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  1. This is poor logic. "I won't release my tax returns because they'll be meaningless to everyone." If they're meaningless, then there's no risk in releasing them.
  2. Maybe his buddy Vlad can suggest someone to take care of things for him.
  3. None of that is relevant when discussing the release of his tax returns.
  4. He could release older ones that aren't "being audited," not that "being audited" has any relevance to the issue at hand.
  5. Better topic for another thread, perhaps, but lots of successful representative democracies don't do primaries at all. It's up to the parties to run electable candidates.
  6. I heard Facebook was hard to learn.
  7. "Churn" makes it all matter to everyone else. MLS is gonna pay the price one day for ignoring that reality, too.
  8. I think it's interesting, too. And I'm not even opposed to a Super League if that makes the most financial sense.. But it's gotta be connected to the rest of Europe via pro/rel or I'm outta here.
  9. Of course, I should have remembered reading that. The question that comes to me is, are there inherent advantages held by those clubs or do they just have the widest and most avid support? I think I've made my feelings about people who latch on to the Yankees/Lakers, etc. and the same thing holds for people who, given a choice, pick the strongest football club with the most advantages to support.
  10. I'm as new as you are and meant no hostility by my questions. Well, I'm hostile to a Super League concept because of, well, Liverpool, but that should be understandable to almost everyone. I watch a decent amount of Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga and League Un (ok, a little bit of League 1) and, yeah, I'd like to see a little more competitive balance in those leagues. But the fact is that PSG, Juvie and Bayern haven't been dominating them for very long and there's no guarantee that they'll dominate in the decades to come. (Notice how I adroitly sidestep the Barca/Real situation, which I actually think can be helped a lot with a decent TV revenue-sharing plan) And if they're not particularly competitive, that's no skin off my nose, really. Those leagues will do what they have to to compete with the Prem -- if they feel it necessary to actually compete with the Prem.
  11. How would you like to reformat CL? What's the benefit to the fans for maximizing potential TV money?
  12. You can watch Brendan Rodgers work his sideline magic for Celtic v Leicester on the Mother Ship right now.
  13. Moyes replacing Big Sam at Sunderland. Like what Dortmund is doing, will be interesting to see how Bayern meets the challenge without Pep running things. PM, go with Wolfsburg, nobody in Bundesliga is crazier. You get to watch Dante! (Bas Dost is people)
  14. Wait, what stupid thing did Murdoch do today?
  15. Solid logic by Oadi. The best logic.