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  1. Well, the world in general is brimming with racism but I agree that our sport is particularly bad. But here's something good that happened.
  2. The way language is continually evolving, it would be pretty dumb to make any of them "official."
  3. You're not alone. Guardian writers had him in their top 5 this past year, too. The goal against Norwich was lights out good.
  4. The right wing playbook is to wear you down with a bombardment of suggestions that the insanity of Trump is actually just more of the same and not at all abnormal. So excuse me if I see "ostensibly" non-Trump voters calling plays from it.
  5. Not only are you wasting everyone's time but, in the end, you're going to vote for Donald J. Trump. We all know it. All these posts are intended to convince a few people that it's ok to do that.
  6. It is a wonderful time to be a big time white collar criminal.
  7. This is a very favreco-ish thing to say.
  8. You're wasting everyone's time with this constant refrain.
  9. The only people trying to convince us of "both sides" are people who are gearing up to vote for Donald Trump.
  10. Write Haley asking her to support the FRA, which creates multi-member districts and eliminates gerrymandering. It can happen if Dems get the Senate back in the next two years.
  11. Three BRs. Good guy, longtime sports writer (which is how we met), Newcastle supporter so he understands suffering as a fan. Still likes concussion football but I've dealt with worse things; we could afford multiple TVs.
  12. Dangit, I'm on the road for Wolves-Leicester today. Outside shot of seeing the second half.
  13. Get back to us when Joe Biden drops out of the race and the Hunter investigation quietly fades away.