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  1. Ungrateful. Last week their brethren had a pizza party in a committee room to win them the right to attend those depositions
  2. If Republican Senators do see it as a bellweather, then impeachment politics get a lot more interesting
  3. Of course Trump is saying that. Just one more example of his corrupt projection: “I put out a self-serving non-transcript, so therefore everyone else would too.”
  4. And do they ever tell us what makes it platinum? I’ve seen the commercials 4 dillion times and haven’t noticed
  5. I’m old enough now that good tv boobs are much hotter than (most) internet porn
  6. Does anyone else get disappointed when the intro gives the TV-Mature rating factors but doesn’t mention nudity or adult situations?
  7. Agreed. In the commercial it looks like a surprise visit some other night. Now customers are going to think they’ll get a surprise pizza if they complain, and be disappointed when they don’t. Seems like the ad creates false flawed pizza claims (insurance fraud) followed by angry customers.
  8. Plus keeping Son up stressing Alexander-Arnold was a really smart tactic I expect others to follow. He’s honestly weak as a defender and any time you can keep him on his heels instead of whipping in crosses that’s a good thing
  9. Same for me, and same timeframe (watched Celts in ‘84, but not ‘81) plus 3 titles for Duke bball since 94 plus Liverpool’s champions league win last year. Total: 18 titles, 35 years, 6 sports
  10. Was a great match. The Liverpool reddit is all sulky but I thought our attack was dominating- we just ran into a magnificent goalkeeping performance. I thought Tottenham parked it early but they were dangerous on the counter so what do I know?
  11. Pizza insurance- they give you a free pizza if they screw up your pizza. Sample screw up: online complaint that the toppings were wrong. “We’re going to expedite this next order!” Then they surprise the customer with her free insurance pizza. If it’s a surprise why’d they expedite it? They probably screwed up the first time due to moving too fast. You’d think they’d take their time and do this one right.