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  1. What it probably did was win over a couple more opponents from the ranks of the neutrals. I repeat, every time the man speaks, opposition mounts. Every stupid thing he says gets a few more off the fence about him.
  2. Oh, that's a nice Pogba to Zlatan combo. Did I hear that Bolton's place holds 60,000? What stupid FA rule keeps them out of the Prem?
  3. I don't want to speak for show runner Tom but I don't think he had any problems filling the field of 64. That's a real tribute to this board. Though it's also probably true that the rise of Donald Trump brought the truly qualified in from every quiet corner of the FBG universe.
  4. I only know that Scooby has got me revved up for Monaco-Citeh.
  5. Bender, can you post that reddit link again? Tia and chest bump.
  6. Okay, so what's Bannon's play here? Is it just a harmless morale boost for Littlefingers after a rocky first month? Or is he trying to whip the dwindling pool of supporters into a froth for the #### storm he's about to unleash?
  7. Good Lord, there are still tons of people who believe that Sarah Palin got a bum rap. You simply cannot be too stupid for some Americans.
  8. I don't mind The Donald speaking frequently in public. Every time he does he says something stupid that galvanizes his opposition. Like MT, I'm kinda anticipating the inevitable idiocy spewing forth.
  9. I thought he was busy cheating at golf this weekend.
  10. Remember, California and New York don't count. They're not real Americans in those states.
  11. I'm really not all that concerned about Orangeman's Twitter attacks on the media. They're not winning him any converts and I genuinely don't believe that any sizeable percentage of our honorable conservative opponents actually favor the suppression of a free press. They just like his belligerence towards the chroniclers of change, which is not a comfortable thing for them to deal with. If I'm wrong about this, my rightie friends, I'm interested in your contrary opinions.
  12. Why would I whine about money spent on the nation's health care? You conservatives may have lots of people temporarily fooled into believing that national health care is evil socialism but that pretense won't hold up forever.
  13. The "Trump is playing 3D chess mind games and only a brilliant few of us get it" shtick continues to be entertaining shtick.
  14. I didn't vote for you this year, MOP, but I still hope that you can be the kind of champion the whole FFA community can rally behind. (As you have in championship seasons past)