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  1. I just don't see Snell getting a big percentage of this pie due to past usage of RBs in their rookie seasons. The only outlier is Lev Bell(I even went back farther than the following list but it is more of the same). The Steelers just don't seem to trust rookie running backs in pass protection. Steelers drafted RB history - year - player - round - production 2019 Benny Snell - Round 4 2018 Jaylen Samuels - Round 5 - 56 carries, 26 catches(many due to the Conner injury) 2017 James Conner - Round 3 - 32 carries 2013 Lev Bell - Round 2 - 244 carries, 45 catches 2012 Chris Rainey - Round 5 - 26 carries, 14 catches 2011 Baron Batch - Round 7 - 25 carries, 4 catches 2010 Jon Dwyer - Round 6 - 9 carries 2009 Frank Summers - Round 5 - 0 2008 Rashard Mendenhall - Round 1 - 19 carries, 2 catches(shoulder injury)
  2. I agree. There were 3 games last year where Conner got less than 10 carries and his YPC in those games was 2.34(compared to 4.53 on the year). Two of those defenses were Baltimore and Jacksonville, but the other was Kansas City. The other Baltimore game he had 24 carries for 107 yards. He gets better as the game goes on and wears the defenses down. He needs volume to be at his best. Samuels will take a fair number of the third down reps. As for Snell, well the Steelers don't typically play rookie RBs very much. Samuels didn't have more than 5 carries in a game last year until Conner got hurt. Conner never had more than 5 carries in his rookie year. Lev Bell got meaningful carries in his rookie year, but there was no established vet in front of him, and his YPC that year was a measly 3.5.
  3. I think Hunt is cheap insurance in case Chubb gets injured this season. Assuming he stays out of trouble, I can see the Browns signing and trading him. Both of these guys when healthy and active should be lead backs in the NFL. I doubt that either of them will be happy in a true time share and I doubt either of them will be happy as a backup.
  4. The only way to be friends with AB is to visit each others homes multiple times.... Except he is a busy man and has no time for that.
  5. I'll say 90 catches, 1100 yards and 8 TDs is his floor unless he gets injured.
  6. In what I think was my favorite part of the ESPN interview at his mansion..... Brown opines that he and Ben aren't friends because they have only been to each other's homes a few times. About 10 minutes later he mentions that Coach Tomlin invited him to his house to watch a game, but essentially, Brown is a busy man and doesn't have time for that.
  7. He was, 2 years ago when he signed the deal. Want to be the highest paid every year... then you don't get the security of a long term deal. You can't have both(though if he gets the Steelers to cut or trade him and another team renegotiates with him, I suppose he can).
  8. If the contract was written properly, he would probably owe a portion of the signing bonus back to the Steelers should he choose to retire(not due to injury). Zero chance that AB is giving any money back. This is all about him wanting more money or as he says, more guaranteed money.
  9. Don't understand how the Steelers can 'screw' Brown at this point? They gave him a $68 M contract including a $19 M signing bonus. As I understand it, they could suspend him for at most 4 games without pay. Otherwise, they will pay him $12 M to 'rot' as you say. I can only hope to be 'screwed' that badly.
  10. Dude took a knee.... silently.
  11. I think the ownership group has plenty of blame in how the Bell contract situation was handled and I think Coach Tomlin has plenty of blame for his general lack of discipline, especially in giving special privs to AB and Ben. I'm not the one that used the "ownership's inflexibility and culture" phrase, but do you not agree that both situations were handled poorly at the very least by the Steelers ownership and management group? A famous Tomlin quote is "The standard is the standard", well unless you are AB of course, then there is a different standard. And we are not talking about a prime parking spot, we are talking about consistently being late or absent from mandatory meetings and by some reports, late to report on game day. If you don't think those sorts of things played into the attitude and stance of these players, then I guess we will just have to agree to disagree.
  12. People don't live in a vacuum. If a co-worker gets a raise or certain treatment, it affects the way you feel and what you request.
  13. I think management and ownership deserve a good bit of blame in this and the Bell situation. But AB's contract was not unfair or unfriendly to the player at all.
  14. For those who were complaining about the Steelers unwillingness to give Lev Bell a boatload of guaranteed money, this one of the reasons why they didn't want to. They paid AB top dollar and it still wasn't good enough, now they will trade him for less than he is worth and get stuck with a huge cap hit.