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  1. More twitter fun. Norris tweeted something about birds not staying in one place for long. He is out there, so it could mean anything. Just hoping that anything is that he is outta Toledo or someone else on the staff was traded and he was not traded. I like the kid.
  2. While it sucks to lose JD it did generate an awesome evening of talking baseball with my daughter over text during the game last night. Trying to make sense of it, we landed on that, possibly, Lugo would be the third baseman of the future at a time where Nick moves to first and Miggy goes full time DH. Then we also hedge and see if Alcantara or King are a fit at second if either Machado doesn't pan out if Kinsler is gone or Iggy goes and Machado is the SS. Jones may also complete 3rd some day too. The Duce coming back and Mahtook in CF made the move now option doable and better than doing nothing and losing JD for nothing in the off season. Not saying we love the trade, but saying it made some sense and just might end up not being as slanted as it seems. And my daughter, with her friends in MLB scooped the trade by more than 20 minutes over 97.1 and fox sports Detroit. No point other than proud Dad that she is so in to baseball.
  3. Is it a Garmin possibly with wrist HR? If so, it will "learn" your zones. My first spin class with the Fenix 3 HR had me is Zone 5 so long I had a message that it may have done more damage than good. Three classes later it was pegging my zones perfectly.
  4. Lots of great replies so far. We were just in Kzoo celebrating my daughters 21st B-day and we did the exchange, Bells and the newish Hop Cat. I have been to Hop Cats is Detroit, Royal Oak and Grand Rapids and the Kzoo one is my favorite.
  5. As a FWIW, my daughter forwarded a tweet that said "JaCoby Jones left Toledo with a full suitcase." She thought it meant he was traded if told her I figured, if true, he is coming north to replace JD as he was traded.
  6. I think you are on to something and I may have been holding back with a "perceived" max. Had my 3rd class of the week this morning and thought I'd try to beat Tuesday's calorie PR. Tough instructor today so I knew I had a chance. No spikes in the HR like a Tuesday but a max of 180 that seems legit. I was dying And near barfing (somewhat hangover related) but kept pounding. Result was a new calorie PR of 795 calories for a class. To confirm the burn I weighed in 3 pounds lighter than I started and took down a full Gatorade squeeze bottle.
  7. Doubling back to give you HUGE THANKS for this recommendation!!! They arrived yesterday and I am working from home in the basement, watching the front of my house for the arrival of my other Prime day stuff. I thought I'd just use these for vacations, but find myself looking all the time.
  8. Thanks, it happened again today almost exactly the same as Tuesday (but "only" to 179). I think I'm like an excited kid. When I get to the last set, it would appear I jump out of the seat and get after it. I am sweaty mess which breaks the contact. While my running has been limited, I haven't had the same thing happen (which likely means I need to run more).
  9. No real feedback on were to dine, but if you want to get away from work and get outside for some exercise Stony Creek MetroPark is only 15 minutes or so away. The paved "ring" around the lake is a perfect 10K. I prefer running the Mountain Bike Trails as you can throttle up or down between hills and flat ground.
  10. It was a quick spike. I did "jump on it" to start the song as I caught I'd be close to a 700 CAL burn if I hammered the last song, but did not feel like I was going to die. I was also soaked so the contact may have been bad. I'll take a glitch here or there if I don't have to wear a chest strap!!
  11. As I recall, Sand has switched to a wrist based HR device. Anyone else? Twice in the last month, I've had an HR reading in spin class north of 190. This is way out of the norm as my MAX HR on the bike has never exceeded 174. Last night class was an ### kicker and I think the 744 calorie burn is legit (a buddy next to me texted that he felt like he'd done a 70.3 after class), but question the HR spike to 194 late in the class (the HR data shows on Strava). It was exceptionally humid last night too. Thoughts on if the device may have registered the HR wrong or if it may be accurate and 6-months of 2 to 3 classes a week has upped my max?
  12. My screen kept getting blurry too, weird. Fantastic read about a fantastic accomplishment. Having known Wally since '09 when we met for (as I recall) the threads first cornhole, the read was extra special for the life experience he surely had as well. I've mentioned this several times over the life of this thread, someone needs to write a book about it. The insane stuff accomplished, coupled with the support and way lives have intertwined would be a hell of a read.
  13. Watching Velander's interview in between innings last night, I get the sense he is (or will be) driving his own trade if this makes sense. He said all the right things about being a life long Tiger, but the also mentioned that its all part of the business and reference his no trade option. I would guess he would jump at the chance to complete for a ring and do what it takes to make a trade to a contender go through. As a life long Tiger fan, I am strangely OK with a trade happening.
  14. When I got taken out by a car in 2010, I had huge rash. The nurse in the ER gave me a bunch of silver packets she said were just a higher concentrate of Neosporin. As I recall, I reapplied like every 2 hours for the first few days. I was amazing how quickly the rash healed and there really isn't any scaring left either. Sounds like you skipped the Doc and I would have done the same, but you might want to go to get better stuff than you can find OTC. As for when you can run, back in 2010, I was told to take a few months off, so I (of course) did a sprint tri the next weekend and a HIM less than three weeks later (totally stupid, but worth it).
  15. Outstanding venue and experience. Great food and you can't take 4 or 5 steps without being in eye shot of someone selling booze or beer. The suites are awesome too, with bar service and their own fire pits. Only, slight, negative is that parking around there can be a mess if there are events at the city park nearby and the downtown bars are packed (which could be the case tomorrow night).