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  1. "Almost certainly" is probably too strong if you factor in the DNC screw job that's coming.
  2. Ok, I'll bite. What part of his record has not yet been sufficiently scrutinized?
  3. Her normal speaking voice could not be fairly described as shrill. But she had a terrible habit on the campaign trail of yelling into the microphone. If you want to split hairs about whether that qualified as "shrill" then fine. But I think we can all agree it was torture to listen to.
  4. Correct answer rate is higher for DDs in double Jeopardy than it is for FJ. Plus you know the category. Trying to put the game away is correct strategy unless you hate the category. I'm surprised we don't see it more often.
  5. My thoughts on this essentially mirror what Rock has already said so I'll just say thank you for taking the time to explain your thinking behind this.
  6. I've read this sentence several times. And I'm trying to give it the most charitable interpretation possible. But I'm not coming up with a good way of reading it. I really, really hope I'm misunderstanding you here. Because drug policy is extraordinarily consequential to the (mostly poor and/or minority) people who have been arrested/convicted because of these policies and to their families. To make a statement like this requires a stunning level of either ignorance or callousness IMO.
  7. Blood drive at work today. They wouldn't take me because I changed planes in Hong Kong 3 weeks ago. BRB, making sure my will is up-to-date.
  8. Less snarky answer. We live in a country where the executive branch has way too much power. This didn't start on January 20 2017. It won't end on January 20 2021/2025. Framing the problem as living in a dictatorship is not helpful. What we need is sustained pressure by the citizens on their Senators and Representatives to re-assert legislative power. We need a new Church Committee but bigger and bolder.
  9. As of today I guess I have to go Trump, Bloomberg, Pete. But it's tough, there's just so many awful candidates.
  10. I'm firmly in the camp that says the DNC did Bernie dirty in 2016, but that's not what happened here. This was the DNC cartel giving a sweetheart contract to their incompetent cronies. It was corruption for the sheer fun of it, not against any particular candidate. Now this recanvassing crap on the other hand....