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  1. So 11 straight home games for Caps with 5+ goals. And now the bye week til Saturday.
  2. Depends on what the ladies on the local morning TV news are wearing. Could range from 0-3 times per "Traffic and Weather on the 1s" segment
  3. Caps join 70-71 Bruins as 2nd team in NHL history to score 5+ goals in 10 straight home games
  4. Was friends in college with Tucker Carlson. He rarely just said no in those days
  5. Does Lee routinely drop his beer cup? Sorry, Ravens fan still not over the 2011 AFC Championship game.
  6. Hmm, take out PPG and Caps have 9 with 10+ and 1 with 9 Wild have 8 with 10+, 1 with 9, and 1 with 7 But no need to bicker. Every Caps fan I know is rooting for Bruce to get his guys to the Stanley Cup Finals
  7. Even with last night, Caps and Wiz now on a combined 27-1 home streak. Caps, in particular, are like nothing I've ever seen. Last 8 home games they're up 42-6 with 5 shutouts
  8. Caps with 5+ goals for the 9th straight home game. Haven't been held below 5 in DC since New Year's Day. 10 guys with 10+ goals
  9. I think this varies radically. But I generally think they are used by schools that don't have rolling admissions - it's a way to give good news to the more-qualified segment of their admissions pool, and potentially generate interest/enthusiasm. I will say it was a giant relief for my niece. She's got really good qualifications, but after she got deferred early from Duke, she was left wondering if she was going to get in anywhere. She already liked William & Mary, and now she's going to spend the next 6 weeks being psyched about them before letters from other schools start arriving. The experience I had with my son last year was that for kids with a realistic shot at the most selective schools, there really are very few "match" schools. There are either "likely" or "reach" schools - for example, my son felt like Georgetown was a "match" for him, but I thought anywhere with a 16% acceptance rate is a reach. It all eventually worked out, but it wasn't until March 30 that he was admitted to a college that he was excited to attend. That was a long, stressful wait since so many of his friends knew their destination literally months before he did. So I think the "likely" letter is a really nice thing.
  10. None of the highly selective schools will go test optional. They need the tests to help them wade through tens of 1000s of applications. In fact, most of these schools also still require SAT IIs. News update: my niece who got deferred ED from Duke just got a likely letter from William & Mary. She's a Virginia resident and loves the school but still holds out hope of getting in somewhere "better." My sister and her husband are hoping she doesn't
  11. Was enjoying theroguePOTUSstaff Twitter, but today's alleged Trump reaction to the Quebec mosque shooting - "What do I care about some muzzie Canucks" - was so stupid that it blew the whole bit
  12. More on the rumored anti-LGBTQ exec order: Josh Rogin ‏@joshrogin 17m17 minutes ago Follow up: Admin source says LGBT EO could affect federal employee benefits & protections & adoption agencies that receive federal funding This is just terrible.
  13. I'm trying to imagine what would happen if the Caps and a team coached by Boudreau met in the playoffs, and I literally can't envision a plausible scenario for how OT in Game 7 would play out.
  14. Caps with 34 goals and counting in last 6 games. Doing some Globetrotter stuff right now
  15. Caps 3rd and 4th line are killing it. Forechecking is producing goals. Trotz has this team playing really good hockey