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  1. no no kind of shocked at the poll results here. this being America, though, maybe i shouldn't be? aside from my mother in law's house, where i am 2 days a week for about 30 seconds.. i haven't stepped across the threshhold of another home since about February. the only people in my home since then were guys bringing in furniture one afternoon in August. my state is seeing out of control numbers. schools locally opened after Labor Day. those that didn't go full remote learning right out of the gate are moving to remote learning now.. at least for a 2 week basis while they quarantine & clean because one or more students/staff has been diagnosed with covid.
  2. welp, episode 4 got pretty ridiculous pretty quickly. beautiful set designs, wardrobe, great color, plenty of good actors are involved.. but this just isn't for me
  3. NBA fans are the worst fire Brad Stevens? are you people insane?? and what, hire Vinny Del Negro? maybe run it back with Rick Pitino?
  4. we're 3 episodes in wife said she was surprised i was watching because it's basically American Horror Story, but with prettier sets & wardrobe. doesn't seem like it's that. yet. but might be heading in that direction. if it starts veering too far off in to supernatural ####, i'm out.
  5. feels more like they dumped Capela to go all-in on small ball thinking it would overwhelm the league and get them a title this year. a one-year shot deal. problem, it's still the NBA and you need big guys whether teams want to or not. Capela maybe doesn't push them over the top vs. the Lakers, but maybe if he's not the only guy over 6'7" they're in much better shape. he got them cheap/easy buckets instead of relying on canning 40% of 50 threes per game.
  6. working fast food in HS taught me that i'd never own a mandoline slicer. saw too many fingertips get cut. the adults got to use the deli slicer and every single one of them took a fingertip off. 4 for 4.
  7. during the course of signing refi ppwk recently it came to light that my credit score is just about 10% higher than my wife's. apparently having a higher credit score than her is a competition that one neither of us knew she was trailing in. it was fun/funny seeing her reaction in real time. also recently got a raise that pushed me ahead of her on the imaginary scoreboard.. again.. a game that i did not realize we were competing in. in some ways she has the mentality of a 50s husband, but if roles were reversed and women were head of household then. all weekend she has been throwing jabs at me trying to undermine my presumed feeling of superiority. here i thought we were in it together and trying to improve our lives as a joint venture. guess not. fully expecting my credit to mysteriously dip in the next few months .. and probably for my boss to get an anonymous letter whereby i get demoted and my pay cut.
  8. lots of people talking big #### about Bryson back on page 7 so much for that
  9. we had a cold front blow through last night. dropped the temps 20 degrees, but also cleared all the haze out.
  10. who votes for all-NBA? Westbrook 3rd team means it can't be the media, right?