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  1. This is too soon. Mueller needs to work on this for about another year.
  2. Breitbart may get something right once in a while. But it's all in the name of pursuing an agenda, and mostly a commercial one at that. The head guy has admitted in court exactly what they are.
  3. My favorite Tyrion line: "There are brave men out there pounding on our gate. Let's go kill them!"
  4. My questioning of campaign appearances as a metric should have been directed generally, not specifically at you. In the modern era, I think candidate appearances have far less effect than the get-out-the-vote prowess of the state's party apparatus, anyway. And we've seen that in numerous recent elections, like when the Pubbies decided to make a concerted effort to dominate state legislatures a decade ago and when the Dems put together effective ground teams in the '18 House contests.
  5. A 10 million loss in the popular vote and a 100 point deficit in the EC count would go a long way to bringing the Republican Party back into the mainstream of modern America. I think the former is somewhat possible but not the latter, however.
  6. If majority rule is a bad thing, is minority rule a good thing?
  7. The location of campaign appearances remains a poor metric by which to measure the representativeness of a government.
  8. That's a serious structural flaw. It was a half-azzed compromise 200 years ago and it's even less representative now. No other modern country does it like this because the flaws are so obvious.
  9. I was here then and I was on the wrong side of those debates. I was appalled by Saddam's brutalization of his own people and still emotional about 9-11 -- I thought we had to support the administration. Posters like MT and NCC started me on a different path about that time, though. NCC, if I was rotten to you back then, know that I'm sorry for it and that your stand had a profound effect on a much younger and dumber roadkill.
  10. The Onion almost can't post often enough to keep up with Trump's craziness.
  11. Oh man, we're going to get a Jaime Lannister - Brandon Stark confrontation at some point in this final season. Maybe Bran climbs into Jaime's head and has brain sex with Cersei to get back at both of them.
  12. That's either insidious bigotry on the part of "many people" or projection on the part of Trump voters.
  13. My brain continues to ache. Why would someone planning to vote for Trump think that a pollster would not think well of them for wanting to do so? Why weren't Hilary voters likewise reluctant? Maybe some Trump voters can weigh in on this. Were you guys ashamed to tell others that you were voting for Donald? Did you want to vote for a provocateur yet not be provocative personally? I can't get past all this. "Don't you judge me."