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  1. You were probably writing this interesting screed while I was editing my prior post to remind everyone what a pinko I am. I'm a romantic and a purist, I want every club to be what its supporters deserve. Uh, well, I also want to imprison the owners and confiscate their clubs so I guess that isn't very romantic on my part.
  2. Which of our 45 current soccer threads is most appropriate for further discussion about complications with the Bundesliga model? Because this crap is pretty interesting to me. Sounds like Leipzig needs to open up its ownership ranks to meet the true spirit of the rules. Edit to add that I'm pretty much a marxist where footy ownership is concerned.
  3. Anyone who doesn't realize that this (along with Rush and Glenn Beck and all the other right wing bloviators) stuff is completely contrived deserves to be suckered by our Ann.
  4. Twitter isn't the substance of that post.
  6. "I'm not a racist but I'd be totally justified in being one if I was!"
  7. So that's where DeBoer landed. He was rumored to be talking to Soton this summer before Claude was hired.
  8. Just coming to post this same sentiment. Of all the odd logic used by Trump adherents, this may be the oddest. I thought they were all about shouting down the PC Police.
  9. Which part? Admittedly, I'm very poor at game predictions; I see most matches between the top clubs (and Liverpool) as being virtual toss-ups, too.
  10. Group K for Saints Inter (lol, figures) Sparta Prague Southampton Hapoel Beer-Sheva (losers to Celtic in CL playoffs)
  11. Things I learned today by following Southampton FC on Twitter: 1. Saints are in Pot 3 in the EL draw tomorrow. 2. The team of Ryan Bertrand, Jose Fonte and Cedric won the football tennis competition at today's practice.
  12. This "hard work" BS is old timey thinking. The goal is to eliminate having to work hard.
  13. The fifties really blew, btw.