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  1. These running backs and safeties aren't going top 10 like everyone says. With the salary cap, top 10 RB and S are among top paid players at their positions. D-line, corners, and QBs, like every other year, will be preferred positions for top 10 teams.
  2. Be in Philly for game, Mia for game, and maybe Mexico. Viva los Raiders, Cabrones!
  3. Rueben Foster had a diluted sample at the combine, I wonder if he could fall to 24.
  4. Twitter: Updated Fox News lineup 8 PM Pepe Frog and Friends 9 PM The Comments Section 10 PM Email From My Dad With the Subject "RE: Re: re: FWD:"
  5. Hey, this is the only site you need:
  6. Jason Chaffetz, wait!!
  7. Trump didn't mention Brady by name, but shouted out for Amendola, asked him to step forward. Amendola? Not there either. LOL
  8. Bill: New York Times got you fired. Remember that every time you see a link from them. Also: Hopefully this evidence makes it to the light of day before one of Hillary's ninja assassins takes O'Reilly out.
  9. Is "spilled liquor" code for "sexual harassment settlements"?
  10. New job idea: Play by play, Lingerie Football League. What else ya got?
  11. That's pretty hilarious.
  12. When Hernandez was arrested, did that former teammate say, "I knew it!"? If not, screw him.