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  1. are you suggesting the pork slices as bread with cheese in the middle?
  2. went out for lunch today, some dude there was talking about music the entire time. mostly about his tour, how much he loves Wisconsin, some vague stories about Motley Crue and Guns n Roses. anyone know who Rick Monroe is? seemed like a nice guy
  3. But the Sixers are a mess internally, with Brown having long ago lost the locker room following the acquisition of Jimmy Butler, but before the acquisition of Tobias Harris. The breaking point came at a game in Portland when Brown had Bruce Bowen address the team about “San Antonio Spurs culture” – a speech that went over like a lead balloon to such an extent that Joel Embiid and Bowen got into each other‘s faces. The degree to which Brown lost the locker room was amplified on March 25 when Ben Simmons sat out a 21-point loss to the Orlando Magic due to a “stomach virus.” In actuality, a source close to the team told the Daily News, Simmons had spent the previous night partying in Orlando. The “stomach virus” was a fallacy, although that is nothing new for the Sixers organization. They used to do the same thing when Allen Iverson was partying and gambling his nights away in Atlantic City and showing up for practice hung over. Larry Brown was the mastermind of those cover-ups, although the stories eventually came out. A source who spoke to the Daily News on condition of anonymity said general manager Elton Brand made it known to ownership sometime before the trade deadline that the organization needed to consider trading Simmons because the youngster was simply not coachable, and was a regular-season player annually exposed in the playoffs. The idea was immediately shot down, and Brand was told that Simmons and Embiid were untouchable – even if Anthony Davis was the prize. But back to the Sixers: Ever wonder why Simmons is such a poor free throw shooter? It is because he does not bend his knees. Countless coaches have tried to tell Simmons that bending his knees would solve his problems, but he refuses to listen.
  4. beats me. just quoting the recall. i'd me really mad if i were you, too.
  5. had a dream that i shaved my beard completely off. bare face. woke up in a panic
  6. mis-spellings are theirs. i think that gets them off the hook. "Description of Remedy Program : Owners will be notified by mail and instructed to take their vehicle to a Ford or Lincoln dealer to have the Powertrin Control Module reprogramed. There will be no charge for this service. Ford is excluding reimbursement for costs because the original warranty program would provide for a free repair for this concern. Ford will forward a copy of the notification letters to dealers to the agency when available."
  7. and the way Pelinka looks at Magic with doe eyes like "wow, i'm at the Lakers game with Magic freaking Johnson!" it made sense to me that either they were in business together.. or Lowe was a super fan with enough money to hang out with Magic at games. never even questioned it until reading online today that their resemblance has been a running gag on the internet for the last couple years
  8. realizing that i'm years (?) behind the curve on this.. i really thought that was Rob Lowe standing next to Magic at Lakers games and just assumed Lowe was a part-owner or something.
  9. i'd expect a #### load of obfuscation and redirection unless you have a lawyer and or class action suit active. 1 person asking for a loaner out of many thousands isn't going to move the needle. i wouldn't drive the thing either but perhaps talk with your insurer about your options.
  10. if i can't belly up for shots with my 8 and 10 year old's then why the hell am i there in the first place?
  11. awful we're getting weather alerts for rain storms in the Dakotas. that's 500 miles from here. i'm hopeful that the 1" of rain doesn't harm the crops in Kentucky but.. i don't need a panicked alert from my weather guy every 3 minutes. seems like the number of people here who might possibly be impacted by a storm system in the Smokies numbers in the... single digits on the high end. i'm watching the weather already. no need to bait me in.
  12. it has been said 10,000 ways but somehow weather reports/reporters continue to find new ways to create clickbaity previews "stay tuned for a weather aware day update. there's some real potential here for severe weather moving in to the area, folks. we're talking potential for wind gusts up to 50-60 mph, hail, severe lightning and thunder... up next in 7 minutes." "buckle up, it looks like we've got a system moving in some time in the next week.. as soon as tomorrow but as far out as maybe next Sunday... with some real potential for possible weather. looking at high winds blowing in from the south, or east, or north, or west with the possible potential for rain which could be heavy at times that might impact those of you who could be traveling through the affected areas.... up next at 9." the updates get more breathy and urgent and the weather maps more colorful but vague. the language gets more severe and excited..... but the timing of the storm shifts. then the big reveal! and the radar shows light rain hundreds of miles away.. that won't ever get remotely near our viewing area. in fact, we'll come to find out that it won't rain in our neck of the woods for weeks but you can guarantee that every single day the weather man will hyperventilate about the possibility of explosive, life changing, historical weather events bearing down on our area which happens to span hundreds of miles to the north, south and west. i get the need to alert people to the possibility of flooding and tornadoes, etc. but maybe don't cry wolf every day & people would pay attention?
  13. my second half race ever was a slog. just brutally hot. there were periods from about mile 7 on where i got lightheaded, saw stars and lost sense of time. when i hit the finish line i must have looked awful as two people ran over and grabbed me immediately. my first thought was "wow, this is really the rock star treatment. they have people here to escort you off the course to get your medal " not realizing that dozens of other people were just crossing the line and walking off on their own. it still didn't hit me when i sat down on a comfy table, wearing a wrap, with a bottle of water in hand, some random woman rubbing my legs asking me a bunch of non-relevant questions. thought it was just all part of the deal. then the water hit, i had a snack, everything started to snap back in to place and i realized... that must be what heat stroke feels like. those medical spotters are a literal lifesaver.
  14. client: what are all my options here? me: here are 3 options. the first is my recommendation as it fits your current setup. the second is possible but would require a bit more work based on current realities and the third would actually be best long-term but seems the least applicable for your situation now based on current settings. client: (rails against the 3rd option for 15 minutes. complains that the systems should not work this way.... can't understand why this is an option... why would i have presented this to them, etc. etc.) me: well, the third suggestion was presented because it's a possibility that exists if you tweak a couple things in your current model. i presented it because you asked for all options. this is something that's very popular for other clients. it's something you might want to consider in the future as it's actually easier but would require changes to your current setup. client: (rails against the 2nd option for 10 minutes) me: again, a viable option but would require some changes to your current process. the first is really your best & cleanest option currently. client: right, which is why i'm choosing #1. me: (screaming internally)