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  1. Draft all of the players from your favorite NFL team. When they blow it up, you blow it up.
  2. Stephen A. Smith would do the loudest talking afterwards.
  3. What if they have a pantheistic interpretation of god?
  4. Maybe I should've been paying more attention during my time in Australia, but WTF has even put cheese under the burger? Maybe try putting gasoline on top of your car? I don't know if it's a classic, but it is everywhere, and I think it's categorized as a protein bar not a candy bar, but the sweet, salty, crunchy, nutty, chocolately spirit of a candy bar resides deep with the KIND bar.
  5. 3 pages and not a single one of you has pronounced it DOT GIF. Bunch of anti-dotites around here.
  6. Depends if you’re referring to a kliff or a sliff.
  7. I just bought a new hard drive with a jigabyte of storage.
  8. Was my blanket stained before or after I was locked in a windowless room by potential international smugglers/traffickers/eccentric cooks?
  9. I'm not buying it that there is a self-curing island boar that hasn't been exploited to the point of extinction. We work to destroy out ecosystem, no way free bacon gets a pass. No way in hell. And if this guy can't "cook" toast, no way is he a boat captain, and certainly not ex-Navy. Sounds more like Marine material to me. My guess is the real captain is locked in the brig, mutinied by the failed-chef-turned-washed-up-first-mate with a dictitorial streak who couldn't measure up to the standards of his fore-fathers. If you can find a way to free the Captain and help regain command of the ship, I'm quite willing to bet you'll be served the finest prepared meals the seven-seas has to offer, in any combination you desire.
  10. How can an island cure meats for me, but this captain can't microwave a can of Spam? You aren't presenting the Dutch in a very good light here. Is this a veiled prejudice rant?