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  1. Update time. I’m writing from a Duke student center of some kind while my 16 year old is on an admissions tour. Later today we visit Wake, and tomorrow UNC. Who knows if he’ll apply or get into any of them, but we thought a couple extra days tacked onto our OBX vacation made sense. It’s a good way to start looking at colleges and a great way to spend some time with him. Durham has REALLY changed since I was here 20+ years ago. Tons of new commerce and construction. It’s really beautiful. We went to a Liverpool bar in Raleigh for yesterday’s match, and a Durham Bulls game last night. Our week in Duck was mixed. It was great for the kids, but bittersweet for me. There’s just a lot I can’t do now. My days of walking are pretty much done, but I haven’t moved to a full wheelchair. I’m using an electric scooter chair, which is great in that it conserves a lot of energy, but nothing in my world is handicapped friendly. The house we were at wasn’t, so I could use the chair on the main(2nd floor), but had to really think about going anywhere else. I couldn’t go on the beach. I had to really struggle to get to the sun deck where we always have our coffee in the morning. I couldn’t really participate in our annual cornhole tournament (I can throw the bag around 10 feet, and not at all accurately). And I was constantly battling between asking for help and just not participating. I have great friends and they’d do anything for me, but, for example, I don’t WANT them to have to carry me up and down steps. I’m not ready to be that needy. But, truthfully, I am that needy. Highlights of the week included fishing (not catching) off Jennette’s Pier, lots of cards and laughs, and some outstanding bbq in Chesapeake VA on our way to a Norfolk Tides game. I also told you guys about my spring training trip with my middle son. It was just great all around. We saw some games, had some good meals, saw some nature, and went to the beach. I was still walking at that point so we could do a little more. Unfortunately my legs had already lost my ability to swim. I borrowed a life vest from a ski-doo rental place and was able to spend some time floating in the water, which was actually really nice. I needed help getting to and into the water. My son was clearly a bit embarrassed to support my walking initially, but he got over it and eventually he relaxed and we had some fun. This whole thing has been a tough learning experience for them. They’re being stretched but becoming better stronger people. That’s all for now. I’ll post some work and health updates sometime soon.
  2. It really is at the heart of the MAGA stuff, but focuses on the real issue (automation/increasing wealth divide) instead of convenient distractions (brown people)
  3. Plenty of politicians expressly support the idea that America is a Christian nation, and dogwhistle support “white” culture
  4. May I ask your age and where you live? Because not knowing ANY gay people seems inconceivable to me.
  5. Until recent elections I’d say they vote moderately to heavily-republican, with a side of libertarian But today I’d say overwhelmingly Trumpian
  6. What’s the double jeopardy issue? These NY charges are totally separate factually from the DC and EDVA ETA: Maneeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Can someone explain the significance of this to me? That’s a lot of moving parts
  8. Also - and you may want to sit down for this one - he wants to build a wall.