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  1. i'm this guy but only in malls. i think because my brain turns off after 45 minutes in the same store. mostly if i've been somewhere once i can find my way back there from any other starting point. but put me in a mall, shopping for hours and my brain just shuts off.
  2. haven't missed Windows a bit. the Chromebook isn't constantly updating with bull#### i don't need or want. it's not under siege by hackers. it's just clean, fast and trouble free. works perfectly for my needs. which are decidedly minimal but when this one dies (had it for several years now and it has not bogged down in the slightest) i will be replacing it with another Chromebook.
  3. my friend doesn't live in Greenpoint anymore but maintains a place of... business... in Red Hook that i'm apparently free to use. haven't taken him up on it yet but might have to kidnap you for a couple days and make MAGIC.
  4. i'm for serious when i say i want to come to NY and take you out for beers, get really dumb drunk and do something stupid. not... like.... that. more like "we might get arrested" stupid.
  5. Jerry West was on the Dan Patrick show the other day. Dan asked him how much credit he should be given for the Kawhi signing and he aww shucks'd his way through it with a "very little" answer. the guy is so highly respected that he just has to be in the room and guys are drawn to play for his team
  6. late to the thread but i don't like where i live relatively it's OK. i enjoy my house, the neighborhood we live in is fine. schools are good. we have the Packers of course and i love that but outside of those things.. the weather is harsh and unacceptable a minimum of 4-5 months per year. spring is a total crapshoot. could be 70s in May. could be 40s. we had snow in May this year. IN MAY! summer doesn't typically get underway until mid-June and ends in September. this year we had a terrible spring. lots of snow & cold. then torrential rain & cold. we barely cracked the low 60s straight through June and on many of those days it rained. a lot. not typical but also not out of the ordinary over the years. really feels like summer only began about 2 weeks ago. now we're in the middle 90s with humidity. that might break in a week or might last through August. if you love the outdoors. to camp, to fish, to hunt. this is a great town in that it's close to all that but not in the woods. but it's also 2 hours away from anything else. the town is both on a large bay, and bisected by a river but the city forefathers completely ####### ruined both so that the both are unswimmable. you can fish them but wouldn't dare eat anything from the river. probably have to drive up the shore a bit to eat fish from the bay. we're 45 minutes from Lake Michigan, too but the shore towns are godawful wastes of industrial failure. the riverfront has been reserved for coal piles for decades. any riverfront property is 10 miles or more south and then it's just expensive homes with river frontage. the river boardwalk is about 1 city block long and was only built in the last handful of years. thankfully there are a million lakes north of town but most are either private or near towns that are basically old west outpost towns. there are a couple bars, a ####ty gas station and a bunch of trees. the idea of a city having culture or being anything other than purely functional is totally lost here. if the farmers and work-12-hours-a-day-7-days-a-week folks don't understand its use then it doesn't happen here. in the last, say, 10 years we finally got a paved trail for folks to walk, bike and run on. that's about as artsy and cultured as we're going to get. if you're a person who doesn't want to wear Wranglers, a flannel, Wolverine boots and a stormy kromer hat then you're #### out of luck. either you shop online or drive hundreds of miles for anything remotely not workwear related. our biggest clothing retailer here is..... Kohl's? and not a nice Kohl's. we get the end of the line, cheapest versions or whatever Kohl's carries. plenty of St. James (John's?) Bay, Izod and Haggar. but the "economy" line of each. fine dining is somewhat picking up steam here in the last 10-15 years. easier now to get a good meal than ever before so that's something but this is also a "i don't eat there because it's good, i eat there because it's cheap and i get a lot of food" town. i could go on and on (clearly )
  7. it's a fact. back in 2008 this was a guranteed 19 pages, easy.
  8. i think the implication here is that you don't notice my threads FURLEY'S GETTIN UPSET
  9. let's leave the attorneys out of this no offense, @Henry Ford