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  1. I still remember when the Basketball Forum started
  2. Please provide some basketball content
  3. You'd probably like Fleabag then Also on Amazon
  4. Got a bottle of Henry McKenna Single Barrel BOB and thought it was very good for its $25 price point. Watched the ballgame at my neighbor's yesterday and he had a bottle of Old Weller Antique out. That's another good value but probably harder to find than the McKenna.
  5. Dave Cameron thinks they should blow it up
  6. Spotify Premium from PCs and iDevices to a Big Jambox, Amazon Echo, Sennheiser Momentum over-ears and a fun collection of Chinese IEMs.
  7. New board, why not?
  8. It'll be a very interesting off-season. Their payroll this year was $135M (US natch) with over $100M committed already for next year. They're in a division with a couple of spendthrifts and a team with a comparable budget in Baltimore. Rogers will probably have to top $150M if they want to improve their lineup. I agree their pitching looks pretty solid, which is a good place to be with such a weak FA crop of SPs. Encarnacion and Bautista are big bats to either resign or replace. Their best minor league bats Alford and Tellez are probably 1 1/2 years away. It was pretty much of a lost season for Alford, although he righted the ship after he got healthy
  9. Overrated IMO. Any place that serves a decent brunch in SF has a long wait on weekends. I go to restaurants for food that I can't or won't make at home. Most brunch menu items are pretty basic and can be pulled off easily by a average home cook (even with a hangover). The markup on a fifteen dollar omelet is much higher than a thirty dollar dinner. If we want to go out for an early meal, we'll do dim sum instead.
  10. Kanter is a pretty good finisher off the pick & roll. Of course it's probably better to have Westbrook with the ball than Ish Smith.
  11. I don't think I even saw the 76ers last year but thought Okafor looked good while at Duke. Who's a good comp for Okafor? A poor man's Al Jefferson? Greg Monroe with lesser passing and rebounding skills? A bigger Big Baby?
  12. I watched this movie a few months ago on one of the streaming services for premium cable channels (e.g. HBOGo, Showtime Anytime). It held up very well. The setting doesn't date it as an 80s movie which hurts many other films of the era. Voight and Roberts overact but it somehow works in the context of the movie. The DeMornay character seems is a plot device but not a ridiculous one. The action sequences and stunt work are first rate. The closed environments of the prison and the train add to the tautness of the story. It's the finest production from schlockmeisters Menahem Golan and Yorum Globus (Cannon Films).
  13. Noel seems like he has a more marketable skillset but his contract is expiring and won't bring much in return this year. Okafor has a couple of reasonable (by current NBA standards) team options but needs to be able to defend better to warrant starter's minutes in Philadelphia or anywhere else.