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  1. Strengths Elite playmaker with rare ability to hit home runs with his arm or legs. Has experience under center. Arm is lively and can spin it. Delivery devoid of wasted motion. Ball comes out with flick of the wrist reminiscent of Michael Vick. Can drive it with velocity. Pocket poise and pre-snap plan has improved each year. Has improved ability to hold safeties and linebackers with his eyes. Feathery deep ball touch off play fakes. Requirement of full-time spy lightens coverage numbers. Willing to take sack over making haphazard throw. Maestro of improv who is Second City worthy. Scrambling forces cornerbacks to choose between receiver and potential run support. Destroys pursuit angles when he runs. Has open field instincts and elusiveness of elite running back. Understands when his speed can eliminate a tackler and moves attention to the next level of danger. Red-zone juggernaut. Tallied 10 rushing touchdowns of over 40 yards in three seasons. Weaknesses Carries spindly legs and a thin base. Slightly built for punishing hits he takes from pocket and as a runner. Must learn to slide. Lackadaisical in setup. Throws with excessively narrow base and stiff front side. Flips it rather than throws it. Makes targets work too hard. Sails throws that can end up in hands of a safety. At times, hesitates to challenge safeties in the seam. Low release point leads to tipped passes. Typically gets through reads 1 and 2 before halting progressions. Pocket awareness has room for improvement. Move accuracy on rollouts and scrambles is poor. Highly inaccurate with throws on the move throughout the 2017 season. Underthrown deep balls allow cornerbacks to play the ball. Lacks touch over the heads of middle linebackers into intermediate pockets. Turnover total still too high. Draft Projection Rounds 1-2 NFL Comparison Michael Vick Bottom Line Evaluating Jackson against the NFL standards for the position will cause him to come up short. However, he has rare speed and athleticism and can single-handedly win games. Jackson's accuracy is clearly spotty and teams must decide the level of accuracy they are willing to live with relative to his ability to create explosive plays. Jackson may need to operate in an offense ready to integrate RPOs (run/pass options) along with heavy play-action. Like Deshaun Watson in 2017, Jackson has the ability to counter mental mistakes and turnovers with a high number of explosive, touchdown-making plays. He has star potential, but his success will rest heavily upon his ability to stay healthy. -Lance Zierlein
  2. We've reached the end of the rational talk. Copy that
  3. If he completed 1% more, he'd be a 60% guy, and it wouldn't be any issue. His receivers dropped 12% of his throws. Seems relevant. By the way, no one said he never missed.
  4. Led all top QBs in drops.
  5. Are they? Seems to me young QBs are coming in and starting, and playing well, more than ever before.
  6. Really. Who?
  7. He's not a RFA, he's a ERFA. That's even better for the Browns. I wonder if it's worth it for the Browns to throw an extension offer at him. If he's unhappy with his contract, they have all the leverage, they can give him a really team-friendly deal, that puts money in his pocket now. They have so much cap room, they cannot use it all effectively this offseason. You do a reasonable signing bonus, and have low base salaries and big per game roster bonuses. He screws up, he doesn't get paid. I mean, if Gordon is playing good soldier now, and is fine with playing out his deal, no reason to, I guess. But if the Browns like where he is from a stability point, why not lock him up for a bargain?
  8. Great pro-Lamar article.
  9. DARN good question. My guess is no. Any team thinking about him at WR is probably thinking that some team that is thinking about him at QB will take him earlier than THEY would, so how much time do they wanna spend on this idea of a conversion? I think this is a more a talking point for NFL media, who are starved for real headlines right now. Whether you think it's racially motivated or not, whatever. It can't be proved, so why bother with the back and forth? Whatever the reason, some of these media types are showing their ### on this, whether you think Lamar can make it the NFL or not. Bill Polian talked about accuracy, but doesn't offer close to the same criticism as Allen. He said he was too short, but also said Johnny Manziel should be in the conversation for the #1 overall pick. Mel Kiper Jr. is quoted on Josh Allen as saying, ''stats are for losers. He wins." When asked about Jackson, he cited his comp percentage as why he wasn't a 1st rounder. \ I mean, that's some pretty damning contradictions. The fact is that he's shown enough as a passer to warrant exclusive consideration as a QB. If I could bet on a player no one is talking about in the top 10 right now, who is going to rocket to the top of the mock drafts and the actual draft, it's Jackson.
  10. PFF with a cool tracker, you can rank them by 2017 PFF grade, which is cool.
  11. Free agent tracker and rankings from Andy Benoit. Bear in mind, Benoit sucks.
  12. @Faust looking at you. Peter King with a fun read on his predictions for QB landing spots.
  13. VIkes have plenty of cap space to sign anyone with 50 mill in cap space. They do have a ton of free agents this year and next, a lot are role players and backups, but even those roles take up space. 32 free agents this year and next, by my count. No other big ticket items this year-Tom Johnson probably the top one-but next year Trae Waynes, Stefon Diggs, Anthony Barr, Eric Kendricks. That's at least three guys that will probably get 10+ per year.
  14. Quite a few people, unfortunately. Of course, it's not Jones' fault that he gets compared to Charles. I am guessing that the reason is that there aren't a lot of successful backs that you can find a comparison to at that frame. He looks thicker than Charles, but he's not going to last being a guy who fights for yards inside at that size. He's going to have to be a weapon in the passing game to be a fantasy force. I'm looking forward to see him those drills at the combine.
  15. The only name I want to hear about leading up to free agency is Khalil Mack. Re-signing him is the priority, and he'll be cheaper this year than next. Get him done.