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  1. Ramones "It's Alive" MC5 "Kick out the Jams" Who "Live at Leeds" Bad Brains "Live at the Fillmore" The Kinks "One for the Road"
  2. 1. 40's 2. a. Custom Playlist 40 b. full album 35 c. online playlist 25 3. a. phone/wireless speaker 50 b. Car 30 c. TV 20
  3. I've been watching the 76 world series. I also found a great show that aired on ESPN "The Bronx is burning" about the 77 yankees. All the episodes are on youtube.
  4. I'm looking to pick up a used car. It will most likely be a Honda (Maybe Toyota or Scion) since I am familiar with them and find them easy to work on. I'm just not sure what to do if I buy one since I can't register with the BMV closed and I would have no place to store it.
  5. I guess I’m supposed to believe those are essential states.
  6. A Quick one from rock n roll circus
  7. if it is a blown head gasket then that’s more than one problem. Something caused the car to overheat and blow the head gasket that would also need to be fixed. It would pretty much be junk. I wouldn’t trust the guy about the undercoating. Undercoating is one of the biggest scams in the car business.
  8. Valve cover gasket may not be too bad to fix, but i wouldn’t risk it without having a mechanic check it out. It could be a lot worse.
  9. Does the oil on the dipstick look like chocolate milk? That’s a blown head gasket.
  10. Oil. Oil is a fluid film that will protect against rust. Seems like he’s using semantics so he doesn’t feel like total scum.
  11. I wouldn't believe anything he says. The valve cover is probably leaking.
  12. When players start getting hurt doing the stupid things they do when they aren’t focused on Baseball we might want a redo. Maybe not a full draft, keep 14?.