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  1. I"m in Miami and we just finished building so I'm here for a while. Luckily, we are on the limestone ridge, about 1/2 mile from the water. Our survey indicated we are 14 ft. above sea level so no imminent concern about sea level rise or flooding. Check to see if your home is in risk of flooding: Flood Factor website
  2. That's my go to site for cooking their BRITU (Best Ribs in the Universe) and Midnight Brisket. Love me WSM. It's a pain in the ### to clean the water pan after it gets all greasy but besides that, it works like a champ. I think I have the 18" and can usually fit a decent size brisket in the bottom rack and 3-4 racks of ribs, either spiraled or in a rack that stands them up.
  3. Well isn't this a ray of ####### sunshine for Florida.... Rebekah Jones was responsible for the Florida Coronovirus website before she was fired because she wouldn't cook the numbers. She has her own website now at Florida COVID Action
  4. If you're in the Northeast/North Central(?) and want to get away, you may want to try this place. Three BR Yurt in the Blue Ridge Mountains outside of Blacksburg VA My wife, son and I stayed there for a few nights last summer as we drive from Miami to Baltimore and it was super cool. Well, my son and I thought it was. My wife didn't like how remote it was (maybe she would think twice about that now?) but I would go back there in a heart beat. The pictures on the AirBNB site don't give it justice so here are a few more that I took while we were there. 3 BR yurt, Pilot VA
  5. You know the ####ty thing about living in Miami? It takes 6 hours just to get out of the state if you want to take an out-of-state road trip. Not too many other places where you have to drive 6+ hours to get to another state/country. Are there any? I would love to head out west but man, we would be driving more than we would be enjoying the sites. Plus my wife just drove 17+ hours straight back from her mom's house in S. Illinois so she's not looking to hang out for another road trip anytime soon.
  6. Saw an article yesterday requesting that the Texas Rangers should change their name due to the association with law enforcement.
  7. Trying to figure out how to best install some wall-mounted cabinets in my garage. The surface is drywall that is attached to furring strips attached to cinder block. Should I use Tapcon screws through the furring strips into the block? Would that be enough to hold the cabinets? Anchor screws directly into the block? How would that work with the gap between the drywall and the block that is caused by the furring strips? Garage Wall (pre-drywall)
  8. Sixthman, a company that specializes in producing music festivals at sea, The Rock Boat, Kiss Cruise, Cayamo, have been hosting a variety of concerts over the past couple of months with a variety of artists and musicians from their homes in their Mi Casa Su Casa series. They have had over 90 individual concerts since March 17th, 2020. Some upcoming in their Mi Casa Su Casa series: Thursday June 18, 2020 @ 6p ET SAMMY BRUE Monday June 22, 2020 @ 2pm ET HANNAH WICKLUND Monday June 22, 2020 @ 5pm ET BRIAN WRIGHT Tuesday June 23, 2020 @ 6pm ET CAROLINA STORY Tuesday Jun 30, 2020 @ 5pm ET ALEX MCARTOR
  9. Order Placed: June 4, 1997 The Big Show : Inside Espn's Sportscenter Keith Olberman, et al Sold by: Services LLC Return window closed on Jul 10, 1997 $16.10
  10. It was just my team. Had about 15% layoffs and a handful of furloughs. Not a big team so that hurts.
  11. 2nd round of layoffs/furloughs today. These days suck. Tough to get motivated to do any real work when I know that my co-workers have been impacted. Feel blessed to still be employed but damn, it's rough.
  12. Just found some 20 gauge slug shot as apparently that is all the ranges allow here if you bring a shotgun. I also bought some aluminum/metal snap caps so I can practice loading and dry firing as well as teaching my wife and son before we head to the range. I have to say, I just enjoy loading the 5+1 caps and then dry-firing and watching those shells fling out with each pump. I'm easily amused apparently. Can't wait to get to the range so I can fire some live rounds.