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  1. He needs to get the #### out of Florida.
  2. THat's worth a read, just to read stuff like this:
  3. It also depended on economic groth to pay for it. Projections, juyst guesses, nothing more.
  4. A lit of articles with some real scary numbers.
  5. I like when @McGarnicle gets testy about people not ignoring them. He's absolutely right, and it makes me wonder why I engage them sometimes. McGarnicle, my apologies. I finally ignored RamblinRollingEmoji, and what took me so long (I compared him to a bran muffin, time to leave that relationship on a high note, clearly). Why would anyone not ignore Max? A bigger point: The time of hoping for decent back and forth with some of these guys has long since passed. If a reasonable person cannot make a sound argument for Trump (and I think we are there), why are we NOT ignoring the guys who have shown they have zero interest in that anyway, and are so far gone, or just trolling, and living to see little red notifications when they log in? How many posts were wasted complaining about Ramblin and Beaver's emoji? We can't be better than that? Soooo dumb.
  6. I don't think he completes the second year. I would say 'I don't think he makes it to the second year', but the wheels of justice turn slowly. This had nothing to do with what you posted, but a smarter guy than me already answered your questions.
  7. This sounds like the above names are the sources of all the scandal stories. That isn't the case. Complaining about the credibility of talking head really seems like not keeping your eye on the ball.
  8. Yeah man. Ton of youth, need some 2nd and 3rd year improvements and we will have a playoff D.
  9. You're being disingenuous. You know what DFSRamsTubofGoo is. You know he'll be gone in a week, after adding nothing.
  10. Just so we're clear: Comparing you to a bran muffin is a personal attack?
  11. personal attack? Do you find it tough typing with your hands nailed to that cross?
  12. Estimate this is the other 40% of your posts.
  13. As consistent as you? Unpossbile. You, sir, are the bran muffin of the FFA.
  14. no idea why I thought you were a board cop. My bad