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  1. well, i'm 0 for 2 here. don't let 3 be something dumb like "cares about people and has a good heart"
  2. right. as an ugly man, this is a first for me. i'm not sure how to handle the pressure.
  3. getting eyeballed and smiled at by a good looking woman at lunch, but being married
  4. started Narcos: Mexico season 2 and Broadchurch season 2 last night Narcos is so, so good.
  5. it's the whole process the stooping or bending, the turning of the socks to adjust, pulling them up. the whole ordeal. it's a lot to go through at 7 AM.
  6. putting on socks this should be a lot less of a hassle than it is on a daily basis. my goal is to live somewhere that i do not have to wear socks anymore. ever.
  7. could have been either @gruecd or @tri-man 47 (though, tri is #old)
  8. guy is just letting his nose hair do its natural job of protecting his immune system. embrace the walrus within you
  9. do you superhero movie guys still wear footie pajamas and sleep with stuffed animals?