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  1. Woah, I thought I was out, but it appears I squeaked through by 1.25 points even with a 0 from one of my starting WR spots. Still alive!
  2. Even Justin Herbert can't save me only having one WR score this week(NFL bye week movement really hurt me this week). Looks like I'm going to be out by a slim margin. Good luck to those still going.
  3. He leads the entire NFL in yards from scrimmage this year.
  4. I have yet to hear any contract talk. I'd be shocked if AB comes back for a prove it type of deal. Seahawks cap space is ~3.75M That's not going to get Mr. Big Chest out of bed.
  5. Not a great week for me, but Justin Jefferson should get me through. Worried about next week though. Due to bye week switching, I lose Lamar and Hollywood along with Thielen and Jefferson. With Ekeler on IR, that likely spells the end for me.
  6. Dead money is most certainly those who cannot score for you because they are out for the year. For example, Dak Prescott put up some great numbers for a lot of teams and certainly contributed to weekly scores, but he is now dead money. Tevin Coleman has not likely contributed to any scores yet, but he is not(yet) dead money.
  7. Bell gets paid regardless of if he plays or not, right? Why assume he would sign and play for league minimum?
  8. The most discouraging part was first and goal from the 1, Kelley in the game, and they run play action and take a sack.
  9. People act like Brown is just going to come back to whatever team will have him at whatever salary they propose. Good luck with that.
  10. I think McFarland would remain the change of pace and Snell would take the Conner role if(when) Conner gets injured.
  11. All I have seen is that he is a true game time decision. I.E., pre game workout is essential for him to be cleared to play.
  12. I'm not a cap expert, but his contract makes this highly unlikely I think. I believe there is a chance for them to get out from under the contract next year for a 4M cap hit, but this year is way higher than that.