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  1. ...and again a few weeks after that. Glover retired all four batters he face today. The bandwagon is leaving the station. All aboard.
  2. .564 OPS allowed in 18 starts away from Coors that season
  3. Davis has managed to maintain his SB into his 30s but he's never stolen as many bases as Hamilton has done in each of his three seasons. If you look through the single season SB leaders, most speed guys had their best years in their 20s. Rickey's last 70+ season was at age 30. Only Lou Brock and Maury Wills had uber-elite SB seasons after age 30. Brock's 118 SBs in 1974 at age 35 is an amazing feat.
  4. You're not very good at being a homer
  5. Fair point. If you can get him as a SP4, you can always sit him at Coors if he's not pitching well.
  6. Annual bump He's been the model of consistency the past three years with 56, 57 and 58 SBs. His OBP climbed by nearly 50 points to a halfway decent .321. The improvement was almost exclusively against RHP--he's still hopeless against lefties. If he can stay healthy and maintain a league average OBP, I could easily see him stealing 75. He'll probably never be on one of my teams but a chase for 100 would be fun distraction for Cincinnati in September. He'll turn 27 this season and doesn't seem to have a skillset that will age well.
  7. True but HRs also count as RBIs. An every day player with 30 HRs should be positive in at least two categories. Gray giveth SOs but could potentially taketh away in two categories. In that regard, he's more like a crap closer but with twice the negative contribution in ERA and WHIP. There's been one qualifying SP season in Coors Field history with a WHIP less than 1.2.
  8. There has been a lot of foreign investment in residential real estate in (mostly coastal) big cities which drives up prices for non-absentee people who actually want to live in their home. This has supposedly been in decline due to issues on the domestic Chinese stock market although you'd be hard pressed to find any impact of this on the skyrocketing Bay Area housing market.
  9. We live in a building that Mrs. Eephus' family has owned since the 1950s. There's no way we could have raised a family here w/out that. Average rents in our neighborhood are around $3700/mo for a 1BR.
  10. .265 AVG, .325 OBP, 25 HR, 160 combined R & RBI. I have no idea about his SB numbers. He stole 40 one year in Korea but less than 15 in the others. We know Milwaukee likes to run. 20/20 guys are very valuable in fantasy but I have no idea how to project KBO baserunning to the majors.
  11. Entering his year 25 season. He was positive in Ks and at worst neutral in the other SP categories last year. His home/away splits weren't extreme in 2016 except for his walk rate; he walked twice as many batters at Coors with an almost equal number of home/away starts. I think he has potential to be a very good fantasy pitcher but can't get past the concern that altitude will limit his elite upside. Will you ever draft a Rockies' starter?
  12. If Park is productive, he'll move up in the batting order.