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  1. Buh bye, racist Gollum. Don't let the door hit you in the burning cross on the way out the hobbit hole.
  2. Didn't say anything about kicking anyone out.
  3. Too broad a brush, no doubt. If the label fits a minority, then I would like the majority to take their party back.
  4. I do think Dems lie. Any use of fear pales in comparison. I was saying what the Dems real problem was, and disagreeing that moralizing is their biggest problem. People want to be terrible, and are sick of other people telling them they are being terrible. I get that. It doesn't mean anyone is incorrect.
  5. He's from Goldman Sachs. Can you taste the irony?
  6. How long will Trump be able to handle the slick guy with the perfect tie handing over press briefing duties to the frumpy, cat-owning man-hater that we all went to college with?
  7. Take it to the Costco sub forum, geez.
  8. Hey who wants to see video of Mooch talking smack about Trump?
  9. Exactly. And really, who lines up to hire him? "Yeah we need a short, sweaty guy in his dad's suit, you have anyone in mind?"
  10. You remember the Trump Bloom County storyline? Trump's brain inserted in Bill the Cat? Has the kitty litter box resigned (new name: Trump Dump ).
  11. Then he's worse than Huckabee-Sanders. At least she believes. Spicer was selling a lie the whole time, and knew it was a lie? Then he's worse.
  12. Democrats won't win until they stop making people feel bad? I'd like to see what happens if we did away with gerrymandering and voter suppression, and people being scared into voting for lies. Dems have an apathy problem, a voter turnout problem. That's their problem, not making gluttonous racists feel bad for being gluttonous racists.
  13. 1. I'm sure Spicer never heard anything important, not with how well Trump keeps a secret. :violenteyeroll: 2. I have to think the financial upside of a book deal might outweigh any bridges burned. And really, the entire GOP is gonna turn against him because he made a book about Trump? How many GOP members now already hate Trump?