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  1. Cinnamon Life Rice Krispy's Mini Frosted Shredded Wheat Honey nut Cheerio's Lucky Charms
  2. Have they ever done anything before because it was the "right thing"?
  3. I don't pay any because I'm smart.
  4. Strained Lat eta: not Lat but shoulder?
  5. Charlie Day as Radar
  6. Just started watching season 1 on Hulu based on this thread. This is good comedy. I'm a little surprised I hadn't heard of it before all the promos for the new season.
  7. You'll also want to make sure you put a waiver for more than one player if you want to stream. There are no guarantees you get the player. If you miss you have to wait another day to try again. Free Agency was nice because you knew you could get someone to fill a hole the next day.
  8. Chilis will probably give you a better side than whatever those chips Montg Inn has.
  9. If you like soccer FC Cincinnati is playing Sunday at 4:00.
  10. He's been having some bad luck. He also found out his girlfriend was cheating on him with Matt Damon. "Piscotty Doesn't know, Piscotty Doesn't Know!"
  11. Piscotty hit by pitch on the right Elbow. Hit by a throw on the left elbow advancing to second. Then hit in the head scoring on a throw home.
  12. I only change them after sex. So...4-5 times a day.
  13. $350!!!! Wade Boggs better be your hitting instructor at that price.
  14. I would not be in favor because I cheat on my taxes and may one day run for president.
  15. I would think your district rep would give you check for all the ref fees from the dues. You would then use those funds to pay the refs at each game.