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  1. 8.Canada - Memoryhouse - "The Kids Were Wrong" (Dream Pop) Moderately obscure female-fronted dream pop, because, well, that's my wheelhouse
  2. 7.50 - 50 Cent - "Many Men (Wish Death)" (Rap) an all-time classic track off an all-time classic album (very NSFW language)
  3. Bit of a slippery slope there with "people who can't obey the law", no? You go down the rabbit hole, and you're left parsing the seriousness of crimes? Felony is a tidy cutoff, I guess, but in my mind there's a big difference between a felony drug charge and, like, a serial murderer. I get where you're coming from, and it's reasonable, I just have a problem in general with people who live in our society, contribute to our society, pay taxes, etc., having no vote representation. Then again, I don't understand why green card holders and visa holders legally residing in the US can't vote in federal elections either.
  4. This song in particular isn't a snipe, but he was one of the artists I was generally considering for the rap category, so I'm happy he got chosen and that I can focus my efforts elsewhere.
  5. Out of curiosity, why do you prefer lifetime disenfranchisement?
  6. So many great rock choices here, but as the steward of R&B in this thing, I'll change up my usual purple font in favor of orange for this one. 6.whatever - Frank Ocean - "Thinkin Bout You" (R&B) got a beach house I can sell you in IDAHO
  7. ok to skip me if I am up in the next few hours and not around, I'll check back in tonight
  8. 5.14 - M83 - "We Own the Sky" (Dream Pop) Somehow I have never chosen this song before, but it's my favorite M83 song. It's not the million pound elephant in the room with regard to M83 in a single-song draft, but I'm gonna pick it anyway.
  9. Got real nostalgic about the good ol Sabres last night. This Sabres team was just so improbable. Picked last pretty much universally by all publications coming out of the lockout, and here you are, Game 1 of the playoffs, in OT against your oldest foe, your most hated playoff rival where you have years and years of back-and-forth history, and then that hit happens. Briere scores the winner in 2OT. Take down Philly, and it's off to Ottawa to play the big, bad 1-seed Sens. Game 1, the Sabres come from behind 5 separate times in a ridiculous 7-6 win that features the most frantic final 2 minutes of regulation + 30 seconds of OT ever. Then Game 5, you get a legendary Rick Jeanneret call when Jason Pominville scores a shorthanded OT winner in Ottawa to send the Sabres to the conference finals. Finals went to Game 7, loss, and then the Sabres won the President's Trophy the next season with another conference finals trip. They basically haven't been good since.