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  1. We are looking in the Tyson/McLean,/Vienna/Burke area. I think that is Fairfax county. I usually head stateside at least once a year and always have a visit to Costco. Love that place...
  2. Moving to Virginia from Japan (lived here 4 years) and have already scoped out the closest Costco. So excited to be close to a Costco again...
  3. Heading to Seoul next week to see the cherry blossoms
  4. I want to thank you for pointing out this thread to me.Yesterday I emailed the dealerships letting them know that I was planning on buying a new car. I told them I had 4 cars at 3 dealerships that I liked, gave them the VIN# of the car on their lot that I was interested in, asked for the lowest price they could give me and told them that after I received their quote, that I would be in later this week to test drive. All dealerships came back with an immediate $3000 - $3500 off the MSRP.
  5. I'm confused.:goodposting:Last night was not a new episode. And I don't think major networks delay showing new episodes because it's raining in LA.Thank you. I couldn't figure out how I was going to get the latest episode - but it was a repeat. The weather stations took over the networks in Atlanta around 9:00 last night as there were tornadoes everywhere.
  6. Was last nights Modern Family a repeat? The "last episode" on ABC's Modern Family website was the episode where CaMitchell were trying to choose who would best take care of Lily should anything happen to them. I thought that was last weeks episode and because of the bad weather, they did not show Modern Family.
  7. The food at Chick-fil-A is better than other fast food places, but I still consider it meh....although the Polynesian Sauce is super-duper YUMMY!!
  8. Yesterday I was testing my son on the different types of figurative sentences (alliteration, hyperbole, idiom, etc) and having him make up examples for each type of sentence. His example for a sarcastic sentence was, "My mom is making chicken pot pie tonight for dinner. Oh, I'm so excited." I admit that I do not enjoy cooking as I am not very good at it, but that did sting a bit.
  9. Your Type is: ESFJ Strength of the preferences % Extraverted - 78 Sensing - 50 Feeling - 62 Judging - 72
  10. When my daughter was almost 6 she was explaining to her brother (who was almost 5 at the time) that babies grow in the mommies tummy and that they come out through the bellybutton. We were on the way to the swimming pool and she asked if it was okay if they could see where they came from once we got the the pool. I let them believe that for a long time.
  11. Part of my 8 year old daughters homework today was to decorate the name tag for her desk. She just showed me her work and instead of the peace sign she accidentally put the Mercedes symbol. The "awesome" apple does not fall far from the "awesome" tree.
  12. I love reading this thread. Always makes me smile/laugh!! 1. Recently my son has taken to combing words. "bad attitude" is "battitude" "ham and mayonnaise" is "hamonnaise" 2. In my son's Friday folder is all work done this past week. One assignment was "My Perfect Place", in which you were describe your perfect place to live. You could live by a lake, your school playground or an amusement park. My son decided that his perfect place to live was a volcano. He drew a picture of the volcano which included the magma chamber, a side vent, a crater, pumas and lava flow (all of which are denoted in the picture and included in the key). The teachers comment was...." Ummmm, interesting????".
  13. A card to me from my 6 year old son (misspellings included): Dear Mom, I love you super much. You're very knowledgeable. You are gorgeoous, lovely, glamorous and elegant. I care for you mom. Your stunning. Love, Trip
  14. As of yesterday my cd's in the thing that plays throughout the house has been changed to Christmas music, my Christmas dishes are out and being used and today I cooked a turkey (and made gravy (it came out great), garlic roasted mashed potatoes, green bean with almonds, cranberry relish, dressing, baked apples and cresent rolls. On Sunday I am having DaVinci bring down my Christmas stuff so I can sort through it. I always really go out for the holidays so I will slowly start decorating, but it will not be finished until the first week of December. WOO-HOO :Ilovetheholidays: