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  1. There he is but not in the category I was expecting.
  2. It'll be a good category if it ever gets rolled
  3. It missed being eligible for the British Invasion 64-67 category by a month
  4. I'm not a big Moody Blues fan but Days of Future Passed is a pretty remarkable album for 1967. It doesn't get the acclaim that Sgt. Pepper and Pet Sounds receive but it at worst belongs in the next tier.
  5. I created the playlists using one of the burner accounts on our family plan. We normally only use the alexazex account on the Echo speaker in the kitchen. I'm not sure if this is causing the search problems but I'm seeing the same search issues.
  6. - Tokyo Police Club - Argentina (Parts I, II, III) (Power Pop) I'm going off mode and doubling up on a category. It was a good run but power pop may not come up again and I have a few dozen songs in the category that I'd love to pick. There aren't many 8 1/2 minute long songs in the genre but this one from 2014 has enough hooks to make it work.
  7. the web version ( should work unless your company is explicitly blocking it. I've had problems running the fat client behind a proxy server but I'm running an old, old version of Spotify that had better sorting capabilities than the current graphics-heavy version.
  8. sn0mm1s is right. Today is round 21 (grunge, power pop, psychedelia). Picks anytime after 7AM Seattle time. This is mostly to keep the thread active during prime daytime hours. If somebody is only available before then, I'm OK with posting earlier.
  9. It helps to filter the spreadsheet by category
  10. Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo. Living in the USA.
  11. Squeezebox, Alt-Country and Classic Metal playlists updated. Videogames and Live Rock probably aren't going to be worth the aggravation.
  12. She might come back as a tree or something. Who knows?
  13. People have been playing this category pretty straight so far. Only a few have strayed very far from early 90s Seattle