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  1. While I agree it's a crowded backfield and Love may still be recovering from injury, I'm not exactly sure it's a murderer's row of talent in front of him. Guice has an injury history of his own, Peterson is 35, is Gibson a RB or WR?, and I think we know what the rest are (McKissic, Barber, & Wilson) as we've already seen them in the NFL. So while I'm not especially excited by his prospects, I also believe you can't discount him. To me he's an end of the bench flyer who you should get an idea of his worth within the first 6 games of the year (assuming he's healthy). Depth chart: RB: Derrius Guice, Adrian Peterson, Antonio Gibson (3RB/WR), J.D. McKissic (3RB), Peyton Barber, Bryce Love (inj), Shaun Wilson
  2. Just a quick comment. Chubb was drafted in the 2nd round (35 overall). Swift, Akers, and Dobbins were also all drafted in round 2... so they were all drafted In the same range with Sankey, Montgomery, etc. Now if you want to say that Chubb has already proven his NFL skills over the past 2 years I agree, but you can’t use the draft spots against the 3 rookies since Chubb was picked in the exact same range as them.
  3. I'm in a 12 team TE premium, scaled PPR (1.5 for TE, 1 for WR, 0.5 for RB) league. I made the following trade to get up to 1.07 to take Akers... I gave up; Knox, Dawson BUF TE; Year 2020 Draft Pick 1.11; Year 2020 Draft Pick 2.03 I got; Year 2020 Draft Pick 1.07; Year 2020 Draft Pick 3.06; Year 2020 Draft Pick 4.06
  4. Ask for someone other than Renfrow and I think it’s a more fair deal. Who are his other WRs?
  5. Just two quick comments; 1) McLaurin is only 24 so while you’re right that he’s two years older than Brown, does that really matter at that age? 2) People keep talking about Haskins being inexperienced and just plain “bad” but to me, that makes McLaurin’s performance EVEN more impressive. Imagine if he was playing with Tannehill, like Brown did? Im not saying I disagree with your comments because I absolutely see your points. I’m just don’t think either explain that drastic of a gap between the two (which you mentioned as well so I think we pretty much align) 🤝
  6. Yes but sitting out the year because of no college football gets him nothing but a year older. It certainly doesn't change his grade from a 2nd to a first rounder if he were to enter the draft next year after sitting around doing nothing for an entire year. That's my point... If there is NO college football, these guys (Seniors) who went back to school get NO benefit. They can't showcase their skills or improve on their numbers. All that happens is they get a year older and come out next year after doing nothing for a year. Do you honestly think not playing football for a year will improve their draft stock?
  7. I understand your perspective but what does he do then? Go back to school for two more years to play 1 more season of football in the hopes he raises his draft grade from 2nd round to 1st? And at that point he'd be "almost" 24 when he enters the NFL? He'd be "almost" 28 at the start of his second NFL contract when the bigger money is available. Who's going to pay a 28 year old RB good money on a second, long term contract? His best financial bet would be to "become ineligible" now and enter the Supplemental draft as a 21 year old, even if he's take in the 3rd round, in the hopes that his second contract - at the age of 25, will be more lucrative.
  8. I agree with you. As an example. A.J. Brown out scored McLaurin in my dynasty league by 3 points. 194 vs. 191. But McLaurin missed 1 game while Brown missed ZERO. And yet according to some sites (see below), Brown is ranked as WR11 in dynasty while McLaurin is all the way down at 25...why?
  9. I'd say it's definitely worth it for guys who will be seniors this year and "should" have come out in this draft. Guys like Etienne, Hubbard, Harris, etc. are essentially losing a year if they don't enter the supplemental draft and the college season is canceled or severely shortened. Do you really think these guys will go back for another college season and enter the NFL draft as a very old rookie?
  10. I think the difference here is in roster size. You mentioned shallow rosters... in those leagues I absolutely agree with you but if you’re in a league like I am, 12 teams, 24 deep, you can pick up waiver guys to help you limp along but your extremely lucky if you get a 1K WR off waivers or for a 3rd round rookie pick.
  11. Oh Boy...