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  1. Update.. starting to see some light showers now. I'm rolling with Cousins in dome.
  2. Dynasty wise... do you drop Everett and keep Higbee? I need to dump one.
  3. Matt Ryan vs Jags See mine please
  4. Depends on your matchup with opponent. If you need a home run go with he potential of Moore or play it safe and go Perriman See mine please
  5. Boone. Kamara hasnt dont enough all year. See mine please
  6. Boone for me. Gallup has burned me numerous times this year and not losing the ship with him in my lineup. See mine please.
  7. Agree with above. Boone if we know more today along with Freeman See mine please
  8. Thanks. Sorry just realized I put this in wrong spot.
  9. Dynasty league championship. Standard Scoring..6pts all TDs Mahomes or Watson?? Different League. 1pt PPR Pick 2 - Boone, Mack, Hunt, DWashington
  10. Watson or Mahomes?? Need 2- Boone, Hunt, DWashington, Mack
  11. Not sure I call it bold, but ..... Dynasty: I own Mahomes and Watson and starting Watson over Mahomes this week.
  12. Standard Scoring .. No PPR Mahomes, McCaffrey, DHenry, Hopkins, KAllen (lost Godwin), Kelce, Tucker, Den vs Ryan, MThomas, THill, JEdelman, DMoore, SDiggs, Prater, NE
  13. Yikes. I was praying for the same thing winning by .68
  14. Just looking at the 4 names .. I agree that Slayton is the way to go. See mine please
  15. Mattison - only if Cook is Out Penny for sure over the others See mine please!
  16. Kelce and Sutton for me. I think both teams will be throwing a lot. See mine please
  17. Keep Wilson in your lineup. See mine please!
  18. 14 Team No PPR Got: DHenry and TLockett Gave: Bell and Julio I am the #3 seed. Love the upgrade from Bell to Henry for playoff run. Julio's age is creeping up and injuries are mounting. I have McCaffrey, DFreeman, Hopkins, Godwin, KAllen along with 3 #1 picks --- 2 are top 8
  19. I was offered: DHenry and TLockett for my Bell and Julio Gotta take that right? I also have McCaffrey, Hopkins, Godwin, KAllen, DFreeman
  20. šŸ‘ See mine please