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  1. Time for Panik, not panic
  2. Randy Lerner and Shahid Khan like this
  3. You might be able to make the case that a 38 game balanced schedule would be fairer and that top-tier talent would be less diluted. But it's a business to the league and owners. They care about turnover and capital appreciation.
  4. The only way this would work if the total revenue generated by a two-tier system was significantly greater than a single 40 team cluster. I think the opposite would be true. Second division clubs would get hurt at the gate and I can't think of another offsetting revenue stream that would compensate.
  5. Not gonna happen.
  6. Just for that, I'm going to wait
  7. In case anyone is wondering, the Vice Presidential debate is Oct 4th
  8. Roll dem bones Roll one set of 1 d1000 with no modifiers. Send rolls to with cc to yourself. Highest roll picks first. If some idiot rolls multiple sets, only the first roll will be counted.
  9. The Franz Ferdinand-Sparks collaboration FFS from last year was pretty great but it looked more to the rear view mirror than the road ahead. My theory is kids with guitars don't like to dance and kids who dance don't like guitars for some reason.
  10. Phil Jones - Funny faces
  11. If one of the previous attempts at a Superleague succeeded, both Milan clubs would be in and Atletico and Man City would be out. Fortunes rise and fall but a closed shop would effectively freeze the current hierarchy. Even if the system allowed for promotion/relegation, the member clubs would have such a huge financial advantage that stasis would be the likely long-term outcome.
  12. Bring back the Intertoto Cup