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  1. To be fair to Kudlow, the clip did have a cut in the middle removing some unknown amount of time and speech. Therefore he’s right that it was out of context. Whether the context altered the overall meaning or not I don’t know, but CNN presented Johnson’s comments as if they were said back-to-back. They were not.
  2. Thanks for clarifying. It reads like you are okay with Trump manipulating the market for personal gain because he has freedom of speech.
  3. Agreed. Birthright citizenship creates strong incentives to violate immigration law, with no commensurate deterrent
  4. I bet five internet points that: 1) Trump doesn’t know about this 3) Trump will learn about it via tweet in the next few days 4) Trump will use this to insult Denmark and lie about the purchase attempt: “No one knows this but Greenland is far SMALLER than Denmark advertises. That’s why I said NO! when Queen Fredson (Fred is a biy’s name and also MY DAD!) BEGGED me to fix it for her. What a MESS
  5. I'd cut off his other arm if that's what it took
  6. Also, Trump is not charismatic. Charismatic people make the audience feel special. They exude an energy. Reagan, Clinton, GWB, Obama all had amazing charisma. Regardless of politics, most people would feel special in a room with any of those guys, and there are endless stories about how great those guys are in person. Trump is ham handed and self centered. The stories about him focus on how entitled and scummy he is. His energy goes into trying to make people agree that HE is special, not that THEY are special. Trump is a rich #######. Some people like that, but it’s not charisma
  7. For what it’s worth, plenty of you from all over the political spectrum gave to me in my time of need, including Trump/Johnson voters with whom I’ve had strong disagreements.
  8. That was the day they were spray painting all the surveillance camera lenses.
  9. Sorry I hadn’t caught up yet
  10. You had me until “tropical, resort type countries,” not gonna lie