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  1. Think you've got the wrong party. I've never heard of any of these people you keep mentioning. You in therapy at all?
  2. Lol, yeah they were too soft on Trump. Holy hell is this guy real?
  3. More from the biggest child on the board.
  4. Ah so the voters were racists. Well we know they weren't sexist. What would you do without your crutches?
  5. Worthy of another poll? Onions vs pickles...
  6. GregGutfeld @greggutfeld and here i thought an endorsement from @Alyssa_Milano would be enough. back to the drawing board. 9:54 PM ยท Jun 20, 2017 from Manhattan, NY
  7. I just want what's best for the country. If overly sensitive, wanna be know-it-all types think I'm horrible for that, I can live with it.
  8. Maybe it's not. Maybe you're just an overly sensitive, wannabe know-it-all that really doesn't know all that much? Imagine...
  9. I think most of the American media being cheerleaders for one side is more of an advantage.