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  1. I sat there for 3 minutes trying to figure out what the hell “Marking room” was.
  2. With CJ Anderson and Zach Zenner still there I don’t see this kid getting playing time even with a Johnson injury.
  3. I actually heard that the Cowboys did not cut Rico Gathers... Rico Gathers cut the Cowboys.
  4. I saw two different articles. One said “more than marijuana” and the other said he submitted a dilute sample. Not sure if it was both or either.
  5. This certainly looks to me like he’s suspended....
  6. -- It appears that the main pass-catching tight end role will come down to Watson, Anderson, Matt LaCosse, and Ryan Izzo. Undrafted rookie tight end Andrew Beck worked with the fullbacks (James Develin and rookie Jakob Johnson) during run game work. this was in the article Faust linked in the Braxton Berrios thread.
  7. As an owner, I may be in the minority here but I wouldn’t give him away for a 3rd. If he comes back healthy, he’s a back end WR #2. If he doesn’t recover he’s probably worthless. I’d prefer to hold onto him and pray then take a flyer on a 3rd rounder.
  8. Deleted. I thought you were getting Evans not trading him away.
  9. If you don’t have “why guys” your business/company never evolves. You need to have people to question things or things never change. Edited to add... I work in the sciences and if you aren’t a “why guy” you don’t last long.
  10. You keep talking about Anderson getting targets... he had a TOTAL of 32 catches in his college career and he played as a freshman so he averaged 8 catches a year... why would he get them over Shaun Wilson? Or Ellington?
  11. Thanks EBF. No comments on Bryce Love? Or do you lump him in with the 4th rounders because of the injury and the situation behind Guice?
  12. Any news on Anderson? Are the Rams trying to re-sign him? I haven’t seen him taking any visits anywhere...