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  1. Whoa. Not sure what I expected, but this is way more than I did.
  2. Thanks for the feedback on the Sky Club!! I think I take immediate advantage of it tomorrow!! Heck, there is a chance I may be delayed due to weather, so I may reap the benefits right away.
  3. I need some quick advice from you pros. I got notice I have to fly to Minneapolis tomorrow for a month (from Detroit). I travel exclusively for work, but it can include some "virtual" work from home; and the time away tends to be lengthy, followed by extended time at home. I fly Delta when traveling and, while checking in for tomorrow's flight, I caught that I have enough Sky Miles for 1-year of access to the Delta Sky Club after the miles from my weekend in KC last weekend. I like the idea of the club access, but my travel can vary from around 10-15 flights per year to 25-30. Would you gamble on lots of flying and thus the access, or go for the "sure thing" and use the miles for a flight (like heading to Boise for a Music Festival next Spring)?
  4. Water temps are 86-91, so if this stalls over The Gulf it could churn and gain steam. I have vacation ending Monday and have already packed a bit in case I am deployed there if wind damages are significant.
  5. The California Earthquake Authority provides most of the Earthquake coverage in the state (written and serviced by most major carriers, but underwritten by the CEA). There are some significant coverage differences in comparison to traditional homeowners coverage. While lengthy, the linked FAQs are worth a read to understand what is covered, what is not, deductibles and how total coverage may be limited should a major event occur.
  6. RIGHT! Before he even has a chance to screw up Riley Greene! My daughter watched the kid take BP yesterday and said his swing is a thing of beauty. Several effortless dingers, including hitting the Pepsi Porch. Eons until he will see the majors, but should be a fun one to watch!
  7. THIS is why this thread as started way back when!!!! I've said it before, someone needs to write a book about about the incredible stuff that has gone on in here over the years!!
  8. This is a great post. My son is 21 and it seems the longest spans of time we've spent chatting and bonding is while washing and/or working on our cars. I have no idea why, but I love washing cars and my son has taken the detailing to a whole new level. No chance of his face (or mine for that matter) in a phone when doing this. For kicks, I picked up a Frisbee Golf set for me. He wanted to give it a whirl and we've enjoyed time together doing this as well (helps that there is a micro-brewery close where dad can buy some after beers).
  9. Looks like TM has put on some weight.....
  10. Watching the Weather Channel in anticipation that I may be sent to OH, and the Mayor of Dayton was just on with an important "ask". She implored people not to come in a gawk in the impacted areas. I hope folks heed this ask and they possibly restrict entry to the most heavily impacted areas. Working Hurricane Micheal last fall, gawking had a major negative impact on initial relief efforts. Before we could move closer, it was taking 3-4 hours one way to get from Ft Walton Beach to Panama City. With last night's Dayton area tornadoes being the worst of the 500+ over the last week or so, I can see travel in and around that area being miserable.
  11. Totally. My Grandfather worked on the line at GM Cadillac and knew lots of folks in Corktown. As I recall, we'd pull in super tight to other cars and my Dad would hand the homeowner whatever it'd cost AND the keys to the car (and the would hand us a bag of peanuts in a paper lunch bag). By the end of the game, all of the cars were turned around, with the keys in them, ready to head for home. Another cool memory. We lived on the eastside and Richie Hebner did a few Ads for a local car dealer where a friend of my Dad sold cars. Once in a while, Dad would call home about an hour before game time to let me know we could have Richie's tickets if would could get downtown quick. I'd rapidly gather 3 other buddies and we would rush downtown to the ticket office. We'd let them know we were there for the tickets and they would call down to the clubhouse. Minutes later, through one of those tubes you'd see at a bank drive though, our tickets would pop in to the box office. Always great seats. We felt like rockstars. This jogged another memory. I played HS ball in the mid 80s and Rusty ####z & Dave Bergman rented homes in the area during the season. On off days, they would just walk over and watch practice and games. Bergie always sort of sat back and watched from left field out of the way. Rusty, on the other hand, became a fan and would cheer and got to know the team a bit.
  12. What do you fellow weather s use for near real time storm damage info? This is my go-to, but hasn't been loading the last few days. I can search the public information sites by state to get the written recaps by state, but really need the national view to try and predict where I may end up working next (and, it helps to cut through the Weather Channel over-hype too).
  13. Thanks for this!!! I expected it to be a pain like most things like this, but linking the app (which I already had) with the Garmin Connect app took like 3 clicks.
  14. This is basically where I am at. 50 year old me hated them when I first saw them all over downtown Detroit; annoyed by the fact that they were strewn about and the drunk morons riding them. Then, I saw the videos of the fun my 21-year & 23-year old old kids were having on them. If this is a byproduct of a once depressed city on the up, I can deal with it I suppose. Now, if there are a few laying around, my wife and I will typically tip them up and line them up and were not alone. It looks nice to have a half dozen or so lined up and ready to use (sort of modeling something positive versus #####ing about it).