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  1. I cant seem log in as user = commish, password = fbgwsl1 to link my account and draft. I'd like to take Kareem Hunt.
  2. This thread is an excellent indicator of why a degenerate like Trump could be elected in 2016.
  3. I didn't vote/support Bush, yet will always be friends with people who did. I didn't vote for Romney, yet will always be friends with people who did. I have friends who hated Obama, yet they are still my friends. I didn't vote for Trump, yet WAS still friends with people who did. I have no friends who STILL support Trump.
  4. I have not tried Titanium. Once I made the switch to No Limits, I haven't looked back. I'll give Titanium a try on my next install and report back.
  5. Agreed. I am sure to communicate to anyone who uses this as a primary source of TV to go ahead and get the FireTV. I have had a bit more trouble getting certain package builds to install on the Fire stick.
  6. Kodi No Limits Build I've been running/installing the above build for the past couple of months. Easy to use, easy install, and tons of add-ons. No complaints so far.
  7. Kodi No Limits Build Not sure if this has been mentioned, but I've switched over a few devices to this build over the past week. Solid build with lots of pre-customized setups. Much better than the vanilla Fusion install.
  8. When I was growing up, you could walk into anyone of my black friends homes/apartments and see a picture of Malcolm X, MLK, and/or 2 Pac. Now there's always a portrait of Obama somewhere. Obama may not have been perfect for blacks or whites, but I think most of us are proud of his service as POTUS.
  9. great show so far. spoiler tags will be needed in the future.