converting well on short yardage runs both when they need it for first downs and td's. He is not getting much in the way of holes from that O line, but he is doing a good job taking what is there, even if it's a 3 yard run up the gut. Coaches appreciate those runs as opposed to trying to bounce every single play. He looks improved in all facets of the game and the team is feeding their work horse rb. Fantasy owners should rejoice and ride this train. There are very few situations like this anymore. Take it and be happy you have him.
  8. I am starting him over Fuller who has a tough match up vs Denver.
  9. I don't want to beat a dead horse or claim I was right but I am merely waiting for someone to validate why the Jets felt the need to resign Fitzpatrick when they had all of that evidence that this is who you were getting. You can call if fishing and or hate, but it always seemed like the wrong play.
  10. You could be right Geno could stink, but Jets should have seen if he stinks less than Fitz. Fitz is not good and never has been. Even last year although there was some moments of good mixed in there really was a lot of not very good as has been written and discussed plenty of times. Fitz is an above average back up qb and has fooled teams into getting starter money only to let them down. He is on his 6 th NFL team and as mentioned have never made the playoffs. He is 33 years of age and not going to suddenly become good. He is what he is.
  11. The play was to start Geno and see if he stinks and or maybe he has gotten better. He may have failed, but at lease there was some upside there in terms of you don't know who Geno can be. They have drafted a couple of younger guys and perhaps it is there turn to get a look after this year. Starting and rolling out Fitz this year was the definition of banging your head against the wall.
  12. When you put your trust in Ryan Fitzpatrick this is what happens. To think Jets fans everywhere where shouting how much they needed Fitz. He is the biggest definition of fools gold going. This is his 12th year in the league and he has never played a playoff game.
  13. Guys that put up stats like Hill did all of last year and through 2 games this year get phased out of offenses pretty quickly if that trend continues. You have highlighted he has scored td's which is nice and all and which may take a certain skill set to be elite at but you can find other players that started out scoring td's and became nothing more than back ups and or just became guys. Trent Richardson had 11 as a rookie, Brandon Jacobs had 16 his first 2 years, Alfred Morris had 20 through his first 2 years and it looks as though Hill is trending towards those career paths at this stage in time. Outside of Hill scoring TD's can you explain what Hill has done through the last 18 games that should have anyone excited about him moving forward? I may be wrong and he may starting playing better but as of right now he really does not look very good.
  14. Started slow last year? Did he every get better? I am talking about actual NFL ability vs fantasy and even then you are being generous. I pointed out the TD's because he would have had even more crappy games than he had last year due to punching in some td's which saved some weeks. His year end stats ended up looking better than they were in fantasy due to those TD's. When he was scoring some of those td's I am assuming he was on peoples benches because he was putting up so many clunkers that people stopped playing him. He had 223 carries last year and finished with a minuscule 794 yards, which was good enough for 18th in total rushing yards. There was 8 rbs that had more yards than him with less carries. He also was not able to create big plays and or catch passes. It could be argued he was one of the bottom 5 starting rbs in the NFL last year. I know a lot of the footballguys staff were drooling over Hill and that rookie year. He is the second best RB on his team and Hill is again off to a slow/normal start? Regardless Cincy looks much better with Gio as the guy or at least as the guy who should garner more touches.
  15. All rb's get hurt. Big rb's, small rb's, medium sized rb's. Injuries are most times just bad luck.