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  1. some opinion from a liberal media outlet isn't proof of anything do me this - go to CNN and FOXNEWS and pull today's photo's of looting/riots and then tell me the following - are they wearing MAGA hats ? - what are their shirts saying? - what nationality are the ones coming out of the stores with tv's and appliances and clothes etc? in fact, break down the pictures with me, lets look at them, tell me what you see and if you come away thinking they are anything but 99% Democratic left voters and in no way, shape of form Trump voters / conservative I'll be shocked don't cherry pick - you and I both can find photo's on the internet to make a point (like the "undercover police" guy breaking windows the other night lol
  2. 99% of the rioters and looters and killing going on right now is being done by conservatives, GOP and Trump voters right ? you don't believe that, and I don't believe it and everyone knows there aint a MAGA hate wearing guy in any of the looting photos
  3. the left has been far more violent yes but in the Obama years it grew, the spawning of BLM and ANTIFA and the hatred continued to get worse and worse yes, under Trump has gotten worse too
  5. Floyd was a big man, a felon, committing forgery it appears, maybe resisting ... but the police officer committed a murder, his 3 non-white police buddies watched ... there should be and will be heavy penalties for that
  6. there were not Republican voters - that much it clear
  7. you mean with Reginald Denny ? we've not had a POTUS unite in a very long time - Clinton might have been the best at it ... Bush's wasn't, Obama wasn't, Trump isn't
  8. he said a bunch of words and nothing positive came from the little he did NOT do - Obama wasn't a uniter. Trump isn't a uniter it takes a real special person to bridge across the diverse landscape of America, I'd love to see a POTUS soon to do it
  9. he's the President - he could have done it and it WOULD have been impressive
  10. what happened under his leadership, under his administration and presidency is his to own he had 8 years to deescalate and yet here we are 3 1/2 years later, with maybe worse problems that I've seen in 25 years with the allowed violence/rioting/looting again, in almost every year, after Obama tensions were worse than before those 8 years
  11. I've been around 50 years ... I know what escalated in those 8 years and it was unbelievable
  12. it wasn't law abiding protesters that did it but hey, they're doing it for a good reason right? sorry ya'll are going through that - maybe there will be cracking down and not allowing looting/rioting/destruction tonight
  13. I've not seen it - reports of it yes, but actually seeing it ? no don't believe the media - they lie
  14. under Obama, the poor hated the rich, women hated men, urban hates rural, citizens hate police, Christian hates muslim, gay hates straight, left hates right .... Obama truly was the Great Divider ... there was NOTHING inclusive and nobody was brought together under him
  15. because making promises without condemning the violence is pretty lame and shows Biden's lack of leadership IMO