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  1. He was a prolific goal scorer with a great right foot. But it's a lot easier to score double digit goals if a player has spot kick duties.
  2. Over a quarter of Lampard's 171 career goals came on penalty kicks
  3. Shame is a good Sarf London band with a bad name. Their debut LP Songs of Praise mines familiar post-punk territory but they do it with style. One Rizla
  4. It's easy to look at past amateur drafts and see where things went wrong but Pittsburgh whiffed on a lot of high picks. McCutchen and Cole turned out well. Most did not. Some of that was bad luck but they made some poor decisions in the name of signability. Their recent success put them at the end of the round for a few years but it looks like they'll have a better shot at top talent in upcoming years. They went with a high ceiling/high risk HS pitcher named Shane Baz at #12 last year for whatever that's worth.
  5. Cole only has had one season where he performed like a star and he only has two seasons left of team control. I agree none of the new Pirates have star potential but it's a decent return. I have no idea if the rumored Frazier and Adams package from the Yankees was ever really on the table. Top tier prospects haven't been moving this off-season. Last year, Moncada, Kopech, Giolito and Lopez were all dealt. I don't know if the changing economics of the game are causing team to over value their best prospects or if this is just a short-term phenomenon.
  6. RIP to the great Dan Gurney. He was first overall at Le Mans in 1967 but also won his class in 1964 driving a Cobra. He won the first endurance event held at Daytona and would have won Sebring in 1966 if he hadn't been DQed for pushing his car across the finish line. He drove everything but I remember him best as a constructor of AAR Eagles. He was a global ambassador of SoCal hot rod culture who continued to innovate and tinker to the end. I got a comped hospitality package at the 2000 USGP at Indy and ran into Gurney behind the garages. I shook his hand but was interrupted by Jack Brabham. I was able to get a picture of the two legends having a conversation. Gurney had to yell directly into Sir Jack's ears because he was apparently quite deaf. They're both gone now leaving Stirling Moss, Stewart and Ickx as the only living GP winners from the 1960s.
  7. I don't know who David Schoenfield is but I like the cut of his jib.
  8. There are worse sentences posted to the Politics Forum every hour. The Giants braintrust put their heads together and decided the current core has one more run left in them. I don't think so either but if you accept their premise, they've made defensible moves towards competing for a playoff slot this season. I think the organization is more sentimental and loyal than the fanbase is. They want to see Buster and Bum go out with a chance at winning something. I'd start the rebuild sooner than later but their roster provides very little capability for that this year. I'm OK with them trying to squeeze another 90 wins out of this bunch. 2020-21 is going to be ugly regardless of whether Arroyo, Crick and Reynolds are around or not. Babies are wonderful BTW.
  9. Blyleven was a better pitcher by every quantitative measure except length of mustache
  10. Thank you for your concern about the Giants' attendance but they've built up a lot of fan goodwill this decade. They aren't in danger of tarping off their upper deck just yet. I have to give Evans and Sabean credit for executing on their strategy. Time will tell quickly whether their strategy was sound or not. They've clearly improved their big league roster while staying just under the CBT and not losing their top prospects or compensation picks. CF is still a gaping hole. Adding Billy Hamilton or Cain would be a break from their current strategy. They supposedly like Steven Duggar a lot but he needs more time in the minors. McCutchen probably would be a defensive upgrade over Span out there but there's a lot of ground to cover.
  11. Kyle Crick and Bryan Reynolds are the Giants farmhands headed to Pittsburgh. Crick was a 1st rounder in 2011 but has been passed by other young arms in the organization. He's a lefty who's struggled with the strike zone. The Giants switched him to the bullpen in 2017 and he was effective in AAA. Maybe Ray Searage can do some magic on him unless the Pirates have traded him too. Reynolds was a 2016 2nd rounder out of Vanderbilt who had a nice year in the Cal League as a 22 year old OF.