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  1. The museum is my favorite out of the 3 and would provide the most variety in my opinion.
  2. I've posted something similar in the Hurricane and Wildfire threads. I have work disasters nationwide for almost 30-years and dealt with more situations with fatalities that I can count and almost always, it was the "we've lived here for years and it never happened before or we just ran back for one more thing". You only get to be wrong once. I am in the basement, under the stairs every time the sirens go off and beg everyone to do the same (or, in Hurricane and Wildfires, get out ASAP).
  3. Just thought of something else, as I recall Ready Player One does private events on weekdays prior to opening at 5pm. Might be worth a call.
  4. It really would depend on where you are staying. Here is a decent list. If you are stay at or near the Cobo hotels and you want something in expensive, you can walk the waterfront to the OAC at Milliken State Park. There, you can pick up The Dequindre Cut. Super safe and there is some awesome street art along the way the would give the kids some great photo ops for social media posts. You can rent bikes, segways or walk the cut all the way to Eastern Market. If you want it to be on the educational side of things, above about The Henry Ford. All kinds of engineering related stuff for the robotics kids.
  5. Life long Tigers fan made even sweeter this season (and hopefully much longer) as my Daughter is working for them as an Associate Analytic Intern for all of 2019. I have already been able to meet her "at work" 3 time to take in games; and hope there will be lots more this season.
  6. Today, The Weather Channel explained, in detail, what the Convective Outlook entails. I have a feeling I may be sent to that region early next week for work and will be keeping a close eye on The Weather Channel all weekend.
  7. Love Mikey's hustle, but real happy to see JaCoby is returning. With Mikey DFA'd, I would assume someone would take a flier on him. No huge loss with Peterson up and, maybe, Cameron for a stint or 2 if there are injuries.
  8. Thanks!! The site has a bit of a different "feel" from what I recall seeing before, but the items and price seem exactly the same.
  9. Was just going to but wanted to add that (and this may have been posted here before) NOAA Convective Outlook tends to be strong indicators of where to watch.
  10. I'd saved this for future use and went to give it a shot today and the link is dead. Huge THANKS if you have a new one.
  11. AND, how Aurora was so stone cold to the whole thing was astonishing. Didn't really think much about her chances to win this thing until then, but she just might be a challenge beast going forward with Joe gone. She is the best open water swimmer that I can recall since Ozzie and has been tops athletically is everything she has completed in so far. Her social game hasn't been the greatest, but if she can get to the final vote, her Attorney skills could play well in a final speech to the jury.
  12. I'll take the over for wins this season, if for no other reason than The Tigers Analytic Intern they snagged from MLB Statcast. Who also happens to be my daughter so I am going to be an even bigger than ever this season!!