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  1. You might wake up in a bath tub minus a couple of organs but yes, I definately would!
  2. Thought it was ok to steal signs by any means neccessary, even by using electronics .
  3. Walked the Crazy Horse War Memorial in 2017. Makes Mount Rushmore look tiny.
  4. @MAC_32 thanks. I have to figure out who else is being kept and if I can find SB's elsewhere. Appreciate the feedback.
  5. Who to keep? 5X5 - 12 teams keep as long as you want.. no contracts Keeping: Trout, Soto, Torres, .. trying to figure out the last two spots: Best contenders: Machado, Bryant, Robles Was thinking of keeping Robles over Machado or Bryant for speed. I had decided against it, but I read today that Robles may be hitting leadoff. I will likely throw whoever I keep in these last two spots back next year, FWIW, as I am bringing up Vlad Jr and Yordan Alvarez this year. Thoughts? TIA
  6. Sent Up for whatever selection method ya'll think is best. If Powerball has better odds, lets switch to that. Thanks, as always, for doing.
  7. halving is in May ( the 9th I think?) - historically it drives the price higher......... but that is not a guarantee. FYI
  8. Thanks. I had not looked to see where lines started. Apparently I am late to that party
  9. XFL - I took a small parlay for all overs....... the kicking rules seem like they favor the return game, scoring at the end of each half etc. The running clock is a concern, but the clock runs in the NFL relatively often anyway. How anyone sets a line for this I have no idea, so I will set some loose change on fire and see what happens..... G'luck.
  10. I heard Russell Wilson only averaged 28 yards rushing per game against SF last 4 meetings on Sirius XM today. Havent looked into this to verify it, but seems like a fair comparison.
  11. Large - it is way too snug through the chest and shoulders otherwise. It is usually a little too long though.