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  1. step it up, guy

    "shuke last won the day on July 27 2019

    shuke had the most liked content!"

    1. shuke


      When did you win last?

  2. Gord just got himself a 120 million dollar contract. maybe that's not "max" money, but that's pretty ridiculous. maybe this isn't the thread for not being serious. eta: i forget if it was Russillo or Simmons who said Morey once told them that there are always 7-8 bad GM's in the league so he never had to worry about finding a trade partner, or way to move a bad contract because one of those guys would do something dumb.
  3. my wife is watching this and it's making me want to fork my own eyes out
  4. my wife wants some enormous TV. like 70" or some nonsense. in my mind where a pack of gum is exorbitantly expensive i'm thinking these things are going to be thousands of dollars. they're cheaper than a Playstation. it's insane.
  5. my wife during the Cowboys game yesterday. "did anyone stop and think about showing these big fat guys from behind when they're wearing white pants? all their stuff just jiggling around and shaking. it's disgusting. that's how you know guys are producing this game. no one stopped to think about how gross it looks."
  6. understanding that it's 13 years later and all, i still can't believe how quickly tv's get so cheap. can get one of these now for less than $150.
  7. oh, i remember those days. PBS in the morning, then grandma watched her programs until mid-afternoon. fixed schedule. cable changed my fitness regimen.
  8. hell yes. and the old man would make us stand there and channel surf by zig zagging the switch back and forth between the various cable channels.
  9. i think we now know the answer to "WHERE THE #### IS WALLACE, MAN??!" gracing the cover of People magazines "Sexiext Man Alive" issue, that's where.