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  1. sigh don't arguing this - it doesn't matter what happens with the deficit and/or national debt .... and that's the truth. Ya'll would use any excuse possible ......if right now this administration had shaved one trillion off, you'd be giving credit to Obama. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. the debt added is on Clinton, Bush, GW, Obama and now Trump and cut it any way you want, blame or credit anyone you want, the bottom line is on the POTUS at the time.
  2. South Africa deploys army to the streets of crime-ridden townships after a surge of murders, shootings and gang violence South Africa has pretty strict gun laws don't they ? my point is .... the criminals don't pay attention to laws - and the law abiding unarmed citizens are suffering so badly that the military is having to be deployed. Crazy huh ?
  3. quit spending money - there is the answer to the Govt overspending Tax cuts are great - and I've said all along decreasing national debt ONLY works when they spend less than they take - our Govt hasn't done that in decades blame Trump because he's sitting in the office yes - but as long as under his lead the deficit doesn't double like it did under Obama? that's a success
  4. yes I've traveled - I lived in Caracas for a while even very few people let strangers into their homes - its why most everyone has door locks, security fences, gated communities, alarm systems etc etc - to keep people we don't know OUT
  5. there is always going to be excuses for everything right now, we could say that the illegal immigration, Syria, ISIS and NK/Iran disasters Obama's 8 years left for Trump is a reason for spending? I mean its always something isn't it ?
  6. love being called a liar LOVE LOVE LOVE it
  7. Obama's 8 years added 9 trillion +/- right ... about 1.2 trillion a year ... almost double the national debt that was added by every other administraiton If Trump's years STAYS at 1.2 trillion a year? That's a massive success
  8. I'll link from everywhere because I read from ecverywhere so now that so know the above story is true - anti-gun South Africa using military because of the massive violence using guns problems .... what say you? hard gun laws should have equaled low gun violence right?
  9. 0 I don't know them, their background, their motives .... could be rapists, thieves, murderers .... I wouldn't let anyone like that in my house, around my family that I don't know.I'd be shocked anyone would
  10. cross reference - was the story real or not ? Fox is fringe news LOL .... I read news, from all sources, I try to check whats real and what isn't .... try it. Use that link ... try it I think you'll find FOX reported valid news. You dismissed it because of a weird liberal left Fox isn't real news thing .... which ironically, is fake news in itself !
  11. living in your own little echo chamber huh ? try it .... cross reference links/sites/news and see if CNN isn't reporting what everyone else is ............. if they're not? maybe you can self think why that might be news nowdays have agenda's ... Fox, CNN, USATODAY .... all of them IMO you have to look across the spectrum - find what's real, what's biased etc ......... and if CNN isn't reporting something many other outlets are? you better ask yourself why or you're allowing mind control
  12. you think its fake news? did you cross reference with anything ? now, CNN won't run these kinds of stories .... why do you think that is ?
  13. South Africa has tough gun laws
  14. research it - tell me what you find it'll take some time, and I won't be back for a few days .... tell me the top 5 countries people coming through the southern border are guessed to be from. Tell me what the definition of amnesty is and who would qualify. Tell me then in a logical and reasonable manner how they'd possibly qualify and THEN tell me the statistics on who actually DOES qualify when the proceedings are finished and how many don't even attend them etc. ya'll have a great weekend