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  1. Hello FBG guys. Yes I know there are many Las Vegas conversations but I would like current. I've never been and would like suggestions. Maybe 3 nights, 4 days. Would like to stay in an iconic place on the strip. Most glitzy hotel to stay, best shows to see, etc. Not a big gambler but will spend a budget of $500-$1,000. Just me and my wife, looking for adult entertainment. Whatcha got ideas? TIA
  2. Two problems with that. First we are required to submit retirement papers/application at least 120 days before the retirement date. I submitted mine on 15 August 2018. Second, I might could have postponed my date at the last minute, but if I retired in 2019 I would have lost over 140 hours of unused accrued vacation leave (in 2018) - which works out to over $12,000. Financially it made sense to retire before calendar year 2019. Ugh...
  3. Thanks, good idea and I just did that - to both my Representative (Vern Buchanan) and Senators (Rubio). Sorta like spitting into the wind but can't hurt. Please, everyone join me. Thanks.
  4. I am in a particularly screwed situation. I retired on 31 December 2018 after 37 years of USG service. I was a U.S Senior Foreign Service Officer - served in 13 different countries over my career including 2 years in Iraq and Afghanistan. Because of the shutdown my paperwork is not being processed, sitting in someones inbox. Even when the government is at work there is a normal 60 day period between when the paperwork is processed and a pension check is received. So I have zero income and it looks likely that it will be this way for the next two of three months. Mortgage payments, car payments, utilities, gas, food, etc, etc.....this sucks big time. I have some savings that I am burning through but will last maybe another month. Banks and creditors don't really give a damn, I don't know what I'm going to do...
  5. No brainer - do it and don't hesitate. I'm a US Foreign Service Officer and I've been there many times. Raised two kids in overseas schools. Very stable country for that part of the world. You can find international schools with US curriculum. When kids are young (elementary school are) they transition much easier than when they are older (middle & high school). Take advice from people who have actually lived there or know first hand the region - not from internet folks who have never lived anywhere outside the US.
  6. Has anyone seen a posting of all the rosters of previous winners of this contest? Are there any real trends - eg. smaller (18-22) high value player teams success vs. larger (30+) teams? Or the Suds & Duds approach? Or is there no rhyme or reason - every year has been different?
  7. This. Man, if this is all you got then that's sad. Get real.
  8. Tampa area by far. Wonderful weather year round. People very friendly. Cost of living cheap, cheap. I bought a 3,000 sq ft home , swimming pool, hot tub, on the water with boat dock for $400K. No state income tax. Lots of night life, (South Tampa, Channelside, ST. Petersburg) hunting, fishing, parks, best beaches in the US, Universities, professional football. hockey, baseball and one hour away from Orlando, Disney World. I could go on.
  9. No change, but still waiting for intel on what exactly happened. Current policies and authorities from the NSC have not significantly changed from the Obama Administration. This fight against ISIS is incredibly complex and the recent announcement of massive budget cuts to the State Dept. and USAID are only going to greatly exacerbate the problem. ISIS will be "militarily" defeated, but just like Al-Queda was defeated, then popped up ISIS because the underlying root causes of the insurgency were never addressed. This is the political/socioeconomic realm of State/USAID. Same thing is going to happen here mark my words. Sometime in the next 12 - 18 months ISIS will be declared as "defeated" but after that there will be an ISIS 2.0.
  10. A 30-45 minute drive doesn't bother me. If there is something around Frisco great, but if it takes longer OK. McKinney, Greenville, Deep Ellum will be ok, just looking for something really different - we are used to Tampa, Miami, etc.
  11. Heading to Dallas (staying in Frisco) this weekend. Will have Saturday night free to take my wife out to bars/clubs. If you had to pick one area of town or place where should I go? Prefer a strip/area of bars/clubs where I can park and walk to bar hop (something like Ybor City here in Tampa) Whatch got?
  12. I came to the conclusion that the surgery wasn't really voluntary. At 5"9" and 290lbs I was morbidly obese. I, like most bariatric patients my age (60) , had a 30 year history of yo-yo dieting weight loss - you know the story/routine. I became a realist and at age 60, with multiple attempts knew that this was/is my last hurrah. Mayo Clinic studies show that only 5% of morbidly obese people will lose sufficient weight by regular dieting and exercise. Yes. I was anxious about having the surgery, that I might be tempting fate, but it was clear if I didn't lose weight (75-100lbs) I was sure to develop diabetes, heart disease and the associated maladies with being obese is just a matter of time. My primary care physician says I am probably going to add 5-10 years to my life. Granted I could drop dead tomorrow with a heart attack but you cannot argue statistics. IMO you are asking for issues if you don't have this surgery.
  13. I feel for Parmkat but unfortunately his experience looks to be exceptional. I am currently recovering from RNY (8 Nov) and so far, so good. Feeling great, a little sore today and fatigued but every day feeling better. I figured if the insurance company was willing to pay for the procedure it is something I really needed to do. Absolutely no regrets, everyone I have spoke to that has had this done says its the best thing they have done their entire life and wish they'd done it years earlier. Hang in there Parmcat!