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  1. Permian football rulez, R.E Lee droolz! That's Friday Night Lights country. Buzz Bissinger characterizes people in that area as ....... not particularly nuanced.
  2. People who start threads and never return to engage respondents are banned on other message boards that take debate a little more seriously than this one does. Joe and David should consider adopting the same rule into the Manifesto. A good example is the RBM thread, "Trump Dominates at the UN" or some ridiculousness like that.
  3. Hmmm, authoritarians want you to believe in "them," not in any particular policies.
  4. Kennedy answered those questions just like the Trump guys in this forum do. When did this debate style become fashionable? The people defending college "amateurism" argue in exactly the same way.
  5. Sorry for being unclear. "This" is starting a thread and refusing to re-engage as people respond. The assumption is that the OP just wanted to poop in the forum in general and watch the results of his agitation and that is against the board's stated mission.
  6. Mine is decidedly a minority opinion. The American football fan base is largely a conservative natured one, anyway, most of those people are much more sympathetic to at least their local owners -- if the team is winning -- than I ever could be. But the way NFL ownership has treated its fans, its labor pool and its local governments are big reasons why I walked away without a backward glance four years ago. :Bundesliga model:
  7. At another board I frequent this is considered blatant trolling behavior and perpetrators are immediately banned.
  8. Love the passing Vision Quest reference here, brograppler.
  9. Have you come to our planet for good or evil?
  10. A fellow from the Heritage Foundation was on my morning news radio on the drive in and he naturally liked the speech. He characterized it as Trump promising to be "strong" in standing up to the world's geopolitical miscreants. He made no mention of the Russia investigation nor did he mention anything about democratic values -- in fact, he said that those weren't especially valued in other parts of the world and implied that their traditional place in our hierarchy of values may need to be re-evaluated as well. The Heritage Foundation is going to be pretty disappointed if Mueller finds substantial evidence of collusion with one of those miscreants to win a national election. Or maybe not. "Strength" seems to be more important than democratic inclusion to our conservative citizens these days.
  11. That's all pretty encouraging for those of us who want this broken presidency over but it seems kinda early for Mueller to be rolling into court. Of course, litigating doesn't mean that the other parts of the investigation don't continue.
  12. Might be time to start asking ourselves why pro sports teams needs owners anyways.
  13. I dunno, ever since he reasoned that guys who were afraid of letting their wives know that they intended to vote for Trump were why the polls were "wrong," I've been in awe of his predictive skillz. "It's the only possible explanation," I believe was the comment.
  14. Howya been? I'm sure you're right about Bisciotti but I don't really know anything about the situation, I mostly just wanted to take a shot at St. Rooney and his Western Pennsylvania Disciples. That never gets old.