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  1. Skip me then. My list is at home.
  2. Kevin Siegrist rp Pit
  3. Dilson Herrera IF CIN @cosjobs
  4. @HellToupee ITC
  5. @Northern Voice@Chemical X@FishTacoTuesday@Doctor Detroit
  6. Burch Smith rp kc @SoCalBroncoFan
  7. So it'll be @rodg12@Bogart@oso diablo when 3ITC starts at the top of the hour
  8. Woods? meat? What am I getting into here?
  9. I think the social aspect of Spotify with you nerds is huge as well. If everybody moved en masse to some other system, we'd survive. But since we can't even do our 2017 poll until the following February, we better hope Spotify's business model is viable.
  10. Is this from when she left Captain Lou and turned heel with Jerry Lawler?
  11. Posey will turn 50 this November
  12. He's now one of my favorite herbs
  13. I thought he was good value where you got him. Kike was a coin flip for me when I drafted Chris Owings in round 18
  14. Kike is long gone