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  1. I would probably take Carrasco and Archer with Martinez and Duffy close behind. I would prefer Odor ahead of Polanco.
  2. He was also fantastic in a very under rated Down and out in Beverly Hills. Ain't no Black man supposed to live in Beverly Hills
  3. There is so much juicy talent on the wire. Just got Storen and Reynolds this morning. This is going to be so easy.
  4. 27.9 Travis D'Arnaud C Mets
  5. Only on shower days.
  6. 25.9 Glen Perkins DL Twins
  7. Let's finish this up tonight. I'm driving to Gatlinburg tomorrow for a soccer tournament.
  8. 23.9 Greg Holland RP COL
  9. He's playing pretty good for the Dutch.
  10. 22.6 Matt Wieters C WASH