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  1. On local radio they reported that Juju broke this news.
  2. That's fair. I just wonder why we only seem to care about those who are at the skill positions? In a salary cap league, Melvin Gordon making 5 million more means that is 5 million that other Chargers can't have. I think it's great for everyone to get all they can, I just think it's a bit much to say a team is 'raping' someone, when they have simply made the choice to pay it to another position instead.
  3. What is the point of including the kids photo? No, using a link to a photo of anyone's kids is also not ok. Just don't include kids in matters of adults.
  4. Rape their own players? Please. Melvin Gordon is under contract to play professional football for north of 5 million dollars. If you want to argue that is below market value, you might be right, but the 10 million per year he was offered was certainly within market value. Why all of the outrage for running backs by the way? Why don't Offensive and Defensive linemen deserve more? It can be argued that they take the most pounding in the NFL and have increased odds of CTE and ALS.
  5. Send a photo of my kids to anyone in almost any context and we are going to have a conversation.
  6. Sending a photo of anyone's kids in any manner other than, these are excellent kids, is completely unacceptable.
  7. No running back takes all of the snaps any more. And frankly, I wouldn't want them to. Hunt is suspended, Duke Johnson is gone and Hilliard is hurt. Chubb will not get all of the snaps, it's just not reasonable to expect.
  8. People are really upset that he was not in for every snap while the team was up 20 in the fourth quarter???
  9. If I'm the helmet company, I file a lawsuit this morning to get any endorsement money back too.
  10. He will either do something else idiotic between now and then, which will mean he doesn't play. Or, he will catch 11 balls for 150 yards and 3 TDs. Flip a coin at this point.
  11. He's on the fast track out of the NFL. Don't think anyone can control him at this point.
  12. In addition to the obvious TE, those are some interesting numbers at Safety and Center.
  13. Well, it's a salary cap league, so all teams spend about the same amount. The exercise I think is to see how they allocate it. Is having 1-3 stars and a bunch of good guys better than having 3-5 stars with average guys, or something like that.
  14. Sure, but why focus on just those positions? Why not highest paid offensive lineman or corner back? QB seems to be the one outlier where it benefits you greatly to have one of the best but I would argue that I'd rather have the best outside linebacker than the best WR or RB. Now if the data says that the Super Bowl teams have 0 of the highest paid players, that is interesting. I am just not sure the original list really tells us much.