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  1. I wish I had the option, but we were down at the ballpark last night. Watching Adduci lose the ball in the lights and Nick booting the ball around all night was absolutely painful. I was drinking the Kool-Aid that Nick had improve his D. I saw a post game clip where he more or less said its just one game and you move on. I'd rather he would gone with an I need to be better, I am going to work with Omar to improve type stance.
  2. ####### Collins. For #### sake he just can't stop himself from doing stupid things.
  3. Yul really is The GOAT but gets no credit as that season was a . Dude used math to figure out the way the vote was going to go and, as I recall, was right every time. The most interesting thing about they season was him almost torching himself as he burned down camp before the final tribal counsel.
  4. Read it took a Verlander signed ball to get Hicks' first MLB HR ball back. Smart fan and cool stuff from JV looking out for the kid.
  5. Thanks for the details. I wonder if he is a product of The Tigers change in approach to baseball metrics and analytics.
  6. Never heard of Adduci. I would have thought Gose could have been a pinch run option or Moya a pinch hit one. Heck, Prestley had an OK spring and bats left too.
  7. Who is Jim Adduci, called up with Jones going on the DL and why would they not call up Gose or Moya? It has to be an options thing with the thought that he gets sent down when JD is acvtivated.
  8. By not sending Wilson back out for the 9th even though he only tossed 7 pitches. Just a hunch.
  9. Brad should have gone Billy ####### Martin on the whole umpire crew after that ejection. Total
  10. Debbie was quite convincing as a fake drunk nut job, or just a nut job. Tipsy Andrea was awesome, please get her on another reward with booze.
  11. The App that controls the lights has all kinds of functionality. You can use a photo to match the light to a specific color in a photo. My son also had the music option puling the colors to music (in the driveway). There is a breast cancer event (Jeeps for Jugs) we may go to next month where we can queue up the halos in pink for the event.
  12. I wasn't either until I saw how inexpensive and well reviewed it was on Amazon. The price made it a fun option and the grill can be swapped in around 10 minutes so I'll be going between the stock grill and the angry one. While not in use, the other grill is now art on my basement wall with back lighting.
  13. Same here on the event. I bought a crap ton of incubators to clear out the pending eggs to make room for the 2Ks and then got nada until yesterday. Yesterday morning I was getting tires on my car, so I walked the street around the shop and got 5 2K eggs in 6 stops. I hatched all 5 yesterday evening and got an Aerodaytal, Onix, 2 Pichus & a Scyther (only one I already had of the bunch). Sort of off the current topic, but is there any reason to keep both Pichus and multiple Dittos?
  14. I get it and, in part, feel the same way too. But being able to change the halo color from my phone has been way too fun. The Jeep Waves have been awesome'r too
  15. My Son has been dying to put LED halos on our 2010 for a while. He took it on himself to get "me" a set as a early Fathers Day. He was home for a long weekend from college and we installed them. I thought I'd hate them, but I liked them so much we added a new grill and, since we needed new tires, we decided to upgrade the rims as well. So my Mid-Life Crisis now looks like this.