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  1. Forget the NFL, I wouldn't sell this guy a sandwich from a fast food joint at this point. Completely unhinged.
  2. Well at least he's respectful in front of his kids.
  3. I am very against results based discipline. Just because a guy gets hurt does not mean it's a dirty play, and conversely there are many dirty plays which result in no injuries.
  4. His helmet ended up hitting Wentz helmet. I certainly can't tell intent from that video and the fact that he started his dive before Wentz was down. As an aside, if QBs don't want to get hit, they should slide feet first. If Clowney would have hit Wentz in the helmet from the front as he was sliding feet first and giving himself up, this would be an entirely different discussion.
  5. Agree with Bayhawks here. I love James Conner as much if not more than anyone, but the guy can't finish a game, let alone a season.
  6. I wonder if there was a roster bonus for being on the active roster the entire year or something.
  7. I'm in 7 leagues which are either having their Championship or Semi Finals this week. I am involved in a number of these games and have Lamar Jackson going in 3 of them. I have Christian McCaffery going in one and am playing against him in 3 others. In only one of these leagues have both of them been eliminated. I have Chris Godwin alive in 3 of these leagues as well but I'm thinking this may just have been a bias as to where I was selecting/buying him. Any other obvious guys with a high percentage ownership in week 16?
  8. I think Bell and the Steelers each had blame in the way his situation was handled. Ultimately, I think they should have tried to move Bell prior to his hold out. And while I think it was a poor decision to hold out in the manner that he did, I have no ill will towards Bell. His was a business decision (unlike Antonio Brown who signed a long term contract and then decided to quit on the team). As for Bell on the Jets(or anywhere else for that matter), I think his running style means that his offensive line really has to buy into what he is doing. Hold your blocks longer, because you don't know how long he is going to hesitate. The Steelers offensive line with Bell was a veteran group, and most had worked with him from the beginning. I don't think he has lost a step as much as I think he just doesn't have the same group of guys creating the same holes for him. And I think he is being underutilized in the passing game, which is certainly on Gase, not him.
  9. I understand where you are going with this comment, but you do realize that Lamar Miller is in the top 100 NFL career rushing yards right? Most teams would sign up right now for a guaranteed 6k rushing yards in 7 years. The draft is not an exact science.
  10. Oh, I totally missed that part. 100% approval then(extra bonus points if the beer ends up being a tasty batch).
  11. My only issue is that no other owner could have done this without intervention. I.E., you were only able to do this because you are the commish. Nobody else could have(and since their commish was brewing beer, it would have been hours until he even answered the inquiry). As an aside, this is exactly why I leave my flex spot for the player playing in the latest game.
  12. Why would someone pick up Hockenson in redraft?
  13. All of my leagues have a trade deadline. If the league does not have a deadline, then it was always the leagues intent to allow trades like this. For what it's worth, I did a quick internet search and found a non FBG site which has JuJu as dynasty overall player #9 and Fournette as dynasty overall #15. I.E., there is nothing wrong with this deal from a dynasty league fantasy football standpoint.
  14. Your rules allow this trade. It's a dynasty league. You're questioning the integrity of the two long time, dedicated members of your league.... Sounds like you're getting out at the right time.
  15. And the surgery cost you nothing, and your job at the moment literally is to do nothing but rehab it.