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  1. Any news on Anderson? Are the Rams trying to re-sign him? I haven’t seen him taking any visits anywhere...
  2. TE #11 in my league last year on 72 targets. And he was obviously 3rd or 4th in line. Ben is familiar with him and Vance appears to be Ben’s security blanket. I could easily see him with over 100 targets in 2019.
  3. I’d consider bumping up Vance McDonald a little bit. Jesse James left via Free agency and with AB no longer there, there should be more targets to go around in that passing game. I think he picks up a significant bump in targets.
  4. So who do they have now behin JuJu? Ryan Switzer, James Washington, and Justin Hunter??? Eli Rogers is a FA right?
  5. Normally I’d agree with your Giants comment but they picked Barkley... One of the safest picks in the draft with great upside. They may have had Rosen #2 on their list. If they can get him for a 2nd or 3rd round pick I don’t how they don’t do it.
  6. Giants second round pick. Maybe toss in a late rounder on top of the second.
  7. If I’m the Giants I offer their 2nd round pick to Arizona for Rosen.
  8. I bought Woods toward the end of this past year for the playoff push. I paid my 2019 1st. It ended up being 1.11 in a 12 team league. I’m happy to have him for that price going into next year. The best I’d have hoped for would have been to get someone like Woods with that pick.
  9. Based on last night’s performance, the Chiefs would be best served to spend at least their first 3 picks on defense. I personally don’t think KC will draft a RB in the first 4 rounds. They have bigger needs on Defense. I think they address the RB position through Damien Williams and a FA pick up and then maybe draft a rookie late. I say maybe because I think they are somewhat high on Darrel Williams.
  10. It’ll be really interesting if KC tries to sign Anderson in the off season. They kicked his tires when Hunt was released but they passed on him. Gotta think they may be rethinking that move now that they’ve seen him in LA. Having a combo of Anderson and Williams would allow them to use draft picks on defense and not waste an early pick on a RB.