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  1. Not sure what is the primary driver (government, utility companies, technology/analytics/communication, or just old fashion experience), but I can feel an aggressive and coordinated focus on recovery here in FL. Andrew was the first event I worked where I had access to a cell phone and now, I am Skyping and FaceTiming with my crew in the field real time. The pre/post event images seen on the weather channel are very much the same tools used to focus resources. The first time I used this in large scale, was Katrina and the technology has advanced so much since. The recovery will still take time, but the funds and resources to do so appear to be available so much faster than anything I have ever seen. One thing that hasn't changed, though, is the impact on traffic as the roads are packed everywhere I have been.
  2. Guessing everyone is home, but just in case, I have a FL traffic update. We have been sending people in to FL in waves from Alabama since Wednesday. Similar trips down 75 via Atlanta took 14 hours on Wed, 12 hours on Thurs and it took me around 9.5 today (where normal according to Waze appears to be around 8.5). As expected, lots of utility contractors, repair firms and charity orgs on their way in. My 9th hurricane worked and I still got chills seeing all the resources heading in to assist with the recovery. Hopefully I don't get to go through multiple evacuations like I did in 2004.
  3. How bad is the forecast now? I am boarding a flight in a few that gets in to Birmingham at 3pm. The forecast I saw just showed wet and breezy.
  4. Tampa Mayor with the quote of the event "you can't legislate stupid".
  5. This literally makes me queasy. When I worked Katrina, one of the routes I had to take back to my hotel went past the temporary morgue that has been established. It pained me every time I passed it. God I hope Katrina like casualties do not occur with Irma.
  6. We can share the blame. In 1994 I attended an earthquake seminar that ended the Friday before Norhridge hit. This summer I agreed to return to working disasters full time again. My start date is tomorrow. I'm in standby to go be staged in AL to be at the ready to head in to FL as soon as possible.
  7. I noticed it in how TWC is covering it. They went from talking about the trough in the jet stream steering it out in to the Atlantic, to, again, talking about FL and the Carlolinas.
  8. I usually start with the NOAA National Hurricane Center as they are the source and update first. This site typically has the Spaghetti models update soon after. Wunderground has the best narratives. Its sort of like news sites, though, as everyone has their own preferences.
  9. Yeah, I was hoping they'd forget about me until after DWD, but that is likely wishful thinking. Quite a few LA Fitness locations around Houston, which is where I'm spinning now. I have an online spin class instructor course bookmarked thinking maybe I could go for this as motivation to just work my butt off on the bike, but do it right if I have to train alone and maybe work as a sub when I'm on down time.
  10. Understanding that these things are way fluid, how long might you be in Houston? If Irma doesn't hit the US, I will likely be deployed to the Houston area some time after 9/9 and could be there for up to six months. I'll be working 6 days a week, 12+ hour days, but will need to exercise for my sanity. Maybe we can link up for a charity run and a beer or two if we end up in the same place.
  11. I posted earlier in the thread that Hurricane Charlie in 2004 had a slightly similar starting path. And, 2004 was incredibly busy, which this season is shaping up to be.
  12. I sure hope it take the turn east some of the models are showing. To be ready if it doesn't, I just received the paperwork to get fingerprinted for the FL Insurance background check. I have a couple of designations that waive the insurance exam, so I suspect I'll be deployed there very early on should something hit. Along with the Hurricanes in 2004, I spent over 15 months working Andrew in 1992.
  13. Dr Masters' Long Term Analysis on Irma Cantore mentioned on TWC yesterday that he puts more faith in the European Modeling FWIW. I worked the (4) 2004 Hurricanes in FL, and the thick black line track in one of the graphics reminded my of Charlie's path a bit.
  14. Important advice for several reasons. First is to document possible wind and water damages that occurred prior to the flood damages that may be covered under the homeowners contract and, uninsured losses may be claimed as deductions for tax purposes. In addition, if you have a flood policy it can be used to outline what you had, but had to dispose prior to inspection. Its been since Ike that I have worked flood, but in the least, be sure to photograph model and serial numbers on big appliances (and I would recommend on anything that has them). ETA, Better, IRS Link on Deductions