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  1. Where's the secret about Dems-tax increases-UHC? We want to raise taxes to offset the new costs incurred to cover everyone. You and your employer won't pay insurance premiums any more, you and your employer will pay more taxes instead. This isn't rocket surgery and it's nothing to hide from the American people. It's what more advanced nations around the world have found to be the most effective way to provide health care for their citizens and none of the conservative fear mongering will change that fact.
  2. "This is the same letter I sent to my first girlfriend when I was in 8th grade if you just replace all the references to atrocities with losing her notebook when she went to music class."
  3. This president has shown you his predilection for criminality his entire life and you need more evidence? Yeah, let's not jump to any hasty conclusions here. You've made a huge error in judgment backing this guy.
  4. Down the road we're going to discover a dedicated stock market manipulation plan that started on election day 2016 and made billions for members of the Trump family. It's what they do and you people who voted for him gave one of the nation's biggest grifters the keys to the vault.
  5. I think this is what fatguy was talking about in another thread. If Noonan simply made an error because he's been misinformed by the news venues he consumes, that's one thing; he can easily correct himself and we can all move on. But if he doesn't, then we're seeing willful spreading of disinformation and this board should not be a host for any more of that.
  6. The Magas would probably enjoy the physical confrontation happening. When you don't believe in democracy any more, you have to fight for power.
  7. I believe we've been informed previously that every real estate developer twists and contorts his financial representations and that it is unfair to hold them to normal standards.
  8. Yes there are. And they went running to the mods to stop us from pointing out the possibility that they were. Another mistake in the interest of "fairness."
  9. Didja hear that? Donald's not messing around now, he's really gonna ramp up the name calling.
  10. One of the boys was ranting on right wing radio Saturday afternoon that they were, paraphrasing, international businessmen and they always had dealings in and with foreign countries. So it's all different with them.
  11. Rand Paul was raising a stink about it earlier today, too. But he threatened epic destruction on anyone wanting to investigate Ivanka, Eric and Junior. Didn't Rand Paul's daddy do something in government once upon a time, too?
  12. Indeed. We're all supposed to ignore how much more than a presidential salary he and the kids are grifting from his office.
  13. "But he's working for free!" WARNING: The previous quote was not real and should be consumed only by responsible adults.