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  1. Joy Divison - Atmosphere - One of their more New Orderish numbers Percy Sledge - Cover Me - The playlist knows me and what I need tonight Django Festival guy - Limehouse Blues - Ridiculous picking five times fast Rush - Analog Kid - When MI6 trained me to withstand torture, they said to lock in on the drums. I keed I keed. SRV Texas Flood - Man the way he attacks notes. Stevie Ray's tone is fat.
  2. Of Monsters & Men - Little Talk - Hey, it's that song from that commercial for something we can't do anymore.
  3. When I listen to Steve Miller, I can't unhear him breathing. I end up listening for him taking his next breath more than the lyrics.
  4. on a phone, click the ellipsis in the upper right corner on a computer, click the column header