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  1. An innocent bystander Somehow I got stuck Between a rock and a hard place And I'm down on my luck
  2. We have the majority in. If we knew 2 or 3 of the categories, it would give me something to listen to tonight. ETA: and would spare me from watching the Dodgers
  3. I used to watch a lot of NWA/WCW stuff in the late 80s but I don't remember if they even played walk up tunes.
  4. Are these going to be readily availabe for playlist purposes? asking for a friend.
  5. Narrator: The Titanic's fateful voyage began in Southampton on April 10, 1912...
  6. Justin Wilson had 4+ solid years before 17 shaky IP with Cubs. Unless there's something physically wrong with him, I think you have to pencil him into a key bullpen role in 2018. The Cubs gave up a lot for 1+ cost controlled year of Wilson and an Avila rental.
  7. The drum sound is natural like you'd hear in a club with really good acoustics and a sympathetic sound man. It's not the ridiculous gigantic boom sound that makes a lot of 80s records sound dated or the overamplified "St. Anger" snare sound that followed. ETA: ...or Grant Hart banging on a cardboard box while inside of a slightly larger cardboard box like on the early SST Husker Du albums.
  8. Cheap Trick's unreleased and unfinished Albini sessions from the late 90s are a fun listen. Even without harmonies and overdubs (and maybe because of it) they're a huge improvement over "In Color"
  9. Albini recordings are very live sounding but he also encourages artists to use dynamics more than is usual these days. The LoudQuietLoud stuff has almost become a 90s alternative rock trope but the record he did with Cloud Nothings is different from the rest of the band's catalog in large part because of it. I'm not a big fan of the band but the Albini produced records of Japanese post rock group Mono are worth a listen. They're very different from the stereotype you think of when you see "recorded by Steve Albini" on the jacket.
  10. Total token. Mitch and Noel just brought him in to appeal to a wider audience.