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  1. This will be an interesting comparison over the next few years. They're effectively the same age, neither requires compensation and are (now) playing the same position. Frazier has been long time 3B with a traditional CIF "old man" offensive set of skills. I haven't seen him play a lot since he was traded to the AL but I remember he passed my eyeball test defensively when he was in Cincinnati and OZR likes him a lot. Cozart had a great contract year but prior to that, really didn't strike me as being able to carry the offensive load of a 3B. I can't think of any decent SS who weren't able to make the transition defensively. He seems like a higher risk signing to me but maybe I'm thinking too much inside the box.
  2. We could just have a collaborative playlist for people to dump songs over the course of the year. I'd definitely follow that one.
  3. Moustakas is represented by Scott Boras. I don't think he's panicking yet.
  4. Inflation of local TV contracts has been fueling MLB revenues for all clubs, not just the small markets. Less RSN competition should theoretically result in lower rights fees, unless some new media companies enter the fray. I don't think this move necessarily hurts small market franchises more than big ones. It's not like there were a ton of bidders in previous cycles. But I think this is another reaction to the way that viewers consume content. Broadcast rights for local teams are still attractive properties but the era of massive escalation of rights fees will be coming to an end. The golden goose isn't dead but it may have just checked into the hospital.
  5. I don't know if Cozart's age 31 offensive breakout is sustainable but there weren't many other 3B options available, especially in the price range.
  6. The Phils will be paying Santana through his age 34 season so there's not a huge risk of him becoming a boat anchor of a contract. The biggest downside I see is losing the high 2nd & 5th round picks (and international bonus pool money) as compensation. Rhys Hoskins to LF is the wild card. He never played OF in the minors but played 30 games there for the Phillies in 2017. I guess they saw enough potential to make the move.
  7. The Hunter and Neshek contracts are front loaded with bonus money. That's obviously attractive for the players but gives the Phillies much more latitude to trade them for prospects mid-season. It's an interesting tactic for a large market club with virtually no money tied up in big contracts.
  8. I missed the first week but enjoyed the draft. I didn't give out as many likes as usual because a bunch of picks were unfamiliar to me but I'm really enjoying the playlist so far after an hour or so of semi-interrupted listening. Thanks to NV for the dream and to everyone else for the reality.
  9. The league is hitting 360/.443/.655 against RnR's staff.
  10. Round Fifteen New LA - SiR (feat. Anderson .Paak & King Mez) A summer tune for the winter
  11. Round Fourteen The Mill - Meursault It wouldn't be 2017 without something depressing and nobody does depressing like the Scots.
  12. The Fred Lynn of Rock 'n' Roll