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  1. I'll play along with the kayfabe with an ending like this with two fighters I've never heard of.
  2. You know, that was my first thought, but this dude was literally 1 second (not 3, I was wrong) away from a clear win on the cards. That's one hell of a fix, if it's a fix.
  3. My goodness what an ending. Perrella was up big all fight, Ramos knocks him down in the 10th with seconds on the clock. Perrella gets up and immediately knocked down again. Ref tells him "walk over there and come back to me"....Perrella walks over there, and turns and stands there. Ref stops it with 3 seconds on the clock in the 10th, Ramos wins.
  4. I don't know if anyone's watching PBC on Fox tonight, but this Perrella guy just came out wearing half a suit (the top half, wearing boxing trunks underneath). Never seen that before.
  5. This is where I'm at. A little lower than today, but not outrageously so, I'd think.
  6. Elvis and Petty immediately came to mind for me.
  7. I would agree with you that Trump's policies, in general, do not really fit with the definition of what we traditionally consider "right-wing", assuming we equate right-wing to conservatism. He's not really all that conservative. That said, more traditional "true conservative" types have either (1) faded to the fringes of the GOP (i.e. your "principled conservative" "Never-Trumpers") or (2) embraced Trump, reluctantly or otherwise. I think it's fair to question what is meant by right-wing. The more "traditional" conservatives do exist, but seem to have a significantly diminished voice in today's GOP. If we use the term "right-wing" as shorthand for "leans GOP", then the right-wing is what has now become Trump's GOP. Very Pro-Trump voters may claim to be conservative, surely, but the party of Trump is mostly far from conservative. It's possible to cherry-pick Trump agenda items and point to conservative principles, but as an independent on the outside looking in....if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck.
  8. PUP - next week Bonnaroo - June RATM + RTJ - July Bon Iver - July
  9. I had the same problem, it kept saying there weren't 2 tickets available. Missed the floor but ended up somehow sneaking into the lower level after refreshing about a million times.
  10. I'll second the Tortuga recommendations; I've had a Tortuga travel backpack for close to 6 years now, and have not used "conventional luggage" since then. I can generally get about 7-8 days worth of stuff in my bag, which looks something like this (not the exact model but close). If it's at trip longer than that, I plan on doing laundry at some point. Did a 16-day trip to South America with this last summer and only had to do laundry once at an Airbnb. The only items I won't re-wear are underwear and socks. Plan for <the number of days of your trip> + 1 backup pair of each. For pants, plan on 2 days of wear each, maybe 2.5-3 if you really want to stretch it and you're not, like, a slob. Try to pack lighter top options. Going somewhere cold? Maybe some light sweaters or long-sleeve dress shirts rather than bulky sweaters. Need to wear a heavier coat? Wear it on the plane and don't pack it. Every item of clothing, clean or dirty, gets rolled up as compact as possible. Bring a garbage bag for the dirty clothes to separate them from the clean stuff, but roll them up too in order to save space. Actually plan what you're going to wear, and be aware that you're not gonna have a myriad of options on any given're gonna wear pretty much everything you bring, so choose wisely. Check the weather where you're going. Only take the bare essentials of everything else. Phone chargers, voltage converters, headphones, etc., get as small as possible and pack in ziploc sandwich bags. Toiletries, only the max allowed of soap/shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, razor, nothing non-essential. Usually take 1 book and I'll buy a newspaper at the airport if needed. I think the only way this wouldn't work is if you're going to a really cold place and need a ton of extra layer gear, I think.
  11. Sanders Shares my views on important issues Yes, though the real answer is more likely "undecided"
  12. I don't think you sound crazy, because I'm pretty much in the same boat you are.
  13. I'm gonna say no, but we're certainly closer to it than we've been in my lifetime, and seemingly get closer with each passing day.