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  1. Didn't hear anything about this and just happen to catch the 10 minute preview on HBO, looks like a winner.
  2. Didn't Howard jump the shark like 5 years ago?
  3. Is losing 3 feet of hull considered zany?
  4. I would rather gouge out my eyes with a spoon. But thanks for asking.
  5. Forrest would be a terrible fight for Jones. The kid needs a challenge. Forrest wouldn't last a minute, it would be worse than when he fought Silva.
  6. Exactly describes what Entourage has turned into.
  7. Murphy's law applies to boating more than anything else IMO, but the Zodiacs were just stupid. The helicopter and even the Ady were situations out of their control.Now that we learn about the 2 crew members of the Ady and their time limitations for the trip, I do question that whole situation a bit more. At first it was portrayed they lost the boat for the whole season, but now we learn they would have been heading back to port a couple of weeks after that incident anyway. There is no doubt these aren't the brightest seafarers on the planet, but you have a school teacher with ? experience in charge of the care of over $200k worth of equipment? No one saw the weather kicking up? Don't give me, "weather can change quickly" either because they have a 20 mile radar on both ships. The way they made it look, nobody saw the waves until the zodiacs were swamped. Almost as if they intentionally edited this to make them look incompetent. It worked. Another thing is if these zodiacs are so important to the cause, then why don't they simply have a backup outboard stowed on the mother ship...? These looked like 90 or 100 hp motors, they don't take up much room. I guess they would rather travel 2300 one way to fix an outboard. ...or use the same motors on all the Zodiacs, so they could scavenge parts from one to fix another.If these idiots continue to operate as they are, people will die. They are not doing the whales much help either.
  8. No one here is addressing the OP so I will. Predict my punishment Okay, I'll take a shot in the dark here. I would guess that she leaves you at her place dog sitting while she goes out for some strange and some booze with the girls, leaving you home all night alone.
  9. Link to the thread peez if last post was based on a thread.
  10. How awkward was it when Sig went to visit the Cornilia and didn't know Phil had passed, just brutal silence.
  11. Knock! Knock! Who's there? Joe Bryant. Do I know you? Did you flip off my wife?
  12. I find this extremely hard to watch now, I have tried to watch After the Catch from last week three times and can't make it more than 10 minutes. I am not usually like that and don't understand why, I didn't even know Phil Harris.
  13. That was very uncomfortable to watch when you know what happened to Phil.