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  1. Rovebot never gets angry, never gets discouraged, never gets off message. Rovebot good bot.
  2. I think he does stuff like this a lot. Like when he said that he coined "prime the pump," I think he actually meant to say that he had just heard the expression for the first time this past week. But he's not smart and he's not articulate so crap just spills out in a jumble. That's always been ok up to this point in his life. People he was doing business with, low end tv watchers, heartland voters -- none of that mattered with them. But now there's an active and hostile opposition waiting to pounce on all the idiocy he was able to get away with before. Not good for The Donald.
  3. If it will hasten Costa's return to La Liga, then Good Luck, Chelsea guys!
  4. Rovebot is also asking us to believe that crime somehow magically appears without some sort of investigation taking place. Rovebot is becoming increasingly ineffective and should be recalled to Moscow for refitting.
  5. Here's a nostalgic piece from The Atlantic today, where writer James Fallows kinda hits on that issue among others. Three different people resigned or were fired when they refused to fire the Senate's Special Prosecutor and head off procuring Nixon's tapes. And that was kinda what sealed his fate. What I was reminded of mostly by that piece was that the Republican Senators of 1972 were far superior in character to the ### holes in there now. I recognize that that's partly because the Republican base has gone full-blown nutso in the past couple of decades.
  6. Wait, are we making Marky Mark The Italian Job jokes now? "Nice move, Steve."
  7. They're pretty much tarred forever by their support for Donald. If I'm still around, I'm gonna be making fun of them 20 years from now.
  8. "And the shot is deflected into the corner! Puck going the other way now......."
  9. "Senator, this committee owes my client an apology! An apology, Senator!"
  10. An ordinary person would react the way you say. Bots are never deterred.
  11. Especially the constant ridicule, as has been pointed out by various Trump apologists in here. Trump says sophomoric thing, Trumpkin likes it because it stands up to liberals, libtards unleash torrent of jokes and ridicule, Trumpkin feels condescension and lashes back. At a time when he should be winning, Trumpkin is instead "shouted down by the howling liberal mob." A mob that is gunning for the only true blue American (he's got a hat, dammit) willing to stand up for us and make America great again.
  12. I'm not so optimistic. In this forum, for example, for every conservative who has practically abandoned the party because of their dismay and embarrassment with Trump, there are ten others who have doubled down, intent only on sticking it to the libs. And that's not even counting the Russian bots running loose in here.
  13. Love the weekly Bundesliga tables updates. Seriously.
  14. I'm certainly down for the effort and it helps that the current president is a dynamic cretin whose very existence serves as motivation for his opposition. But jeebus, the system is really set up to let help the red minority control national government.
  15. Crap, I didn't even think about this. In the unlikely event the House flips (sorry, the nation's voter distribution gives the GOP a huge inherent advantage) Trumpsky wouldn't have a bunch of spineless yahoos shooting cover for him. If he thought having a hostile mainstream media was a problem........