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  1. I CAN'T START 2RB and 3WR. IF I START 2RB I MUST START A TE. McCaffrey Bell Hopkins Julio Kelce or McCaffrey Bell Hopkins Godwin Kelce or McCaffrey Hopkins Julio Godwin Kelce I have ruled out KAllen.
  2. Don't deal Zeke ..plain and simple See mine please
  3. Keep Kamara .. looks tempting but when it boils down to it you need the stud instead of averages pieces. See mine please
  4. Not worth it to get Henry. I like Edmonds if DJ keeps playing 1 snap a week. See mine please
  5. Play the matchups .. I have been alternating between Winston and Garrapolo too, but leaving Winston in the rest of the way now that his bye is done. See mine please
  6. I would stick with what you have. I own Allen and have been frustrated with him all year. Keep Ingram! See mine please
  7. Have to wait. Do not pay a 2nd. Should be able to get him for a 3rd See mine please
  8. I would rather have the Kittle/Ju Ju side but can see why the trade was made See mine please
  9. Standard Scoring - NO PPR Start 5 FLEX - IF YOU START 2 RB YOU MUST START A TE McCaffrey - locked in lineup Hopkins - locked in lineup Julio Bell Godwin KAllen Kelce Help me and I will help you!
  10. Would you send Freeman, Allen and Everett for Fournette and EEngram? Allen has been frustrating to me lately and its not PPR
  11. The offer has changed as he doesn't want to include his 1st Round Pick as it will be a top pick. Now offer is... Watson, Freeman, Everett for Brees, Fournette, EEngram, early 2nd Round Pick
  12. I keep Barkley in a 1 player keeper See mine please
  13. Stay away from Cinci See mine please
  14. I would give up either one.. trade either one depending on where you are deepest See mine please
  15. No way .. not close See mine please