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  1. Page 2 rescue - bored and still working....... but thinking about Baltimore over Pitt this weekend. Particularly if it gets to 3
  2. Get in now...............
  3. It would be great for the sport to see TB pull this off..............
  4. The Masters will send the leaders off well before noon in the final round for the second year in a row, only this time it’s not weather dictating the decision. Rather, and this could only happen in the year of coronavirus, it’s the CBS Sports television schedule. Sean McManus, chairman of CBS Sports, told Golf Digest that the final round coverage of the 84th Masters on Sunday, Nov. 15, is scheduled to conclude at 2:30 p.m. EST before the network’s obligation to broadcast afternoon NFL games that begin at 4:05. “This gives us time for a playoff if there is one, and also, obviously, we want time for the green jacket ceremony and Butler Cabin interviews,” said McManus, who added that Saturday’s third-round coverage will conclude “around 4 or 5” as it leads into the scheduled 6 p.m. kickoff of the SEC showdown between traditional college football powerhouses LSU, the defending national champions, and Alabama
  5. looking forward to it - it will be interesting to see the Masters up against NFL and College Football... how is CBS going to handle that??
  6. lazy man's pulled pork for tomorrow - i have made it a couple of times this football season already. My neighbors don't believe it is that easy. I was asked to make it for a neighborhood viewing party tomorrow afternoon.
  7. the dog passed away this summer. As you can imagine the dog and cat acted like.. well like a dog and a cat. Since the dog passed, the cat now believes he is part dog.. he bring me his bird on a string on a stick to swing for him... and leaves it at my feet in my home office like.. enough work, play with me now. He dragged his bird from the office to the living room at 1 AM when I was still awake for who knows what reason just to play. It is the cutest thing ever. How can I say no?
  8. No words - my son is an OSU student. Lives in that area - within a half mile; Deepest condolences to your son and his friends.
  9. You shut your whoremouth right now! No chance my dog is a jerkface. The cat on the other hand is a completely different story.