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  1. Not even close for me. I thought Hurts was 3rd best QB, and upside as a running QB pretty obvious. You gotta have deep rosters/taxi squad, clearly. I can keep him on taxi for two years, think I got him early 4th? Dallas is a fair dart throw where he's going, but I like a Cephus/Peoples-Jones there a lot more.
  2. Mildly annoyed at the idea that Mark Davis held Oakland at gunpoint. Also, when looking back at how the NFL "screwed" the Raiders in LA, I have a warm and fuzzy feeling watching the entire LA situation unfold. Yeah, I think we'll stand pat with the hand we were dealt. I look forward to 9 home games a year (Chargers), and 10 when we play the Rams in LA.
  3. If you followed the Oakland scenario, you would know Davis did everything he could to stay there. That Ronnie Lott group didn't have their game together, and Vegas made a great offer. It completely sucked that they left, but the ONLY way to get a new stadium was to move. The Oakland stadium was worst in the league, they HAD to. Oakland made the right move not paying for a stadium, they shouldn't have. Davis isn't Kroenke, he couldn't build it with his own money. There's no villains here.
  4. Please. You think you get to say you're objective, simply because you're not a fan? Pretty clear you think Oakland got screwed by mean old greedy Mark Davis, and are throwing out opinions, not ONE based in any kind of objective fact, to hypothesize that they won't draw . There is a long history of NFL teams moving, and filling their stadiums. A quick glance at sales of PSL's find that you might have a point: PSL sales at Raiders’ Las Vegas Stadium soar $228M over projections Whooooops. My bad. So, local sales crushing projections, no local NFL team, nor one in it's history to compete against (Ravens had to deal with Colts fans), and NHL team killing it locally (hockey team. In the desert. Killing it.) No one knows for sure, but at least we have data supporting the notion that Vegas will embrace the team. All you've got is feelings.
  5. Empty stadiums bad for everyone. The implication it's somehow worse for Raiders....I don't see it
  6. Yeah, rest of the NFL havin it easier. You can tell by ticket sales.....đŸ˜•
  7. I'm a bleeding heart liberal. This is a stupid idea.
  8. I like Williams a lot, but man, there are three dudes there that can get 8-10 targets a game, and no one would be surprised.
  9. I'll tell you the home field advantage I'm looking forward to. Visiting teams flying into Las Vegas on Friday, and perhaps slipping out to enjoy a nice wholesome evening of hookers and blow before they play a football game on Sunday.
  10. Oh man, give me all the 1988 neckrolls. The big goofy ones the Bills had, and the bad ### black ones the Saints LBs had.
  11. I have roster spots, and want some RB depth, so I am going to snag a few of these guys, and hope one or two sticks on 53 man roster: Jonathan Ward Artavis Pierce Tavien Feaster Salvon Ahmed Scottie Phillips Patrick Taylor There's one nice thing about rookie RBs: If they don't make the 53 man, you can cut right away. WRs gets hazier, a UDFA can make a team, and still be useless.
  12. I used to live in Vegas. Raiders had a presence there before. Teams move. Why would Vegas fans not behave differently than Baltimore fans?