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  1. Some of the bid scenarios get complicated enough as it is. Last night's was probably the craziest in 1.5 years.
  2. People not specifying bid priority had a major impact on yesterday's awards. If you don't prioritize your bids, they're ranked in order of the Yahoo player ranking not the value of the bid.
  3. money left over after the auction phase determines round 4 draft order
  4. 69% of funds committed plenty of talent available
  5. Scoobus and ChemX are pocketing their money
  6. Porzingis roll will have consequences on multiple players
  7. 113 years
  8. The sim limits you to 12 player rosters so there aren't three guys in suits sitting at the end of the bench that you can activate and use their MP. But the sim sucks so much in other areas that it's possible to overlook this particular shortcoming.
  9. Take away the elements in order of apparent non-importance
  10. I'm more old, less decent nowadays. It happened.