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  1. South Central FC
  2. Wimbledon beat Wigan 3-0 today in something called the Premier League Cup, which is a U-23 tournament sponsored by the Premier League but with only two Premier League clubs participating.
  3. It's all setting up nicely for the series in LA
  4. Super Eagles!!!
  5. Minneapolis Health Group FC
  6. Robben Ford has a strong body of work.
  7. I don't think anybody can lose the title in August. Everybody remembers Chelsea's poor start last year but forget that Spurs started off 1-3-1. There are lots of games left to play to get the 80-90 points needed to win. But if a team is 7-9 points back heading into the international break, it increases the pressure to make something happen at the transfer deadline. This is probably a bigger deal for Arsenal than for the other contenders.
  8. I think the problem is MUFC is wearing black socks so Soton needs something contrasting w/ that.
  9. Gray shirts and black shorts would be better IMO