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  1. When traditional values are challenged, it's more likely that those who hold them are uninterested in debating any alternative message.
  2. He did a cool little bit in Bonnie and Clyde before he really hit it big.
  3. It's why I like Palermo.
  4. Team sports really ought to be discontinued at the Olympics.
  5. I don't know? Because they're stupid and the people who like it that way are wrong? Sigh.
  6. I really hate hearing anthems at the Olympics. It's not a contest between nations, no matter how many idiots want it to be so.
  7. I didn't know that.
  8. Says you. To me the anthem says "Hooray for our side." And, yeah, lefties are lefties partly because we're not particularly big believers in traditional mores. FWIW, I thought the anthem was entirely appropriate when my daughter graduated from basic training. But there's something about the slimy NFL leeching onto it and trying to affiliate its product with patriotism that really turns my stomach.
  9. Yeah, people weren't ready for those high quality minority Republican candidates.
  10. He is fat. He has such an obnoxious personality that I've barely noticed what a porker this nimrod is. I guess making him rich is god's make-up call for making him a fat dooshbag.
  11. Some of you appear to be a little fearful (or at least uncomfortable) with people who deviate from societal norms. That's actually pretty natural, we have a long history of reactionaryism in this country. Which is not the same thing as condoning it. What you might think of as "pride" is merely "partisanship" to some of us.
  12. A POOPY ONE! Happy? Next O needs to get the weed off Schedule 1.
  13. I'm not sure I understand the dismissal of the protest on the grounds that he's not a very important player. Would opponents of his protest seriously be more prone to discuss the issues being brought to light if Cam Newton had undertaken this action? How about Tom Brady? He's still in the league, right?
  14. Why are you changing the subject?
  15. Promise me you're not gonna do this ####e again in 2020.