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  1. If Houston had held on, that would have been even crazier of a week. Bloody.
  2. You're a fine addition to the Shark Pool.
  3. You can find my comments in this very thread from last year, I like Collins. You can also find my comments in Buck Allen thread last year, where I said I think he stinks. I currently own the guy who gets carries when the game matters. I could very well see Collins take over this job. But his usage this week suggests the Ravens aren't thinking about it that way right now. Collins getting yards in garbage time, and using the word 'dominance' is a joke.
  4. lol dominance.
  5. Went with NE/DAL/DAL/PIT/CLE with my five picks.
  6. By my calculations, in January 2018, Trump will call for a boycott on water.
  7. Tony Posnanskiā€Verified account @tonyposnanski Colin Kaepernick- Son of a ##### Joe Arpaio- Pardoned Just in case you ever questioned that "White Supremacist" comment #TakeAKnee
  8. Also, YES. Calling for a boycott of the NFL. Sooo sweet.
  9. OK, that wasn't a real Tweet, but you weren't sure, were you?
  10. I'm sure Trump has a relative Tweet about this. Ah, here it is:
  11. Goodell doesn't employ any players, and Trump is making him a sympathetic figure. Roger might consider sending a fruit basket.
  12. Trump going after the league that wouldn't have him. He did this once before. He led the USFL to a glorious courtroom victory!!! ($3)
  13. Please please please please Trump call for a boycott of the NFL. please please baby jebus please please please.
  14. That seems like a conversation you should have with our president.