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  1. 12 team superflex/IDP rookies included, 45 round draft conducted May 24-28
  3. I have some interest. Have a few questions with availability of all non-rookie free agents versus just the ones on the two teams that left and the lack of any decent RBs.
  4. 12 team SF/Prem TE/IDP with 5.25 pts for sacks
  5. Thank you, I was trying to explain the game of breaking the circle and you got to punch the person throwing it, but if you looked at the circle, they got to punch you.
  6. I bit the bullet and watched this stinking pile of poop. Should have said goodbye like I did to The Walking Dead last season.
  7. I had never watched all of any of MM's movies before yesterday. He was heavy handed at many points, but it resonated with me. Hillary was cocky and did not shore up the voters that could have helped her. Obama lied about the water in Flint, the same as their governor. MM creates Nazi images with Drumpf as the figurehead. His points about the government needing to reflect the majority of our population's more liberal beliefs (marijuana, gay marriage) was the biggest point that hit home with me. This film won't change anyone's mind, but it might spurn some to action.
  8. Pittsburgh would be a good spot for him to fall into
  9. Money don't Matter tonight When Doves Cry Never Take the Place of UR Man