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  1. ??? PM me, I can keep a secret.
  2. He was generally cranky and admittedly smelly and underemployed but he would have made a certain segment of today's current political posters his playthings.
  3. Peak Smoo was this board's Golden Age.
  4. Ingolstadt up two early and swarming all over Dortmund. American Messi not in.
  5. Ok, I thought Saints were the better team last night and the stats kinda bear this out, 54-46 edge in possession, ever so slight edges in shots and corners. Hojbjerg and Romeu dominated midfield for the first hour but Martina had a bad early giveaway and both sides had decent chances. Both teams played about five regular starters. The Inter goal was a pretty one and well earned. Brozovic got rightly tossed at 77 minutes for his second awful foul but then Virgil and Charlie Austin blasted point blank shots right at the keeper. That may have been the worst of it. Southampton has been on the other side of a bunch of those kinds of games, like when they stole one at Trafford last season, and they get another crack at Inter at St. Marys in two weeks. I think they'll get three in that one but this rash of games is already starting to tell on a thin roster -- three FBs are down and Shane Long came up lame right at the start of last night's second half. The group is tight with Sparta, a team Soton thrashed in the first round, leading it. Boufal got in for the last 20 and looks to be a twicky wabbit, even if he didn't mesh well with others.
  6. That chart actually reflects pretty well on liberal boomers, of whom there are plenty. We've been fighting an uphill battle against our more traditionalist classmates for 40 years or so but we've had our wins.
  7. I hope the books will be written by historians enjoying universal health care coverage.
  8. That was really shooting low for a laugh. I laughed.
  9. There won't ever be much of an acknowledgment about this perspective from the good denizens of FootballGuys but this really is kind of a big deal. 538 had a story this week about how this election was setting records for the gap in how married couples are voting.
  10. Six years ago this week Inter were the trophy holders of the Champions League. Southampton was coming off a 2-0 defeat to Huddersfield Town. In League One.
  11. Prem ratings down 19% in England, almost as much here in the states. This mirrors the big current NFL ratings decline, which I'm unwilling to pass judgment on until the election is over, but I'm wondering if we aren't seeing signs of Peak TV Sports at least.