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  1. I still don't get the love for betting odds as a predictor. They're just a reflection of some people's opinions about what other people will do.
  2. It's definitely different. But that still doesn't guarantee a Trump loss in five months.
  3. It looks like some of us still have a poor understanding of the valid uses of anonymous sources in the news gathering process.
  4. Oh god,I thought those suspicions were a bridge too far but there's just no bottom with this guy (if true).
  5. Yeah, he's had three years to unify the country behind him and he hasn't made the slightest effort. But we should also point out that today's electorate has changed substantially since Bush One's time. The country isn't nearly as center right as it was then. Donald's narrow election win has made getting a mandate almost impossible for him.
  6. "When fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in the flag and carrying a bible."
  7. Some of us just watched a deliberate provocation of peaceful protesters in DC. It's not crazy to think that maybe it was timed to correspond with Donald's declaration of war on our citizens. How dumb do you have to be thinking that strolling over to the church and holding up a bible was a good look?
  8. He was intensely disliked. Hoover's FBI was all over him. A much whiter country than we are today was convinced that the civil rights movement of the sixties was a communist provocation.
  9. The guy whose supporters call "Alpha" hid in his bunker last night and turned off the White House lights like he'd run out of Halloween candy.
  10. Could be worse. What if he (and police departments) enjoyed the kind of public support that Nixon did during his first term? If he wants to go the forcefully suppressive route now, he faces a vastly different electorate than Nixon enjoyed. Maybe the nation's police forces and authoritative leadership should have been concentrating more on ending systemic racism and less on making law enforcement armed like a military organization. They just look like an even larger threat to ever greater numbers of Americans.
  11. I believe Z is referencing the current difficulties that many colleges are having in attracting traditional residential students. Many middle of the road private schools anyway, like the one where I was formerly employed. I'll even go one step further and say that the whole traditional model of college education is winding down except for a wealthy minority.
  12. I see the "Bull Connors was seriously misunderstood" crowd has showed up in this thread.
  13. The purpose of this thread has been achieved: to serve up a giant smelly smokescreen that deflects attention from the genuine problems with our election systems. And to cast unwarranted aspersions on groups who are most likely to have their rights as citizens suppressed. Good job, OP. You're doing the Lord's work again.