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  1. Rolled his ankle coming back to the ball on a catch. Hobbled/hopped off of the field. Will be very interesting to see how severe this is. Three weeks until opening day would seem to be enough time to recover, but ankles can be tricky, especially if it is a high ankle type sprain.
  2. Lot of interesting points there in the "Rick killed her" camp, but I'm failing to see a real motivation for him to kill Rosie. Obviously a lot can be expounded upon in six episodes however. And we don't know a ton about his character so the connections/motivations could end up being simple.
  3. I don't think they died in the plane crash, all that stuff did happen. It seems to me that the whole flash-sideways was in fact the afterlife and the purpose of it was for everyone to move on. Jack finally moved on and the scene in the church was well into the future after everyone of them had died. Of course, the dad said that time had no meaning or whatever. Or am I smoking the good stuff and am way off?I still think it would have been cooler if they all moved to the alternate world and the last scene was a close-up of the son and then his eyes turned black and we heard the smoke monster sounds. At least, the last scene wasn't Jack and Locke on the beach with Locke telling him how badly he wanted to kill him.THat first paragraph was how I took it as well. Specifically the line where Hurley tells Ben he was a good #2. Presumeably they both lived after the events depicted in island time in the finale, acting as Jacob and Alpert the next generation. Eventually they all died as well, but I don't think they died in the plane crash and both island and sideways reality occured post mortem. A lot to chew on as I fall asleep tonight.
  4. I think the reason that MIB/Smokey needs to kill Jacob to leave the island is that in drinking that blessed wine he "accepted" the duty of protecting the light, and therefore maybe if the protector of the light still lives, than someone who has been inside that light chasm can't leave the island/find peace. I found it interesting that Crazy Mom insisted that Jacob going down that hole would be "worse than dying". Perhaps she was referencing the damnation that awaits anyone who directly enters the light much like MIB has experienced.
  5. certainly some interesting parallels between Jacob and MIB's opening scene from last season's finale. Possible foreshadowing of the ending of the show?
  6. Although Widmore's "package" on the sub pretty clearly needed to be Desmond, I found myself surprisingly disappointed that it wasn't Walt. He needs to be relevant towards the summation of this storyline.
  7. on the biblical stuff with Jacob, Norwood/Esau and Rebecca. The first thought that popped into my head when Locke mentioned a "crazy" mother was Eloise Hawking. Perhaps that's too simple an answer at this point. Although we did see Eloise on the island in the 1950's and the MIB and Jacob seem to predate that by quite a bit.
  8. Maybe I'm missing something but what does Jin think telling Claire that Aaron is at the temple? Maybe trying to gain her trust so he can kill her? Doesn't seem like Jin to be lie just for the hell of it.
  9. Yea those ranking among others (Jonathan Stewart 26th? Jaamal Charles 42nd? Steve Slaton 11th?) THe fact that subscriber content contains that type of drivel is surprising. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on players obviously and in dynasty leagues especially these rankings are extremely fluid. That being said Norton should be ashamed of those rankings.
  10. It was interesting to hear Simms/Nantz discuss Rex Ryan comparing Greene to Michael Turner today during the broadcast, the comparison that got tossed around on this board and in the draft media was more of a Rudi Johnson (meaning a 3.9 YPC plodder type who could have 3 or 4 good fantasy season before whatever physical skills he had deteriorate). I've been very impressed by Greene in these playoff games. Not a top 10 dynasty RB going forward, but he certainly has rewarded my faith in trading Addai for him + 2010 1.6 in week 5 when he was rooted firmly on the bench.
  11. editor: here's the rest of my roster: PPR 1 point per 10 yards rushing/receiving. start 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE. I guess I could cut one of my end of the bench wideouts but I like most of those guys in terms of upside and they are more likely to potentially develop into fantasy starters than Leinart or Kolb. Appreciate your input. QB: Cutler, Ryan, Freeman, Leinart RB: Rice, Jacobs, Moreno, McFadden, Greene, Betts, Choice WR: Desean Jackson, Bowe, Boldin, Holmes, Berrian, Bennett, Mike Thomas, Andre Caldwell, Avery TE: Daniels, Z. Miller (OAK), Boss
  12. Question for you guys out there, I'm in a dynasty league with TD passes counting for 6 points and 1 point per 20 yards passing (needless to say the scoring is a bit QB heavy). First three QB's are Jay Cutler, Matt Ryan, and Josh Freeman. Not awful but not great either. I've had Leinart on my roster since the inception of the league in 2006 more for the circumstances surrounding him than any great belief in the talent he posesses. Kevin Kolb is on the waiver wire in my league, and I'm giving serious consideration to dropping Leinart for Kolb as I tinker with my roster as I run out the clock on a disappointing season. I would like some takes on this move. How does Kolb's upside compare to Leinart's? Will it take a change of scenery for Kolb to really get his chance?
  13. Do you have a link to where it's been reported that Cutler doesn't watch film/otherwise prepare? While obviously he didn't look very prepared last night, simply saying that "he isn't Peyton Manning" shouldn't be such an indictment. I'd venture a guess that very few NFL QB's are as meticulous as Peyton and plenty of NFL QB's seem to be doing all right for themselves.
  14. A Riggins line I liked, from when he was teaching Bo to fight. "Now start out with a hard left, maybe to the throat"
  15. Not my kid, but I coached my son's youth football team this year and we were working on a new play. I stressed to the eight year old right guard how there could be no penetration in the "A Gap" if the play wanted to succeed. Later in the practice I called the play and one of the other coaches asked him what his assignment was. His reply: Don't worry coach, I won't let anyone get in my A- H-O-L-E. We had to send the kids on a run to recover from laughing so hard