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  1. A small part, no, maybe a big part of me is terrified of waking up the day after the 2020 election and found that Donald Trump's most recent four years in office hadn't convinced huge numbers of voters to vote for his opponent. I fully admit that that scenario continues to be possible.
  2. Well, it appears that we've had multiple "identities." Including eighty-couple years when part of our identity was owning other people.
  3. Agreed. We shouldn't have to be talking about "electability." Once the candidate is nominated, it's time for all oars in the water. There's nobody in that neverending list of candidates worse for the country than Donald J. Trump. Crap, I was actually responding to Bottomfeeder a couple of posts up. But I like Moops's work in the interim, too.
  4. A reasonable perspective and one which leads me roundaboutly to wonder how many immigrants a nation of 330 million and having four million annual domestic births could absorb before being irrevocably changed. What effects would a million per year have? Two million? And, to be realistic, let's assume that the huge bulk of these folks will be coming from the Third World (everybody else has better health care ).
  5. According to my twitter feeds, the NYT is running a piece today detailing what I call the "nightmare scenario" of the Dem candidate winning by even more votes than Hilldog did but losing the EC because of an even more absurd vote distribution within a few key states. I prefer to think that Donald is already behind the eight ball. Re-run 2016 right now (heck, a year ago) with all demographics voting the same ways and at the same turnout levels and he would have lost. So he and those predicting a Trump victory have to believe that there is still a bonanza of mostly older white people without college degrees out there still to be had (and who didn't vote in '16). Those are the kinds of things I tell myself whenever I think about Donald being a lame duck president for four years.
  6. I don't know how a nation can ever lose its identity. Unless identity is something that's never supposed to change.
  7. Here's the excellent Ronald Brownstein writing today about one of the issues we're discussing in here -- how the '16 independent vote is shaping up for '20. He defines these "conflicted voters" as This group went for Hilary by seven points (30% voted third party) but went for Dem candidates last year by 20 points. If Donald can't carry independents and the young people turn out like experts are anticipating, he's toast and not just in the upper midwest.
  8. A bunch of these hit home with the under-30 voters and I can't stress how important I think their turnout will be (we've talked elsewhere about how their participation rocketed upwards last November, a terrible sign for The Don). Futhermore, Trump bragging about the economy won't resonate hardly at all with that gen, because they haven't been prospering from it like the older generations have.
  9. I totally understand what you're saying. But I think 2020 is the last gasp for the Trump voting types; demographic changes means the GOP has to veer back towards moderation to be relevant down the road. Whoever can beat Donald can start to right the ship and we can keep working for progressive policies for years to come. Lose and the progressive movement is set back for far more than just the four years Trump holds office. Like Reagan tearing the solar panels off the White House, he'll wreck things for decades (and continue to encourage our worst instincts).
  10. Bigotry and intolerance affects everyone. The evidence is the progress we've made over the decades re: equal rights for various minority groups. But if you're right, then it means the country really doesn't care about how awful the man at the top is if it might cost them a couple of extra tax dollars.
  11. This ain't bad. And I'm practically a pinko. Job Number One is beating Trump. We'll rassle about the rate of progressive change after that.
  12. I'm not sure how that all really works but it came into the house from underneath. A chunk of the vinyl floorcovering in the bathroom blew straight up in the air; we found pieces of it in the toilet bowl. That was "my" toilet, too. The one that said "back right up, buddy. And make it a double." (Al Bundy)
  13. Why do we think that independents are more opposed to single payer (pick any progressive idea, really) than they might be to Trump's over the top racism?
  14. Two days ago an underground lightening strike exploded our basement toilet, killed the hot water heater and probably the dishwasher, fried most of the electronics in the house and knocked out AC for 24 hours in nice muggy 92 degree Maryland heat. Could have been way worse but the electrician who came yesterday was a smart, persistent guy who kept us from abandoning ship at the last minute. It's gonna be 98 here today with a heat index 10 or 12 degrees higher.