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  1. So nothing about how Peterson and Gurley arguably 2 of the top RB's in the game having plenty of games with crappy YPC?
  2. This is ridiculous. You need to delve into stats more closely before making such a silly comment. Go and look at Peterson's game logs from last year. Peterson had almost 1500 yards rushing. He had 7 of his 16 games where he averaged 3.5 ypc or less in a game. Therefore almost half the time Peterson was not that good by your standards. Go and look at Todd Gurley's game logs. He played in 12 games last year. In 4 of those 12 games he did not have a ypc higher than 2.6 yards. In 2 other games he had a 3.8 ypc game and a 3.7. Therefore in 6 of his 12 games he averaged 3.8 ypc are worse and 4 of those games were absolute stinkers. So what you are failing to see is RB's even the great ones don't consistently put up 4.4 ypc every week. The issue with Gordon was he was not having any games to help his ypc by having big weeks. So far this preseason it looks more promising. Part of what made Gordon an intriguing prospect coming out of college was his ability to break long runs. Guess what? In two preseason games this year he has broken off long runs for TD's. One on a pass and one rushing. Who knows, maybe Rivers audibles to the right play this year on multiple occasions. You are giving Gordon a back handed compliment by saying he showed great speed and looked impressive only to following it up with essentially giving Rivers the credit and even going as far as saying he did not have to do anything except run through a big hole. Did you trade Gordon away this off season and are regretting the decision? That is the only thing that I can think of.
  3. Taylor looked really good. I was not a believer last year at times during the year, but when going back and watching his game film from last year he showed plenty of potential to be a very good qb for a long time. He is not just an athletic qb. The thing I like about him is his accuracy. As a first year starter the one thing that was at times holding him back was reading NFL defenses, and struggled a bit with being consistent game in and game out. That will only get easier. Finally looks as though the Bills found their guy.
  4. It was not a good rookie season at all. Quite frankly it was bad all around and no one is saying otherwise. However, objectively going forward here is what we know as we try to project what Gordon will do. San Diego brought back an offensive coordinator that had success last time he was in San Diego and has claimed he will make Gordon a big part of the offense. We also know that the Chargers will not be faced with nearly as many injuries as last year. If they do that would be bad luck. We also know Gordon trained with Peterson all off season and was willing to actually walk the walk in terms of wanting to get better. Gordon is now entering his 2nd year in the league, and perhaps he learned to be a better pro. Early prognosis all be it in the smallest sample size (one preseason game of minimal touches) at least look positive.
  5. Agreed. Hence reiterating my point that writing off a rookie RB coming off a down year is not always the most objective of notions. One must take multiple things into account when trying to predict the future.
  6. Really splitting hairs. I personally see a young man like Gordon at 6'1, 215 pounds running a 4.52 forty with a 35 inch vertical and 126 inch broad jump as an athletic freak. Are there some other guys that are more of an athletic freak? Of course. But Gordon is quite freaky himself.
  7. It was not intended to mean Gordon will turn into Tomlinson. It was a note that even one of the greatest rb's in the history of the NFL (who so happened to play on the Chargers as well) struggled to have a good ypc as a rookie.
  8. A few good things happened on this play that are extremely encouraging as opposed to just seeing it as a no defenders around. Last year one of the things that surprised most people was how natural Gordon looked catching passes. On this play alone it shows just like last year he caught the ball naturally. He then turned up field and easily out ran the LB in pursuit (showing good burst after the knee injury). There was also a nice little hesitation where he waited for his block up field (patience) and then he ran to daylight pancaking a defender into the end zone (strength). Gordon did what all great rb's and players do; they spend their off season improving on weaknesses. Gordon had plenty of weaknesses last year so this off season he reached out to Peterson to worked out with him so he could improve and see what one of the greatest RB's to play does. He had a bad rookie year, but Gordon is an athletic freak who happened to have a bad rookie year. Lots of time to improve. LaDaniain Tomlinson rookie year: 3.6 ypc. Melvin Gordon rookie year: 3.5 ypc.
  9. Time to get back on this train? Johnson has teased us before. Now healthy and with a QB coming into his own. Anything to see?
  10. I get it becomes difficult for Trump supporters to defend him objectively as he does not give you much to work with. Trump supporters go on the defense and turn to insults. From what I am seeing, at least most Hillary supporters acknowledge she has made mistakes and she is not perfect. I am not even a Hillary fan for the record. I would say that an extremely larger percentage of non Americans (like myself) are astonished that a man conducting himself the way Trump has won the Republican nomination. You can insult Trudeau all you want, but I will gladly defend his record over Trumps in terms of politics and leadership.
  11. What does this even mean? Please do not compare Trudeau as a person to Trump. Regardless you are deflecting which is a quality of Trump. The issue is Trump is not fit to lead a country. Agree or disagree? If you think so please share with reasons you deem valid that he Trump is better than Clinton. Don't deflect.
  12. As a Canadian neighbor I am crossing my fingers that you (my) American neighbors make the right choice in this election. Donald Trump is not fit to be a president. He is already causing major divide in your country and if elected his tenure would continue dividing your country in a way that would take many many years to fix. In fact, he has already caused enough hurt and damage that there is going to be some major healing in the works going forward. I have no idea how anyone can let political affiliation influence a decision with a man like Trump. He is a mean and unhappy man and is by no means a leader. Leaders don't divide they unite people or at least try and unite. I get Hillary Clinton is far from perfect, and there are a lot of people who dislike her, but she at least attempts to unite; when comparing Trump vs Clinton they are not even in the same stratosphere when it comes to who is more capable of running the most powerful country on the planet. Clinton has proven to make some mistakes politically, but give Trump the chance to be in office and those that voted Trump will all be begging for Clinton's mistakes again as Trump would decimate your country. As an outsider with no political ties to anyone there, please do us all a favor and vote Clinton in. She has her own issues, but please do the right thing.
  13. You can find an anamoly for every situation. You are seeing it from a patriarchal lens though so it does not surprise me to hear the responses. The number of women who don't come forward because of the shaming etc far outweighs women who are falsely accusing men. But if you want to continue to push that agenda more power to you guys.
  14. That is ridiculous. That mentality would just compound the discourse that there lots of women turning in guys to get things. It would also prevent a lot of women from coming forward with information on guys who deserve to be punished.