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  1. LOL at Baltimore being the one city that has to be defended for why it's on anyone's list
  2. I've lived in upper middle class white Baltimore for 20 years and I can't think of a better place to have raised my kids. It's pretty much the most affordable place to live between Washington and Boston, enabling us to have a quality of life we probably couldn't have achieved anywhere else and still had proximity to family. We live in a great neighborhood that's about 15 minutes from work for both my wife and me, and 10 minutes from my 16-year-old's school (the older one is in college). But we're looking to get out of here in 5 or 6 years, once we finish taking advantage of our employer's college tuition benefit for our kid. City government essentially no longer functions, with crime getting worse every year. We have the means to insulate ourselves from it (so far) but I don't feel good about capitalizing on what is essentially a segregated society here. And who knows how long until crime touches us? Before the uprising four years ago I never felt that way. But things have gotten dramatically worse since then, and neither the police nor the government seem to have any answers. As a big fan of Baltimore it pains me to admit that, but it's true. Also, after two decades, it's just time for a change. We'll be mid-50s when our younger son graduates from college, and we want to make one more move before retirement time.
  3. Is this a good time to bump this thread? I feel like maybe it is. Have to say, the last 7 years have shown us that increased upheaval in Europe and unprecedented political mudslinging seem not to be a significant factor in stock market losses after all.
  4. Author of this book is about to be interviewed on NPR's "Fresh Air" by Terry Gross
  5. Search for Pentagon City Metro on Twitter. There's a waterfall inside the elevator
  6. Don't know that I've ever seen a Monday morning rush hour quite like the one this morning. In addition to the usual stuff around Rock Creek Park, I'm hearing about multiple trapped cars on the Clara Barton Parkway.
  7. Yeah, there was a very top student from my kid's school who was a Princeton lacrosse recruit. They actually told him to drop a couple of really hard classes his senior year because he was already admitted and they wanted him to finish with a 4.0 so that his GPA could help balance out the much lower GPA of another lacrosse recruit. The school wasn't too happy about it, but he did it.
  8. It is the best available source to give you a realistic assessment of how your kid stacks up to his peers when it comes to admission. But don't take Naviance as the absolute gospel. You can never tell when someone is a legacy, or athletic recruit, or is from an under-represented ethnic background. All of that being said, it is an incredibly helpful tool. From my son's school, it was fun (and easy) to deduce which X on the scattergram represented various recruited athletes. A kid who got into Yale had a 3.3 GPA, 1300 SAT - he went on to be a four-year starter there in football, which left me thinking those must be the very bottom academic credentials for Ivy League football and basketball recruits (with recruits in other sports probably having to score higher).
  9. Excellent new book in this topic, “In Pain,” out this week from a Johns Hopkins bioethicist who became opioid dependent after a motorcycle crash: Makes a compelling argument for a new medical speciality that helps people wean themselves off opioids after they’re no longer needed, or to help manage long term use if they’re needed for chronic pain. Basically they’re a medicine like any other, but there’s no one overseeing their use in patients. Surgeon sends you home with 30 after a surgery or whatever, and there’s no one tracking your use or helping make sure you step down in a responsible way that manages pain while avoiding dependence
  10. Victory!
  11. This game has powerful NFL preseason Week 4 energy
  12. Gettysburg is don’t miss. Downtown DC can get pretty crazy but you can book advance tickets for the National Archives. Seeing the actual Declaration of Independence and teaming that with a trip to Independence Hall in Philly is pretty cool. And the Air & Space annex at Dulles Airport is less crowded than downtown and pretty amazing. The Enola Gay? Come on. I’m a big fan of Ford’s Theatre. Great little museum in the basement, and again you’re walking in the literal footsteps of history. Yorktown, Williamsburg and Jamestown form a nice little visit, but for your first big foray, I second the advice above and say Mount Vernon/Monticello combined with DC, Philly and Gettysburg are the places to start.
  13. Made it through the pre-screen then had a Skype interview w the search firm yesterday that didn’t go all that great. They apparently have a ton of applicants-my experience is a pretty good but not perfect fit. And I have to be honest that yesterday’s conversation left me wondering if I really want to deal with a lot of what this gig entails as my current job is pretty chill. I guess I’m left hoping I get through to the in-person interview stage but won’t be too bummed if I don’t. Should hear in a couple weeks and am just going to forget about it until then.
  14. I had my tonsils out when I was about 35. It was very painful. The only time I could stand the pain of swallowing was soon after taking the hydrocodone as prescribed. I ate mostly Ramen for the first week or so. The pain actually got worse after the first day or two, because the doc had given me some IV painkiller during/immediately after surgery. Once that wore off, it was pretty rough for a few days. I also used bags of frozen veggies on my neck, on the outside of the surgery site, and that helped. I didn't enjoy the hydrocodone at all, and I've been known to enjoy just about any substance I could ingest. It made me feel dizzy and nauseated, basically like I was carsick, plus constipation. I absolutely needed it to get through (I even had to ask my doc to call in a refill) but was very happy to get off it as soon as the pain allowed. I think you're very wise to keep an eye on weaning her off, but don't be stingy with the meds in the short-term. You don't want her to suffer needlessly and you want her to eat, which she might not if it hurts too much to swallow. The good news is that having tonsils removed made a huge positive difference in my health. I went from getting full-blown strep throat every time I caught a sniffle to literally not getting sick one time for the better part of a decade. That's worn off a bit now, but I still only get something once or twice a year vs. every 4-6 weeks like I did before.