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  1. .125/.205/.250 so far this spring
  2. Well, that's one thing Republicans are good at
  3. Yeah, I'm really curious about who the Phillies will be playing in the second half of the year. Roman Quinn and Rhys Hoskins could figure in there as well.
  4. I guess shepherding a healthcare bill into law with Congressional majorities and a sitting POTUS wasn't so easy after all
  5. No the sexist ones were the posts criticizing 70+ year old women on their lack of hotness
  6. It's surprising that both Cal and Okla St. stayed in-house and promoted assistant coaches to the top job. I don't know if it's a case of the programs being cheap or whether they're trying for maintain continuity to avoid current players from transferring. Butler, Wisconsin and others have been successful promoting from within but they had more recent history of success to build on.
  7. I forgot which days pretty much every week
  8. add Koda Glover to the list if you want to take a chance on the Nationals closer situation
  9. Rookie eligible players Bats likely on opening day rosters Benintendi Swanson Margot Josh Bell Yuli Gurriel Haniger Renfroe Almora Judge Arms likely on opening day rosters Glasnow Cotton Gsellman In-season call-up bats Moncada JP Crawford Albies Bellinger In-season call-up arms Jose DeLeon Reynaldo Lopez Francis Martes Weaver Giolito
  10. Including the posting fee, the Pirates committed $16M for Kang. That was unprecedented for a Korean hitter. I don't recall any recall any public discussion of personal issues but there were plenty of concerns about his leg kick and how his KBO stats would translate.
  11. It wasn't a bad look and there was enough time to get a rebound and another shot. It was a better final possession than WVU's
  12. Yeah, that's good point about the Big East. There was legitimate concern about it imploding the year before Buzz left. It's stabilized although it'll never be the same as the 16 team juggernaut.