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  1. always set an alarm just to be safe, but haven't woke up to it in a few years. generally wake up 5-15 minutes before my alarm goes off and then just get out of bed.
  2. it's so simple, yet so smart. pretty much exactly what we've been trying to figure out how to do, but never considered mesh apple/onion bags. we're supposed to get pounded with rain tonight. hoping to get over to Home Depot or something tonight to get some bags and then i''ll just use some of the excess woodchips and mulch he has thrown down already to fill them. we'll see if that works.
  3. my wife said on Saturday "you know how you hate that i used to watch soaps? you know this is just a soap on Netflix, right?" and i guess i knew that without realizing, but her comment just crystallized that thought for me. we've noticed that, too. it's on every freaking Netflix show we watch.
  4. watching Veep this weekend, wife says "you know this is just The Office in the White House, right?" maybe. probably not. Veep is at least funny.
  5. we've been in contact. they said "not our drain, not our problem."
  6. long story, made short: "community" drain lies on neighbor property. nreighbor planted a pine tree next to it years ago (probably when they built the house in the 80s). underneath the tree is the drain.... and nothing else because the acidity of the pine tree kills everything. so he throws down massive amounts of mulch and lava rock to "beautify" the space under & around the tree. the tree & his property are above the drain.. my property is similarly above the level of the drain... but not as high as his. when we get rain (yesterday we got over 3" from about 8 AM until 2 PM) the mulch/leaves/rock, etc. under his stupid ####### pine tree, wash...... down slope (imagine that!!).... in to the drain, and block the grates in a few minutes. eventually as the rain accumulates and debris piles up over the drain grate, blocking it.. the water has nowhere to go so it backs up in to three yards (mine, my neighbor to the south and my neighbor directly east), but not in to his yard. i had shin deep water going about 40 feet from the drain. the water also backs up enough to go through my neighbor's fence, in to his pool. the only way to resolve this flooding/backup is to clean debris off the grate. repeatedly. idiot neighbor won't do it. he & his idiot wife have threatened me for stepping on their property to clean the debris away so that the water can drain away and stop ####### flooding my ####### yard. fine, we said, then ####### clean it yourselves when it rains. i only do it because i have to or i'll have water in my house.. which is 50 feet away. you dumb ####wit. it can take 30 minutes to clean the drain, or it can take 3 hours. either way it has to be done, or i will have standing water in my yard for DAYS. to that he says "no, and stay off my property". and instead of doing anything helpful to keep me off his property... he adds more & more & more mulch after every rain fall. so i continually have to clean the ####### drain off, and wind up throwing the mulch, rocks, etc. on to his yard because it's closest... which pisses him off. but, #### that guy for not understanding simple physics. dumb ####### #######. eta: i have to add this amazing tidbit. this stupid numbnuts laid down lengths of pipe... completely at random... around the drain. they're maybe 3-4 feet long & if the width of the tube is larger than 1/8" i'm the pope. he claims that it helps the water drain faster. how that makes sense i'm not sure. it's just pvc pipe, laying on top of the ground, with an opening 1/2 as big as a straw. probably smaller. why he thinks that will assist in draining water that's over a foot deep is anybody's guess, but i'd have to think it's the result of his 3rd grade education.
  7. anyone have a good way to explain to a really, really, really stupid, stubborn old man & his wife that water flows to the lowest point and if there's enough of it, the water will sweep away objects in its path... especially things like mulch, leaves, twigs and small lava rock?
  8. man, we are really waffling on this one. kids typically do summer school for a couple weeks & then have individual camps they do for another week. they start mid-june and end mid-july, generally. and in the past they've done sports & swim lessons. all that is.... at least delayed. summer school was pushed back a month. sports are off until further notice and the YMCA is re-opening next week, but we'll probably punt on swim lessons. they'll be home with me while i wfh... and hopefully school re-opens in the fall.