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  1. I know this is mainly a redraft discussion but I’ll throw a Dynasty comment in too... Situation can have a big impact. I know everyone says talent trumps situation but at this level all these guys are almost all talented. They need opportunity to prove themselves. my recent example; I drafted McLaurin in the 4th round of the rookie draft. I knew nothing about him but I considered two factors: 1) Washington drafted him fairly high 2) Opportunity was there with only Paul Richardson in his way now understand that these will miss more than they hit but in the 3rd and 4th rounds of a rookie draft, the picks are a crapshoot anyway.
  2. Tim Patrick. I think he slides in as the #2 behind Sutton now that he’s back from IR. The question is what will the QB play look like for Denver at this point.
  3. Have to wonder why Miami or Detroit didn’t put in a claim for him.
  4. If only they had played together previously. Like in college or high school or something.
  5. Final nail in our coffin... Washington coach Bill Callahan said Dwayne Haskins will start for the rest of the season. SOURCE: John Keim on Twitter Nov 11, 2019, 1:59 PM ET
  6. Dynasty or redraft? As a dynasty owner of both like like Tate more as a win now player but Kirk as a longer term play. So if it’s dynasty and you have decent bench depth I could see you making the trade but if you’re more win now (or redraft) is stuck with Tate.
  7. Starting to make a little bit of noise with Fitzmagic at QB. I wonder if he continues to build on it or if it’s an artificial “Fitz Effect”.
  8. There’s only one person better than Uncle Rico... that’s Napoleon Dynamite himself.
  9. I’m guessing it’s to make room for Ajayi or CJ Anderson, but I’ve been wrong in the past!
  10. He’s only under contract for this year. So if the team trading for him can’t come to terms with him on a new contract they are spending a 4th round pick for 8-10 games. I’m guessing that’s why nobody wants to spend a 4th.... potential half year rental.
  11. A few weeks ago I traded Marvin Jones, Jamison Crowder, and a 2020 3rd for Mattison and Gesicki I was deep at WR. As a Cook owner I thought having Mattison was a must. And I’m still a believer in Gesicki even on that craptastic Miami team. edited to add... 12 team ppr, TE premium league
  12. I thought this same thing but I was thinking NE. But Seattle makes sense too.