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  1. You dare to diss Thurl Bailey.Being Matt Damon to Del Negro's Brad Pitt is no diss.
  2. Del Negro is a good candidate. He led the team to the ACC Tournament title in 1987 when I was a freshman. But I'd probably take Rodney Monroe, Tom Gugliotta, or Chucky Brown, all of whom played when I was in school.That's a painful memory. UNC was absolutely stacked that year and hadn't won the ACC since 1982, and Del Negro's baseline jumper did them in at the last second. Foreshadowed Keith Smart's jumper in the national title game that same year (against Syracuse, who beat UNC in the round of sixteen).
  3. Favorite all-time NC State basketball player, excluding David Thompson? For me it's a toss up between Terry Gannon and Vinny Del Negro.
  4. The last time I did this I wet myself (not kidding). Booze and Ambien don't mix.
  5. She must have been less-than-perfect-looking for you to pass up a green light.
  6. What does this mean? One of those things I should know...
  7. No. You get out of my damn thread.I think you heard me just fine punchy.I ain't your friend, palookaBLANKY TIME!!Just got home from a bar scene after the Brewers V Cubs game Werd I don't even care about what you're talking about, I just want someone to talk to me. I don't even want to talk, I just want other people to talk so I can hang around the fringes and be a little less lonely.
  8. Thems good numbers.The contrast is amazing and undeniable. There is no spin that can change the bottom line of these figures.You are correct, but that won't stop the Obama-haters from preparing their spinoramas as we speak.Here's the spin. Those drops in the NASDAQ during Bush's terms were Clinton's fault. The upswing in the NASDAQ during Obama's term is Bush's fault. The guy in office is only as good as the guy that was before him!?!?!Afterglow from the Reagan years down?
  9. Been that way since the beginning.The real danger at this point is that the pro-Obama crowd might forget that this thread is a fishing expedition. Wait, so you're saying I shouldn't have quadrupled down on my Citi stock?My fundamentals analysis indicates that you should be shorting a hedge position with leveraged assets. /finance jargon
  10. Been that way since the beginning.The real danger at this point is that the pro-Obama crowd might forget that this thread is a fishing expedition.
  11. Did the FFA ever get an update on the HS senior story?
  12. That's actually a pretty old school, 1940s-1950s jazz-type slang term for an alcoholic drink. Like "So that broad an I had a couple of pops at the Tiger Lounge..."I don't think it really applied to beer though. The only time I've heard it was on Law and Order. Chris Noth's character goes through a hypothetical - "Say I'm off duty and had a few pops. Leaving the bar, some kid comes up to me and points a gun at me, and I take him down." (George Dzundza's character) "That's a totally righteous shoot." (Noth) "Right, but if IA gets wind that there's booze on my breath, they'd crucify me". Or something pretty similar.
  13. Where are the snarky comments from the anti-GW crowd? Those are some of the best parts of these kinds of threads.
  14. Moreover, as David Friedman points out at about the 39 minute mark , global warming is projected to raise the sea level by a few feet and raise the temperature by a few degrees centigrade over the next 100 years. There are plenty of other hazards that can wipe out the entire human race well before then. He mentions nanotech, biotech, and unfriendly artificial intelligence. In addition, the possibility of solar flares, comets and asteroids, caldera eruptions, and other dangers would not only be more dire than global warming's likely impact, but they can happen with relatively no warning. A bio-engineered plague could give us just days to respond. Even the fastest climate change scenarios would take decades.I'm not all that skeptical about the existence of anthropogenic global warming. But I am skeptical that a given dollar will do more good if spent to reduce the threat of global warming than if spent to reduce other future risks instead, or just to reduce current poverty. One of the better arguments in favor of intervention that I've read is that there are indeed many other potentially disasterous problems facing the planet over the next few centuries. Dyson focuses on some of the more science fictiony stuff (because that's the kind of guy he is), but there are a lot of meat-and-potatos disasters looming. Stuff like overpopulation, resource depletion and competition and pandemics. The thing about global warming is that while it's a problem in its own right, it also potentiates all of the other problems. It makes it much more likely that, say, problems facing Africa will manifest themselves in industrialized countries. It makes wars and starvation much more likely in countries where their effects are a lot more dangerous than they are in Mogadishu, because of the military potency and economic clout that the new sufferers will have.There's an alarmist (in a good way) book called "Six Degrees" out there. I haven't read it, but it goes through the different scenarios for different climate sensitivities. It focuses on the risks instead of the costs, obviously, but both are important.
  15. Enjoyed Ringworld but haven't read any of the others. Not sure what the order is either. What is the second one that you are on?Currently reading The Moon is a Harsh Mistress from Heinlein. Good book. Ringworld Engineers is the 2nd book. I think there are 5? Not sure. #3 is called "Ringworld Throne" and it's sitting on the nightstand waiting for me to finish the last 50 pages of Engineers. Unless it really blows me away...I won't continue on. 3 novels with the same concept is a ton unless you really, REALLY nail it. Ender is more fun and I had to put that down when the Bean stuff started. Too much of a good thing and all that... I love Niven, but his writing is sometimes impenetrable. He leaves much too much description unwritten, beginning with an annoying (and presumably fixable) habit of not indicating who says what during a multi-way dialogue. Larry, I understand that you know who is speaking, but maybe you could help out the rest of us? Context can only take you so far at times.I think that's why I think his best stuff usually has a co-author (like Jerry Pournelle). I just read another Known Space book (by Niven and some other guy) called Fleet of Worlds, featuring the puppeteer Nessus of Ringworld fame. Unfortunately it wasn't that good.
  16. Reading Robert Charles Wilson's Spin and really liking it. Top quality science fiction/psychological novel.
  17. Not until he had the veto stamp. If he isnt in office, he isnt in office.Bush was doing nothing but biding time. The markets can "guess" to what Obama might do, but they react to what actually is done. The losses from Nov 4th until Obama took power could be perceived Obama policies to come or simply inaction on any account by the Bush administration. But once he took power, there is no more guessing. And after a rocky first month, the markets have mostly been all up since. I credit the significant bounce clearly to Obama's team to get us out of this mess.If NASDAQ went from 1780 to 3000 before Obama was sworn in, you can honestly say that was Bush related? I think there would be 0% of anyone giving Bush any credit for that, I don't even think the Bush supporters would make that claim, but I might be wrong. Don't mean to nit pick here, but, the markets reactions were clearly the result of the election. If I remember correctly it was the worse day the markets ever had after an election day.How much of the market losses would you attribute to the financial meltdown? Seems like that's what caused it, not election results.
  18. Assuming:1. identical normal distributions 2. with means of 7950 (assumes the candidates are, on average, equally likely to get the same number of votes over a fixed voting period) 3. and standard deviations of 200 (assumes some arbitrary distribution width) I get the following results: The probability of: 7950-7950 (tied) result: 0.000398% chance 7951-7950 result: 0.000398% chance (although slightly smaller than the above) 7876-8093 result: 0.000287% chance any tied vote: 0.141% chance A few things to note: 1. Calculating the probability of a tie for a specified vote total will be very, very small (in this case, about a 4 in a million shot of occurring) 2. Calculating the probability of a specified outcome close to the previously specified tied result will yield almost exactly the same as the probability for that tie (only if the means are very close) 3. Calculating the probability of a specified outcome where the vote totals are farther apart will give an even smaller probability than the above cases 4. Calculating the probability for any possible tie given these distributions will yield a much larger value since any tied total meets the criterion 5. If I were to allow the distributions to have much different means, the odds of any particular result, and too, any tie at all will go down precipitously I don't know where you're getting hung up here, but I do want to point out that the odds of any particular vote total for a candidate is not uniform. It peaks at the mean and diminishes as we move away from the mean. It's normally distributed. This implied that we should expect the best chance of any tie occurring when the means are the same and the variances are near zero. If anybody ever wondered what a comedy like Big Bang Theory would be like if it featured Math is our answer.Not very funny! Who's expecting funny? Me? Okay "expecting funny" maybe not....but "wanting funny"..... for sure.Needing funny. Deeply, desperately needing funny.
  19. lmao. THIS THESAURUS IS THE BEST SEVEN BUCKS I EVER SPENT.Where is your sig from? I have no idea what it means but I chuckle every time.You're about to find out.
  20. That picture makes him look like the scientist guy on the Simpsons.
  21. He's a bit like Stephen Jay Gould, whose reputation with the public far exceeds his reputation among his fellow scientists.
  22. Man, some of the personal attacks on Yankee are way out of line. He volunteered to do an extensive writeup, and now he's being accused of only doing it to pimp his own guy?