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  1. A bunch of guys who haven't seen someone play in 3 years are equally convinced that he is either terrible or could start for many teams. There is nothing football to discuss about this guy until he takes another snap somewhere.
  2. This isn't the first time James has been injured though, he has a long history. Again, I love the kid and I hope he gets healthy but right now you simply can't count on him to stay in a game.
  3. Love the kid, but the best ability is availability and he doesn't have it.
  4. This doesn't sound to me like a guy who is coming back this year:
  5. Give an elite, 30 year old athlete like Cam an entire year to heal up and rehab.... I think he will be back with some team and I think his play will be noteworthy.
  6. Yah, it's probably over. The tires have been kicked by multiple teams and seemingly lesser talents have been signed instead.
  7. I think we can safely put to rest the talk of Jaylen taking over RB1 from James Conner. Jaylen is a great backup and an excellent passing option but this team misses James when they need to rush the ball for short yardage.
  8. Agreed, if anything negative about Gordon is said in this thread, they are immediately met with, "good luck with Ekeler" It's tiring.
  9. It's not all that bad, but taking on the money is just one part of this. Is a team really willing to take on the money and give whatever the Jets are asking in return?
  10. No, I'm certainly no expert, but I am getting the number I quoted from here which explains a bit about where the money is going/what is owed and when:
  11. To be fair, he plays through a lot, but he sure does seem to get dinged quite a bit. Hoping this one is of the missing 1 week variety.
  12. If I read the contract right, the Jets will take a 15.5M cap hit next year if they move Bell.
  13. If you're thinking that way, might as well get a look at Quadree Ollison as well. He looked good in preseason.
  14. I am very curious to know what if anything was kept under wraps by the Steelers over the years. The organization, Mike Tomlin and Ben were criticized for their parts in the AB departure, but honestly, it now looks to me like they almost certainly had been caring and feeding a ticking time bomb for a while at least. Yes, I agree they enabled him in some ways, but they also got Hall of Fame numbers out of him on the field with virtually no problems for years.