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  1. I cant seem log in as user = commish, password = fbgwsl1 to link my account and draft. I'd like to take Kareem Hunt.
  2. This thread is an excellent indicator of why a degenerate like Trump could be elected in 2016.
  3. I didn't vote/support Bush, yet will always be friends with people who did. I didn't vote for Romney, yet will always be friends with people who did. I have friends who hated Obama, yet they are still my friends. I didn't vote for Trump, yet WAS still friends with people who did. I have no friends who STILL support Trump.
  4. otc

  5. I have not tried Titanium. Once I made the switch to No Limits, I haven't looked back. I'll give Titanium a try on my next install and report back.
  6. Agreed. I am sure to communicate to anyone who uses this as a primary source of TV to go ahead and get the FireTV. I have had a bit more trouble getting certain package builds to install on the Fire stick.
  7. Kodi No Limits Build I've been running/installing the above build for the past couple of months. Easy to use, easy install, and tons of add-ons. No complaints so far.
  8. Kodi No Limits Build Not sure if this has been mentioned, but I've switched over a few devices to this build over the past week. Solid build with lots of pre-customized setups. Much better than the vanilla Fusion install.
  9. great show so far. spoiler tags will be needed in the future.
  10. This site is still not accepting my password to link my franchise. 2.13 Cam Newton
  11. I somehow linked my franchise to the commissioner. /shrug 1.04 Julio Jones WR ATL * sent PM to Busman