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  1. As someone who started Mr. Koo, I approve that call.
  2. First time I got to watch the Bears this year and this is spot on. One thing I’ll add which has already been mentioned (and I’m stating the obvious) but... the offense is so vanilla. It looked like they had their preseason game 1 offense in last night.
  3. I’m of the opinion that Arians doesn’t care who wins the starting job. They got Fournette because they realized that with no preseason and the concerns around COVID, they needed another vet RB if someone went down due to COVID or injury. I think Ariana keeps playing them both (when Fournette is back to 100%) and he rides the “hot hand” each week.
  4. As a Mahomes owner, I approve this post.
  5. He was just sold for a late rookie 1st and Albert Okwu-whatever
  6. Agreed. As a Claypool owner I wouldn’t be putting him in my lineup if I have other decent options this coming week. I want to give it a few weeks to see how the target shares shake out with everyone healthy before I feel comfortable starting him.
  7. Honest question. Why is everyone so ready to anoint this guy as the Steelers #1WR? He’s played in 18 games and has yet to have a 100 yard game. While JuJu has already shown what he can do and the rookie put up a 100 yard game in his 4 game (with very limited opportunity in his first 3 games). What makes Johnson so much better than the other two? I’m just not seeing it.
  8. From Faust’s article.... Allen started 12 games for Carolina in 2019 and finished with the second-worst total QBR (38.3) among quarterbacks with at least eight starts. Allen threw 17 touchdowns and 16 interceptions last season. The Panthers won his first four starts but went 1-7 the rest of the way, including a loss to Washington in Rivera’s final game with Carolina.
  9. That article to me reads like McVay doesn’t see Henderson as someone who can run “downhill” between the tackles. If that’s true, he’ll only be used in specific game scripts where he thinks the defenses will give them the outside.
  10. He’s only in his second year and he’s on a crappy team. Look up Joe Mixon’s and Le’Veon Bell’s. Rookie seasons. Im not saying Montgomery Is at their talent level but I think he’s extremely undervalued based on a rookie season playing for a Bears with Trubisky at QB.
  11. It seems like he does this every year and every year I fall for it and pick him up off waivers.... NOT this time bucko!
  12. How’s their cap situation? It isn’t just the draft. They may have options in free agency this off season too.