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  1. My kid is returning from his year abroad on a State Department scholarship, and I can pick him up at 8 pm on Thursday from his hotel in Foggy Bottom. Am thinking I'll drive down and get parked by 4, then kill time, starting with a visit to the Renwick (my wife's favorite museum). Any thoughts on a decent, casual place to eat around 6 p.m. between the Renwick and Foggy Bottom? Was kind of thinking about the grilled cheese place GCDC, but am open to any/all suggestions. We haven't seen him since he left for Morocco in September, so I think my wife is going to be ready to start stalking the hotel an hour or so before we're supposed to be there.
  2. The high school controls the "privacy" mode, not the colleges. A lot of times what that means is that so few people from your kid's school have applied there recently that it would be easy to figure out who was who. Or sometimes, there's an athletic recruit at one of those schools - and when you see someone with terrible stats get accepted, you can immediately deduce who the athlete is and know what their scores/grades were.
  3. Welp. Been a lotta fun and I'll be back but this stings like a mother.
  4. Now we now that the Curse of the Caps is stronger even than the power of Mr. Game 7. Still wonder what would happen if the caps and a Boudreau team ever met in a Game 7.
  5. I also love that Doc has his own unofficial log that includes things like Game 7 fights
  6. Every time Doc says Hainsie, I think the guy's name is Haynes and he's just using his nickname
  7. Lucky for you it's going to last well into June. Just need the Caps to unleash the fury any time now
  8. Switching up my lines one last time. Burakovsky for the win!
  9. This team doesn't know how to quit. Down 0-2, down 1-3, and now trailing by a goal in the 3rd period of Game 7, they are going to overcome it all and reverse the curse. Stel og Spac!
  10. Fleury got that Ovie shot with his shaft? About sums up the Ovie era?
  11. This is shaping up to be the most Caps thing ever. Dominate a Game 7 and get beat. Pens are starting to play opportunistic and loose like they have nothing to lose.