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  1. Just another example of the College Board's greatness in getting kids ready for college!
  2. I guess things are different in different parts of the country. In the highly competitive world of mid-Atlantic private schools and affluent suburban high schools, there's an AP arms race. Kids take 12 or 15 and report the scores to set themselves apart from their peers
  3. What if your kid came out to you at age 15 or 16, you told him to wait for 2 or 3 years, and that delay causes extreme psychological or emotional damage? What if he tries to harm himself during that period? I’m not convinced there’s some huge difference between a thoughtful kid with quality professional counseling at age 16 vs 18 months later
  4. In 2018, the American Academy of Pediatrics reported some shocking numbers about transgender teens: 50.8% of female to male adolescents had attempted suicide as had 29.9% of male to female adolescents. Separate studies show the single biggest determinant - BY FAR - whether or not a transgender teen attempts suicide is parental support. If you are the parent of a kid like Peter, job 1 is giving him all the support he needs right now to make sure he's one of the minority of kids who doesn't try to hurt himself. Only after that's secure do you begin to worry about all the other stuff - stuff that will be moot if you don't take care of job 1. If your kid had a condition with a 50% chance of being fatal or near-fatal, and you could cure it - even though it might make them infertile and/or an extremely small percentage of surviving kids end up regretting the cure - would you give them treatment or withhold it?
  5. A lot of the discomfort well-meaning people have about teens transitioning is the worry that it's just a phase and they'll regret it later. Studies are still pretty scarce but the best evidence seems to suggest that 1% or fewer of teens that transition ever want to rescind. Though of course that 1% makes up a huge amount of the media coverage about these kids. The reality is that a lot of transgender kids have known or thought about it for a long time. But kids can be pretty easily unisex until puberty hits, at which time there is often a crisis. Kids who have known they're trans for years can't ignore it any more and have to share that information with their parents. What seems like a sudden and shocking change, one that parents and others can attribute to the confusion of adolescence, is more likely the unavoidable expression of a long-known truth.
  6. Playing my first round in 15 years on Thursday Grew up playing a lot, usually around a 15 handicap, got down to a 9 right before college. After college, I played very infrequently and hacked when I did because I was so out of practice, which left me frustrated. I quit playing altogether except for semi-annual rounds with my grandmother, who was the one who usually took me golfing as a kid. When she died, I put the clubs in the attic where they sat until yesterday. I set up my iPhone and recorded myself doing practice swings in the backyard, which is the first time I have ever seen my own golf swing. Nice tempo, but what felt like a full backswing was really only about three-quarters. At 50, I'm a lot stiffer than I used to be. My hip turn is kind of crap too, but it always was, even when I could shoot in the low 80s. I lean too much rather than truly rotate. Oh well. I'm looking forward to it. Supposed to be one of the first nice days of spring and I'm hoping that since I no longer harbor illusions of being anything other than a hack, I won't get so frustrated. Any tips for managing my way around the course after 15 years away?
  7. Yeah, a lot of suspicion from responders that "only" 1,000 kids (2% of the 50K who took it) had trouble submitting their response. He had an earlier Tweet that said that was a lower error rate than they had anticipated - but he deleted that after people got on him for admitting that they expected more than 1,000 kids to have problems
  8. Apparently the online AP Physics exam was a semi-debacle with huge numbers of people unable to submit their answers. Most likely culprit is that the College Board omitted a / from the submission URL. They are one of my least favorite organizations
  9. I encourage you to read this Twitter thread by David Wallace-Wells We are reopening the country and we're not ready for what is going to follow
  10. Someone I know just asked if there's a website where you can enter in whatever ingredients you have on hand, and it spits out recipes for what you can make. Does that exist? Because if it doesn't, that sounds like a great idea
  11. I'm just a 403(b) buy and hold forever guy but this afternoon I did something I've never done before, through the dot-com bust when I was early 30s, to 2008 when I was late 30s, to now when I'm early 50s - get out of equities (moved about 80% of my balance). I think we're heading off a cliff with this pandemic and the worst, by far, is yet to come. If I'm wrong and I miss a big bounce, I can live with it. But the losses will eat away at me if I was right and didn't do anything to safeguard the funds it's taken me 30 years to build up.
  12. I'm the one who posted about it the Draft thread - I had Sunday Ticket for 10+ years and then like @BroncoFreak_2K3 I finally didn't get it last year My totally uninformed speculation is that their market research has shown that canceling Sunday Ticket after having it for many years is the gateway drug to canceling DirecTv altogether and so they're throwing this out as bait to keep longtime subscribers from looking around at other options. I can tell you it's working for me
  13. It was next years 5th rounder that they got from Pitt for Wormley
  14. Yeah I’d see Queen at weak side and Harrison at strong side.