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  1. Stephen A. Smith would do the loudest talking afterwards.
  2. What if they have a pantheistic interpretation of god?
  3. Maybe I should've been paying more attention during my time in Australia, but WTF has even put cheese under the burger? Maybe try putting gasoline on top of your car? I don't know if it's a classic, but it is everywhere, and I think it's categorized as a protein bar not a candy bar, but the sweet, salty, crunchy, nutty, chocolately spirit of a candy bar resides deep with the KIND bar.
  4. 3 pages and not a single one of you has pronounced it DOT GIF. Bunch of anti-dotites around here.
  5. Depends if you’re referring to a kliff or a sliff.
  6. I just bought a new hard drive with a jigabyte of storage.
  7. Was my blanket stained before or after I was locked in a windowless room by potential international smugglers/traffickers/eccentric cooks?
  8. I'm not buying it that there is a self-curing island boar that hasn't been exploited to the point of extinction. We work to destroy out ecosystem, no way free bacon gets a pass. No way in hell. And if this guy can't "cook" toast, no way is he a boat captain, and certainly not ex-Navy. Sounds more like Marine material to me. My guess is the real captain is locked in the brig, mutinied by the failed-chef-turned-washed-up-first-mate with a dictitorial streak who couldn't measure up to the standards of his fore-fathers. If you can find a way to free the Captain and help regain command of the ship, I'm quite willing to bet you'll be served the finest prepared meals the seven-seas has to offer, in any combination you desire.
  9. How can an island cure meats for me, but this captain can't microwave a can of Spam? You aren't presenting the Dutch in a very good light here. Is this a veiled prejudice rant?
  10. Are you considering women's tennis a distinct sport from men's tennis?