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  1. Dynasty: I own McCaffrey but not Davis. Thinking of offering Akers for Davis for piece of mind rest of year. I also have DHenry, Mixon and Bernard, and Conner and can start 3 RB Davis has no value to the other owner when McCaffrey back and I know he won't just drop Davis. If I own Davis without McCaffrey I would reach out to McCaffrey owner now or hold him rest of year as a lotto ticket.
  2. NO WAY should McKinnon and and Fournette get you anything let alone CMC..
  3. For reference sake: 14 team league .. no ppr- before this week I sold Cam and Lockett for Lock and DJ Moore
  4. I picked Bernard up off the waiver wire. Peace of mind in case news comes out that he can't go for some reason
  5. 14 team - NO PPR Gave: Cam and Lockett (have Mahomes) Got: Lock and DJ Moore
  6. Needed 9 pts in a PPR from Kelly and Quan Smith ... lost by 1
  7. My dynasty team.. no joke.. could be down 11 guys tomorrow if KC cancelled Mahomes/Cam/Mullens CMC/Henry/Conner/Mixon/Akers/Bernard Hopkins/Godwin/Lockett/Sutton/Cobb Kelce/Goedart/Andrews
  8. Between week 2 and 3 I sold Barkley for Mixon Conner and Goff
  9. Ready to trade him in Dynasty already.. very frustrating. Going to have a had time getting touches with Henderson and Brown
  10. Yahoo Roster Alert says they have a bye but are not listed as a bye in the lineup area. If I am the NFL, why not wait and put it on Tues. if I can. NFL games on 4 days (Thurs, Sun, Mon, Tues) is gold for them!
  11. I am there with you with spiraling out of control: Barkley, CMC, Godwin, Sutton, Goedart
  12. PPR? I think you take that deal
  13. I am giving him one more shot in my lineup next week vs Jax. If nothing then, he hits my bench.