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  1. Haha. Hey conservatives, these are the f***sticks you wanted in charge, ya dummies.
  2. Yeah, so how would it not work out for him? More headlines, applause from his people. Whets the downside?
  3. It's very smart to pick a fight with Lavar Ball. He can show his base the way he puts the uppity colored fella in his place. The chances of a Ball fight not working out well for Trump with Republicans is nil.
  4. Ah, I see. As a follow up, how do you see rolling back net neutrality as possibly benefiting consumers?
  6. I didn't realize we were related. I'm the nephew that hates you every time you walk in the door on Thanksgiving, with your #######g green bean casserole. The Peeps of the holiday season.
  7. You heard about the 230 violent protesters huh? I missed that. Got a link? Thanks.
  8. Come on now. I don't like the fans either. But you know where it is.
  9. You think reversing net neutrality will help that? Can you explain that to me? Thanks.
  11. If people keep pushing this saucy little temptress was asking for it angle, enough Alabama women might get pissed enough to make a dent.
  12. His accusers must be having so much fun, they all must be wondering why they didn't come out before. Pizzagate King Jack Posobiec Doxes Roy Moore’s Accuser on Twitter. Twitter Does Nothing. Why didn't they speak up before, derp derp derp.
  13. Look at that big beautiful turkey. Many people have said it's the best turkey they've ever seen. I don't know, but that turkey has gotten the best reviews, really it's amazing. Since I started this turkey pardon, and a lot of people have told me it was the best idea, they wish that previous presidents had pardoned turkeys, I know they wish Obama had, I mean, I've heard he didn't, but you know, if he did, many said he really didn't, and they wound up eating the turkey, which is just, I cannot believe, but it's not too surprising, and that turkey was a lot smaller that this one anyways, so who knows if that turkey fed everyone, I mean, this is just the biggest turkey, and smart, so smart, someone told me that turkey are really smart, and a staffer told me they started calling this one Donald, which is just an amazing honor, I know that Ivanka has really grown attached to this turkey so maybe the nickname makes sense.