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  1. I never really liked Davy Crockett either, but they are still a solid band. They do a really good cover of Ca Plane Por moi. ...but I really prefer this little ditty.
  2. Setting up a couple VCRs to bootleg a video. Switching the cables to unscramble the porn channels.
  3. Really enjoying the Fontaine’s DC album Dogrel. Fontaines D.C. are a rock band from Dublin, Ireland, although lead singer Grian Chatten grew up in the County Kildare village of Sallins. The band released their debut studio album, Dogrel, 12 April 2019.Wikipedia
  4. Mad Max Bourne Die Hard Rambo Fast and Furious.
  5. I still like it but i think they got away from the baseball game too much. I loved Uribe. Wish there were more characters like him. I do like “the Bat”. JK Simmons is just a great actor.
  6. Still love the spicy stuff. I just might have to have a glass of Metamucil afterwards.
  7. It looks like the fourth and last book of series has not been released yet. I don’t see an expected release date for it. edit: the official site days 2020
  8. I really enjoyed it. I think the descriptions of the tower and different levels really brought it to life. The characters were wild and even though they were all out for themselves it was nice to see how they come together. Senlin is a very dynamic character you just want to see how he gets out of each situation. I have a few books on my shelf to read and then I plan on getting to the other 2 books available in the series.
  9. My parents took me to see Aliens. I was about 8 and I had to sleep on the floor of my parents room that night.
  10. Of course you need a closer. You drafted Kimbrel in the 7th. i got Alvarado in the tenth.
  11. I’m guessing he was on a pitch count and Bell had Kemp pinch hit for him in the bottom of the 5th.