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  1. Those skinny legs of his are a lot stronger than they look. That catch and run, there was some bad tackling. A lot of those tackles would have knocked over most backs his size. Surprisingly strong+ elite balance is a tough combo. Rest of season, Brees turning into Derek Carr is spectacular news. Even when MT gets back, easy to imagine 8-10 targets per game for both.
  2. I'm not buying any RB in dynasty that ties himself to the Bengals long term. I don't get points for "talented guy in bad situation".
  3. Sage advice for those of you that were projecting 35 rushing TDs and 6,000 passing yards.
  4. I didn't think you were really complaining.
  5. I agree with you. Really has nothing to do with the price of tea in China. Cam can do more damage with 25 pass attempts than most can do with 35, so what do I care how often he throws? I think there was a ton of huffing and puffing about Cam being cooked for a long time now, and in week 1, Belichick showed Cam was just fine, and a viable fantasy QB. It was all done on the ground, and before Cam is Done Truthers could even start with their "b-b-b-ut rushing TDs-regression-sustainable-passing yardage" argument, Cam dropped 44 passes and 400 yards on them week 2. SO: Killed on the ground week 1. Killed in the air week 2. Has had a weird offseason with no preseason, now has Belichick. I think arrow is pointing up, and any complaints and warnings about Cam right now are about as valid as the one I used to have about my stripper girlfriend leaving body glitter all over the place.
  6. If you haven't seen Gronk run this season, imagine the Tin Woodsman really needs to use the bathroom.
  7. I judge the rest of the season on the fact that Belichick has gotten quality numbers for years and years out of any backup QB he had to start from time to time, and he now has Cam Newton.
  8. I sent a buddy a text during the Cowboys game, talking about this. McVay also seems to have made it his life's mission to scheme Higbee this year, wish I owned him anywhere.
  9. Must start, until CLE finds a better option, then a feel-free-to-cut. How's this for an analogy: Goodson is that bad CB playing across from a stud CB, who gets all the tackle opportunity. The minute he loses his job to a better CB, he has no value.
  10. He also had the big run late in game to help close it out. Stuff like that gets you more reps. Brady still looks good to me, think Fournette owners might have landed on their feet after he was cut.
  11. Vigil didn't play, Kyzir White was 100%. I have seen this Chargers LB movie before, and I'm out. Any of you decide to invest in any of them, Godspeed. Chargers ain't gonna have massraider around to abuse ever again.
  12. Might just be as simple as trusting the vet. This is a top contender, they don't NEED Dobbins to take over, and make rookie mistakes on the field. Shoot, if I was Harbaugh, he wouldn't get many snaps where I needed him to pass block.
  13. Real nice thing about Cam is he can give QB1 numbers with any game script, if they way ahead and running the ball, he can still score points. There will be some shootouts. Pats absurdly overrated pass defense will give up yardage vs good QBs. This isn't quite as sweet a schedule this year.
  14. If Herbert is remotely decent long term, this looks like a gem for dynasty drafters. I'm pretty shocked by that usage, they really must like him.
  15. I don't really know, but I see about 9 plus matchups rest of the year. Playoffs he has two good matchups, but both on road, and a rough week 16 vs Bills at home. I do think the lack of decent targets will hurt him over the long haul.