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  1. Not a YangGanger by any means but it's BS that it's gonna take 30 minutes for him to get to talk.
  2. This one seems like a lock if you don't mind laying some money. Had the same initial thought about cursing but then I remembered Beto is out. Unless "wrote the damn bill" counts?
  3. How can any election called by this government be legitimate when they are currently murdering their opponents?
  4. The true vote count was never suspended, only the "Quick Count" which was suspended at the suggestion of OAS. And of course Morales did agree to new elections. But the army forbade him from running, is terrorizing members of his party, and gunning down civilians. So, yay for democracy I guess.
  5. If you're uncertain, it's not the flu. The biggest giveaway is achiness. Don't typically get that with a cold, even a bad one.
  6. Didn't see a thread so I figured I'd fire one up. Didn't have time to do much research this week but looking now I don't see much I like for tourney's. Rolling with this for cash on the main slate: Carr McCaffrey/Cook Beasley/Renfro/Deebo Ryan Griffin Singletary Saints I think I'm happy with it
  7. When the military forces the president from power its a coup. Period. End of story. And when it happens in a Latin American country to a president who wants to nationalize valuable mines you can be damn sure its a CIA coup. It boggles the mind that there are still people who don't understand this.
  8. That compact doesn't go into effect until enough states have signed on to reach 270 EC votes. I'm not a law talkin guy but I assume it would get bogged down in legal challenges at that point.
  9. Probably substitute libertarian for green but otherwise this is exactly where I'm at.
  10. Can't wait for all the crocodile tears from the coup supporters when the inevitable migrant crisis comes.
  11. @krista4 Mrs. Murph and I tied the knot on Saturday and we just wanted to tell you that we got so many compliments on our Beatles musical theme. It really elevated our day from simply being amazing to being absolutely perfect. And it never would have happened without this thread. If you and Mr. Krista are ever in the Boston area the first bottle of wine is on us. Details for those who are interested... We chose an instrumental arrangement of In My Life (Mrs. Murph's #1 ranked) for the processional. The bride walked down the aisle to an instrumental arrangement of Here Comes the Sun. And we chose Two of Us (Mr. Murph's #3 ranked) for the recessional. At the reception the wedding party was introduced to Got To Get You Into My Life and our first dance was Something. The band surprised us with a Hey Jude sing-a-long for a send-off. Despite both of us being more aligned with Mr. Krista's opinion of that song it was just perfect.
  12. Jesus we haven't even voted and we're already doing this again?
  13. No kids. No plans to ever have them. Dumb idea. All of society benefits from a strong educational system. Not just those receiving the education.
  14. If it wasn't already obvious that "Blue No Matter Who" really means "Establishment or Bust" Joe Manchin said this week he wouldn't endorse Bernie if he was the nominee and hardly anyone batted an eye. For me, I'm 100% in on Sanders. 100% out on Biden. Liz or Pete or would have to convince me. Trump is not an option. If I'm not voting D it would be third party or abstain.