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  1. Because the Orioles were losing. Honestly didn't seem like they were going anywhere until the 9th
  2. Britton with #47, ERA down to 0.55. Every time he pitches now the Orioles' season is literally on the line and he keeps coming through
  3. So that was pretty amazing. Duensing, Bourn and Kim coming through in the season's pivotal moment
  4. Hang in there @Courtjester. These things have a way of working out, especially for kids as talented as yours. I just googled and Colorado College has some pretty generous merit scholarships, including the Barnes which is a full ride for math/science majors. Really glad to hear about your meeting, because it will help flag you for merit consideration. CC seems like a super school. My son was really intrigued by their block schedule. But the truth is, a talented kid like yours really will do great wherever she end up. And they surprise you - she's not going to want to impoverish you just to go to one particular school. Let us know how it goes, but I'm predicting good things on the merit front
  5. Well, other than about $100k in home equity, we don't have a lot of assets. I hear the financial aid formulas kill you on any properties you own other than your primary residence. They basically feel you can sell those off and use the proceeds for tuition. And we get some break for having another kid in a tuition paying institution. But like I said, the super rich schools give out tons of aid. At Harvard and Princeton, your family contribution is capped at 10% of household income, up to $150k. From there, they reduce aid on a sliding scale, until you get 0 somewhere north of like $225k. Brown can't afford to be quite as generous but they still give tons of aid
  6. I feel like either you go to an elite school that gives great need based aid, or go to a less selective school with big merit money, or go in-state. No sense in racking up $100k or more in undergrad debt. We make between 150-200k, have a younger kid in private school, and are paying Brown about $28k with no student loans. That's on the extreme high end of what we can swing. Son got merit aid to some other schools - bringing cost down to around $18k. We decided to eat the $10k difference - if he had scored a full ride we probably would have had him take it and earmarked most of the $28k/year for his grad school.
  7. On my phone so can't pull the research I did, but I found this to be a very under-studied area. Basically, there are more good scores on Math 2 and the sciences than all the humanities combined. Don't do languages because the native speakers take them and destroy the curve and percentiles. And don't submit math/science unless those scores are way better then humanities or your kid is applying for engineering or science
  8. Hang in there, Courtjester. I didn't exactly understand what you said about the Net Price Calculator. Was that $9000 the Expected Family Contribution (in other words - what you're supposed to pay)? $11,000 seems a little high for student contribution, though it doesn't seem as bad when you break it down like this: $5000 student loan $3500 summer earnings $2500 work study during school If it's a school that claims to meet full demonstrated need, then it sounds like the $9k might be your part. If they don't meet full need and there's a $9k gap (the amount left over after you subtract the grants the give you, your Expected Family Contribution, and your daughter's portion), that sounds awfully daunting. Means you'd need to find $9k on top of whatever else they're already charging you. It really comes down to debt. How much are you/she willing to absorb to go to this "dream school" vs. other schools for virtually nothing?
  9. Agree with the assessment of Dixon as flex play with RB2 upside, though I think he might end up a little better than that. He was by far the best RB in preseason, and Forsett and West have been terrible. Forsett is out of gas, and West is just a guy, at best. I think the Ravens would love it if someone came in and showed some spark - maybe he starts as a 3rd down guy and gets progressively more. As long as he shows he can keep Flacco upright in pass protection, because that's a priority at this point.
  10. Pretty exciting weekend. I was there for all 12 innings on Friday night. I love Buck but was pretty unhappy for an hour or so with his decision not to pinch run for Hardy in the 9th. But all's well that ends well. Agree that 4-2 is what it will take. Yankees look pretty played out, but not looking forward to that house of horrors in Ontario. Still living in deep fear that Britton's only blown save of the year will be the one that costs them a playoff spot.
  11. It's primarily the large public flagship universities that do that. Not sure why, but they keep moving the process earlier and earlier.
  12. Make sure you do NOT miss that Nov. 1 priority admission deadline. College Park filled more than 90% of this year's freshman class with priority applicants.
  13. It's not abnormal. Because the SAT has so many more points, an ACT score is said to relate to a score of SAT ranges. I think concordance for an ACT 30 is like 1330-1350 on the SAT.
  14. Nice bunch of schools, JD. I really liked Richmond when my son was applying last year, and they were generous with aid - their endowment per student is very high, like maybe one of the Top 10 schools in the country. Virginia public schools (UVA and W&M) had crap financial aid for out of state. Our biggest challenge was finding a financial safety - a school that not only could we afford, but that also my son would be happy to attend if we couldn't afford anything else. He didn't like College Park at all, which didn't help. Luckily it all worked out, but the whole process was every bit as stressful as people tell you it can be - we're easy-going and he had strong stats/application, so I thought we'd sort of glide through. That was incorrect.
  15. I think it varies from school to school. Pretty sure you can find this info on the Admissions sections of most schools' websites, or just call and ask.