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  1. I am set with Kelce and Higbee at TE. In dynasty, may try and deal Kelce while value is there but at age 30 that tipping point is very close.
  2. I am looking to sell Henry in Dynasty, but the value isn't right at this time. I bought him about week 13 last year along with Lockett for LBell and JJones. Looks like I will probably hold him unless the right deal comes along. I also have CMC and the 1.1 (probably will be Taylor ..standard scoring)
  3. Hope you accepted that already.
  4. What is scoring system? PPR ..TE Premium? I would lean Kittle over Godwin. Distant 3rd is Evans and Kupp shouldn't be considered.
  5. Got Mahomes and Kelce already so might as well keep riding that train!
  6. I would do the same .. have 1.01 in standard already having CMC and DHenry so not sure which way I am going yet.. Good Luck!
  7. Seeing you have a need for RB. I like the deal to nab 1 of the top 2. Is it a ppr league? Who are you taking?
  8. Who is your 1.01 in a Standard Scoring Dynasty League- start 1 qb - no ppr, regardless on need
  9. I just feel that I could trade him and get something of value with Mahomes starting every week for me. I am personally not high on the Texans and what they have done so maybe that has more to do with it than anything.
  10. Was offered Miles Sanders for 1.01 and 1.13 - no ppr Still own 1.07/2.07 I can then start Mahomes, CMC, DHenry, Sanders, Hopkins, Kelce Also working on a deal to trade Watson for Brees and 1.05 (owner has Brees and Stidham with same by week)
  11. 2QB - Jackson, Murray, and Thomas Can you trade other players for picks on the draft? Then you will be stacked again!!!
  12. Could you give 1.08 and 1.12 for 1.01? What does your roster look like?
  13. Picks for me. Looks like you get to draft 3 rb, 4-5wr and a qb .. nice rebuild with 4 first for next year. Would be interested to see if you get offered any younger studs for some of those draft picks.