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  1. Burt Reynolds to Guest as... Burt Reynolds
  2. A little too much plot line establishment for my taste tonight, but I think Part III will deliver. I was cracking up when he was catching the grenades with the net and tossing them back at the pirates. Lacrosse -- those skills are transferable, you know...
  3. Wife, two kids and I were doing a major clean up and overhaul of the family room the other day as it had become a complete disaster area. We bought and assembled a couple of organizers and were going through and packing up old, no longer used toys and either sending them off to younger cousins or Goodwill. About two hours into the project: 4 year old daughter: Daddy, why are we doing this? Me: Beacause this room is a complete mess, Sweetie. We're trying to make our house liveable again. Her: You mean, like other people?
  4. At least seek counseling.For her, I mean.
  5. OK, I've watched Part I six times now. Do I really have to wait 44 hours for Part II?
  6. And watch out for that Hitler, he's a bad egg!And I just love the voice and pacing on that one. H. Jon Benjamin is a freaking genius. Well, except for that whole Jon Benjamin Has a Van thing...Cooch chili was pretty solid too, I might add.
  7. Can't wait for next week -- Patrick Warburton, David Cross, Pirate King Archer on a bender with high seas wenches, only to be joined by Ray and Lana. Only good things can come from this.
  8. Does anyone know -- is CyberBarry a part of this run, or are they saving that for the main season?
  9. Talk about phoning it in... Disappointing.