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  1. For the football leeg, I was thinking something with initials. E.g., i you draft Ezekiel Elliott, you'd need to pick an artist beginning with E.
  2. To tag onto that, does anybody who wears bifocals have a pair of distance-only sunglasses? Does that work? The progressive lenses really drive the price of sunglasses up; I'd like to avoid that if I could for a spare pair.
  3. At 57, Cruise is one year younger than Sully Sullenberger was when he landed in the Hudson.
  4. Same here, except for the new job part. I've been trying to catch up via the Spotify playlist. There's a lot of great stuff I haven't heard before. There's so much music nowadays and the algorithms reinforce what you've been listening to.
  5. I wore contacts for years but quit when we had kids. Just part of a larger resignation to my fate. In retrospect, I'm amazed I was able to get them out of my eyes and into the case every night.
  6. I don't think any app could have predicted what Travolta and Cage would look like 20 years later
  7. It's bands like them, even more than Pop and Hip Hop that make me realize how far removed I am from the target demographic.
  8. AFCON final tomorrow at noon PDT. Senegal vs. Algeria It's been kind of a lackluster tournament to be honest. I don't like the summer schedule but that's what the powers that be wanted. I thought January tournaments were the wave of the future.