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  1. National media really getting worked up about fringe vets that will have little to do with the teams success.
  2. Good question. If I had to make an argument for why I think they would keep Manning, for now, and draft a QB, I would say: Manning's deal much easier to move next year. 17.4 mill in dead cap this year, and 6 mill next year. That's a big difference. Keeping Manning for a bridge seems kind of ideal, it's what a lot of fans say they would like. Maybe it's not 'FULL REBUILD' mold? Packers drafting Rodgers type of thing. Maybe the kid sits for a year, Manning plays better with OBJ back, and improves his trade value. He'll be on a one year deal for 16 mill or so to any trade partner in 2019. Giants are a stable, loyal franchise. Their relationship with Manning spans two titles. I can see them taking his replacement, but having respect for Manning. What if they only like one of the QBs? You can't trade Manning in March, if you don't know if you'll get your guy in in April.
  3. I keep thinking about this. You right, you right. Landry, Hurst and Ward, don't fit the mold. What makes me wonder is the Raiders taking Cooper over Leo Williams back in the day, that pick always surprised me. I figure, they were just sticking to their board, they had Cooper ranked over Williams. They might throw a slight curveball, and take BPA at 10. Who that is, I dunno.
  4. That's what I'm thinking. If they like one of the QBs, taking one at #2 makes sense. They can lose Manning after this year and save 17 mill in cap.
  5. Vikings are going to add Cousins and Dalvin Cook to the same team. NFC maybe has 3 teams better than anyone in AFC. I didn't like the Lynch move. We increased his job security, why do that? Make his show up in shape, and prove himself hungry and a good teammate all summer. I'm not super concerned about Lynch really, but I don't see any benefit to the team. 500K in cap space? Can get that from anyone on the team. Having said all that, I think Lynch could have a big year on the ground. He was really strong down the stretch, I didn't notice really. If he needed time to get his sea legs, so to speak, and we get 2nd half Marshawn from September, that might be great. Seems unlikely we take a back in top 3 rounds, not with the top 4 we have.
  6. Two important things to remember: 1. He's been a free agent for a few days. He's not received a monster offer from someone that has blown everyone else away. It's clearly a different market for him now than it was three years ago. 2. More important, if he's visiting, it means the money is close. He's not coming to Oakland to get a free dinner. His agent has already discussed parameters with every team. It's not like they don't talk money until he flies in. Our cap is in a great long term place, being tight for one year is not a problem. We can do a signing bonus, and a guaranteed roster bonus/salary for next year to get him to any two year dollar amount is necessary. This team can carry huge numbers next year for Mack, Cooper, and Suh, and still have 30-40 mill in cap space without a problem.
  7. Suh is visiting. ? Raider Twitter bout to go crazy.
  8. Raiders traded Olawale to Dallas. I liked Olawale, but did we actually just get something for a fullback?
  9. I don't think Vea is a serious consideration. Below average pass rushers are not top 10 picks, and run stuffing DTs aren't either.
  10. His repeated Tweeting just sounds more desperate. His mantra of 'keep saying it and people will believe it' isn't working, and it's bothering him. He's got nothing else in his arsenal to change people's minds, he's just screaming the same same thing over and over again, and the people who believed him before will continue to, but he's not changing anyone else's mind. He'll just keep lashing out at his staff, and firing people, till he and Miller are just playing gin rummy together.
  11. Because of the way this draft class is shaking out, we are going to get a shot at a top defender, something we cannot plan on in the future. With three QBs going before us, MINIMUM, and probably 4, and maybe 5 (I would not be surprised to see Lamar Jackson get taken), if we assume Chubb, Barkley, and Nelson going before us, we'll be looking at Edwards, Smith for sure, but I hope Landry and Hurst are on that list. Getting a pass rusher is vital to helping this defense. We should be thinking about Derwin James as well. We have safeties, but he's just so damn good.
  12. Traded Cordarrelle Patterson, got Pats 5th, gave one of our 6th rounders. More important, got 3.25 mill in cap space, maybe we needed it to sign Grant, if that happens, maybe we needed it to sign the new guys. Regarding the backs, I think none of them should feel safe. We paid a million to see if Lynch is gonna come to camp and be a player.
  13. Would be really interested in a Grant contract. I think Gruden is planning on running the ball. That Denver game, when we ran it down their throat, that's the blueprint.
  14. Tillerson: Oh, cry me a river! Were you on the toilet?
  15. Dem lawmaker offers McCabe job for two days to qualify for pension. Is that a thing? That would be great.