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  1. This is correct. If you go to a school that meets your "full demonstrated need," they'll just deduct the amount of outside scholarships you win from the free money the school was going to give you. It's almost not worth it. The one exception is that many of these schools will let you use the outside money to buy down the student's contribution. For example, my wife's work has a pretty significant tuition remission benefit. Brown didn't reduce our EFC thanks to the benefit, but my son's aid package didn't include any loans for him, or summer/work-study contribution. So outside money bought off the $8 or 9K he would have owed ($5k loan + 2k summer + 2k work study), but didn't change at all what we were expected to pay. Edit to add: If you go to a school that doesn't mean the full demonstrated need, you can totally use the outside money to buy down the gap. Those schools encourage you to find outside sources of funds to fill in the amount they can't meet.
  2. The FAFSA is a pretty blunt instrument - it just measures your overall household income and then determines whether or not your kid meets the federal guidelines for a subsidized (i.e., government-backed) student loan. The EFC is what you are expected to contribute every year - not the total for all 4 years. The Stafford Loan is the amount of the annual subsidized loan she qualifies for. The CSS is the really detailed form that colleges actually use to make their aid determinations. It asks about all kinds of stuff - home equity, credit cards, tuition you're already paying, cars, etc. And then each school has its own formula that converts your CSS entries into an award. Some schools allow more for savings, for home equity, etc. I've heard that you get hit really hard if you have equity in non-primary residences, or if you own your own business, in which case much of the revenue is regarded as income, regardless of deductions. Using your 67K example, here's how a typical financial aid package might break down. Cost of Attendance = 67k (tuition = 56k, room & Board = 8k, books and expenses = 3k) EFC (the part you pay each year) = 30K Subsidized loan (which your kid will have to pay back) = 5k Kid's summer earnings = 2500 Kid's work study at school = 2500 Tuition Grant from school (doesn't have to be paid back) = 27k You won't get billed the 3k for books and expenses, that's just stuff you pay for as you go. The expectation is that the kid's work study earnings will pay for those things. This example above is for a school that claims to "meet full demonstrated need." Whether you can actually afford the EFC or not is up to you to decide, but the EFC represents the college's calculation of what you can pay. Schools that meet the full demonstrated need will - in the example above - give you the $27k every year. But there are plenty of schools that don't meet full demonstrated need, and will "gap" you. They're saying, in effect, that you qualify for $27k per year, but we can only give you (for example) $15K a year, so if you want to come here, you need to fill that gap with another $12k you come up with. This is where people end up getting in way over their head, as they take out huge loans for an undergraduate degree, and then don't find jobs that enable them to pay back the loans. Or parents decide they'll do anything to send their kid to college and take out these loans themselves.
  3. So it seems is now a repository of vitally relevant national political information. Reporters mining it for accounts of on the record Trump sexual transgressions
  4. Dusty Baker's teams have lost eight straight playoff games in which his team would have advanced with a win, the longest streak in history (though not all with the Nats). Bruce Boudreau is 1-7 all-time in Game 7s (though not all with the Caps). I hope I'm wrong. But it's a gag we've heard before.
  5. This team is exactly the Caps of baseball
  6. There ain't gonna be no libel lawsuit. Trump wouldn't enjoy discovery very much. All those Apprentice out takes would be only the beginning. But more broadly, how can anyone doubt this is true? TRUMP: I like to sexually molest women. WOMEN: It's true, he does. TRUMP: They're lying.
  7. My kid has always been abnormally attractive. His whole life, people would give him a free cookie in stores, a free piece of candy, whatever. So now that he's 18, he thinks the world is a super kind and welcoming place because people have been unnaturally nice to him his whole life - and he never realized he was getting special treatment, he just thought everyone treats everyone else that way
  8. Watching Toronto sweep its way into the ALCS, it's hard not to think that could have been us. Shoot.
  9. BTW, look back in this thread and you can see how far Buck has brought this franchise. So damn great to play meaningful October baseball, even if it stings when you lose.
  10. Not gonna win too often when you go 0 for your last 16 in a tie game. Not sure why Buck didn't bring in Britton, but - as my friend said - the way the Orioles weren't hitting, Britton would have pitched 2 scoreless innings and then Ubaldo just would have given up that HR in the 13th instead of the 11th. That game was this season in a nutshell. Mediocre starting pitching, dominant relief, and no chance of scoring runs unless somebody mashes one over the fence.
  11. Well here we go
  12. Thinking about tonight's game and the fact that the last 6 months of my life come down to a single game with Tillman starting in the SkyDome, where he has been terrible, makes me want to vomit. I swear, I'm not sure I can watch. Sure am gonna drink a lot, as soon as I get home. I have such a bad feeling about Tillman, especially in the early going. Hoping he can work out his early woes and get to the middle innings. I like the O's chances if we're even after 5.
  13. I think he's talking about the Net Price Calculator, which every college is required to post
  14. How about that Ubaldo? 2.82 ERA in the second half. Pretty amazing with 16 straight shutout innings to close out the series in Toronto. I also appreciated how the O's made the Jays look lifeless and slack - Trumbo legging out the huge double on what should have been a single, and Tulo loafing out of the box, then getting called out on appeal. Orioles have third best ERA in the majors during September (after Dodgers and Red Sox). And it looks like the bats are coming back to life. Now if Manny could just heat up again. So I went to the last two Friday night games of the season. On Sept. 16, I got some awesome black and orange argyle socks and was there for the instant classic "They got him! They got him at the plate!" when Manny threw the guy out at the plate to end the game and keep Britton's streak intact. Then last Friday, I got a Korean t-shirt, plus 3 innings of free baseball after Wieters tied it in the 9th with a HR and Trumbo went deep to win it in the 12th. Two of the more exciting games I can remember, though I think the Wednesday night win fueled by Kim's HR might have been the most exciting of all. That was some legit Orioles Magic right there. I'm all in - went ahead and ordered my Wild Card Game tickets last night.
  15. Because the Orioles were losing. Honestly didn't seem like they were going anywhere until the 9th