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  1. The last sentence explains why Sale was sent home
  2. If Drake LaRoche was still in the clubhouse, Sale could have had him do it.
  3. Your wife will sabotage that one too.
  4. Everybody comes from somewhere
  5. FC St. Pauli used to have the hippest supporters ETA: maybe too hip for Mr. Phoenix
  6. Brooks - Hertha Berlin
  7. Former MUFC assistant Mike Phelan steps in as caretaker at Hull. Since Bruce's main complaint was lack of funds for transfers, Phelan may be there for a while.
  8. My advice to Giggs as a Football Manager veteran is to choose his first job wisely
  9. Steve Bruce quits Hull City. Two EPL clubs have no managers three weeks out from the start of the season.
  10. Nice picture of Wimbledon legend Efan Ekoku
  11. Rostered players not in CBS database as of 21 Jul 2016 Jose Miguel Fernandez (Cuba) Dr D/Chem X Yadier Alvarez (Cuba) Pik95 Kevin Maitan (Venezuela) SpartansRule Yusniel Diaz (Dodgers) Kraft Lazaro Armenteros (Cuba) Pik95 Lourdes Gourriel Jr. (Cuba) Kraft
  12. Soccer has higher churn than other fantasy sports I've played. I turned over 14 out of 17 roster slots during last season. Only Lukaku, Mane and Payet were drafted. The year before, my two keepers were the only holdovers. That said, I think 14 is probably the upper limit to maintain some kind of roster flexibility. 20 real life teams divided by 16 pretend ones would spread talent too thin. Empty lineup slots through injury, suspension and rotation are a problem in this format so it's important to give teams the chance to field a full squad.