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  1. Grant Hart, drummer and co-founder of Husker Du. Not as famous as Bob Mould, but helped make some of my favorite music ever
  2. Minnesota just has such an easy schedule. I'm actually harboring more of a secret hope of catching the Yankees... Watching this team, I think they would actually be a serious threat if Davis or Trumbo would heat up. Also wondering if they will bring Pedro Alvarez up from Norfolk on Sept. 1. He has been raking down there all year. Would love him as LH power threat, but he's not on the 40-man roster, so somebody would have to get bumped. I doubt they'll bring up Catcher of the Future Chance Sisco, but I imagine they'd want 3 catchers on the expanded roster and it would be fun to have him. I wonder if Hardy will ease back into the lineup as a late-inning defensive specialist? Awfully hard to take Beckham out of the lineup now, but I get nervous every time a ball is hit his way.
  3. Since not getting traded at the 7/31 deadeline, Manny has 12 HRs and 36 RBI in August with an OPS over 1.000. He has to be AL Player of the Month. Sometimes the best trades are the ones you don't make. Buck has a real dilemma with Tillman now. The extra day rest that the 6-man rotation provides really helps Bundy and I think Gausman too - but not sure how many more times you can run Tillman out there. He just can't compete. After all the lean years, it's still so great to have meaningful September baseball.
  4. If they can go 3-3 over the remainder of this West Coast road trip, I would be thrilled - especially if they take 2 of 3 from Seattle and pick up a game on the Wild Card leader. None of the Wild Card contenders are separating themselves right now, that's for sure. Bats are coming around, particularly if Trumbo contributes now that he's back from the DL. Davis got the night off last night and Mancini stepped up with 2 HRs - Davis needs to start swinging a better back or he'll be getting more nights off. I don't think they have enough to make the playoffs, but they would be a team you don't want to see in a one-game playoff because of all their bullpen arms. Strangely, I didn't disagree with their trade deadline moves. The only way you deal Britton or Manny this year is if someone gives you an Erik Bedard-style haul. Because of Manny's early struggles and Britton's injury, I don't think they were getting anything close to those kind of offers. So you keep this core together and go for the one last shot in 2018 - and if it's not happening next July, you can still trade those guys and maybe get more for them, if they're both in better form than they are now. But next year is the end of the line for this mini-golden era. Buck will retire, Manny and Britton will be gone, followed by AJ the following year. And it will be time to build around Schoop, Mancini, Bundy and Hunter Harvery, etc.
  5. Wow, somehow never heard of that movie but now really want to see it.
  6. Heading to Lewes on Sunday for a week. Will make it down to Funland in Rehoboth once or twice, hopefully the kids have finally aged out of the waterpark at Jungle Jim's. Both towns are really nice for a lazy old man like me. When I was a kid, I'd spend my entire summer with my mom's parents at their island cabin in New Hampshire. Swimming, fishing, sailing, canoeing - they actually filmed On Golden Pond there. By the time I was 12 or so, I'd be bored out of my mind by mid-August. At that point, my parents would come pick me up, and then we'd go for a week at the beachfront condo my dad's parents rented at 47th Street in Ocean City, MD. It was 1981, and I would go wild - waterslides, mini golf, arcades, go karts, candy shops, you name it. My brother and I would spend hours on the boardwalk. Being there made my mom's skin crawl, and I always thought she was so boring and lame. Now Ocean City makes my skin crawl, too, and I'm celebrating not going to the waterpark. Still like mini-golf, though.
  7. As someone who went to Trinity in its coke-fueled Preppy Handbook heyday, this makes me laugh. Trinity was founded by Episcopalians in the 1800s but has no religious affiliation. When i went there, it was the landing place for the kids from northeastern private (especially boarding) schools who had high SATs but who underachieved on their GPAs. In other words, a lot of rich, smart people who liked to party. They're definitely trying to change that - by recruiting smart, hardworking kids like Newly Retired's - but the code of conduct is still pretty loose, as I understand it
  8. The Stanford laundry thing isn't accurate. All washers and dryers on campus are free, and you can even get email notifications when a machine is available or your wash is done, but kids still have to do it themselves. Hope you have a great week. I really enjoyed the time I spent with my son looking at schools. Timed it so we were able to grab a burger and (for me) a microbrew in every college town we visited across the northeast.
  9. I'd say this is very good advice. Just remotely knowing a Board of Governors guy isn't going to do much - particularly if the guy has literally never met your kid. But, if your kid truly meets the profile of accepted Duke students and it is her top choice then she should apply there early, and having the BOG guy drop a note to Admissions saying that Duke is her first choice and she would be a great fit, etc., can help. NOTE: none of this will help if she isn't qualified to get in. But if she is qualified, it could be enough to tip her over into the admit category. The real takeaway from this is the huge advantage that applying early confers. As noted above, schools are filling 50%+ of their freshman class with ED applicants. The Regular acceptance rates are astonishingly low. But the ED advantage only works if your kid meet or (even better) exceeds the admitted student profile. This year, more than ever, it paid to be strategic with your ED choice. If you applied to a reach school, you probably wasted your best bullet and didn't get in. But if you applied to a match school ED, you moved to the front of the line and were accepted. The other grim reality is that there are certain schools that are legitimately a reach for just about everyone - it's hard to call a school like Duke a match, even if you do match their admitted student profile. My kid's experience was that if you're that highly qualified, every school is either a reach or a likely.
  10. Yeah, NewlyRetired might not want to plug in the numbers for Trinity. #5 in the entire country for Median Household income at $257K. And #1 in the country for highest share of Top 1% kids in the country - 26% come from families that make $630K or more! So 1 out of every 4 kids is a 1 percenter. But they mostly keep to themselves - even as those poor kids whose families make only $250K per year try to cozy up to them.
  11. My kid is returning from his year abroad on a State Department scholarship, and I can pick him up at 8 pm on Thursday from his hotel in Foggy Bottom. Am thinking I'll drive down and get parked by 4, then kill time, starting with a visit to the Renwick (my wife's favorite museum). Any thoughts on a decent, casual place to eat around 6 p.m. between the Renwick and Foggy Bottom? Was kind of thinking about the grilled cheese place GCDC, but am open to any/all suggestions. We haven't seen him since he left for Morocco in September, so I think my wife is going to be ready to start stalking the hotel an hour or so before we're supposed to be there.
  12. The high school controls the "privacy" mode, not the colleges. A lot of times what that means is that so few people from your kid's school have applied there recently that it would be easy to figure out who was who. Or sometimes, there's an athletic recruit at one of those schools - and when you see someone with terrible stats get accepted, you can immediately deduce who the athlete is and know what their scores/grades were.
  13. Now we now that the Curse of the Caps is stronger even than the power of Mr. Game 7. Still wonder what would happen if the caps and a Boudreau team ever met in a Game 7.