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  1. - Skee Lo - I Wish (90s Rap) We obviously live in very different times but it's rare to find hip hop this joyous nowadays. I blame millennials.
  2. Good race. NASCAR got lucky that their format worked out this year.
  3. - Paul McCartney - No More Lonely Nights (UK 80s Top Ten) Macca's last UK top ten single (excluding appearances on charity collaborations) from 1984. David Gilmour plays it out with a doozy of a solo. The song is from his movie "Give My Regards to Broad Street" which boasts a 23% score on Rotten Tomatoes.
  4. He's also 0-2 from 3PT.
  5. Race day bump
  6. - Sade - Your Love Is King (UK 80s Top Ten) Earlier in this draft, I cracked on KP's wedding song. I've had some regrets about this and I wanted to apologize to him. KP's a good dude and a family man; wedding songs have deep personal significance that goes way beyond the music and lyrics. I'll continue to rag on Rush and Journey but if you mention it was your first dance, I'll give it all the likes. This song was ours. I recall we agreed to it pretty easily. It's got a good tempo for slow dancing but not so leaden that you can't have fun with it. The lyrics have a good mixture of devotion and carnality. Sade's multiraciallism factored into our decision because we were committing to that for the rest of our lives. I remember the line "this is not blind faith" had meaning for both of us at the time. In retrospect, I realize how much blind faith was involved. Back to the music, I was really surprised this was Sade's only UK top ten single. She's had a brilliant career but mostly as an album artist. All her albums except Lovers Rock went top ten in the UK. The same holds true in the US. All her albums charted in the top ten but only two singles (Smooth Operator and The Sweetest Taboo).
  7. You should have asked him whether he thought the Dons could lift themselves out of the drop zone tomorrow vs. Bristol Rovers.
  8. Tunisia has ex-Sunderland bust Wahbi Khazri and a handful of other European based players. They went out in the quarters of the last AFCON and went undefeated to edge DR Congo in a relatively weak WC qualifying group. Egypt has Saleh, Elmohamedy and Elneny. They lost in the AFCON finals to Cameroon. 44 year old keeper Essam El Hadary was born during the Anwar Sadat administration. I think Senegal is the most dangerous of the three African Pot 3 sides. They have a lot of talent from big European leagues. They went out on penalties to the eventual AFCON champs and breezed through a relatively tough WC qualifying group. Only one African team made it into the knockouts during the last two WCs. Two seems like a realistic goal in 2018. Defense is always a question mark against top class competition and there's always some ridiculous dispute over player payments and FA corruption during the run-up. I don't think there's any separation between the three pot 3 teams and Morocco and Nigeria in pot 4. I like Morocco's chances; they're a better team on paper than the other two North African qualifiers and they didn't concede a goal in their 6 qualifying games. I'm always bullish on Nigeria's changes but the Super Eagles have been super under German coach Gernot Rohr. Of course, he's liable to be sacked in favor of the Nigerian FA head's brother in law.
  9. Peru's #10 FIFA ranking seems kind of shaky. They're probably the weakest side in Pot 2 even though they're technically seeded second among the eight in that pool. They made a huge leap in the rankings from the low 40s to the teens following their run to the semis in the weird 2015 Copa. They finished 5th in CONMEBOL qualifying by getting results at home and beating the bottom dwellers. I don't think they're a top 20 team at sea level.
  10. Chris Coleman leaves Wales to go manage Sunderland I would have expected him to parley their run in the Euros to a better job than this.
  11. Iran stands a better chance of getting out of the groups so "No evil shahs live on" may satisfy your palindrome needs
  12. No penalties announced yet for Braves. Presumably they'll involve some prospects reverting to FA status and loss of future bonus pool money. The big question is whether Kevin Maitan will be thrown back into the pool, although his disappointing Rookie League showing has tempered some of the hype, He's still just 17 though.
  13. FIFA rankings are weird. Losing in the round of 16 at the last Euros hurt them. The real puzzler for me is Poland.
  14. Final race bump. So long to Junior and Kenseth. I understand why NASCAR markets it this way but I don't like the winner take all aspect. Truex has been the class of the field all season and would win the title in any normal points format.