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  1. Boom!
  2. Sounds interesting. What platform did you see this?
  3. But they're the job creators!
  4. This one was my favorite from that thread: It’s obvious the GOP are worthless pig dogs who refuse to stand up for this country, its values and its legal citizens. They care only about illegals and kowtowing to whatever the communists tell them to bow down to.
  5. I WILL BURN #### DOWN!!!!!!
  6. Wait, does this mean bacon will be cheaper here from now on? Because I can rock the #### out of a MAGA hat.
  7. Jebus. This country is f###ed.
  8. Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, Halliburton, etc.
  9. Wonder how @ren hoek will say this was faked.
  10. Seriously. How is this NOT on the Dems?
  11. Loved Arrested Development and Cera's character, but watching two hours of George Michael was way more than I could handle.