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  1. this team is now available as an orphan for an owner to take over: C Tyler Flowers 2 1B 2b A Rendon 19 3B M Machado 19 SS T Turner 5 OF C Maybin 2 OF S Souza 13 OF A Judge 5 Flex M Semien 3 Flex Ed Nunez 29 Flex Brad Zimmer 4 Flex J Gyorko 8 SP1 SP2 Dan Straily 4 SP3 Jeff Samardzija 18 SP 4 T Bauer. 6 RP 1 RP 2 RP 3 K Herrera 9 RP 4 Corey Knebel 3 Salary Cap 280 Salary used 149 Minor League Roser 9 open slots to fill in MiL draft beginning end Feb: draft slot 14th in each round of 20 OF P Shohei Ohtani LAA OF Billy McKinney 1B Dan Vogelbach OF Bubba Starline SS Jorge Mateo OF Kyle Lewis
  2. Team 4 is taken.... Teams 2 and 3 still available
  3. All- league is looking for committed owners to take over one of the 3 Open teams in our league: Dynasty, Salary Cap, Roster: 20 man Active, 10 Bench, 15 MinorLeague; 6x6 Roto league. Free league.... League has been in existence since 2002. Objective is to fill teams, finish roster cutdown to 20 players, and then start Minor League Draft by end January. Active roster cutdown to follow in early March with Auction to fill openings in 20 man Active roster to follow that, conclude before MLB season begins. Player and 2018 Player salary; salary cap for each team 2. Team 2, 2018 salary cap=274 #3 of 20 in MiL draft C J Castro $2 1B Carlos Santana 34 2b scooter gannet. 2 3B Jake Lamb 6 SS JJ Hardy 2 OF Carlos Gonzalez Col. 55 OF Jose Bautista 37 OF Al Almora 5 Flex Yuniel Escobar. 2 Flex Adam Lind 2 Flex Dan Otero. 2 Flex G Kontos 2 SP. H-J Ryu 17 SP Yu Darvish 25 SP Vince Velasquez 6 SP Steve Matz. 5 RP Alex Colome. 6 RP A Wilson 2 RP J Vargas 2 RP H Robles 2 Bench J Nicasio. 2 Minor League Roster Adalberto Mejia Jordan Sheffield Yoon Suk-Min Yusei Kikuchi Beau Burrows Braxton Davidson Adolfo Zapata Kyle dean Ozzie albies Matt Olson Mike Kopech Duane Underwood Andrew Knapp Zach Collins Franklin Perez 3 Team 3, 2018 salary cap=303 #6 of 20 in MiL draft C T D'Arnaud 19 1B Fred Freeman 26 2b B Phillips 2 3b Hernan Perez 4 SS Asd Cabrera. 3 OF Odubel Herrera 18 OF Keon Broxton 6 OF Kyle Schwarber 6 Flex Edwin Encarnacion. 26 Flex Rougned Odor. 9 Flex Jorge Soler 15 Flex M Brantley 19 SP. J Odorizzi 9 SP Felix Hernandez. 54 SP Lance Lynn 15 SP Jordan Zimmerman. 19 RP Zach Britton 26 RP K Baraclough. 18 RP Pedro strop. 4 RP C Capps 29 Bench G Dayton 3 Rob Grossman 2 Delino DeShields 7 JJ Hoover 3 Blake Parker 10 H Strickland. 4 Jesse Hahn 11 Ian Happ 5 Huston street. 9 Minor League Roster Max Fried Luis Alexander Basabe Connor Greene Tyler Jay Renato Nunez Christian Arroyo Anderson Espinoza Ke'Bryan Hayes Kevin Newman Roman Quinn Robert gesellman Ramon Laureano Ian Anderson Mickey Moniak 4. Team 4, 2018 salary cap=309 17th out of 20 in MiL Draft C T Barnhart. 4 1B Joey Votto 65 2b DJ LeMahieu. 14 3b Kyle Seager 24 SS Xander Bogaerts. 13 OF Ender Inciarte. 4 OF S Schebler 4 OF Kevin Kiermaer. 38 Flex C Correa 6 Flex JD Martinez. 24 Flex M Joyce. 6 Flex M Lorenzen 6 SP. Jose Quintana 22 SP C McHugh. 11 SP M Montgomery 4 SP Mad Bumgarner 45 RP R Madsen. 5 RP Mychal Givens 5 RP H Neris 3 RP Fernando Rodney 21 Bench A Barnes 4 RP D Leone 4 Chase Headley 8 C rusin 2 German Marquez 3 Frances Martes 5 Ross Stripling 4 Tyler Duffey. 4 Yonder Alonso. 2 Sean Newcomb. 5 Minor League Roster Hunter Harvey Michael Maturella JJ Puk Buddy Reed Tyler Stephenson Cin Alex Hansen OU Justus Sheffield Tanner Houck Mitch Keller J B Bukauskas Sean Reid-Foley Jordan Adell if interested in any of these team please post in this thread, then message me from this site or send email to t h c o at y a h o o dot c o m thanks in advance tc
  4. Team 1 is taken, leaving Team 2 as the only one available auction rounds begin 28 Feb, pre auction roster cutdown is 26 Feb so if interested let me know before 26th if possible
  5. one team is a playoff team the second team needs a dedicated owner to move it out of the lower echelons of the league Team A 6 of 20 C D'Arnaud 1B F Freeman 2b D Pedroia 3b H Perez SS OF OD Herrera OF K Broxton OF K Schwarber Flex E Encarnacion Flex R Odor FLex Flex SP J Odorizzi SP J Lester SP Ed Rodriguez SP RP Z Britton RP D O'Day RP P Strop Rp Team 2: 16 of 20 C R Chrinos 1B M Moreland 2b J kipnis 3B M Moustakas SS X Bogaerts OF N Cruz OF ED Rosario OF T Naquin Flex N Ahmed Flex R Porcello Flex W Flores Flex M Tanaka SP Sonny Gray SP T Jungmann SP A Wainwright SP T Chatwood RP N Ramirez RP J Motte RP K Quackenbush RP J Familia
  6. All- 3 orphan teams in Mastersball Dynasty League, looking for committed owners to manage: 1. Mastersball Dynasty League has existed since 2001. 2. 20 team league: salary cap, 30 man roster including bench; 15 man Minor League Roster, H2H, 12 statistical categories; 4 Divisions-shuffled each year according to previous year's standings. 3. in season held at yahoo, FREE league: 8 teams make Playoffs 4. offseason held at Mastersball Forums: roster cutdowns, salary cap adjustments, Minor League Draft, Auction rounds to fill Active roster-during MLB Spring Training. Mastersball Forum thread here: viewforum.php?f=17 5. so as you can see this league takes about 1 month off after season ends, then begins offseason..... Auction rounds to fill Open Roster slots begin 28 February 2017. if you want to participate in that join us before deadline date for submittal of Active roster cutdown which is 26 Feb 2017. If interested reply to me here within Mastersball Forums or email me at t h co at yahoo dot com
  7. All- looking to fill 2 orphan teams in league: Dynasty, Auction, Minor League Roster, Salary Cap.... 15 years in operation.... League operates 10+ months of year, need to fill 2 orphans, planning to start Minor League Draft this week if possible... if interested please contact me directly: thco at yahoo dot com A. Team A Active Roster C Chirinos 4 1B Moreland 14 2b Kipnis 26 3b Moustakas 19 SS Bogaerts 9 OF N Cruz 14 OF E Rosario 5 OF T Naquin 4 Flex N Ahmed 5 FLex Porcello 10 Flex Tanaka 6 flex flores 9 Sp S Gray 9 SP Wainwright 68 SP Chatwood 2 RP Ramirez 5 RP Motte 10 RP Familia 6 RP Quackenbush 6 Minor League Roster- 2 openings AJ Cole Mac Williamson Dus Hooper Casey Gillaspie Jeimer Candelario Rangel Ravelo LAzaro Arementeros J Bauers Chance Cisco Ruddy Giron Gavin Cecchini Samir Duenez Dom Nunez B. Team B Active roster: C Posey 35 1B Zimmerman 20 2b Rendon 13 3b Machado 13 SS Lowrie 2 OF M taylor 2 OF A McCutcheon 54 OF J Bruce 54 Flex M Semien 2 Flex M Wisler 2 Flex J Broxton 4 Flex J gyorko7 SP A Sanchez 9 SP C McHugh 10 SP Cashner 10 SP Samardzia 13 RP Betances 9 RP Storen 6 RP herrera 8 RP Knebel MiL roster- FULL C Shaw S Otnai A Judge L Weaver B McKinney D Vogelbach B Starling M Williams M Davidson 3B D Bichette Jr Trea Turner J Pankake B Zimmer KMateo K Lewis
  8. I apologize for this post being late and out of place, I am today on page 24 playing catchup, but I wanted to relate for what its worth a personal experience from visiting Omaha Beach for the 55th anniversary of the landings on June 6 1999. At the time I was living and working in London, England. My son's Boy Scout Troop, and many other from all over Europe, drove to Normandy and spent a couple days there for this anniversary. Our bus took us to Pointe du Hoc- the gun emplacement is still there today as are the trenches and the whole area is pockmarked with bomb and shell craters. not much has changed i guess. There is a monument to Gen Earl Rudder commemorating the Rangers assault (Gig'em Ags!!!). After this our bus took us a few miles to the east where we all walked to the southern edge of Omaha Beach, along the beach, up the cliffs to the American Cemetary located there (remember the scenes from Saving Private Ryan at this cemetary?) All the Scouts from all over Europe ringed the central area as the US Ambassador and other dignitaries made presentations. Afterwards each scout was given a flag and the name of an American soldier, he had to find that soldier and place the flag on his grave.... Words escape me in an attempt to describe this..... Walking along the sandy beaches that day and climbing the cliffs, those brave men who stormed the beaches and climbed those cliffs deserve our eternal gratitude. it must have been sheer hell......
  9. bump so i can find this easier.....about halfway thru. this narrative is great....
  10. No...the political sides exaggerate on both ends...I've heard/read that crude can be extracted in as few as 3 years.The time scales associated with finding/discovering the oil/gas, determining how much is there, obtaining the necessary government permits, building the platforms, then connecting them to shore via pipeline or shuttle tankers can take up to 10 years. Reasons for that are- with possible exception of Destin Dome area offshore Fla, most of the rest of these hydrocarbon reserves are in very deep water (more than 5000 or 6000 ft of water), far from shore, and/or in inhospitable weather conditions (N Slope, E Coast, etc). The costs for large projects just to put the platform, pipelines and drill field development wells can be several Billion dollars. Typically from time of discovery to first production takes 8-10 years.Realistically to have an impact we need to start now so we can get these hydrocarbons to market in 8-10 years. So far the political will/climate of states like Fla, CA etc hold the rest of the country hostage because they dont want drilling to occur offshore. (e.g. the Destin Dome area offshore Fla Panhandle has discovered GAS reserves but we cannot develop them because Fla is afraid of an OIL spill on its beaches-to my knowledge there is little to NO oil associated with these gas deposits, so there you can see how people's fears impact the country.) What really needs to happen is the country and its politicians need to have a lesson in what it takes to find and develop hydrocarbons. then they/we need to embark upon a targeted campaign to find those hydrocarbons we can (oil and gas), put them in production, build more refineries (where?-this is the NIMBY mentality too!!), and in concert with this fund expanded research into the feasibility of alternative energy sources. Realize that these alternatives will not have an impact soon (next 10+years) but are more likely to be replacements in 30+years....Its easy to blame the politicians for the stances they take, both state and national, but what it really will take is a groundswell of individual people (voters) who express their desire to exploit these resources off CA, FLa, N Slope, E Coast, oil shale, etc.....until that happens the only thing that will happen is folks will vent in Forums like this and we wont get anywhere.....its like the Social Secuirty System, Health Care, etc - nothing will happen in Gov't until the dire end is near and then it may be too late!!tex