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  1. Giants beat Pats in the SB for a 3rd time
  2. His numbers were hurt in the Saints game due to three consecutive drives with a turn over and he dropped a long pass that could have been a TD and then a short one in the end zone too.
  3. I'm looking for a gym that carries all the NFL games so I can workout while watching, rather than head to a bar. Anyone know of any gym chains that carry all NFL games?
  4. Carl Banks agrees. Said the Giants were able to cover the deep ball so well because they didn't have to load the box or blitz to stop the run.
  5. yeah, it'll be interesting seeing the Giants defense against a weaker line. Also how the Giants Oline holds up against teams with better defensive lines. One encouraging thing, Carl Banks talked about the Giants Oline with Bill Belichick, paraphrasing the coach, he said that the Giants went up against the best Dlines in the NFL during the preseason. They won't face lines that tough during the season, so he wouldn't be that concerned. You just need a front good enough to go against the teams you'll see during the season. What about playoffs Bill? =) It's a shame that Shepard messed up his route, causing the INT. 27-12 would have been great!
  6. Good to have the win. LB play was a lot better than last year. It will be interesting to see how McAdoo changes things up for the Saints. A totally different offense than Dallas.
  7. Jenkins had great coverage on him. Collins & DRC also defended passes against him. Giants weren't letting him take the top off the defense and were giving up the underneath stuff.
  8. I predict 31-17 Giants
  9. They've compensated for the Oline before. The running game will probably still blow but the passing game should be solid. I think it comes down to the Oline and Secondary. They need to get pressure and force turnovers for the team to make the playoffs.
  10. There just aren't that many Giants fans on this board, it's always been like that. I think only about a dozen. That's why it doesn't get much traffic.
  11. Art Stapleton ‏@art_stapleton 8m8 minutes agoVictor Cruz had a "tight groin" per Ben McAdoo. Reason he was held out of team drills today. #Giants
  12. It's not a rock solid connection. But he did give me a heads up that Hall was coming back for a second look, before it was being mentioned.
  13. RG Louis Vasquez scheduled for a visit. Can play both Guard spots and RT.
  14. Sunday will be a day of rest for the New York Giants after their longest, most grueling practice of training camp. Let’s use the off day to catch our breath and offer some observations as we head toward the preseason. I have no idea at this point who will win the last couple of wide receiver roster spots, but it’s turning out to be a heckuva battle. Geremy Davis, Myles White,Roger Lewis, Tavarres King and Darius Powe have been taking turns one-upping each other. Coach Ben McAdoo said recently that it’s not easy completing passes against the Giants’ corners, and we saw that on Saturday. Highlight after highlight showed terrific work by Eli Apple, Janoris Jenkins and others. I don’t know how the running back depth chart is going to shake out past Rashad Jennings. I do know that if I was Andre Williams I wouldn’t be buying property or signing a long-term lease. I get asked about the right side of the offensive line all the time. I still believe that the Giants will add one or two offensive linemen off the waiver wire before the season starts. Speaking of the offensive line, right tackle appears to be a competition in theory only. The only first-team reps Bobby Hart has taken have come during walk-through portions of practice. Until he takes live reps where he works with the first line and actually has to block Jason Pierre-Paul, there is no competition. Despite the signing of Leon Hall, I still think undrafted free agent Donte Deayonhas a chance to make the roster. The kid just keeps making plays. I might be wrong about Larry Donnell not making the 53-man roster. By all accounts, the veteran tight end is having a nice camp. I love the physicality Ben McAdoo has asked for/allowed from his players during training camp. In recent years, Tom Coughlin’s practices had seemed anything but physical. You can’t prepare for football without at least coming close to the physicality you will experience during a game. You’re dead wrong if you think the signing of Hall means the Giants are dissatisfied with Apple. The first-round pick is an outside corner, not a slot guy. They are vastly different positions. This allows the Giants to leave Apple outside, where his future is, and to let him develop. McAdoo is more open than Coughlin with the media when he wants to be. Like Coughlin, though, he is becoming masterful at really blowing past a question or giving a “non-answer” answer when he gets a question he doesn’t want to discuss during his daily briefings. Linebackers coach Bill McGovern said recently there is a “wide open” competitionfor playing time at that spot. I don’t believe that’s true. Devon Kennard will be the SAM. At this point, I’ll be stunned if Jonathan Casillas isn’t the WILL. The only real question is who is in the middle, and I believe that will either be Jasper Brinkley or Keenan Robinson. If he emerges from the preseason healthy, third-round pick Darian Thompson will be the starting free safety. I think you can bank on that. I believe Carl Banks was right the other day when he said that the Giants’ defense might finish middle of the pack statistically, but be an opportunistic group that generates lots of sacks and turnovers. That, actually, is the type of defense you want the way the game is played now. Defense is about the big play, the turnover, changing momentum. That’s what you hope to see. I like the fact that McAdoo said he wouldn’t waste time preparing for or studying the Dolphins in advance of Friday’s preseason opener. Who really cares about a game plan or studying the opponent at this point. Take your limited practice time and work on making your team better. McAdoo and offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan keep deflecting the “who will call the plays?” question. If I was a betting man (I’m not) I’d bet this month’s mortgage that McAdoo will do that once the regular season begins. It seems like defensive ends Olivier Vernon and Jason Pierre-Paul have done nothing to quell optimism about how dynamic they can be together.
  15. Camp Thursday RECEIVERS PUT ON A SHOW. If the evening Giants highlight reel consists of nothing but plays made by receivers Sterling Shepard, Geremy Davis, Tavarress King and Roger Lewis, don’t be surprised. Those receivers—Shepard and Davis especially—put on a show for the fans in attendance. Shepard, in fact, seemed impossible to cover by anyone but Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie while Davis came up with two beautiful receptions on outside throws, catches on which he did a nice job of remaining aware of where the sideline was and making sure he stayed in bounds. King, who produced some pretty catches last week, was right back to making his case for a roster spot again today. In one drill in which the receivers went against defensive backs, King somehow shook tight coverage and managed to separate down the sideline. Then for kicks, he made a diving one-handed catch that Odell Beckham Jr. probably would have been proud of. CRUZ TAKES A BEATING. Not to be outdone, receiver Victor Cruz participated in probably his most physical practice since his two-year injury odyssey began. Cruz was brought down at least twice and both times he sprung to his feet as though he had landed on a pile of pillows. Earlier this summer, Cruz spoke of knowing when he’d be all the way back when that first hard thumping camp. While he’s sure to be sore after today, the fact that he made it through the beating unscathed has to be a big mental boost for him. JOANTHAN’S PICK. Last summer, linebacker Jonathan Casillas offered some excellent insight into which player to watch moving forward, that being fullback Nikita Whitlock. So this year, I went back to that well, asking Casillas for his early choice of offensive players who have thus far blown him away. He thought about it for a bit and then said, “No. 39.” That would be rookie running back Paul Perkins, the team’s fifth-round draft pick this year. After missing most of the spring while he completed classes at UCLA, Perkins has been nothing short of dynamic with the ball in his hands; more importantly, the rookie has been making up what he missed in what seems like record time. Perkins is quick, has shown good vision, and reads his blocks well, both as an inside and outside runner. while all those things have impressed Casillas, there’s something else that has made the veteran linebacker take notice. “Watching the young running back, today and yesterday, I saw him make a cut in the hole in half time and I don’t know if I’ve seen that out of other guys,” Casillas said. “Then he had a couple of good runs today. “I haven’t gone against him yet, but just watching him out there, he made a cut yesterday that I haven’t seen a lot of guys make. It was like kind of get the ball in his hands and he just make a quick move. You have to have explosiveness, intuitiveness and extreme quickness to make a move like that. “Today we saw him running down the field a few times with the ball in his hands, and that’s not a good thing defensively, but offensively he’s going to put some people in the stands.”