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  1. Be assured Tri-Man has memorized all of this and rechecked the math with an abacus. When we team dirt race in the fall, we don't bother maps or GPS, we just deploy the WPS (Wally Positioning System).
  2. This guy didn't seem to be all that fond of my 5K Swim Sticker
  3. A bit off the current thread theme, but if I didn't snooze and lose at an estate sale this morning. I got to working and lost track of time and ended up around 15th in line. There were several Talking Heads albums in the pics that were gone when I got my hands on what was left. I did walk away with Bob Marley & The Wailers Live for a buck, so it wasn't a complete loss.
  4. If there will be downtime while at Cobo, bring bikes. You can pick up the trail at the waterfront and head north to the state park. There is an adventure center there and you can pick up The Cut (really cool path with graffiti art). You can take the path to Eastern Market; awesome places to eat here and all kinds of shops. As museums go, the DIA is pretty spectacular, but when my kids were younger they liked the Historical Museum across the street much more. Like mentioned, great food everywhere. One of the current favorites in Johnny Noodle King. Insane Ramen. They have been highlighted on the Travel Channel.
  5. A while back, I pulled the book The Endurance Nerd on to the Kindle. It was a shorter read that I found very valuable. As I recall, there was a chapter called Bonk to go Faster. While the concept was tied to distance athletes prep for long races, I wonder if giving it a read might help you gauge your workouts in related to calorie in take. Would a gel be allowed in the diet? I am (at least was) a big fan of Hammer Gels.
  6. This all happened IN MEXICO. I'm would guess ABC considered this when they moved from the mansion to MEXICO. Any laws broken would be subject to the local laws and no coverage I've seen mentions that local law enforcement is involved.
  7. I hadn't really thought about it much, but I think BIP is the reason I keep watching the #### show that is The Bachelor; I need the back stories to the lunatics that go to paradise. Mark Burnett need to come up with Survivor in Paradise to quickly fill the void.
  8. I knew if I hung around here long enough a topic would come up on which I could provide expert advice. I agree that sunscreen is really the only option. I have had great luck with Nutrogena Ultra Sheer 55 (except you will look like Powder until it sinks in) and NO-AD 85. Neither stings the eyes and have provided protection for 5+ hours races with a swim or swims. It seems the aerosols and less expensive sunscreen like Coppertone are the ones that sting the eyes. I have couple of head sweets too, but they seem to pool the sweat and lead to some dopey looking tan lines. I save these for trail running where there are flies and bugs.
  9. 3Disciplines hosts a ton of Tris on the west side of MI and in IN & IL. Their sprint swim is typically only 500M. Kenny, the owner and RD is kind of a tool, but they put on well run and safe events. Tri Find is also a fantastic resource for finding events.
  10. For kicks I'll take Troy. CPep hosed himself late with his crappy I own this place attitude and Sarah was a bit too cut throat.
  11. First tri or first Oly? The Oly distance is my favorite traditional distance, but I wouldn't have wanted to do one as my first ever tri. It it is your first, I'd recommend doing a sprint as a tune up, if for no other reason that to get used to open water swimming in a pack of racers and to practice transitions. For training, I was a big fan of the triple brick. For only training, this was a series of 3 sets of around 8 miles biked and 2 miles ran. You simulate the total Oly distance, while getting your legs used to the transition from the bike to the run. And it you are a like me, you can set up a rack and make transitions part of the routine.
  12. I've only used Garmin devices to track swimming, so I am not familiar with any apps. However, the data I like to review from my Garmin includes: each 25 meter or yard length time and stokes, my time per interval and to see the rest time between intervals. The calorie burn data is nice to have to, to be able to relate it to biking or running (and way back helped plan in race nutrition for longer events). Hope this helps.
  13. My daughter is a math major aspiring to work in MLB analytics one day, so I usually get a few texts a day with oddball stats. Today started off with a couple of cool ones pertaining to yesterday's Tiger game. Three 400 Foot Outs tied the record for most in the Statcast Era and the game included the "softest" homerun of 2017
  14. I want to be Ozzy at Ponderosa
  15. I appreciate you sharing the HR info as it motivated me to shoot for my current HR max on the bike last night. When I was doing triathlons, my "sweet spot" for my HR on the run was right around 162 BPM. Whereas, unless I was chugging up a big hill, I could never get my bike HR over 155. Knowing that my old run max was about 182, I spent most of class last night a gear or two above target and 10 to 15 RPMs above as well to push my HR. I had touched 170 once or twice, but my typical max has been around 168. Right around the 40 minute mark, I hit 172 BPM. And while I didn't I was gassed and ended up losing almost 3 pounds in class. Just rambling here, but I'd guess your HR max on the bike isn't low, just lower than what you are used to when running.