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  1. We haven't yet, but I'm completely open to all options, as long as there's an app. What site are you familiar with?
  2. Looking to start a 10 Team dynasty league from scratch. As of now everything is wide open. Once I have another team on board, we could collaborate on rules, sites, fees, etc. Only thing I have right know is we would use Leaguesafe, pay a year in advance, and would like it to be QB superflex. Perfect opportunity to craft a league from the ground up.
  3. I have only lost two games all year. Normally, I would consider this a good season. Except that those losses came against the 2 worst teams in my league with their best players out. ???
  4. When I say "League Winners," Im talking of players who shift the balance of power of the league. Guys who are drafted later that turn a good team into a Juggernaut, or some sort of Death Star team. Think of the Kamaras or Adams Thielens of the world. Or for some of the older guys like myself, Preist Holmes or Arian Fosters. Here goes..... 1. Tarik Cohen - Just a super explosive playmaker. Maybe the best offensive option on the team. If this guy doesn't have at least 80+ catches and 100 carries, the Bears are doing it all wrong. 2. Corey Davis - Big, Big WR who can run all of the routes and also box out if necessary. Time to continue what was started at the end of last season between he and Mariota. And my darkhorse..... 3. Michael Gallup - Terrance Williams?!?! Allen Hurns?!?! Cole Beasley?!?! Geoff Swaim?!?! REALLY?!?!
  5. Regardless you need a TD. What difference does it make if you kick the field goal there.
  6. What's the rationale of going for the field goal there? Anyone?
  7. WTF is the deal with Mixon? Is he getting hit behind the Line on every play?
  8. What do you think about the prospects of Ted Ginn as a replacement for Odell Beckham if he doesn't play? Thanks Bloom.
  9. Coleman has never put it together in a live game. Early in camp, he was the talk of the team. But, in traditional fashion, when the games start, even if it is preseason, he's been no where to be found. I also haven't seen Sean Payton put a RB in the slot consistently enough to say that Cadet or Kamara is the play there. Which leaves Tommy Lee Lewis. The kid is super scrappy, lightening quick and has been making plays all over the field during the preseason. I think he's earned at least a shot to see what he could do.
  10. Deandre Hopkins, Alston Jeffery, Keenan Allen, Odell Beckham, and Marvin Jones all on the same team. Thought I was set.....