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  1. Play in standard dynasty and own Kelce and would need more than 1.2 in this draft to deal him. First deal seems even depending on needs
  2. I am benching CMC ... Carolina has nothing to play for and can't afford him hurt for next year, but Riverboat Ron might play him because that's just who he is.
  3. We do something similar to this for a small pot in Week 17 ...would hate a week 17 Chamionship.
  4. Only way I would have won was starting Watson over Mahomes and Tucker over way would I bench Mahomes so really can't beat myself up at all.
  5. How will Detroit drew this top pick up? Draft a WR? Draft a TE? Trade the pick?
  6. Need to go back in time and have Mahomes connect with Kelce for a td...lost by 12
  7. I need 52 from Mahomes and Kelce ... standard scoring
  8. I have Lutz and Tucker and went Lutz. I would go Vinateri. Disclaimer: Can't ever get the Kicker right this year.
  9. Lamar Miller: OUT for Sunday vs Phi
  10. you trade Bell for Chubb?
  11. No only choice other than Allen is Kittle at Flex. In an even matchup I think I have to roll the dice on Allen if he is playing.
  12. As a dynasty owner sitting on Bell this year and still making it to championship game, I would love him signing in Indi, but I am not sure that's the route they go. They love Mack and Hines for their price and could pour their cap space into other positions of need.