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  1. Anyone out there know where some good content is for PGA DFS for free or paid subscription? I listen to XM fantasy sports and they have guru elite but it’s $119 for seasonal pga content and another $95 for an optimizer any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Good point. Going with Cooks. Thanks
  3. A little worried about game flow. They get up and don’t pass much plus gronk is back
  4. Cooks or Wallace? Championship Lineup Kennum Ingram, Lewis Julio, Cooks or Wallace Brate Butker Chiefs I’m a little worried about starting both Cooks and Lewis plus Indy pass defense is terrible and Wallace could have a big day
  5. Standard Foles Ingram, Lewis Julio, Cooks Ebron Butker KC
  6. I settled for this Smith Gio, Morris Kearse, Fitz, Brown Gurley Bengals
  7. league and a couple of 50/50(Thur-Mon) Alex Smith Collins, Gurley Green, Fitz, Kearse Anderson Morris Pats
  8. $10 in $47.55 out 180.16 Bortles Gurley, Howard Hopkins, Lee, Kearse Rudolph Drake Rams
  9. 50/50 and league lineups Cousins Gurley, J Williams Crowder, Hopkins, Landry OJ Howard Collins Rams
  10. Should cash in both my double up and I’m 5th in my league and I’m 9 points from 3rd. I have Hooper going tonight
  11. Good luck to all
  12. League and 50/50 Brady Hunt/Kamara Evans/Ellington/Agholor Hooper Burkhead Jags
  13. I came up with this Brady Hunt/Gordon M Thomas, Lee, Ellington Hooper Burkhead Jags
  14. That crossed my mind. I like the lineup I have but I just have to have something in by Thursday for my league and then I like to tweak it before Sunday
  15. I think I may replace Hopkins with either Smith-Shuster, Woods, Crabtree, or Lee