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  1. Echo & The Bunnymen disbanded for seven years in the 90s (ten years if you don't count the Ian McCullochless Reverberation album) before getting back together in 1997. The records they've released since reforming are more uneven than their 80s prime but the band is still capable of putting out great singles like Stormy Weather and Lovers on the Run that stand with their best work.
  2. My favorite Demme movies are two of his early low-budget features: Handle with Care (originally titled Citizens Band) and Melvin and Howard. These were shot and set in the 70s but harken back to an earlier era of small town American life that maybe never really existed outside of Frank Capra movies. They both feature comic characters that a different director might have handled less sympathetically. They're both worth a watch if you stumble upon them.
  3. If that Husker Du reunion concert ever happens, don't be late to the show because they might break up during the first song.
  4. Doping regulations in the KBO are more stringent than MLB's
  5. Treinen lost the closer role Angels tied for last place in the AL West Miller left his start yesterday with forearm tightness Fail fast is good these days, right?
  6. Curtiss A was another seminal figure in the Minneapolis rock scene. He was a few years older when punk and new wave happened and always maintained one foot squarely in the garage. It was a big deal in 1980 when Rolling Stone gave his debut album Courtesy a five star rating. One of his early bands Spooks included future Mats guitarist Slim Dunlap. I Don't Wanna Be President Thief in the Night
  7. Interesting article about the Brewers' pursuit of Thames
  8. The Suburbs were the first new wave band to break out of Minneapolis. Like so many local artists, their first records were released on the Twin/Tone label but eventually were signed by Mercury. They were more eclectic than the early punks with their noisy, jittery dance songs that definitely dates their music. Their magnum opus is 1981's Credit in Heaven LP, a double album that throws in everything but the kitchen sink. After signing with a major label, their music became a bit more straightforward. They were pretty popular in the Midwest and I saw them headline a show in SF with R.E.M. as the openers. Cows Cigarette in Backwards Credit in Heaven album (audio only)
  9. Meanwhile Manfred the wonder dog talks up Las Vegas as a potential site.
  10. The Giants stuck to their off-season budget and chose not to spend on a LF. I don't see them panicking and opening the wallet now because Bum is out of action. You can't replace a stud pitcher in May or June . The circumstances are different but Bum is just an injured arm--it happens to a lot of teams and they soldier on the best they can.
  11. Bold prediction. Bum starts his rehab assignment Memorial Day week.