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  1. I kinda like Cle, as Seattle is the one traveling now. CLE a small favorite after the MNF performanc... something is fishy... I agree with @ChainsawU on both overs and LAR. I also like MIN, JAX and the ATL?AZ over. Props - i am an overs kinda guy... gimme Diggs today against that awful Philly secondary. Can you dig it? #dadjokes
  2. There are times guys need to remember that the other side of the fence is always greener...and we are all weak.. and the juice here is no bueno but i played em anyway cause i am at work and bored Tate over 4.5 -155 ( no juice if you win.. lol) Tate over 54.5 -120 Michel over 71.5 -110 Edelman over 5.5 -150
  3. Not feeling the props this week - I always lean over anyway - which is too bad cause I had a good week with them last week; ATL/Hou O 49 Denver +5.5 TB +3 parlayed with Ten - 175
  4. I am not watching, but I think you are talking about Sam Ponder
  5. Pretty sure all NY area FBG's already have their own helicopter with pilot on standby...... but I guess in a pinch or if you are in from out of town and left your personal helicopter at home.... looks to be worth it depending upon what saving that 45 minutes is worth to you... and great views too!
  6. Riding along On Russell Wilson first TD. Also took Lockett over 4.5 receptions and kupp under 6.5 receptions. Both Juiced at -145.
  7. Thanks for sharing. I just thought of it over the weekend, that I can be in Erie PA in an hour or so. I definitely have to take advantage of this, although I have a local that is pretty easy to deal with as well. Nonetheless, thanks for sharing!
  8. Dissly Over 42.5 White Over 34.5 receiving yards Jacobs over 67.5 rushing yards Shepherd Over 62.5 Receiving Yards Seattle/AZ over 42.5 - 115 Jags/Den U 37 Ten +3.5 Cle +7.5 Az +5.5 Teasers involving Balt, Washington, Mia, Indy, KC, Min
  9. 50, Last night before going out, 3.5 miles. I try to run a few times a week. Ran a half marathon a couple of years ago. Trying to get back into it.