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  1. I love Austin, but UT is too big for my kid and probably a little further from home than comfortable. We're looking in that 6000-8000 undergraduate range, ideally. UVM keeps cropping up in our discussions. We lived in Burlington for 7 years before moving to Baltimore and we still love it, have friends there. But I do about it being too many NJ/NY potheads and skiers. And it's good for environmental science, which is a big interest. So we'll see.
  2. I liked Pitt a lot. Nice campus in its own right but also in the midst of a nice neighborhood in a great city. It did feel somewhat under resourced to some schools - especially compared to such a richly endowed school like Richmond. Also felt like the best schools were some of the professional things like Nursing, Physical Therapy and Engineering that aren’t a fit for my bookworm literary kid. But computer science could be a very good fit. A very intriguing place but just not right for us
  3. Congratulations! It's still early days for us (son is a junior) but so far American is the only school he's definitely applying to. Can't remember if I posted this or not, but our Pittsburgh trip ended up ruling out both Pitt and Carnegie Mellon. That morsel of info cost us about $500 - hotel, gas and tolls, meals. We had our first meeting with his college counselor yesterday, went pretty well. Kid goes to a very progressive private school that doesn't have class rank, academic awards (like Headmaster's List) or AP courses - though a lot of kids will take AP exams at the end of junior year to burnish their academic profile. So I had absolutely no idea where he stacked up - overall unweighted GPA is an A- but I had no idea if that was good, medium or bad. Turns out it's pretty good, but not great, particularly because as a humanities-focused kid, he hasn't taken the accelerated Math/Science track which is apparently the only way (other than self-studying and taking APs) a kid at this school can set himself apart. So coming from that kind of progressive, every-kid-is-special kind of institution, I was pleasantly surprised at the counselor's pragmatic assessment of his chances. She said if he scores around a 1400 SAT (which should be possible based on PSAT) then he should generally expect to rule out schools that accept <20% of applicants, reach in the 20-30% range, match in 30-40%, and likely at schools with admit rates higher than that. He really wants a city school, so I think right now we're looking at Match/Reaches with American, Emory and maybe Richmond. Anyone know anything about University of Rochester or Macalester? Those were a couple of city schools the counselor mentioned. Macalester seems really good but maybe too small (and far from home). We need to figure out Boston, too. My wife was born and raised there and my mother-in-law still lives there so both my kids felt it was a little too familiar. But Northeastern and BU seem like reasonable targets, and maybe even Brandeis.
  4. Here's something from last year - it's not quite the same as your exact situation @Sweet Love but it can probably be revised to work.
  5. From the Boston U website: When will I receive my admission decision and how? BU will send you an email when a decision is posted on the MyBU portal. Decisions are posted as follows: Early Decision: No later than December 15 Early Decision 2: No later than February 15 Regular Decision: Late March to early April From BC: Regular Decision applicants will be notified of their admission decision no later than April 1. From Bentley: Decision notification date late March They don't have a backlog, they haven't made their decisions and reached their notification date yet.
  6. Lol - absolutely from Mom. I was getting ready to give him a ride over
  7. Grohl's niece lives in Baltimore and used to have a crush on my son in 8th or 9th grade. One summer we were down at the Delaware shore the same week as her family and she invited my son over to hang out. He didn't like her and said no, but then she said Dave was staying with them and they could meet if he came over. So he thought about it but ultimately declined because he'd feel bad about accepting her invitation not to see her, but only to meet her rock star uncle. I told him she knew what she was doing when she put the bait out there, but also respected his stance.
  8. For Baltimore, it's hard to go wrong with Ray Lewis and Ed Reed, but it's tough to leave off Jonathan Ogden who is legitimately in the discussion as one of the best Tackles of all time, just as Lewis and Reed are in that discussion at their positions. It's been said before, but the Ravens had a pretty good draft in 96 when they picked up two first ballot HOFers who are both in the Top 5 all-time at their positions, maybe Top 3
  9. Saw The Connells last week. They ended it with "Fun and Games" which is a song I associate so completely with the year 1989 - not sure why they were playing Baltimore and Richmond on a 2-stop mini tour but there are rumors of a new album coming out this year Seeing Tommy Stinson of The Replacements this Friday in a brewery that accommodates about 50 people, so that should be fun. Other 80s tunes: See a Little Light by Bob Mould Crash - The Primitives Just Like Honey - Jesus and Mary Chain I could go on and on and on and my kids will tell you I do
  10. Lol. I would literally avoid him at the polls on Election Day because instead of courteously asking for your vote, he’d yell at you and tell you that you were corrupt if you voted for someone else. No exaggeration
  11. Pure Pop? You sound like a Burlington guy. In the 90s you’d see a dorky guy roller blading around downtown and it was Trey. And Bernie was a guy you’d cross the street to avoid. I’m a supporter but such a strident and abrasive personality For me, it’s Clinton when he was President and came to an event I organized at the DC foundation where I worked Also, to my dismay, I was pretty close friends with Tucker Carlson in college. Let’s just say he’s always been libertarian when it comes to drug legalization
  12. Not to hijack my own semi-hijack of this thread, but I'll admit it's been a challenge giving him advice about what kind of career path to follow. He doesn't feel like he needs to get rich, just make a decent living, and do something that might help better society. All his friends are pursuing McKinsey and the other management consulting firms like the Holy Grail and he has zero interest in that. And he's not a software or engineering guy, or a math/quant finance guy. CIA/NSA is out because of his political beliefs, State Dept. for the same reason now that it's been so degraded. Higher ed seems like the right fit to me, but he has zero interest in going for a PhD and knows the academic job market is a disaster. As is journalism. I guess if there's a field that most appeals to him, it's translation but we're not sure what kind of careers that offers. To him, the law at least holds out the promise of intellectually stimulating work with the chance of positively impacting society. And it seems like there could be some potential for translation or otherwise putting his language skills to use.
  13. Ovechkin with 0 shots through 2 periods, scores a natural hat trick in about 6 minutes in the 3rd 14 goals in last 7 games. Now at 40 for the season, 698 for the career
  14. I didn't realize any Top 14 schools gave scholarships - very good info @Instinctive thanks for the link. My sense is that my son and you think in similar ways - and those tips on how to analyze what you're getting wrong so you can identify and correct the errors will completely resonate with him. He actually likes taking standardized tests - they're like puzzles to him and he enjoys breaking them down until he can see how they've been constructed by the puzzle maker and know how to solve them. That's why I think he's not unlikely to enjoy law school either. But you make a good point about enjoying law school and enjoying practice being such different things. All the more reason I think the comments about going for scholarships > rankings are very helpful. If he can get through with minimal debt, then he'd be far less constrained in the kind of job he'd need to land afterward to make it financially viable.