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  1. I don't like pardons with rare, rare exceptions and I very much dislike them the last few days of office
  2. I don't think Trump control's GOP anymore so - and probably LESS - that Obama controlled the DNC They do want their own as POTUS to sign / approve of course, partisan politics
  3. GOP controlled is still power that isn't Trump's to wield
  4. Day One of the Trump presidency yes, Democrats started talking impeachment. This is true They knew the end goal Day One of the next Democrat President, GOP needs to start talking impeachment or every months before. Do you agree?
  5. Trump has the same power Obama did ... I think the POTUS has more power after GW years because of 9-11 fallout but no, Congress still has real power
  6. now to be fair ... Democrats day 1 of Trump's presidency called for impeachment right ? that the end result is all that matters and just finding the means to get there ..... seems a bit premeditated doesn't it? Trump wasn't found to have done anything wrong with Russia nor with Ukraine nor with anything else so if the "reasons" for those witch hunts seem valid to you, I suppose that's fine..... which is why I said start looking for impeachable offenses for Bloomberg before November, get a jump on it, right ? actually any of them ... Buttigieg or Bernie or Amy ... get dirt on them all right now so if one gets elected, start moving towards impeaching in Jan 2021 isn't that what DNC did ?
  7. same reasons as with Democrats and Trump in 2016 - make a pledge day one to impeach him at some point I guess
  8. I decided to give Amy a look for the topics that are important to me none of what she proposes will have any real impacts - which is what I expected working people pay for everyone who doesn't work's insurance .... pro-abortion ... again what I expected "including automatically registering every 18-year-old in this country to vote" ........... notice it didn't say you had to be a US citizen I did some research here .... on her site and others .... I see nothing separating her from being just another Democrat clone. Nothing separates her. am I missing something ?
  9. I say the GOP gets in front of this now and starts planning impeachment of Bloomberg .....
  10. no Trump has not truth is, Bloomberg wasn't far off on what he said ... its not racist to say most serial killers are white males and its not racist to say what Bloomberg said about his city
  11. Trump has promised to build at least 500 miles of new fencing by early next year, and his administration has completed about 110 miles so far. ya'll missed the above in that article too ?
  12. she's 86 and in a very powerful position and with health issues etc ............ probably not capable of getting a drivers license but capable of being 1 of 9 to make decisions that impact 330 million people ... hmmmm
  13. "still now wall" really ?
  14. political parties and candidates do not tell the truth - they're trying to get elected that's the new political arena