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  1. I do not think he's as rich as he claims to be, but his net worth value is somewhat a subjective measure as it is heavily tied-in with the value of his name. The intangible value associated with the "Trump brand", per se, would be nowhere to be found on his tax returns. Tax returns do not tell the whole story of someone's net worth.
  2. Thought the Gears 5 beta was very underwhelming, but I'll be around.
  3. He doesn't really care, so long as it juices the economy enough to get him re-elected next year. Long-term negative repercussions don't matter for him, he'll be out of office and able to deflect any economic blame on whoever takes over for him.
  4. No, he lives in Buffalo and gets his news from right-wing media outlets. The fundamental collapse of the rule of law in Portland was a big discussion point for him at dinner last night.
  5. @urbanhack I'm going to be in Portland next weekend, want to grab some beers? My wife's uncle says Portland is a lawless wasteland overrun by Antifa terrorists now.
  6. Party in the streets in Torshavn after the upcoming upset over the Swedes in Euro qualifying, imo
  7. There are plenty of incentives, some tax-related, some not. Some local incentives that our local developers use are NY Sec. 485-a property tax exemptions, PILOT agreements, sweetheart below-market financing deals through local IDAs, Capital Improvement exemptions from state sales tax, historical rehab credits. Every locality and state will have similar opportunities for large-scale developers. At a federal level, the LIHTC would be the main driver of what you are referring to here, I think. Also an option, but comes with a lot of red tape associated with it. Accelerated depreciation (available to any business, not just real estate) is also very beneficial for developers. Anecdotally, I used to work for one of the nation's larger privately-held real estate companies; they do both construction/development and property management. They avoid residential real estate like the plague. My understanding is that the rental protections associated with bad tenants were something they generally did not want to deal with. Much easier to make a 10-year deal with a major non-residential tenant for $20,000/month on a space rather than 20 residential tenants at $1,000/month each. Much easier to collect, much easier to sue, and much easier to manage. I can't speak for other large real estate management companies/developers, but it wouldn't surprise me if they don't really want to be in the residential management space either.
  8. Thought he looked pretty good last night. He was playing with and going against third-teamers, but it was very clear that he was not a third-team caliber QB like you usually see in the preseason.