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  1. For fries, we don't. We just thin cut them (think McDonalds), soak them for a few hours in olive oil (light just to coat) and fry them at 350 for 13-15 minutes until close to done. Then, 400 for 3-5 to add crispyness. Salt with sea salt (or any type of season salt; lots of Penzy's options here).
  2. Bristol does tend to be darker. I suspect it'll be easier to see during cautions and if one of the cars that has the underglow wins, I could see them dimming the lights for the burnout.
  3. Sort of a jump the shark move, but WTH this year, I think underglow for the All Star Race at Bristol will be fun to see.
  4. I Amazon'd an Air Fryer at the beginning of lock down and it was vital to the sanity of the whole family as we've tried just about everything in it. One of the best finds, of all things, was the most amazing croutons I've ever had; discovered by accident. When bread was non-existent in grocery stores, my wife grabbed some at CVS, which was awful. Before tossing it, I Googled up Air Fryer Croutons and gave them a shot with the CVS bread and Penzy's Fox Point Seasoning. All I do in cut them to size, toss them in Olive Oil & the seasoning and fry them between 3-5 (or a bit more) at 400 depending on the "doneness" desired. I like them a little less brown, whereas my wife likes them a bit more crunchy. With some Goggled up home made Caesar dressing, these added to incredible salmon Caesar salads (and a stand-alone snack too).
  5. I had an AMAZING record collection which, inexplicably, my Mom sold at a garage sale shortly after I got married stating she thought I didn't want them any more 🤦‍♂️ (Like every Zeppelin album first release collection as my Uncles all gave me their albums from the late 60s & 70s). Anyway, my wife and I did a ton of Estate Sale shopping to get college apartment stuff for the kids and during an end of sale, everything must go at one, I took a risk and bought a 1960s vintage self-contained Motorola stereo system. After rewiring it, the sound is incredible. This set me on a mission to recollect my collection. I have found estate sales are much less expensive than vintage stores. EstateSales.Net is an amazing resource (and can provide quite an adrenaline rush). If I saw LPs I wanted I would try and figure out where they are in the house, get there early to get a number to be in line and work the folks at the door to leak to me where they are (as I was typically not alone in my search). Around here, the largest estate sale company charges $2 per album, another $3. I now have over 200 albums going this route. Regarding mold, I took another risk that scored me over 60 of the albums. At one sale, again near the end of the last day, there was a box of just the albums (including every Beatles album) which has been water damaged about 3" up, but the cardboard centers were intact, but with mold on every album on the vinyl. While basically holding the box hostage in the basement of this house (seriously, these estate salers as cut throat) I Googled up if these could be salvaged. I found a few things that outlined it was rather easy if the cardboard is intact. There are several recommend ways. I found that a solution of 50/50 rubbing alcohol took out the mold. Then, once dry, rubbing the album following the groves the way the album would play, with a micro-fiber cloth got them all to full playable condition. They were asking $1 per/album in the box. I walked up to checkout and offer $5 for the box. They countered with $50. I said no and asked if they wanted me to take them back down the basement or leave them upstairs so it'd be easier to toss them in the dumpster when they cleared out the house. After a bit more back and forth, I got them for $10. While I miss the cover art for sure, I bought 100 white sleeves on Amazon and have them in a brass album rack (I have estate saled 3 of these too). The whole family loves the collection and we hang out playing cards, drinking beer and spinning vinyl. I thinks its so cool when I play one of my 22-year old son's playlists and there are song like Shout by Tears for Fears, Renegade by Styx or Kashmir by Led Zeppelin on there because he first heard these on vinyl.
  6. Yeah, it was kind of hard to watch, but completely understandable. I thought I didn't care for cheesy stuff like Michael Waltrip's Grid Walk, until I didn't have Michael Waltrip's Grid Walk (if that make sense).
  7. This schedule is brilliant if it can be pulled off "healthy". I would assume sport staved folks that have never been a fan will give NASCAR a try as the only game in town. While I'd rather be watching MLB, even the truck series race at Charlotte looks dreamy right about now.
  8. Not trying to be chicken little here, but the weather the last 10 days or so has a 2011 lite feel. I think I've mentioned in the hurricane or wildfire thread, I coordinate and mange response to widespread natural disasters. In fact, I am in Michigan coordinating a hail damage response (yeah being essential and an empty hotel). If you are in the path of projected storms, please take the next few days seriously. Maybe use this as your guide. I hate when I see moderate risk on the Convective Outlook as more often than not its a signal that 🙂 is about to go down.
  9. I searched up the set we have on Amazon and you are right on the bands, there is little to be had. However, TRX sets are still available to be Prime shipped. We have a TRX set up in the basement with the cleat set in the floor joist above. There are tons of varied things you can do with the TRX set if you can't find bands. And, you may want to search your local Dick's Sporting Goods for band/tubes and/or TRX. Most have curb side pick up.
  10. Very impressed by the Delta email I received today (and hoping companies like Marriott follow suit, but am not holding my breath). I travel full time for work and most deployments are being done within a reasonable drive time to keep most of us from flying now (we are deemed essential). The extension of current status and SkyClub access was unexpected to me. Dear , I hope wherever you are in the world – whether at home with loved ones or on the front lines fighting this pandemic – that you are staying healthy and safe. We thank you for your patience and understanding over the last month as you’ve experienced unprecedented schedule changes and travel disruptions. Our focus today, as always, is on getting you and your loved ones where you need to be quickly and safely. I want to let you know about some important decisions regarding SkyMiles® Medallion® Status and benefits, travel waivers and cleanliness that will help ensure that we’re meeting your needs in this extraordinary time: Extensions for SkyMiles Members: I appreciate how much you value your Status and benefits, which is why we’re making adjustments so you can continue to enjoy them whenever you’re ready to travel again. You will see these updates automatically reflected in MyProfile/MyWallet before they go into effect. Medallion Status: Your current Medallion Status will automatically be extended through 2021 whether or not you requalify. In addition, all of your 2020 Medallion Qualification Miles (MQMs) will be rolled over in 2021. If you are enrolled in Status promotions, you will also receive additional flexibility to complete those requirements. Program travel benefits: Eligible Delta SkyMiles American Express Card Members will get more time to enjoy benefits, including Companion Certificates and the $100 Delta flight credits. SkyMiles Members with Upgrade Certificates or $200 Travel Vouchers will also have additional time to enjoy those benefits. Delta Sky Club® access: If you are a Delta Sky Club Member, you’ll receive an additional six months of club membership free of charge. Additional flexibility: We heard your feedback that you want the value of your tickets to be secure and redeemable for a longer period, so we have extended the ability to plan, re-book and travel for up to two years. We’ve waived change fees for your trips through May 31, 2022 if you have travel booked in April or May as of April 3, 2020, or canceled travel/eCredits from flights in March, April or May 2020. You can also change new tickets purchased between March 1 and May 31, 2020, without a change fee for up to a year from the date of purchase. A new standard of Delta Clean: Your health and safety remain our highest priority. We are temporarily streamlining onboard food and beverage services domestically and internationally to lessen physical touchpoints between you and our crews. The steps we continue taking to transform expectations of cleanliness across airports and on aircraft are not reserved for times of crisis. They have become our new standard of clean going forward so you can enjoy peace of mind when you’re ready to fly again. These are the times that define us all, and I want you to know we are here for you as you adjust to these extraordinary circumstances. I remain proud of you and our people as we continue to look out for one another along this journey. Please continue to take care of yourself and your loved ones. Sincerely, Ed Bastian CEO
  11. Everyone gets in the show after the heat race so I'd guess both will be in. They mentioned the black flag would be used for those "cheating" by riding the wall as it gave an unfair SIM advantage.
  12. for Bristol. This should be fun. For whatever reason, seeing Michael Waltrip and Bristol made me think of THIS WRECK,
  13. Its rather amazing to see how the online thing has quickly evolved; from Twitch, to FS1 to Network TV on Fox. I have been this interested in "racing" since the late 90s, early 2000s.
  14. Paging @TheIronSheik Today will likely be a rather busy Severe Weather day. The blurb about upping the outlook to high risk can be interpreted as imminent. For those in the slight risk areas and up please take a look at Severe Weather Preparedness. Some of these storms could occur late at night (similar to Nashville). There are Apps like storm shield that provide an audible alert on your phone should a warning be issued (waking you if a tornado warning is issued). Should the outbreak create widespread, significant damages, I will likely be deployed as what I do is deemed essential; so I have been obsessing over The Weather Channel and tons of online info. Stay Safe FBGs and please, if in the warning areas, take this seriously for you and your families.