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  1. Managers get elected via vet committees not the writers' vote. Bochy's titles and career wins are solid HoF credentials but what will really put him over the top is that he's been in the game for forty years without making many enemies.
  2. 2019 Giants need to win 74 games for Bochy to reach 2000 regular season victories. With 83 wins, he'll pass Leo Durocher for #10 on the all-time list.
  3. The Brewers will try Moustakas at 2B in spring.
  4. Boogity etc. Back to a pick 'em league this year,, League ID 1686, password:fbgffanascar 10-team league in Fantrax with weekly H2H matchups Scoring based on pre-2017 Cup scoring system, with additional 2 point bonuses for Q1 and P1. No stages, No chase, No playoffs. Draft four drivers in a pre-season draft. Top Ten drivers in 2017 points will be cloned so they'll be two Truexes, Harvicks, etc. but on different teams. Kenseth will be replaced by Austin Dillon Three round draft with a fourth driver coming from a shared free agent pool All four drivers race every week Low stakes ($12.95) buy-in, winner take all