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  1. Did anyone else notice that Tomlin said LeVeon Bell has been in the meetings while suspended? I thought that wasn't allowed?
  2. He hasn't been bad, but most were expecting GREAT.
  3. Pheeww, thought you were talking about the pornstar.
  4. And WTF was going on with the mother being so calm. I'm the calm one between my wife and I, and I would've been going ####### nuts.
  5. What's even more scary to me about this whole situation is that there are people who actually believe that the gorilla's life was more valuable than the boy's. Euthanized the boy, and spare the gorilla? WTF? ####ttt parenting? Absolutely!!! But the kids was just being a kid.
  6. I guess it's just you and I, Homer. But this is a damn good show. I've been caught off guard by twists and turns in every episode.
  7. Not good...Gronk not in the game on that 3rd and 10.
  8. Anyone get credit on CBS? We have individual fumble recoveries.
  9. Chandler is definately an option if you're able to get, but in leagues with FAABs, that might be tough to do. Now with Chandler, the opportunity is there, but the Eagles have been very tough against TEs. Does that mean sit him? No, but know that the Eagles have been tough against TES thus far.
  10. Couldn't find a centralized thread, so here we go. We can't replace 100% of the production, but we have to find someone to give us a fighting chance. Options: Kyle Rudolph - I would think Seattle tries to do everything possible to limit AP, and force Bridgewater to beat them. But, I don't see Teddy challenging Sherman on the outside, and Wallace has been, well, Wallace. So that leaves Rudolph in the middle. And Seattle has actually given the 2nd/3rd highest ppg to TEs this year. Jacob Tamme - He's been getting decent targets with Hankerson being hurt, and Roddy slowing down. Hankerson didn't practice yesterday. I actually think this game has more shootout potential than Seattle/Minny, and I still trust Ryan slightly more than Bridgewater. Also Tamme had 100+ yards and his only TD of the year against Tampa. These are two guys I'm looking at as replacements. Who do you have?
  11. I'd rather Stevie Johnson.
  12. Couldn't put any weight on his leg. Start looking for a replacement.
  13. But aren't we chasing those week 3 points right now? And some of us are not just chasing those points, but also are losing out on better production HOPING that this is the week that Cobb regains his form. To me, winning in this hobby is the result of predicting production, which requires a player to have some level of consistency. Yeah Cobb could win you your week when he produces, but the consistency is just not there. Think Torrey Smith. There has to be a point where you would consider benching Cobb. I guess my point has come before yours.
  14. Just because we drafted him as a WR1, does mean he's a WR1. Right now he's playing as a WR3/4 weather we want to admit it on not. I've been starting him the last 3 weeks agreeing with your theory, but that didn't change his ACTUAL production. What about teams that drafted CJ Anderson or Jeremy Hill as thier RB1. Are they supposed continue to stick with those RBs just because of where they were drafted? I think not, if you have other options on the bench.You are reaching a little here.Explain?
  15. I don't think I'm looking for instant gratification. I'm looking for ways to outscore my opponent. And right now Cobb isn't helping me do that. I watched The Packers game yesterday and on most of the passing attempts, Cobb the 3rd read. Now does that have more to with his shoulder or just the scheme? I don't know, but I think ignoring the trends isn't a smart strategy.