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  1. the CA shooting ... no security at the school ?
  2. he would demand a high $$$$ salary and I think NFL teams would rather invest in young talents for backup QB with way lest cost and circus fare
  3. ok fair enough, the OP's question was "should" ..... and I think they SHOULD be in nowhere near the way Trump is or how he executes his twittering
  4. you can disagree - but people have individual Rights as well as the rights they have as an elected official too what we CAN agree on I bet, is that Trump is a horrible communicator in that he is an antagonist, petty name calls, and in general is just an ##### in how he comes across
  5. It means he can use he personal Right to Free Speech on one forum (Twitter) and say what he wants .... and then in the seat of the Presidency he's supposed to be much better than he is ..... and say politically correct, presidential things
  6. we see the conditioning right now - color of skin is mentioned when crimes are white on black, but black on white crimes color of skin isn't mentioned other things too, the USA has exploded in its political correct crying the last decade it will not get better, it will get worse I've seen it on the forums here, people complaining about profiling and how it targets this or that .... point is, I don't think 20 years ago we'd have ever thought any country capable of a measure like this. Now we're seeing it
  7. good guy with gun stops bad guy with gun - again
  8. I can see liking one candidate far more than another inside a party ............. but I cannot imagine voting Democrat ever again because of their core values. I know there are a few people who toggle on the fence of liberal/conservative .... I'm guessing its very very few
  9. really? I'm surprised to hear that most voters see the party platforms and the core differences as the source of their voting, not a pretty face or good speaker etc right? am I wrong in that? you'd vote Kasich, who represents a pro-gun, pro-life, cut taxes part like the GOP over Sander/Warren/Biden ?
  10. I remember similar actions for political correctness if cameras catch a "black" man committing a crime, they cannot describe him as "black" .... because someone thinks that's racist I guess of course, we shouldn't call him "man" either though, that's gender specific and probably offends someone too right ? in the future, the police will be looking for "someone" who committed a crime - and that's all the details they have to go on
  11. it should really read GOP vs DNC the names are not important anymore are they ?
  12. a lot ? no, not a good idea but what Twitter can do, is free the Presidents voice from the White House and allow a means to communicate with the people directly Trump doesn't do it right IMO, but its a powerful tool social media
  13. as I understand it, 3rd parties use those votes to get campaign finance and notoriety and recognition for platforms etc - no, not a wasted vote in that respect
  14. again, not a prompted crowd rally or a political stunt or anything like that ..... if Trump ran naked across the field at a ball game? yeah, I can get behind fan's booing that ..... but no, the booing of a President in unison and prompted like that was not ok with me.
  15. hmmmm well its an action of the player in the game ... that's a bit different isn't it ? like applauding when a hurt player walks off the field on his own power, or booing when a Defensive player body slams a QB etc