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  1. That prayer to Moore aside, Teddy hasn’t looked sharp since coming back in
  2. But also why is he always on the sideline? Can’t think of any other owner who does that. Just stay off the field
  3. Showing Blank on the sideline is always the Falcons kiss of death
  4. Terrible defensive holding call. Just hate how everything is slanted in favor of the offense
  5. Missed PAT opens door to another horrific Falcons collapse
  6. Take the delay penalty and they’ll never expect you to fake
  7. Ball don’t lie. Falcons get the ball where they would have on the fumble
  8. So they can pull Robinson from the game for sustaining a helmet to helmet shot that the refs don’t flag?
  9. Very glad Jackson for CHI isn’t hurt but I don’t like his game. One of the least physical Safeties I’ve seen in a while.
  10. Rams are smart to play conservative and field position game. Hard to envision this Bears O scoring more than 10 points the rest of the night if you don’t turn it over or give them a short field