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  1. Guess we'll have to agree to disagree. My point is that the riot started when the police confronted the kids. It wasn't like a riot was ongoing and the police happened upon it. We'll never know, but I genuinely believe that if the police hadn't shown up for a confrontation, it's not like a bunch of teenagers would have started rioting. I know you believe differently. The only comparison I can make is what happened during the curfew that followed. Every single night, there weren't any problems all night long -- until curfew time rolled around, and suddenly there was a heated confrontation that always made me fearful things were going to explode again. Nobody can dispute that things have been very civil ever since, even as all the verdicts came down. I think that's great and credit both sides with recognizing that a peaceful protest is a positive thing, and that it shouldn't be assumed by anyone that such gatherings will devolve into unrest.
  2. Except that this is not true. High school students have to go to the bus/metro stop at Mondawmin every day to go home. On this day, they went to go home and were prohibited from accessing public transportation. So they were stuck and walled off by police in riot gear. Guess they should have called Uber! By the way, the Baltimore Police also said that day that gangs were going to target them: That turned out not to be true. Oh, and Baltimore Police said 2 weeks ago that gangs were going to target them: That turned out not to be true. Notice a pattern?
  3. I'm the biggest fan of living in Baltimore, and I find it irrefutable that increasing crime is an unbelievable problem in Baltimore right now. After the Freddie Gray indictments, the cops stopped policing. The Mayor was political toast after the riots and her decision not to run for re-election initiated a 2-year lame duck period where she has completely abdicated her leadership responsibilities as she pursues her next job. So appropriate that she was gaveling in the Democratic Convention and leading the Roll Call while the dropping of charges was going down at home. And now the police and top prosecutor are at war with each other. Violent crime is rampant in Baltimore and I don't see it getting better soon.
  4. You seriously have no idea what happened here that day. You might ask yourself why there was no riot in the days between his death and funeral, and why there has been no riot since, and not even a hint of unrest as all the police acquittals have come down, to the point that nobody even imagined there would be concern for trouble yesterday with the dropping of all charges. So what was different about that day, which had been proceeding peacefully during Gray's funeral and in the hours that followed? The Baltimore Police trapped hundreds of kids in a confined area, closed off their only access to transportation home, and then precipitated a confrontation.
  5. For starters, I'm in no way surprised that there has been absolutely no civil unrest in Baltimore since the initial uprising last April. For the first couple verdicts, national media gathered and eagerly awaited more riots (remember MSNBC broadcasting 16-month old footage of the riots with a "Breaking News" caption?). They left disappointed. And now, with all charges dropped, there are again peaceful protests but absolutely no fear over unrest. In addition to the loss of a man's life, the other great shame of this entire situation has been the riot that the Baltimore Police absolutely incited. The other shame is that thanks to Mosby's egregious incompetence, no one will be held accountable for Freddie Gray's death. Should anyone have been charged with second degree murder in this case? Of course not. Should all the cops who arrived late on the scene and assisted in securing him have been charged with false imprisonment. No. But I am a believer in the USA, and that means I don't believe an American citizen, standing on the street of his own neighborhood, should go into police custody and come out dead, with no one held accountable. I believe there was criminal negligence that resulted in Gray's death. Mosby covered herself in shame yesterday, with a slightly unhinged diatribe against the Baltimore Police for sabotaging her case. And yet, when she was grabbing headlines when handing down indictments, she specifically said these charges were based on her own office's investigation. So now the city's chief prosecutor and the Police are in a war. Meanwhile, Baltimore just hit 30 murders for the month, a figure that hadn't been reached since the late 90s, but has been commonplace since last April. Know how many cases Baltimore Homicide has cleared this year? Less than 25 percent. It's a very unfortunate situation. But I am at least heartened that Baltimore's residents are expressing their dissatisfaction with the system in legal, appropriate manner.
  6. Bernie saying this election is about his campaign platform. Also using speech to tie Hillary to policy positions she has never actually voiced her support for
  7. Seems like this night is a big home run for the Democrats. Michelle killed, Bernie got his people to hold their nose and back Hillary, Booker had a star turn. Warren was a dud and Paul Simon was sad, but who cares. Big step toward getting everyone to focus on beating Trump, even if they despise Hillary
  8. That Bernie commercial hits me in the feels so hard every time. Though it saddened me to see that Hillary coda tacked on to the end
  9. I LOVE the Bill Clinton reaction shots. I keep ascribing horndog thought balloons every time they show him ogling Michelle Obama
  10. Absolutely fantastic speech. Kind of turned me on when she said "lash of bondage" too
  11. Not to hijack this thread, but the spike in murders last year that Mayor SRB was entirely unable/disinterested in dealing with was catastrophic by pretty much any measure. Here are the numbers of homicides in recent years in Baltimore: 2005: 269 2006: 276 2007: 282 2008: 234 2009: 238 2010: 223 2011: 196 2012: 218 2013: 235 2014: 211 2015: 344
  12. From Trump's nomination speech: In our nation's capital, killings have risen by 50 percent. They are up nearly 60% in nearby Baltimore. And now they're rolling out the Mayor who oversaw this 60% increase in killings as the face of the Party's leadership. Probably not a big deal, but certainly another easy target for Trump.
  13. OMG, so they've replace DWS at the podium, with Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake, Secretary of the DNC. Pretty much the only thing America "knows" about her is that she sided with the rioters against the police last year (didn't actually happen like that, but that's what everyone says). She's so bad, she couldn't even run for re-election in Baltimore. And now she's the face of the DNC? They have no f'ing idea what they are doing.
  14. With the latest Harvey injury and the development of Arrieta and now even Gonzalez, you have to give the Orioles a FLASHING NEON WTF when it comes to developing pitchers. So frustrating. Gotta give credit to Tillman, though. A huge effort yesterday. He's 14-2 and the team is 18-3 when he starts - 15 games over .500. In games he doesn't start, they're a game under .500. Sounds about right. I'm going tonight - been showing up for Floppy Hat Night since I was 18 and had to beg the Memorial Stadium gate attendant to give me one, even though they're only for fans 21+. Will be interesting to see if Bundy handles his second start better than his first - going up against a very tough pitcher in Trevor Bauer, but the O's are inexplicably good at home, so maybe they have a chance. Kind of miraculous the Orioles emerged from that road trip 3-4 and are still very well-positioned if they can get some players back.
  15. I've heard that if you say no, they bring in the dog and make it "alert" on the vehicle, and now they've got probable cause anyway. Plus you've got an angry cop who thinks you're hiding something. I wonder what the percentage is of times a police dog has sniffed a car and not alerted, providing probable cause. Probably about 0%