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  1. Houston curb stomped us down there too. Reminds me of what the Royals did in the 2014 ALCS - these O's are slow and ponderous sluggers, not built to compete with fast, athletic, high OBP teams. That line drive Crush booted in rightfield was very revealing - guy shouldn't be out there in the first place, but what else are they going to do? Strasburg might strike out 15 guys tonight. Will be up to Bundy to bounce back from his bad outing last time. Doubt anything good is going to happen.
  2. That was some hell of a 5-5 road trip. Heading out, I thought 6-4 was a best case scenario (2-1 vs. COL, 3-1 vs. OAK, 1-2 vs. SF) so 5-5 is fine. But to go 5-5 after dropping the first 3 in Oakland was pretty great. Sure is easier to win games when Trumbo hits HRs than when he doesn't. Great pennant race shaping up, though Toronto is very legit. Should be a fun homestand coming up.
  3. Two nights a row I stayed up to watch O's score a total of 3 runs. Going to bed early tonight, so look for an offensive explosion. Truly great Baltimore sports moment last night when some people in Rio obviously yelled the "O" loud enough during the anthem for Phelps to hear. He burst out laughing during the medal ceremony. Couldn't hear it on TV, but his reaction and where it came during the anthem made it clear that someone did it.
  4. Here's a truly fantastic interview with David Simon about how Baltimore got to Freddie Gray
  5. Here's the link to the DOJ release: at the end of the text, the first link "BPD Findings Report" takes you to a pdf of the full report.
  6. Serious question - do you plan to read the DOJ report? I totally understand if you don't, but I'm not going to argue your opinions vs. the facts as reported by the Justice Dept. Things like: And I now realize I grossly understated the frequency of police harassment. Finally, this might be my favorite. If a sergeant is ordering civil rights violations and lies DURING A DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE RIDE ALONG, what goes on when no one is watching?
  7. Here's the link: Baltimore had 2,962 officers and 380 employees, which includes "common civilian positions as dispatchers, clerks and correctional officers." My point is Baltimore has plenty of Police, but too many terrible police officers and a rotten police culture.
  8. DOJ report: 300,000 stops in 5 years. But only 3.7% of stops result in citation or arrest. That's 288,900 people hassled for nothing over 5 years. Almost 58,000 a year, 158 people every day. Yeah, why did Freddie Gray run when he saw the police, I can't imagine.
  9. Baltimore already pays almost $500 million per year for police (as compared to $256 on education, though the state kicks in almost another $1 billion for education, but 0 for police). Baltimore is #5 in the country for police per resident, with 53.4 police per 10,000 residents. They are spending enough, and have enough police. It's just that the police, as the Justice Dept. says, "view themselves as controlling the city rather than as a part of the city." That makes sense, because 79% of the police don't live in Baltimore. Finally, for everyone who was all over me for saying that the police precipitated the confrontation that led to the riots, the DOJ noted "aggressive interactions frequently escalated situations and, at times, led to the unnecessary use of force."
  10. The whole report is a horror show. Here's just one typical example. Our interactions with BPD officers and review of the Department’s documents confirmed many of the accounts we heard from members of the public. Our review of the Department’s own incident reports, for example, revealed numerous instances in which officers spoke in an unnecessarily rude or aggressive manner when interacting with suspects, witnesses, and the general public. And, as described previously supra, these aggressive interactions frequently escalated situations and, at times, led to the unnecessary use of force. Interviews with BPD officers throughout the chain of command also revealed that officers openly harbor antagonistic feelings towards community members. We found a prevalent “us-versus-them” mentality that is incompatible with community policing principles. When asked about community-oriented problem solving, for example, one supervisor responded, “I don’t pander to the public.” Another supervisor conveyed to us that he approaches policing in Baltimore like it is a war zone. A patrol officer, when describing his approach to policing, voiced similar views, commenting, “You’ve got to be the baddest MFer out there,” which often requires that one “own the block.” Officers seemed to view themselves as controlling the city rather than as a part of the city. Many others, including high ranking officers in the Department, view themselves as enforcing the will of the “silent majority.”
  11. Glenn Greenwald just tweeted that Snowden is fine
  12. I feel like Trump really is a textbook narcissist. If I were Hillary, I would have a team of top psychiatrists telling me exactly what buttons you can press on a narcissist to elicit extreme over-reactions. Mr. Khan waving the Constitution at Trump and calling him out for not having read it, telling him he never sacrificed, was great but something I feel like they lucked into. With a little psychological profiling, I think they could get a reaction like that out of Trump every week. Rolling out Bloomberg and Buffet to make fun of his business acumen and lack of status as a real billionaire would be good - they did a little of that, but didn't do enough to put him on tilt. Also maybe bring out an ex-girlfriend to talk about him being bad in bed or something. Sadly, it looks like they're limiting his access to Twitter. Bunch of boring stuff now, hyping campaign appearances.
  13. How have those Republican friends made out under Obama's policies? What high taxes has Obama imposed? What large government spending or program has any Republican cut? The Republican Party is now a white nationalist party. The Democratic Party is a Wall Street party that is culturally liberal, but nothing else. In fact, its hawkish foreign policies are being embraced by the neoconservatives and Henry Kissinger. What appeal Trump has to the non-crazies is his economic populism. He is actually speaking up more for impoverished, unemployed Americans than the Democrats.
  14. 25-year-old that likes older men? Telling you she wants to spend the night on the first date? Fake. Move on. But also agree, you're not there to be texting pals. Get to a phone call right away, or forget it.
  15. This is really scary. Inside a restaurant during the flood, you see in real-time how fast it becomes a life-threatening situation. When the guy yells "There's people in the water" it gives me chills. We were at Union Brewing's 4th Birthday Bash, under the JFX by the Pepsi sign. My friend's car got completely submerged in the Meadow Mill parking lot and is totaled. One person's car got washed down the Jones Falls and still hasn't been found - so he can't file an insurance claim yet.