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  1. THE FOOTBALL OLIGARCHS LEAGUE I am (very) experienced Commish starting a new 16-team league that will test the limits of MFL in recreating the NFL GM experience. So salary cap, contracts, rookie draft, restricted free agency, EFAs, RFAs, Franchise Tags, contract extensions, salary cap manipulations, etc. If it's in the game, it's in THIS game. But there's more. I have also created a financial "game within the game" where teams compete for the highest profits. So that nice big contract you're giving to your best player will hurt your bottom line! You'll also make decisions about stadium improvements, debt levels, $ carry overs from year to year, and more. Half the annual prizes will go towards the best teams in on-field performance, and half to the teams with the best bottom line. I already have 13 owners chomping at the bit to start. Looking for 3 more. $50 dues (though that may be reduced by league vote as one of our first decisions). Here's the league: Be sure to look over the full rules at Reports -> Rules -> League Settings Email me at if interested
  2. So the DD zero'd out the projected points for Maclin and Pitta, yet it still tries to get me to take them high because of their ADP. This is annoying, especially since I've completely lost its helpful suggestions regarding position scarcity and relative value.
  3. Major highway construction in the Triangle is starting later this year and will continue for at least 3 years.
  4. :goodposting:Absolutely. Sounds like OP has enough flexibility to pull that off.I probably do. Why Asheville? I've heard it's pricing there. Is that true? Maybe a little. I just love the feel to that town. Great climate (especially in summer), lots of things to do (especially outdoors), great food, etc. If only there were more jobs there.
  5. My wife and I lived in G'boro for several years right after she got out of school. We weren't that thrilled at first but it really grew on us. After living in Durham for many years we're now in the process of moving back. That being said, if you're going to split your time primarily between Charlotte and Fayetteville then you should definitely check out Southern Pines as well as the Northwest suburbs of Charlotte. But if I could pick anywhere to live in the state, it would be Asheville.
  6. Congrats! What area of G-Boro? Hamilton Forest, just north of Friendly between Friendly Center and Guilford College. Kids will go to Sternberger elementary.
  7. So finally got an accepted offer on a house. I need to finalize with a lender Wednesday to get this ball rolling. I just want to put out the two offers I'm considering just to get y'alls input and verify that I'm on the right path. Offer 1: 3.375%, no points, $975/mo in principle and interest; $1440/mo overall incl. PMI, taxes, homeowners ins. Offer 2: 3.625%, $200 back to me, $1,006/mo in prin and interest; $1374/mo overall due to NO PMI So if I understand this right, the lender prepays the PMI and gives me back a couple hundred in exchange for the 0.25% bump in interest. I save $66/mo. over the other deal until the PMI falls away, at which point I'll be paying about $30 extra per month. I think I could be in this house somewhere between 5 and 10 years, 10 being the absolute max. I take Offer 2, no?
  8. What kind of terms are you guys getting for 5% down?Got 3.675% through BoA with no origination fee since I bank there.Best otherwise I was offered was 3.75%.
  9. There are new FHA rules coming, I believe one is that PMI payments will never expire. Make sure you factor them in if there is any risk of closing after the dates of when these get implemented.Yep. This is why even though we were eligible for FHA 3.5%, we went 5% down instead.And the amount of FHA insurance is going up starting April 1 as well.Plus, there's a 1.75% fee that's associated with a FHA loan, though that's rolled into the loan. But that means you only have 1.75% equity in the house to start.We've decided to go 5% down (at least) on a traditional mortgage instead of a FHA.The next question for us is to see if paying PMI is better than doing a 80/15/5 or 80/10/10 piggyback.
  10. Greensboro NC. My sister is a teacher at Jessie Wharton Elementary. GBoro is a nice little city, and close enough to Raleigh and Charlotte to remain vital.Oh yeah? We're looking at several houses in the Wharton school district. What does she teach?
  11. The wife and I have finally decided to buy our first home as we are moving back to Greensboro, NC. I was shopping the big banks as I haven't found a good source for reputable brokers and/or smaller banks. When I told the Wells Fargo lender that I banked at BoA, he tried to warn me off by saying that they never close on time. Based on this thread, he was probably talking more about himself. Also, y'all have succeeded in scaring the crap out of me.
  12. Us long-married guys need more detailed date stories here. We're trying to live vicariously through y'all, don't you know.
  13. What power? See, this is the sort of wild conjecture I'm talking about. All you have to do is study to political landscape to realize that Adelson could spend a billion dollars, and he couldn't win the election for Newt Gingrich. The public doesn't like Newt, so he's not going to get the nomination no matter how much money is spent. So what exactly is Adelson buying?It's working for RomneySomebody has to win the Republican primary. The fact that Romney is struggling so hard to close this out seems to argue against Dionne's hypothesis.I heard a figure this morning that I hope I can confirm somehow. NPR reported on Marketplace that 24 donors have funded 50% of the campaign donations to all the Presidential candidates. Somebody needs to check me on that though.Most of the speculation seems to indicate that Gingrich would not even be in the race had it not been for one donor that keeps dumping money in to his Super-PAC. Additional speculation has been that Santorum might be in the same position without the help of Super-PACs. This is going to cut both ways. Wealth is not exclusive to the GOP. I'm not exactly happy about concentrating more influence in the hands of the wealthy, but then what can you do. Maybe we should all just start our own super-PACs. Not the same story, but from USAToday: 25% of super PAC money coming from just 5 rich donors
  14. Not sure how that follows.I think he's trying to say that Romney has the most money and can't win this thing, so money <> electoral success. But of course if it weren't for the SuperPACs this thing would have been over long ago because they are singly keeping Santorum and Gingrich in the race. I personally like it when an eccentric billionaire backs an otherwise "minor" candidate in the race. '92 remains my favorite presidential election, and yes, I voted for Perot.