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  1. He's angry at the leaks, but then claims the media is making up stories. Ummm, which is it, little buddy?
  2. He's mentally challenged. He should be making wallets in an arts and crafts class that only has dull scissors. There should be a little red construction paper apple pinned to his sweater with his name on it. And a phone number in case he gets lost.
  3. Freaking Zolak. Laugh out loud.
  4. I think you can expect a much greater turnout from people that never thought he would win.
  5. Can you tell me it won't mean federal charges for dispensary owners?
  6. That was my first thought.
  7. I believe it's an image of a grizzly bear trying to break into a public school.
  8. That Rufus Wheeler Peckham hippie ruined it for everyone
  9. Yeah the actual story was much different. That was fake news?
  10. Not really a hijack. The thread is mostly about stupid and provably incorrect arguments, so your hijack fits right in.
  11. Obama should have claimed credit for jobs he had nothing to do with, I guess. How many jobs will be lost if Trump decides to pursue federal charges against the marijuana industry?
  12. I am planning on opening a dispensary in south Jersey, had a meeting with a city council on Tuesday. They all agree he's the guy. Sweeney and the other Dem frontrunner already backed out and endorsed him.