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  1. my daughters boyfriend was shot and killed 8 weeks or so ago on a college campus - and media didn't cover it much, no BLM or ANTIFA showed up .. Lebron didn't talk about it, Doc Rivers didn't cry about it .. it wasn't news at all
  2. we don't know ow many died of H1N1 ... we didn't count the deaths the same and we didn't test people without symptoms Trump didn't give your sister in law covid-19 nor did Trump give it to the people I know ..... they contracted it from other people they were around who had it. They made choices. I did too when I was exposed. Trump had nothing to do with that.
  3. agreed and some players in the bubble didn't abide by the rules anyway - human nature so in that - it DID fail
  4. but they did not wear masks like the rules said - they did breach protocol
  5. personally I believe most people's bodies fight off covid-19 nicely then the majority who do get covid they are a bit sick but their bodies fight nicely a very small % of people their bodies do NOT handle covid-19 well because of existing conditions - those people need to be careful kinda like flu season
  6. on a national level no - a bubble is a silly idea and the players DID breach the rules - and nobody cares
  7. did you read that ? This protocol included regular testing for COVID-19 prior to and throughout the season restart, wearing a face covering or mask, and physical distancing to prevent an outbreak of COVID-19 from occurring. now click my link - nobody wearing masks ............... hmmmmmmmmmmm
  8. that's part of it - and accurate reporting too again - had Trump been dictatorish ya'll would have been unhappy with that - nothing he could have done would have matters and AGAIN ... where is the personal responsibility in the State / City and PEOPLE don't blame a guy 1,000 miles away for YOU getting close to people and getting infected with a virus - that's kinda on you .... don't you think ?
  9. super - spreading would be infecting thousands .... not dozens yes - NBA players tested positive, none of them got really sick or died to my knowledge. The NBA didn't stop the virus - shocking huh ?
  10. its true - you nor I know who Lebron has been around or Davis or Butler or any of them ... or the staff etc. chances are they're being careful - yet because they're healthy young people, they are not going to fear getting sick because it'd be a very rare case if they did reasonably careful - and they all threw caution to the side when they were accepting the trophy and having a celebration - that's their choice, not mine
  11. I hope they get her in today, tomorrow, this week .... do it, get it done, ram it through
  12. tested everyday - what does that mean? it means today - IF the test is accurate and we know they get a LOT of false positives .... it means that today you're ok. Tonight? You might become symptomatic - or tomorrow .. literally a person needs tested every single day, maybe twice a day to determine if they have covid .... forever until there is a vaccine are you asking for the White House to be shut down? Pelosi fined? what are you asking for with those comments ? how about we let people deal with covid like they want to .... NFL, Titans football team, NBA finals, White House etc ..... radical idea, I know