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  1. Aside from being anti-immigrant from Mexico, what policies does Trump represent that will outlive his presidency?
  2. Noob question: assuming I believe that the market is irrationally climbing and will correct some time in the near future, is there any good reason not to put in a trailing stop loss of 3-5% for all my holdings?
  3. This is joe telling the rich donors their taxes will be raised but not oppressively
  4. There’s no 180 from this article to the original post. In both he’s talking about raising taxes on the rich.
  5. Who’s paying for all the rental McMansions? The league, the agents, or the families?
  6. I think we should judge ours leaders based on how they handle actual events and circumstances, not how they would have handled totally different hypothetical situations.
  7. So essentially worldwide and US numbers doubling every 5 days
  8. I would absolutely love Sally Yates, but fear she’d serve as a easy foil for Trump to focus on Mueller and the swamp
  9. Agreed. Biden’s going to win California anyway. Abrams helps in the south, energizes progressives more than Harris, and is less threatening to conservatives than Harris
  10. Thanks Curly! Best to you and yours as well. I hope your dad is hanging in there too! p and s: Sunday is my move-in day!
  11. Right now it’s mostly bball until Spring. I can’t wait to get back outdoors. Sorry about your kid. How long is he out for?
  12. Is this in Spanish or math? We’re having all kinds of issues with my middle one.
  13. Good question. I do feel less sharp. I think there are two factors. My mind may be a little bit slower. But more importantly, I’m mentally and physically tired all the time, and I’m not always able to make the effort to think about an issue or communicate about it. Just talking is exhausting. I don’t have the endurance to speak or type with any nuance, and that probably carries over to my thinking. Like, if I can’t communicate about it, why bother reading or thinking about it.
  14. Apologies- I didn’t remember that. I’m so sorry but I’m glad to hear you remember her strength. I’m so afraid my kids will remember only me at my weakest.