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  1. KEEPER LEAGUE HELP 10 man PPR keep 3. 1QB 1RB 1WR 4 WR/RB/TE + IDP 9th pick overall

    round-player -pick overall if kept at this position

    1- Chris Johnson-9

    3- Calvin Johnson-29

    4- Matt Forte-32

    6- Wes Welker-52

    17-Cam Newton-169

    please help! i'm leaning toward newton and megatron with the last keeper in question

  2. Players to be enter into the draft M. JonesB. MarshallC. ChambersB. BeirianS. HolmesI. BruceB. EdwardsT. GlennDroughnsDunnCotcheryL. BettsV. JacksonHasselbeckRomoSchaubCulterGallowayMuhammadJ. HornE. KennisonI already know the first 2 picks will be AD and CJII.With these keepers, I would do that deal to upgrade at WR> I have Wayne as a top 2-3 WR in every scoring system. Losing the 3rd rounder is probably equal to Matt Jones or VJax. That, and the drop from 2.07 to 3.01 is not too bad to upgrade to Wayne from Boldin.
  3. what players do you expect to be there for those picks: 2.07, 3.01, and 3.07? I ask because it is easier to evaluate players than picks.
  4. I would want more for Henry. I expect him to be a top 8-10 RB this season. I expect Edge to be in the RB12-15 range. So, it would have to be very worthwhile for me to give my best RB up in a trade.
  5. the major question I have is the scoring.No PPR other then that the scoring is pretty standard.So you would say this is a no brianer to do if the scoring is No PPR.Would you drop Lewis and keep either Heap or Chicago's Def if I traded for Williams or would you keep Lewis for a fill in on bye weeks.I would think I could get a average WR in the second round.I just received another trade in this league which is my 2008 1st round pick for J. Walker what do you think about this one.I would not take the Walker deal in non-ppr leagues since you have to drop someone. Since you have to drop someone. I might look at a 2-for-1 deal first before accepting. Do you think the other owner would give you an extra pick if you included lewis in the deal?? Or do you think he would go for a Lewis/Boldin for Addai or maybe you can swap QBs in the deal if you add Lewis? Just thinking of ways to add value to the deal for you since you ill have to drop someoneI don't think he would give me a pick if I include Lewis in the deal just because then he would have the problem with having to many keepers. The other deal you are talking about with swapping QB's are you thinking Lewis/Boldin/Leinart for Addai and either McNabb or culter.yes, if you can squeeze Addai out of the deal. Also, if you like Mcnabb more than Leinart, you can use a Lewis/Boldin/Leinart for Mcnabb and DWill type of deal.The other thought is to stay with the Boldin for DWill deal and see if you can "sell" Lewis to a RB-starved team for an extra pick.So you would still do the Boldin/Williams deal eventhrough I would only have S. Smith & R. Moss as 2 of my 3 starters at WR. Do you think Williams will do as good as Lewis this year.I offer another team J. Lewis and 3.07 for Coles & 2.10 but has not respond would you make this trade he only has Maroney as a starting RB but does have the #1 pick. Another team only has LJ and have been trying to trade him Lewis and 2.06 for either Driver or Cotchery he has 5 of the top 20 WR's. His WR's Fitz, Walker, Colston, Driver, & Cotchery. I would like to get Fitz what would you think is a fair deal from him. I was thinking my 1st this year and my 2.06 & 2.07 this year but I think he will want either Brown or Westbrook in the deal. What do you think about this or should I just stay with the Boldin for Williams trade and hope to pickup a 3 WR at 2.06.ok, let's start from the top:I think this deal is a very close one, and much depends on your thoughts of DWilliams. I think he is still a year away from being a full time starter. The more I think about it, I might hold Bolding. Sorry to be wishy-washy. I am not a huge Boldin fan, but he is much more certain than DWilliams, who may never emerge.If you only have 2 WR keepers, I would not worry. You could draft a few veterans like Jerry Porter, Eddie Kennison, etc that will be fine in a WR3 by committee. This would allow you to have a couple of prospects on the bench like a rookie wr or a wr like drew carter or patric crayton.I would not give Lewis and a 2nd for Cotch in a non-PPR, even though I am a huge Cotch fan. Lewis is still startable in Cleve. I would do that deal for Driver though.I would not trade a front line RB for Fitz, or any other WR. RBs are so gold in non-PPR leagues. I hope I answered them all.Thanks for answering all my questions. I think I am just going to stay with who I have and hope I can make a run at the title.Here we go again, everyone seems to want to trade with me for some reason but anyways here it goes.Another team has offered me McGahee for Boldin & J. Lewis or Boldin for Wayne should I take either one of them.My keepers with the first trade Leinart, Westbrook, McGahee, R. Brown, S. Smith, R. Moss and either Heap, Hasselbeck, or chicago DEF.My keepers with the 2nd tradeLeinart, Westbrook, J. Lewis, R. Brown, S. Smith, Wayne, R. MossMy Keepers without the tradeLeinart, Westbrook, J. Lewis, R. Brown, S. Smith, Boldin, R. MossBy looking at your WR ranking the 2nd one seems like a no brainer but I like the first one also since this would give me 3 stud RB's for the future but would leave me hanging at WR. I do not have a 1st round pick that is why I do not what to go into the draft without having 3 starting WR's.So what would you do?I would take Willis or Wayne for Boldin ... no question. I think I would take Willis over Wayve just because of non-PPR league. You should be able to find a couple of WRs to fill the WR3/4 role without much issue. There will be much better served getting a stud RB. Heap should be a fine keeper in Lewis' place. In non-PPR leagues, I place a very high price on RBs getting touches each week and I am starting to think WIllis could have a good year.Good luck.
  6. No issues with the WRs ...... surprising
  7. Here are the WR rankings. I have a could in the WR40-60 range I am not comfortable about. I know many will not like a few of the choices, so let the discussion begin. Steve Smith Reggie Wayne Chad Johnson Andre Johnson Torry Holt Larry Fitzgerald Lee Evans Roy Williams Calvin Johnson Anquan Boldin TJ Housh Javon Walker Plaxico Burress Marques Colston Santana Moss Donald Driver Terrell Owens Marvin Harrison Mark Clayton Hines Ward Laveranues Coles Deion Branch Braylon Edwards Jerricho Cotchery Reggie Brown Randy Moss Darrell Jackson DJ Hackett Greg Jennings Dwayne Bowe Santonio Holmes Brandon Marshall Chris Chambers Bernard Berrian Dwayne Jarrett Jerry Porter Demetrius Williams Vincent Jackson Robert Meachem Patrick Crayton Joey Galloway Terry Glenn Sidney Rice Brandon Jones Ronald Curry Anthony Gonzalez K. Curtis Reggie Williams Jason Hill Drew Carter Donte Stallworth Chris Henry Troy Williamson Muhsin Muhammad Devery Henderson Isaac Bruce Steve Smith Ted Ginn D. Hagan Matt Jones Joe Horn Michael Clayton Drew Bennett Chad Jackson Andrae Allison Jacoby Jones E. Kennison Amani Toomer Derrick Mason Joe Jurevicius Nate Washington Mike Furrey Laurent Robinson Arnaz Battle Wes Welker Hank Baskett James Jones Mark Bradley Johnny Lee Higgins Maurice Stovall Bobby Wade Antonio Bryant Mike Walker Jeff Webb Terrence Copper Michael Jenkins Paul Williams Isaiah Stanback Malcolm Floyd Bobby Engram Marty Booker Bryant Johnson Travis Wilson Tab Perry Ashley Lelie Domenick Hixon Samie Parker David Clowney David Givens Shaun McDonald Ernest Wilford Koren Robinson Cedric Wilson Mike Williams Courtney Taylor Eric Parker Roddy White Ruvell Martin Randel El Jason Avant Brad Smith Justin McCareins Peerless Price Sam Hurd Billy McMullen Sinorice Moss Kevin Walter Nate Burleson Roscoe Parrish Dallas Baker Doug Gabriel
  8. After looking at these two rookie RBs, and DWill (a 2nd yr RB), it is hard for me to be sold on these guys to the point I can move them up to where they are each being drafted. I feel we often forget how rare it is for younf RBs (or any RB) to get up to the level of a legit RB1 in any scoring format. I can see each being a RB2/3, but that is not what the expectations are.Thanks for the feedback. I am always willing to discuss, even re-consider, some of the rankings. I will try to put out the WR rankings tomorrow, without commentary.
  9. Now you have gone and done it. I hope this doesent negativly effect your upcoming draft. On bush at 3 - do you see him getting a significant role as a runner taking away from Duece in 07? It looks that way to me as you have duece being RB 25. I am not convinced yet that Bush can handle the work between the tackles especially at the stripe but I do expect him to take a bigger chunk of the offense this year. I don't greatly disagree with the ranking especialy if your looking long term but what does history say about year 2 for RBs? I would probobly not take Bush until RB9-10.I may be wrong but I have AD at RB 4. I am thinking long term here.I think it is interesting you have Ahman just ahead of Edge. Neither are long term answers but both could be solid performers this year.I think Carnell Williams does better than you have him ranked. I like what Tampa has done with thier Oline. Petigout is a good run blocker. I think that is one of his strengths. He certainly did not hurt Tiki in that department any. I think his main weakness is as a pass blocking LT. Him and the young guards are a strong group to help Williams moving forward. Also Garcia is a veteran QB who can keep drives going. My main worry is Chucky throwing the ball too much. But that is not how the offense is built. I guess we will see. Chucky frustrates the hell out of me as a Caddy owner.Are you seeing a 3 headed monster at Rb for the Titans? All 3 are ranked very low.Nice list bee. Still chewing on this one.Bush => all about the receptions in a ppr league. I was impressed with NO's ability to get him the ball in space last year. The Saints lose Horn and I can see some of those catches go to Bush. I think Deuce is used to salt away games with the lead. Deuce will get his, but the Saints will be determined to get Bush his touches every game since he makes plays.Caddy => I think Caddy is a RB who needs high touches to produce fantasy points. He wears down the defenses. But, he has difficulty staying healthy with those high touches. A few things that I considered: a. The WRs will be in flux next yr assuming galloway retired, and maybe Garcia, too b. The presence of Alstot and Pittman taking touches away and maybe the biggest is Gruden might be gone after 2007. If so, and Garcia or Galloway is gone, too, that offense could be in shambles.Titans RBs => I see a 3 headed monster. I cannot see White as a multi-year stud. He has not shown the maturity or discipline to prove he deserves the opportunity (see Brown signing). Brown should only be in Tenn one year. Injuries are a concern. Henry is raw, with potential, but will need another year. Honestly, I could see a Mike Turner, or other FA, in Tenn next year.
  10. waiting to hear from Bia about my low ranking of Caddy ....
  11. Here are the RBs without commentary for the sake of time. I know I have a few much different than most. Please let me know what you think I am way off base on. Tomlinson S Jackson Reggie Bush Larry Johnson Brian Westbrook Frank Gore Willie Parker Clinton Portis MJ Drew Joseph Addai Laurence Maroney Adrian Peterson Willis McGahee Ronnie Brown Rudi Johnson Kevin Jones Cedric Benson Travis Henry Michael Turner Shaun Alexander Marshawn Lynch M Barber III DeAngelo Williams Jerious Norwood Deuce McAllister Thomas Jones Brandon Jacobs Ahman Green Edge James Julius Jones Vernand Morency Carnell Williams Brandon Jackson Jamal lewis Lamont Jordan Ladell Betts Leon Washington Chester Taylor Lorenzo Booker Kenny Irons Michael Bush Mike Bell LD White R Droughns Chris Henry Tatum Bell Chris Brown Deshaun Foster Fred Taylor Adrian Peterson Warrick Dunn Ron Dayne Sammy Morris Michael Robinson Garrett Wolfe DeDe Dorsey Dwayne Wright Tony Hunt Ahmad Bradshaw Kolby Smith Antonio Pittman Dominic Rhodes Ricky Williams Maurice Hicks Michael Bennett Brian Leonard Marcel Shipp C Dillon Kevan Barlow C Buckhalter Deshawn Wynn Michael Pittman Jerome Harrison Kenny Watson Greg Jones Mewelde Moore TJ Duckett Musa Smith A Thomas N Davenport Maurice Morris Kenneth Darby Kevin Faulk Cedric Houston Thomas Clayton Dom Davis/Williams Ciatrick Fason Eric Shelton Verron Haynes Chris Perry Wali Lundy Chris Taylor Noah Herron Ryan Moats
  12. Please let me know if any comments. I know some are different than most. How do the rankings look?
  13. Phillip Rivers - capable and the weapons are more than ample Eli Manning - I like his chances to bounce back within two years. Lack of weapons (esp run game) is a concern for 2007, but I like the outlook. Coughlin's conservatism hurts a ton, too. Rex Grossman - I know I will hear it. Grossman was QB15 last year even after tanking down the stretch. He had 8 good games out of first 9 in only year with more than 3 starts. I expect further improvement. Jon Kitna - I love the offense and the weapons. Worry is age, lack of protection in Martz offense, and the possibility of getting pulled late in the year to groom Stanton after Lions eliminated from playoffs. Tony Romo - Great weapons for one, maybe two years, and has a solid run game to rely on. New head coach could change things. A lot of upside, but some risk. Little depth at wr. Matt Schaub - A solid young QB on a team heavily invested in him and has a very good WR1 and solid run game. Great QB coach (Kubiak) and should improve. JP Losman - Improvement in 2006. Evans helps. Lack of any other receiving option hurts. Also, I see a rook RB as a negative. Jamarcus Russell - Love the upside. Have to be able to wait. The OLine is poor. The running game is less than stellar. Decent weapons. He is a great QB2/3 compliment to Kitna/Favre. Jason Campbell - Solid WR1, TE, and great run game. We need to see improvement in year two. Showed promise last year. Needs to build on it in year 2. Alex Smith - most have Smith much higher than I do. I see much more risk than most. I see three injury-prone WRs and a rookie. I see an injury-prone stud RB. I see a young TE with promise that might be a year away. Change in OC, a ton of risk at skill positions, and a solid run game might be enough to limit upside and overvalue Smith. Tarvaris Jackson - A ton of upside. He will make plays with his legs. He has poor weapons and gets a solid run game. Still raw and probably 2-3 years away from potential that we can judge. Byron Leftwich - I used to be a fan. I see risk from injury, and a poor wr cast, as reasons to limit his future. He did play well in 2006 before injury, but the Culpepper rumors are not a good sign for the future. Brett Favre - One of my sleepers for 2006. He gets Jennings back and has a potent Driver/Jennings combo at WR. Will be hurt by loss of Ahman, but VMorency/BJackson should get most of the production Ahman had. Can be a top 10 QB this year once again. Jake Delhomme - I like Delhomme to be a sleeper this year with an improved run game. Brady Quinn - Good QB prospect Drew Stanton - Good young QB Prospect in Martz offense Chad Pennington - QB3 in most leagues. Hard to start Pennington with confidence. The addition of TomJones should help a little. D Culpepper - Good buy low for 2008. Steve McNair - A solid QB2 for 2007. Has good weapons and an improved run game. D Huard - I like his chances more than Croyle in 2007. A Rodgers - With this probably Favre's last year, Rodgers could have a chance in 2008 with good wrs. J. Garcia - Had a solid 2006 in Philly. Brought to TB and has good weapons. Trent Green - I look for Green to start less than 10 games in 2007, his last year. J Beck - Favorite to start the games Green does not. B. Croyle - Should start game one for KC. Has injury and arm strength concerns. Here are the rest: Joey Harrington C Lemon D. Anderson D Garrard Trent Edwards Josh McCown K Boller David Carr C Frye K Kolb C Simms Quinn Gray Kellen Clemens S. Rosenfels AJ Feeley G. Frerotte B Griese Troy Smith C. Batch A Walter
  14. I will try to answer them as best I can. I do a lot of quantitative analysis for the rankings, but a good measure of "gut" has to be applied to sort out the close calls and the injury risk situations. With all the negatives you recognise surrounding VY I am suprised you have him ranked so high. From that I have to guess you think those WR will mature and Young will have some stellar seasons from 2008 on? Compared to many, I thought my ranking was "low" for VY. I do expect the Titans to address WR in free agency next year. Also, there is a chance Fisher is gone. I think VY can do a lot with minimal help, but the current Titan team is void of offensive talent outside of Young. I like Young's future and would by him in every league, but most value him as a top 5 QB which is too rich for me. Young was QB11 in PPG last year. With improvement expected offset by lack of personnel, this ranking looks right to me. Other than that I like how the list is looking so far with only a few minor quibles. I would not have McNabb as high but I would not have him lower than 7 either. Another situation I see myself as in the minority. I see McNabb as the lowest member of the top tier. He had the highest PPG of any QB last year. Discounting for injuries only brings him down to the lowest spot in the first tier for me. Not sure I like Hasselhoff that high but its hard to argue with the Walrus offense. I think much depends on Alexander's health and how the Seahawks address RB in the 2008 offseason. But, I am looking for a bounceback season. How many years are you looking at for your QB rankings? The years is not exact for me if it is a young QB like the 1-2 year experience guys. But, on average, I use a 2-3 window for most of the rankings. If I see a young QB that cannot (in my view) get to a certain tier, the time frame does not matter and I just make sure to rank accordingly. It must be a longer view than 2 years or else I think Kitna should be up there. I can see him playing another season beyond this one especialy if this year goes really well for him. Kitna finished as QB6 last year, gets Calvin, but the running game could be a mess. Other than wee 17, Kitna's better games were with a healthy Kevin Jones. The Martz offense thrives on a threat to run the ball. I am not high on Tatum Bell, but do like KJ. I might have Kitna too low, but I think 2007 might be the last year for him as a full-fledged starter for the entire year. At what point do the Lions pull Kitna for Stanton when they are mathmatically eliminated before Thanksgiving (might be a stretch)? I am willing to discuss and tweak the rankings. I do appreciate the football talk and I do not take any of this personally. I can say that the next rankings of the QBs will have some shockers to many.
  15. This is for dynasty so I have Kitna down a little. I will have Eli in the 13/14 range. Personally, I like him more since he has had two seasons of 20+ TDs, but I am a bit fearful on the 2007 situation. I am afraid that a Jacobs failure means no running game and the Giants have decent WRs, and a great TE. I look for Shockey to have a good year as a security blanket. In all fairness to Eli, it really hurt him when Toomer went out last year. Drafting Smith as WR3 (this year), to go with Plax and Toomer will help. Also, the conservative offense of Coughlin does Eli no favors. So, long term, I think Eli is a great buy low. In 2007, could be a rocky year with many highs and lows, but should still outproduce my ranking. Thanks for the comments. My rankings are pretty deep so I will try to find a way to speed up the process so this does not drag out for a month.