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  1. About two and a half weeks ago, it snowed. This week we had record high temps in the mid-80s up to the low 90s. Today it's 55 degrees out. Make up your mind.
  2. First 3 songs are classics but a bit played out. "John Lennon" is an very solid pick. I'd probably go with "Heart of the City" and then either "The Ballad of Hugo Chavez" or "John Lennon". Maybe "No Champagne Socialist" depending on the day. "Heart of the City" is one of their best all-time songs for me personally.
  3. I think part of the allure of LCD Soundsystem is the unironic acceptance of being uncool. They came, they made some music, they disappeared (and then came back etc). Everything was very self-aware. Their first single was about how the music world had passed them by. Murphy was 31 when they formed LCD Soundsystem, which is practically ancient in electronic music circles. Some of their biggest hits are songs about finding out a close friend has died on a late night phone call and lamenting that you no longer go out and party with all your friends anymore. There is something quintessentially uncool about both LCD Soundsystem and James Murphy, but in their embrace of their uncoolness created something unbelievably cool anyway.
  4. Current shuffle Wu-Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M. - a classic, and an album I would've taken had it lasted longer The Jesus and Mary Chain - You Trip Me Up - one of those bands that I always enjoy, very much my style of music, odd transition from the Wu into this Tedeschi Trucks Band - Anyhow - I kinda naturally assumed I wouldn't like this, since I've never known too much about them other than "it's not my kinda music", but I actually really enjoy this. I always assumed it was more country/Americana, but it's a little bluesy, which I like. She's got a helluva powerful voice. I bet they put on a good live show. Will have to actually sit down and listen to their stuff, give it a shot. James Brown - I'll Go Crazy - of course it's great, it's the godfather Nirvana - Where Did You Sleep Last Night - I think this is sacrilege, but the early 90s grunge just doesn't do it for me. I know this MTV Unplugged set is legendary, but not my thing. Nick Drake - Time Has Told Me - I respect the musicianship, but too folksy for my liking personally Peter Gabriel - That Voice Again - an artist I've always enjoyed but admittedly never listened to in-depth other than the hits. Maybe a little slow for me. Frightened Rabbit - The Modern Leper - not a band that I've listened to a ton, just never really had the draw. Certainly my favorite of these past few.
  5. Petition to change thread title to: Enter the Desert Island Album Draft - 15th Anniversary Edition (3 Chambers)
  6. 24.31 - White Lung - Paradise (2016) Yes, this will do. For some reason this album compels me to start drinking hard liquor, so I'm gonna dip into the scotch now. "Sister" (Live) "Paradise"
  7. If this tour doesn't kill you then Covid will They played Ani Difranco's church (aka Asbury Hall, one of the most unique venues to see a show if you get the chance). A far cry from the tiny now-closed venue that I saw PUP at last time in a crowd of like 50 people, this one was jam-packed with Canadians. Asbury Hall shows tend to be more, well, folksy like Ani's sound, PUP was a very different show for that venue. Big fan of the "we're not gonna play an encore, but you know what two songs we're playing next, this is the end of our set, thank you" right immediately into "If this tour doesn't kill you then I will". I've been pondering that other certain band. I could go for some singalongs on my island.