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  1. Fall is the best. I'm sure it's as great in places like Michigan, Wisconsin and Oregon as it is in the Northeast. If you grew up in Del Boca Vista, good for you, you never had to shovel. I also feel bad for you like I would for a kid who never had a bike.
  2. Looks like you get to repeat made up talking points. Congrats
  3. This. It was a rallying cry for the Trump fan you would expect. She presents evidence, and it's, 'who cares?' What a joke.
  4. Chase is the best for a reason. Airline miles programs have a habit of screwing their members often, devaluing their points. With Chase, you can slide your points where it matters. The absolute best deal is Southwest companion pass. Are you near a Southwest hub, and do you travel with the Mrs/significant other?
  5. My contest is going the distance, so you have to make tough choices. And if there are a certain number of teams, you have to make 2 picks later in the season. So 'saving' teams is a thing. I think it would take some pick-6 defensive magic for BUF to beat HOU. BUF cannot score on anyone, or sustain drives. Aside from MIN game, they have 36 point in 4 games. They beat TEN, but did nothing on offense. Watson would have to play very badly indeed for BUF to win. HOU does have TEN, CLE, IND, and the Jets in a four week stretch later, and Watson is not playing great at the moment. They have some value later for a not great team. MIN I think is a great pick, but they do have a nice MIA game in week 15. I will probably need to make two picks this week. I am holding, and praying for a AZ miracle. I'm not going near GB, I will wait until the WR are healthy, and not for nothing, CJ Beathard doesn't stink. If someone took SEA over OAK, that would make a ton of sense to me. Here's one for you: Jets over the Colts. Bowles is calling the defense with their DC out with an illness, and Bowles calles a great defense, with loads of exotic blitzes. Colts are on their 2nd road game in a row, are a bad team, and really banged up. I dunno if I have the guts to make this call, but I have one entry where I have used CLE and OAK. if I could use Jets here, that's a strong contender.
  6. Hmm, so it seems you want to apply for them before you are 5/24, but they won't count towards your status.
  7. Whoa, I was under impression the Chase biz cards didn't count toward 5/24. Do I have that totally wrong?
  8. One thing about Carolina and New Orleans is that this is, best I can tell, their best shot the rest of the year. New Orleans playing as well as anyone right now, but there's no real reason to save them. Gonna come down to these two teams for me, I think.
  9. Grubhub and Seamless are same thing. Anyone currently has AMEX, shoot me a referral code. I THINK any AMEX referral will do. Also, my phone really wants to call autocorrect 'referral' to 'rectal.'
  10. The new old AMEX gold card gets rolled out today. 25k bonus and $250 annual fee isn't real impressive. However, if you get referred from a friend, it's 50k for 2k spend. Think I'm in. Referral link on Reddit I assume.
  11. There were 17 words in the text, and also Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet. There is also 17 words in the above statement. How much more clear does he need to make it, people?
  12. Sure doesn't take them long to float conspiracy theories. They know any hey-maybe-it's-this theory will get lapped up by the gullible.