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  1. There's a shuttle bus from Union Station. I haven't taken it myself but the drop off/pick-up point is supposedly near to the stadium gates. I don't know where the Uber drop off is but the parking lot itself is massive and organized as well as the Trump administration You can take a ride share or the Metro Red or Purple line to Union Station. The Dodgers suck of course
  2. Waivers are run every night but currently only dropped players are subject to waivers (2 days). The only other option is to force all FAs through waivers which would kill FCFS. CBS also supports FAAB but that doesn't make sense in this format.
  3. CBS runs waivers in the early AM (EST). There are no commissioner options to adjust this or select an exact time.
  4. It's his career and he's done pretty well so far but I'd love to see him release some new material. His last pop record came out 24 years ago this week. His 21st century output consists of his classical album (the self-deprecatingly titled Fantasies & Delusions) and pumping out the oldies in stadiums. He was a craftsman as a writer with a knack for pop hooks and clevah conversation. He never seemed particularly confessional, he told stories about other people. So he doesn't have to let us into his soul now. But I suppose it's hard to pick something back up if you haven't done it for that long. I saw him 40 years ago this fall, right before he blew up with The Stranger. No offense but I wouldn't go to one of his shows now but I'd definitely listen to new material if he put some out.
  5. Boring boring Arsenal
  6. just the 2
  7. On pace for over 3000 goals this season
  8. I hope Kyle Martino gets subbed off at the half
  9. Glad to see they've adopted the bigger goals as suggested in the why hasn't soccer caught on thread
  10. Georgiawee is gonna be tough this year
  11. Relief pitcher for the Atlanta Braves
  12. I grew up 4 miles from County Stadium and still have family in Milwaukee. I've been to Miller Park 4 or 5 times, once in the upper deck and the rest on the 200 level. The roof has been open on every visit. I still think it should have been built downtown but I understand the dynamics that determined its location. Since it has the same parking lot as County Stadium, the atmosphere outside the park is very similar. Inside the gates seems kind of generic to me. The sightlines are good although the time I was in the upper deck, I remember the section was pretty steep. The dome forces some architectural compromises. The old park overlooked a parking lot and the Harnischfeger factory so it's not like there's much in the way of panoramic vistas but those are further obstructed at Miller Park by the supporting ring for the dome and a glass paneled wall. This also seems to affect the acoustics but I can't put my finger on it. The brats are good and everybody seems to be having a good time, especially if the team is winning. But the park is nothing special.
  13. Trade deadline is Tuesday. Rules changes up for discussion Pre-season competitive balance draft Ban on in-season adds of amateur and international players Waivers instead of FCFS
  14. Last chance
  15. By my count, 19 of the 24 teams in the Championship have spent at least one season in the Premier League. Brentford, Bristol City, Burton, Millwall and Preston NE are the only ones that haven't. Surprisingly, two of the five are London based. Bristol is one of the ten biggest cities in England but neither local club has ever been in the Premiership. Bristol City hasn't been top tier since getting relegated in 1980. Bristol Rovers' history is an exercise in futility.