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  1. My sister makes one at Xmas called an oatmeal carmelita. Thin bottom crust, layer of chocolate, layer of caramel, top layer of oatmeal. Gratuitous gooey goodness through and through.
  2. It's a classic for a reason, son.
  3. Genius.
  4. He's a worm.
  5. Or anyone.
  6. I believe this is possible.
  7. No way he would be beside Kaepernick. MLK was not an NFL caliber player.
  8. I don't believe he can, no.
  9. What's there to cover, really? Rand got in a fight with his neighbor, and the softball game guy died at the scene. Nothing really mysterious, unless you know something the rest of us don't.
  10. I get nothing for this? You guys are the ####ing worst.
  11. And it's sad that we can only discuss the hypothetical situation of him doing the bare minimum of his job duties.
  12. On Fox they are inextricably entwined. Do you really think Hillary adn Uranium One should be leading a "straight" news hour?
  13. Isn't he the one that got busted using fake documents in one of the Benghazi investigations?