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  1. I've decided to just get a Chemex and try it out. Was going to probably buy the standard 6 cup guy. What else do I need? Coffee grinder -- any recs? Coffee filter -- I know Chemex sells these Something to boil water in -- already have this! Coffee beans -- I know where to buy this! Anything else? Are there any custom or specific to Chemex things to keep in mind w/r/t the above? I think I read somewhere that you need to do medium grind for the Chemex. And I know there are both paper and metal filters; sounds like I should give the paper ones a try and see how it goes. Anything else I need to know? What about the actual pouring process? TIA.
  2. Hero or Hate Crime was hilarious. Great episode from start to finish.
  3. Feels like this has been a weak season; I keep watching because I can't quit. Not sure what the point/theme is anymore, and there are too many characters.
  4. I don't have a scale, and I'm not really looking to lose a bunch of weight, but I do think checking in on this thread helps me be healthier. When I read these posts I think "let's not drink/eat garbage, let's be healthy instead" and that's a pretty useful guiding light. So I'll keep checking in here, even though I can't really participate. But hopefully I'm looking my best in 3 months, anyway.
  5. This show is awesome. Just about every character is great. Jack is probably my favorite, and everyone loves Charlie (Deon Cole), but Dre's boss is awesome, too.
  6. Decent episode last week.
  7. I still watch this show but don't like it.
  8. Did I miss something, or are we just assuming it was a male applicant? Anyway, I conducted an interview where the person handed me a cover letter when they sat down. The second sentence was something like "I would love the opportunity to work at XYZ this summer." The problem was, XYZ was the name of a competitor, and not our company. Now, at this point, the interview is obviously over in my head, but I decided not to make things awkward. I just conducted the interview like normal but then just put them in the 'no' pile. Maybe I should have gone Chet style?
  9. I agree: I think there may be a lot of middle/upper class white males who are libertarian in the age 25-55 range, but I'm not sure there are many libertarians outside of that range. And obviously that's a tiny segment of the electorate.
  10. Thanks, guys. Hard to find a better, longer running group of friends then the folks here
  11. I think you guys are focusing way too much on the son. They showed him dealing drugs in a club for like 10 seconds -- hardly a distractions. I don't see a teenage kid going to a club and being involved in club drugs as something that takes away from the show.
  12. Best wishes to MT, one of the best people I know.
  13. Yep: they have made Arnold an interesting and almost sympathetic character. He seems well-intentioned but completely clueless in the political arena. He's a soldier and a brute -- and a very good one at that -- but is (much) more brawns than brain and it has been his undoing. I don't know how accurate that summary of him as a real person was, but it makes him a much deeper character than I expected to see.
  14. Pretty good season finale.
  15. Awesome episode. I would say the best yet of the series. Pretty cool show this is turning into -- a meh season 1, a solid season 2, and an awesome season 3.