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  1. meanwhile, i'm pretty sure we saw a bobcat on the morning walk the other day. my dog is oblivious. walked within a few feet of the thing and paid it no mind. i'm calling the thing back to me and she just kept on trotting. was fully prepared to run for my life and let the dog fend for itself but neither of the animals seemed to care about the other at all.
  2. i see what you're saying but that dog gave absolutely no indication whatsoever of fear, aggression or concern. and if the dog behaves off leash..... but has a problem on it, then either (1) let the dog off leash or (2) figure out why it's only trouble when on a leash. my money is on the lady being the problem and not the dog
  3. ran in to a new one on Saturday there's a park across the street from my house that's essentially the local dog park, sans fences. everyone runs their dogs there. lots of people out for walks, pass through and let theirs off leash to roam & sniff the other dogs, etc. out Saturday for our daily walk.. mine has a ball she will not drop unless i show her that i'm throwing another ball or handing her a treat. if she has a ball gripped in her mouth, forget it. she's not giving it up. she sniffs other dogs with the ball in her mouth and if they try grabbing at it she just trots off. never had a single problem with her. lady across the way is walking a beautiful spaniel. bigger than my dog. hers is on a leash. mine is not. my dog trots off to go greet her dog. both dogs butts are wagging so hard that they could tip over. all signs say this meet & greet won't be a problem at all. mine gets within... 30 feet give or take and the lady stops, immediately pulls hard on her dog's leash, orders it to sit and steps in front of her dog. as i'm trailing to catch up to mine and say hello she yells "my dog is a great dog off leash! but she gets scared when she's on her leash!" uhhh... huh? my dog keeps trotting on anyways and starts to sniff her dog.. her dog looks totally happy and playful but this lady is jerking at the leash and shouting that it's not safe, that her dog is aggressive when on leash and she thinks i should run over and grab my dog asap. so i hasten the pace to make her feel better. meanwhile the dogs are flopping around like two idiots, sniffing each other and wagging their tails while this lady continues trying to wrangle her very happy, friendly dog. i clicked my dog's leash which to her means, turn and come to me. she turned and came right to me. the lady stormed off in a huff, trying to drag her 80+lb dog with her. lady.. it's you who is the problem. stop being the problem.
  4. he has graced us with some good ones over the years but photos of the crowd is remarkable in its attention to detail
  5. they're going to get steamrolled in Columbus next weekend and face off with Auburn in the Capital One bowl
  6. at least once a day for the last several years
  7. used to get these kinds of PM's from @shuke all the time
  8. if it's a 1 acre lot are you really going to miss a single tree that's on/very near the property line? seems like much ado about nothing. unfortunate that the tree crew botched it but....