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  1. inside? This seems like a disaster waiting to happen, regardless of where in Ohio.
  2. i know that this is a terrible answer, but.. is that a travel team with a tournament this weekend, a rec team, something in between? I say this as it should not matter, BUT if it is a travel team where parents have shelled out some coin, I can just see the disagreement ensuing based upon the $ paid, a refund being offered, how good the player is/important to the team and where was the wedding - a hot spot or nah? No way to track where all of the kids go between practices and games either so this could easily opening up a big can of worms!!
  3. The way the whole Covid disease is spiking, I will be shocked if MLB actually manages to get a season in.
  4. His wife did not know beforehand about the wedding. Seems stupid. I applaud you being super careful, but I can not say I would necessarily take the same stance without knowing more about the wedding ( inside or outside), buffet, how close the wife was to other guests. Yes, I would look for a way to reasonably justify the trip rather than just scrap it without knowing more detail.
  5. I personally think 9 is about right and 8 is a little on the early side, but not horrifically so.
  6. wife and step daughter both exposed to it via a co-worker; both tested negative
  7. I think Masvidal wins tomorrow night. I am probably just caught up in the hype, but I can see a path to victory for him. I think he has been training and is playing possum about not really being ready for this fight. If he can stuff the takedown, or at least keep the fight standing, he has more than a punchers chance IMHO. I am sure @hooter311 is going to tell me I am wrong and Usman is just a different kind of beast, but at those odds I want to take a shot just the same. I also think if the odds on Paige VanZant get any higher, you have to take a small shot there as well. It is a bad matchup for her, but it is a fight and anything can happen. Once the odds start to get North of +600, why the heck not?
  8. Cheers to spending $ during a pandemic! We have known the unit was to small for the house - we did not put it in originally - the previous owners did more than a dozen years ago; Now that it needs a grand or so of work, might as well swap it out for the right size, have it done right and get a 10 year guarantee. Plus, it makes my wife happy to be getting a larger unit
  9. we are getting one next week - our current system just took a 🙂; looking forward to trying to keep our compound free of covid
  10. Sorry to say I brought down the state average....... just getting to the age where the hangover just sucks too badly.
  11. Where is this? I am hopeful that an off campus apartment doesn't turn into a place to hang out with buddies and take classes online but I am growing more pessimistic by the day. NM - saw USC from your earlier post.
  12. I get that - I guess I would be in favor of something along the lines of " Here is what we want to do and assuming that things are "OK" what we plan on doing. Obviously, we can not predict the future and all of this is subject to change at a moment's notice. " At least that way students could make some somewhat informed decisions as opposed to just guessing as to what the school is thinking and hoping for the best.