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  1. Speaking of Holtby, he declined to join the Caps on the short ride down to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on Monday: "My family and myself, we believe in a world where humans are treated with respect regardless of your stature, what you’re born into. ... You’re asked to choose what side you’re on, and I think it’s pretty clear what side I’m on."
  2. Hey, remember in 2015 when Braden Holtby tied the all-time record for wins in a single season? Who cares. Remember 2017 when he had a mediocre regular season, then made one of the most famous saves in NHL history and won the Cup? Of course.
  3. I think you're moving in a good direction, but I'd ask you to examine a few assumptions. Do you need to talk to your kids about it? If they already know and are fine with it, would that conversation add anything? Do you think your kids are treating the child differently or making fun of them? Or that others are? From what I've seen kids are much more accepting and better about this than adults. If they know, are fine with it, and are calling the child by their preferred name, then maybe saying all these things actually begins to raise issues that currently don't exist. Not sure how Christianity factors into this. If a little kid wants to dress a certain way and be called by a certain name, then what does anyone's faith have to do with that? Just be a decent person and call them by their preferred name. Does Jesus say it's a sin to call some by a name that's not on their birth certificate?
  4. I recently read a book about the creation of this album, along with all the other crazy stuff going on in Boston at the same time, Astral Weeks: A Secret History of 1968. Not only is it about Van Morrison and the creative process that led to this and some of his other work (e.g., "Brown-Eyed Girl" was originally Brown-Skinned Girl but got changed by the producer at the last minute), but also has Timothy Leary's acid stuff at Harvard, the Velvet Underground getting big in Boston before they caught on in NYC, James Brown's concert at the Boston Garden on the night MLK was shot and the crazy way they got it televised and helped stave off rioting. If you like the album that much, you would probably like the book too.
  5. Caps-Ning is one of the games of the year through 2 periods but huge loss of Kempney for Washington at end of second. Looked bad. Caps need to stay out of the box because they can’t compete with TB’s PP. Depending on how the latter part of this game goes, Wilson might be looking to scrap
  6. My son has a professor that thinks of himself as the hip, young dude. He was bragging about having 75,000 Twitter followers and then was dismayed to find that not a single kid in the class was on Twitter.
  7. Carolina now just 2 points behind Pittsburgh with 2 games in hand. If they catch the Pens for the #3 spot in the Metro and knock Pittsburgh down to the #1 Wild Card, we're looking at Caps-Pens in the first round. Can't wait for tonight's Caps-Ning game. After falling behind 2-0 early, Washington played pretty well in TB the other night. This should be a good one.
  8. I know it's kind of shticky but I can't help how much I love 3-on-3 OT. Last night's OT between the Pens and Flyers had a half-dozen unbelievable chances, culminating in Philly stealing the extra point with 3 seconds left before the shootout. They should just get rid of the shootout and play 3-on-3 until there's a winner - I think it would almost always result in a decision in less time than a shootout, which can sometimes drag on and is not nearly as exciting.
  9. For @Aaron Rudnicki only well also for any Finnish Liiga fans
  10. That Metro first round series is really shaping up to be something - any combo of NYI, WASH and PITT is going to be excellent. Also looking forward to tomorrow night's Caps-Lightning game, though I think TB might run them out of the rink. First time they've played since the ECF last year, plus TB is a tough place to play as it is and they will be fired up. After not playing all season, they face each other 3 times in the next 8 games which is a little weird.
  11. Tweet from the dad of my kid's classmate, some guy named Phil Mickelson: Though to hear my son tell it, Phil's daughter is actually a total bookworm. The celebrity kid he's way more suspicious of is Teri Hatcher's daughter. Note that Hatcher and Huffman were co-stars on Desperate Housewives together and could have shared info.
  12. I believe you're asking in good faith, so I will tell you in that spirit that it is extremely offensive and dehumanizing to compare transgender people to animals. While sexuality is a very imperfect analogy, swapping in homosexuality for gender in your thoughts above might again give you a bit of understanding: We have a hard time buying into the "feeling" that someone is something they're biologically not. What's the difference between a gay man saying he is attracted to another man, and the same person saying he'd like to screw a panda? .... I have no idea what it would feel like to feel like I'm attracted to a man, I'm certainly willing to listen and learn. I'll even try to quell my skepticism. Your question about gender roles is a good one. In fact, I think many transgender people would vastly prefer that they didn't have to identify as one gender or another and simply could be themselves, and watch Marvel movies or dance instead of playing sports or avoid dressing up like a princess to attend a school social function. So the next time you hear about a state adding an "other" option to go along M/F on drivers licenses, or people say they identify as non-gender conforming, understand that what people are trying to accomplish with that is "just being themself"
  13. You identify specific advantages, like practice exams, tutoring, and highly engaged, knowledgable parents. And that's all on top of the research that shows there are already identifiable vocabulary gaps by the age of 18 months, with studies showing that children of educated, affluent parents might hear 30 million more words by age 3 than children of poor parents. The ACT and SAT are kind of a joke and are losing prominence in the admissions process more and more rapidly.