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  1. As a Ravens fan, I've been very perplexed by how few passes they have been throwing to RBs this season. Maybe teams are crowding the line to try to take away the run so when Lamar drops back to pass, the short areas are still pretty well covered? Not to mention that instead of scrambling and then dumping the ball off to a RB when the pocket collapses, that's when Lamar tucks it and runs. But I think the Ravens know they've gotten a little of balance and aren't handing off to RBs enough. No telling what will happen vs the Patriots, but after that game I wouldn't be surprised moving forward to see them try to get back to running Ingram a lot more.
  2. John Carlson leading the NHL in points - worth mentioning. His passing has been unbelievable this year, I swear it looks like Backstrom with some of the assists he's dealing. Obviously won't last, but he looks like he's made a jump and is playing at a different level than before.
  3. Well that was as much fun as I can remember in a non-Pittsburgh regular season win since maybe the night Baltimore closed down Texas Stadium. With 199 yards rushing, Ravens down slightly from their 205 ypg average. Since Lamar took over at QB, they're now 11-3 in the regular season, and 2 of the losses were by one score at KC (including one in OT). The other, of course, was that home stinker vs Cleveland earlier this year. In those 14 games they have 3,036 yards rushing. The 14-game regular season record is 3,088 by the 73 Bills. I know it's already Lamar's team, but by the sound of the vets, he's now commanding the entire show in a way he hadn't yet done - convincing Harbaugh to go for the TD on 4th and 2 from the 8 was a big part of that. Amazing he's only 22. It is going to be fascinating to see what Belichick cooks up in a couple weeks to try to stop him. I think he'll put 8 in the box, bracket the TE and play man on the outside, forcing Lamar to make contested throws to WRs. Hopefully Hollywood is back and healthy. Also, Suggs now has 5 sacks on the season, tying him at #9 on the all-time list with HOFers Richard Dent and John Randle at 137.5. His next ties him with DeMarcus Ware at #8 and the one after that moves him into a tie at #7 with Jason Taylor. Strahan is #6 at 141.5 and then there's no way he reaches Chris Doleman at #5 with 150.5. I think he's pretty clearly a HOFer at this point, and getting into the top 6 might make him first ballot material.
  4. Lamar said he had to change his cleats twice. Knew he had to go back to his original cleats when he got caught by a linebacker.
  5. That might have been the most cheat code thing he’s done all day
  6. See you in Baltimore on Sunday Night in two weeks after the bye, Patriots Can’t wait to see how BB schemes vs Lamar
  7. Ravens haven’t had the ball in forever. Thanks to pick 6 this will be Seattle’s third straight possession
  8. Feeling like Marty M back on the headset with no called runs there
  9. First time Lamar looking a little frenetic Late hit there
  10. This challenge is a joke. The WR hand his hands on the CBs facemask
  11. LOL at Stockton’s boothmates totally disagreeing with him on the flag
  12. How is that definitely roughing the passer? Chest to chest hit didn’t take him to the ground
  13. D needs to show up now. Get Averett out of single coverage on the outside
  14. First part of Lamar run was excellent but cutback from the sideline for 20 more yards was amazing