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  1. You can find an anamoly for every situation. You are seeing it from a patriarchal lens though so it does not surprise me to hear the responses. The number of women who don't come forward because of the shaming etc far outweighs women who are falsely accusing men. But if you want to continue to push that agenda more power to you guys.
  2. That is ridiculous. That mentality would just compound the discourse that there lots of women turning in guys to get things. It would also prevent a lot of women from coming forward with information on guys who deserve to be punished.
  3. I acquired Sanu in dynasty and am intrigued by his situation. Sanu is a sub par Wr but he is in the perfect spot. He is built for a wr2 role and can perhaps flourish in his new position starting opposite Julio. Matt Ryan throws a ton and is an above average qb. Any projections?
  4. It might be dangerous to over pay a touch now, but at this stage if you believe in what he is capable of doing what alternative do you have? The time to buy him was last year in dynasty leagues.
  5. I honestly have zero faith that this coaching staff will utilize Henry properly. He went to a fantasy wasteland.
  6. He went to a team where RB's go to die at this stage. Hate the useage and RB rotations that Mularkey tries to do. This piece of news is concerning.... world) Titans coach Mike Mularkey suggested RB Dexter McCluster's roster spot is safe. Analysis: The additions of DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry mean the Titans will have to make some tough decisions at running back, but Mularkey made it sound as if McCluster is safe. "Were going to find as much balance as we can, and were going to try to keep people off-balance with personnel groupings," Mularkey said. "Dexter will have a role." With McCluster likely to make the team, David Cobb, Antonio Andrews, and Bishop Sankey are likely competing for one roster spot.
  7. 3 Days ago.... Melvin Gordon (knee surgery) is participating "without sign of limitation" in San Diego's voluntary practices. Analysis: Gordon underwent an operation to clean up some cartilage damage in early January I get that microfracture surgery can sound scary, but I am not going to worry if he is already taking part in voluntary training and will be ready in time for camps. RB shelf life is short more often than not. I still see him being successful the next few years for sure. I paid for him this offseason prior to getting the news and I don't have any buyer remorse.
  8. Titans have no plan. Stay away from Henry.
  9. Keenen Allen was considered by many to be the best WR in his draft class. He was hurt and did not run the 40 till his pro day. He ran a 4.71. He fell in the draft to the 3rd round even though many considred him a 1st round pick. If you can play football you can play football.
  10. So who falls off at RB. Who they keeping on the roster and active on game days?
  11. I have been blasted on here for saying the Jets would move forward much better with a franchise if they move on from Fitz sooner than later. They are stuck in limbo with him if they resign him to be their short term guy.
  12. This is a very good read.
  13. I don't know if this is great for Murray. That O line and play calling has been terrible. Whiz is gone but it did not get much better.
  14. By this time next year he will be in conversation for one of the top WR's in the game.
  15. What does that thread have to do with you saying he was not impressive and you would have to wait years to see anything from him?