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  1. Exactly how I thought it would go
  2. I still had two clean and all 4 in the race before that last wreck. I have 4 wrecked now and we will see how many can make the 5-min clock and get back out.
  3. Interesting thing possibly happening today. The day before I got the King's Rock on my seventh day of stop streaks, I saw a bunch of Pollywags and Slowpokes (which both need the rock to evolve). I have rarely seen Oddish lately, but have seen a bunch today. It'll be interesting to see if I get the special item to evolve the Gloom when I stop at a stop (day 7) tomorrow.
  4. Went with Keselowski, Elliott, Kurt Busch & Dillon.
  5. No argument here, but the sponsors will want those expensive rolling billboards out on the track if at all possible.
  6. When like 11 cars finish Talledega the rule will be changed. Until then, crashfest 2017 will be a blast to watch.
  7. I am more than likely to be let down, but the thought of the new format is drawing me back in. I used to the the mow the lawn early on Sunday so I could watch most of the race type in the late 90s & early 2000s but my interest faded big time. Now I found myself picking up chicken wings supplies for Sunday's race.
  8. My 20 year old daughter as also WAY in to the cards and sent me a screen short of her Houndboom she nabbed yesterday. I have more of the Gen 2s (29 at the moment) but she has a few I don't have. We are ridiculously competitive, so I am back to almost hitting parked cars and such to try and keep up. I also just crossed into level 24, one ahead of her. She has a HUGE advantage living on a college campus. When we walked around there, just about every stop had an active lure so there were Pokemon everywhere.
  9. Something I may have learned here (Sand??) is to beware of Craigslist and carbon. I bought my tri-bike for an amazing price off Craigslist and and used a magnifying glass to look over the carbon components before buying. The bike has been a champ for years. I luckily passed on another as I found hairline cracks in the forks of the first one I looked at as the guy had tried to cover them up with nail polish.
  10. I have an older edition of that Fuji and have loved it for years. Unless you are dead set on the 2016, search around for shops or online retailers that have older models and you can save a ton. As I recall, mine was 2 model years older and I offered the owner cash for a significant discount.
  11. I have only been playing this since the fall as something to have in common with my kid and these new additions (coupled with the record high temps) have really renewed my interest in this.
  12. Received a King's Rock at a stop for my day 7 streak yesterday. Had to Google up that I would have needed to have kept a Slowpoke or a Pollywhirl around to evolve them with the rock. Any idea if one is better than the other to evolve, and do I just need the rock or a certain number of Pokemon to evolve it? Looking at my Pollywrath, I need two more Pollywags for a whirl (and, oddly enough, skipped a few yesterday). Based on what I read above, seems every 7th day something special should show up. I see I have a Gloom that can evolve on a special item, what else should I be sure I have in case I get other special items.
  13. GREAT Tip!!
  14. Is there a local running store you can align with? A local franchise nearby is very generous to the local HS runners offering a 10% discount at all times and hosts "spike nights" in the spring for track and fall for XC where they further discount the shoes, bring in pizzas and have their pros and Olympians there. Does the school have pay to play? If so, recruit like crazy. With track being a no-cut sport I have seen schools with huge track and XC teams. As for the question of scholarships for girls vs boys, I have followed track and XC for the last 6 years locally watching both my kids compete and here, the two local HS have had probably 10 to 1 girls to boys sign with and receive college scholarships. Some of it is due to title IX and fewer opportunities for boys and some of it is tied to how much more competitive boys track is in general.
  15. I think they are going to wreck a TON of cars racing to win each segment and they changed the rules on how badly damaged a car can be and still return to a race. I could see races where, say, there are 20 or so cars racing for segment 3 at Talladgea.