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  1. Hatchie is a solo project from the lyrically named Australian Harriete Pitbeam. There seems to be a never ending supply of dreamy female-fronted pop but this little 5 track EP floats in, floats away and leaves a nice impressiont
  2. My dog doesn't care for ##### bags
  3. This is absolutely the best song on this new one. I think I still prefer Human Performance as a whole but I think the highs are higher on this one, I just think the fact that there are lows on this new one brings it in a bit below HP. Free Bird 2 has a bit of Elvis Costello and the Attractions about it. It wouldn't sound out of place on Blood & Chocolate.
  4. Love him or hate him, he's a big name that brings viewers.
  5. It's always cool to see big clubs visit Craven Cottage. Now the fun really starts for Fulham. Job #1 is to hang on to Ryan Sessegnon. It seems like they got a lot of production from loan signings that they'll need to either retain or replace.
  6. Nickies is a pretty run-of-the-mill sports bar these days. It's OK for overflow if the Mad Dog is too crowded but the days of dancing to Afrobeat in the back room are long gone.
  7. It's looking like another Penske year. Chevy has an edge over Honda on pace and I trust Penske more than the other Chevy teams on setups and pit stops. It's tough to say which of the four Penske cars to pick because I'm sure they'll split their strategies to cover as many bases as possible. I'll go with Pagenaud just because with Spencer Pigot as a dark horse. As always, hoping first for a safe race. Passing seems like it's going to be harder than in recent years so hoping second to avoid a parade.
  8. This is more like it. At Thieves in SF, they use a church key to puncture the can top opposite the stay-tab. It's a nice touch that makes it easier to finish a PBR tall boy before it gets all warm and nasty.
  9. Tampa saves a few million by trading Span and Colome now instead of July 31st. I watched Span play CF for the Giants last year and he's not a viable defensive option. I guess he's an upgrade over Ben Gamel. The Seattles have a poor farm system which helped Andrew Moore to get called up after only one year in the minors. He started nine games last year and was susceptible to the long ball. He doesn't have a plus fastball. Lord knows how Tampa will use him.
  10. Alvarado has the best stuff but he's a lefty. Saving a few bucks three years from now when he's arbitration eligible wouldn't be the Rayziest decision this club has made. Romo is the likely choice but I took a SB flyer on Chaz Roe because he's tall, right handed and has a cool name. He's historically had his problems against LH bats though.
  11. Alex Colome traded to Seattle which kills all his fantasy value. Maybe the Rays can use Romo to start and finish every game.
  12. I think most of those places are still around but the Avenues are outside the range of "neighborhood" for me. I want a place that I can stumble home from. Toronado is close to me as are Mad Dog, Nicky's and Noc Noc. But I don't think they're divey enough. I don't need 100 different beers or 20 TV screens. I want a place as dark as my soul, preferably with "Sleep Walk" on the jukebox, somebody older than me pouring drinks and patrons who make me feel good about my relative station in life.
  13. Looks like a nice place but I don't know if a proper dive has a website and 50 different types of Scotch.