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  1. Thanks Curly! Best to you and yours as well. I hope your dad is hanging in there too! p and s: Sunday is my move-in day!
  2. Right now it’s mostly bball until Spring. I can’t wait to get back outdoors. Sorry about your kid. How long is he out for?
  3. Is this in Spanish or math? We’re having all kinds of issues with my middle one.
  4. Good question. I do feel less sharp. I think there are two factors. My mind may be a little bit slower. But more importantly, I’m mentally and physically tired all the time, and I’m not always able to make the effort to think about an issue or communicate about it. Just talking is exhausting. I don’t have the endurance to speak or type with any nuance, and that probably carries over to my thinking. Like, if I can’t communicate about it, why bother reading or thinking about it.
  5. Apologies- I didn’t remember that. I’m so sorry but I’m glad to hear you remember her strength. I’m so afraid my kids will remember only me at my weakest.
  6. Thanks Floppo. I should have taken you up on that offer months ago, but I’m really happy (ok, mostly really happy) with how it turned out
  7. Thanks! Not quite moved in. They finished painting today. Just a couple lighting and plumbing fixtures to go, and then finishing the hardwoods. it can’t come quickly enough I know I’ve said I can’t walk in the past, but I REALLY shouldn’t be walking anymore (with the walker). Being able to get all around the house, including bed, bath, and outside deck all in my wheelchair will be awesome. I hope you and your dad are doing well
  8. Ask away. I have strangers wipe my ### now. Your questions will be a breeze!
  9. Talk to me about short corners. I hate them. They never work and frequently result in silly offside passes back to the corner taker. But there’s obviously some analytic value I’m missing
  10. Just for kicks I wish Bolton would testify that everything with Ukraine was legal and cool, but that Trump was actually dealing drugs. I’d just enjoy the Republicans arguing that drug dealing isn’t a high crime.
  11. Very few Dems have claimed Hunter did nothing wrong. The consensus, by far, has been “go ahead and investigate and if he did something wrong punish him.” But, as you are well aware, Hunter’s guilt or innocence is irrelevant to the Trump impeachment
  12. This is as good a place as any to note that the Philadelphia Flyers mascot, Gritty, is under investigation for Allegedly punching a 13 year old at a season ticket holder event
  13. Although comparing Trump fans to Eagles fans seems appropriate
  14. Well there had to be some context. Previous tweet?