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  1. I know, just think how awesome it would be if you could say n####r whenever you wanted. Those were the days, my friend!
  2. I'll add sour cream and extra cheese and still destroy a couple dozen.
  3. Old guys? It's Statler and Waldorf, you heathen.
  4. Yeah, why would a foreign leader want the President of the Unoted States in his pocket?
  5. This is gold. The level of delusion required to even make this statement, let alone actually believe it, has got to be covered in the DSM.
  6. That's gotta sting.
  7. Fixed up a template for you. Just keep that on your clipboard for easy access.
  8. Dynamite drop-in, Monty.
  9. You know, considering there were busloads of illegal voters brought in I'm starting to think @HellToupee is kind of halfassing this whole investigation.
  10. I thought you started the New Hampshire investigation right after the election...that'd be over a year and a half. Any updates?