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  1. Is this similar to An American Crime? I saw this on Netflix and it was pretty disturbing. eta - It may have not been Neflix
  2. Oh man, so sorry to hear. Sorry for your loss.
  3. The grocery store near me stopped carrying these pickles. I was pretty upset that I can't get them local anymore. Both my daughter and I would destroy a container.
  4. "Play like a girl" shirt on while he watches the female do the work.
  5. Skateboard-aholic. 🛹 I have at least 60 boards, mainly ones I couldn't afford as a kid plus a few daily riders. My wife is not found of them.
  6. Twice: Pinky toe as a kid Ankle as an adult, plate and seven screws still in there.
  7. Current frames are the Joe4057. They are very light and flexible. I have a strong prescription as well but I like the semi-rimless frames.
  8. Lots of good ones already mentioned, but did I miss: - Rocky through Rocky IV - Snatch Edit - I see [scooter] mentioned Rocky
  9. We told our daughter that the acoustics are far better in the basement. She wasn't buying it.
  10. Beach tip, hide valuables in a clean diaper, I emphasize CLEAN. Beach Hack