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  1. Dudes, fact-checking is impartial and unfair to Republicans.
  2. I just saw that on my twitter feed. If this buttclown gets any traction at all, then Repubs are gonna deserve all the ridicule they get.
  3. Fox News is king of a dying empire.
  4. Did we lefties really call Romney and McCain voters stupid and insane? If we did, that was pretty wrong of us to do because they were both qualified men with whom we mostly disagreed on policy. Well, there was that ridiculous Palin thing, I guess. Maybe McCain picks up a ton of independent votes if he doesn't pick a crazy like that. But there isn't going to be enough backlash for the Republicans to get a candidate who's a young earth creationist or who has a messiah complex elected. There will be about 10 million net new voters on the rolls who simply won't consider anybody like that.
  5. It's pretty hard not to get excited watching Pulisic running right at the Real defense in a big game.
  6. Men in Blazers were thrilled to learn from guest Patrick Stewart (Captain Jean-Luc Picard) that he was a Huddersfield supporter.
  7. Huddersfield Town getting promoted would be pure awesomeness. Friend vaguely familiar with Premier League: "Which games are you watching Saturday?" roadkill: "Leicester City at Huddersfield Town, for one." Friend: "Wait, is there really a team called 'Huddersfield Town?'"
  8. Beat Bristol City! Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!
  9. One of the truly curious things about this election is how Trump supporters cheerfully acknowledge how convincing he is to the most underinformed among us and that, while they're not taken in themselves, they're voting for him because they admire the way he can con the idiots.
  10. I like this thread, gives me a little bit of hope for us all.
  11. His ignorance has not damaged his chances one bit, which tells us a lot about his supporters.