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  1. I guess most alcoholics are probably used to waking up in a bed covered in piss.
  2. The overdose story may have been complete lie from a girl trying to get attention.
  3. She sounds perfect for Roknbozo.
  4. Discuss away. I don’t mind holding my nose.
  5. The previous 10 posts or so trying to explain the purpose of removing outliers is not only off topic, but also “the worst”.
  6. A scratch on a bumper. That’s what they’re for! Ignore it.
  7. Thanks for proving my point
  8. Take away his best/worst game.....
  9. I expect over 100 yards and at least one touchdown, maybe 2
  10. I'm holding onto Yeldon since it is a ppr league. I imagine Ivory and Yeldon would split duties. Yeldon probably more valuable backup in PPR and Ivory might be more valuable in a standard league.
  11. Why do you hate American girls? Or maybe I should say, Why do American girls hate you?