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  1. lets say 50 million American's own 100 million semi-auto rifles you ok with that right ?
  2. that's a reasonable thought, I don't disagree with it although with all the above comes better security etc .... risk/reward my point all along was most people have several lawyers of protection for their property and lives. that some of us want to have guns .... that's our constitutional right and if I want a handgun, shotgun or semi-auto rifle that's my business and my choices not -fish's or the radical liberal lefties of the world
  3. that's true to a degree .... you have people breaking in for valuables to sell for drugs, maybe even break in's looking for guns .... then you have some people who break in to rape and murder too. I mean there are many reasons I guess ... bottom line when these criminals come, when violence is there ..... who's going to stop them ? millions of incidents of assault and rape, attacks and thefts and break in's ...... just sit back and thank God we have signs and laws saying they can't do what they're doing ? i think we know that's not going to work, don't we ? rare is someone attacked because they're in the public eye .... I am curious if there is any proof wealthier people get robbed more? I don't know .... I'd actually say not since they afford better security but I dunno
  4. false the goal is NOT to reduce incidents at all ... the goal is to force violent people to use handguns and shotguns (by taking semi-auto rifles away)
  5. Columbine survivor ... that the media cold shouldered when they found out he's not for gun bans " "It's insulting and dangerous," he said earlier in the interview. "You're removing the means of protection for millions and millions of law-abiding Americans. I think his ban is misplaced. "It goes after the wrong people and it goes after the wrong issues," Todd continued. "The law-abiding citizens in this country aren't the problem. There's an element that is a problem. And I think we need to address the realities of mental health and other issues. And the reality is that there's evil in this world."" truth
  6. they can relabeled dilithium crystal powered phasers .... that doesn't mean they are "weapons of war" is another catch phrase Beto and the radical left are trying to coin ... of course, knives and handguns have always been used in war, Jeep's too ... ban all those? its ridiculous and many people just blindly follow along
  7. 2 of those are hunting rifles - always have been, they're not military, they're not assault, they're a winchester and a remington hunting rifle that have been used deer hunting for a long time. the other ... is the same caliber, shoots very much the same way and is also a solid deer rifle .... it just looks different those 2 hunting rifles are now "assault" and according to the liberal left needs banned - at least we're finally starting to see the honesty and the ignorance in what things are. The liberal left is trying to change definitions to fit their needs. -fish- has shown us that at least and Beto and the crowds saying ban and applauding at least we're seeing truth's now instead of lies
  8. click link tell me which is "assault" and which isn't and why I'll wait
  9. no I've possessed several guns I never used. I even had a boat once in my possession I never used. wrong again
  10. why would you have more security ? fear ?
  11. created by people - inaccurate and really silly if you think about it if there are "assault" rifles, then too must there be assault knifes, bats, hanguns, cars, hands etc which is it ?
  12. I'm not watching ... high targets, low catches ... are they bad throws or bad catches or ??
  13. sure I could - it'd be way better than nothing but against someone with a knife? not good against someone with a gun? really not good
  14. I disagree We can stop suckling violent people and say enough is enough - society can say we're not putting up with it anymore. Why can't we do that ?
  15. ok, there are no "assault" weapons ... any weapon can be used to assault people you do understand that right? if you don't, then quit posting, stay submersed in your little world and move on maybe? there are millions of semi-auto rifles out there - do you want to take them all , kinda like Beto has said? why or why not? because you know 60% of mass shootings are done with handguns, and if these crazies can't use a semi-auto rifle they'll use shotguns or handguns then what are you going to do ? ban all those ? maybe ban all guns is the agenda you follow? can you be honest and say it ?