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  1. Uerdingen is currently playing in the 5th level of the German pyramid as KFC Uerdingen 05. Their stadium holds 34,000. It probably won't be hard to get a ticket for their next game.
  2. Of course I love 50+1 since it would have prevented the Franchise FC fiasco. It can work for individual teams elsewhere (my Dons are closer to 99+1) but I don't think it's possible for any other big leagues to be retrofitted to the Bundesliga model. The German fan ownership financials are much more complicated than a bunch of supporters framing their stock certificates above the bar. As I understand it, 50+1 acts more like a floor than a ceiling, as there's nothing to prevent the ostensibly minority owners like Mateschitz and Hopp from sinking more money into the club and taking on more risk with salaries, stadium improvements, etc. Whatever debt results would be shared by the 50+1 owners as well so a situation like Leeds or Pompey could still happen. It's theoretically possible that the fan owners would be able to overrule actions taken by the Corporate owners but everybody is your friend when you're splashing out cash and things are going good. The dominance of Bayern is a bigger problem for German football than Leipzig IMO.
  3. AJ Ellis' 2016 WAR is 0.1 lower than Drake LaRoche's
  4. Interesting NYT piece on controversial Bundesliga parvenus RB Leipzig
  5. True but neither is an obvious upgrade either
  6. Hart is just 29 and there isn't a ton of competition for the England #1 shirt. Comedic incompetence is more of a job requirement for England GKs than the ability to play the ball out from the back.
  7. Europa League Group seedings based on Scrabble word scores of club names 96 D ZenitStPetersburgAZAlkmaarMaccabiTelAvivDundalk 91 A ManchesterUnitedFenerbahceFeyenoordZoryaLuhansk 77 L VillarrealSteauaBucharestFCZurichOsmanlispor 75 K InterMilanSpartaPragueSouthamptonHapoelBeerSheva 73 I SchalkeFCRedBullSalzburgKrasnodarNice 71 G AjaxStandardLiegeCeltaVigoPanathinaikos 65 J FiorentinaPAOKSalonikaLiberecQarabag 61 H ShakhtarDonetskBragaGentKonyaspor 59 E PlzenRomaAustriaViennaFCAstraGiurgiu 59 B OlympiacosApoelNicosiaYoungBoysAstana 58 C AnderlechtStEtienneMainzQabala 57 F AthleticBilbaoGenkRapidViennaSassuolo
  8. That wasn't what I had in mind but I'll gladly take it
  9. Wrong thread but a huge win nonetheless
  10. Stranger than fiction
  11. That would double the transfer record for a US national. I wasn't able to find a comprehensive list but the transfer records I've been able to find show Altidore to Sunderland at €10M Bradley to Toronto and Dempsey to Spurs both at around €7.5M. Am I forgetting someone?
  12. The Braves got a can of soup and a bag of mismatched socks in return
  13. Next year I'm going to draft 50 starting pitchers