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  1. I'm going to pick so nobody's waiting for the West Coast to wake up. I'm sticking with my initial instincts even though I rolled myself #1 overall. I not-so-briefly considered going in a different direction because the sheet is completely blank. 1.01 Levon Helm (The Band) - Up On Cripple Creek - Drummer There aren't a lot of singing drummers. It's been 27 years since Mojo Nixon sang "Don Henley Must Die", yet he persists. Dave Grohl stepped from behind the kit when he started singing his own songs (and he's still alive). Going back a little further, there's Mickey Dolenz, the guy from Rare Earth (both still alive) and another drummer previously spotlighted in this thread. And then there's Levon. Helm doesn't have huge technical chops. He's never played a five minute solo with gongs. He keeps time and pulls and pushes the band when necessary. This track is Levon at his swingingest. The bass, piano and clavinet are also playing rhythm which gives the drummer a little more freedom. The drum part is built around a shuffling New Orleans funk beat but Helm mixes it up a little. I love the way he goes just with the a simple kick drum figure to lead into the last chorus. He won't be the most influential or popular artist picked in this draft but he'll be among the most authentic.
  2. The chain or belt transfers energy from the crank to rear wheel. I don't think a belt could do that significantly more efficiently than a chain. I've never ridden a belt-driven bike. The belts are one-sided so you're limited to a hub gear or single speed. You won't get wide gear ratios but that's really not a problem for a commuter. As for the low maintenance angle, I've been riding for a long time and I've never had a chain break on me. I've had hundreds of thrown chains but that's the derailleur's fault. Cleaning and lubing a chain takes a few minutes a month. I've also never owned a three-speed so I have no idea how to maintain a internal gear hub but the technology is a century old. I guess not getting grease on your pants would be a benefit
  3. OP edited with link to Google Sheet to Mr. Ected
  4. If you like this one, check out Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, a Melbourne band with a similar Smiths/Go-Betweens feel.
  5. Absolutely. You have another week to roster Little Leaguers to your heart's content and there will still be the option of burning a Hoosdraft pick on an amateur.
  6. @greedygoat@Northern Voice@HellToupee@rodg12@Arsenal of Doom
  7. The Dons give up two first half goals vs. MK
  8. In essence, I think we're using the pre-season draft as the eligibility cutoff for amateurs and international FAs. If a player isn't signed to an American (or Blue Jays) professional contract at the conclusion of the Hoosdraft, they will be ineligible for pickup until the following season. We could use opening day as the cutoff but I think the earlier date closes a potential loophole.
  9. With North Korea in the news, I'm reading The Orphan Master's Son by Adam Johnson. I searched this thread and there were a number of positive comments from a couple of years back. It kind of reminds me of The Tin Drum, another picaresque tale of a semi-reliable protagonist in an insane world.
  10. Errol Morris' interview/documentary with McNamara "The Fog of War" is a good companion piece to the Burns/Novick film. There's a Vimeo stream of it.