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  1. i remember playing with the toy i got for my 3rd birthday. a Pan Am model jet with lighted engines
  2. Most of the hotels around Cleveland Clinic have "Clinic Rates". The 2 Intercontinental Hotels attached to the Clinic are nice and there is a new (opened in 2016) Holiday Inn 2 blocks from the Clinic. When my father was there in 2012 I stayed at the Hampton Inn in downtown Cleveland (E 9th St). They had a Cleveland Clinic rate and it's about a 15 minute drive from the Clinic. Edit: Quick Google search: Hampton Inn $89 per night Holiday Inn $99 Intercontinental $117 - $139
  3. Just found this stat: The Tax Policy Center estimates that 45.3% of U.S. Households pay no Federal tax Forbes Link. (not saying they don't pay any Social Security or Medicare payroll taxes) I'm not sure how this fits into the discussion but I thought it was interesting.
  4. I had mine done on a Friday afternoon. I was back to work on Monday (white collar office job). If your job calls for you to be on your feet a lot I would take Monday off. Don't rush back into working out or strenuous exercise to soon even if you are pain free. Compression shorts or a jock to keep the boys from moving around. the first day or 2 a bag of frozen peas is helpful. My Dr prescribed some T3's to take afterwards to help with pain and by Saturday evening I didn't need them anymore. Yes, you will need to drop off samples at the Dr to make sure that you don't have any live swimmers left. Use birth control until you get the all clear from the Dr. Even if you clean out the pipes the recommended number of times do not tempt fate until you submit a sample and get the all clear.
  5. Check out the OP. There's a slew of info linked there. The best motivation you're going to find is right here - it's a little freaky how motivating being a part of this thread can be. A lot of us are using Strava to log our workouts - it's a cool social kinda site. We have a club over there - Speaking of the club - there are a few names I don't recognize in there. Do we have some intruders? I'm Craig. Still struggling to get over my hamstring issues.
  6. Wow, you guys are amazing. As stated before I am training for my first half marathon. On Saturday I was out trying to get 11 miles done but at mile 5.5 my hamstring popped. I had to call my wife to come pick me up. I have had lower back / hip issues for years so the hamstrings were under constant tension and I didn't do enough stretching and mobility work to loosen everything up. I have 24 more days to the half so I hope with rest and therapy I can still run it but now the focus will be on finishing and having a good time instead of pushing myself to an arbitrary goal. Maybe this is a good thing in the long run. Still very disappointed but gets me motivated to work on mobility and flexibility.
  7. Long time lurker... I have been on a health and fitness journey. 2 years ago I hit 240 lbs and decided that I am not buying bigger pants Started working out and logging food on MFP and am finally below 200 lbs, with the final goal of hitting 175lbs. (5'10' tall). Earlier this summer I let some co-workers talk me into registering for the Akron Half Marathon on September 26th so I have been running and training for it. I have been surprised at how much I've enjoyed this. My Brother-in-law is a serious marathon runner (Sub 3 hour marathon time) and he is helping several of us to train for the half marathon. I'm learning a lot from following this thread though I still get a little confused at the abbreviations and acronyms. This past Saturday I ran a 5k in an unfamiliar town about 30 minutes from where I live. At the start of the race the race organizer told us the streets that we would be running and told us there would be volunteers at all of the turns to make sure that we ran the correct route. I had studied the route on line and thought I knew where to go. Unfortunately at around the 2-1/4 mile mark the volunteers turned us at a wrong street and a group of 5 - 6 runners ran the wrong route which added .8 miles to the race . I let the race director know and they volunteered to refund the entrance fee. I didn't think I would have turned in a good time but when the awards were announced I realized I would have placed 2nd in my age division. Needless to say I will be paying a lot closer attention to routes and directions at future races. My current 5K PR is 28:30 and so the question is am I nuts to try for a sub 2 hour half marathon or is it more realistic to shoot for a 2:10:00 - considering we have 6 more weeks of training? According to a 5K of 28:30 I will be at a 2:11:00 half marathon and if I want a sub 2 hour half marathon I should have a 5K time of 25:55 or better.
  8. When is yours, GB? it was in April. We are planning a major remodel project to our house this summer so the 20th anniversary trip will have to wait until next year.
  9. looking at doing something like this for our 20th.