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  1. Year 13 Final Standings HellToupee 111.00 The Relentless 100.50 Kraft 83.00 Hail to the Victors'... 82.50 Kieboom Goes the Dyn... 73.50 NV 61.00 Cheese 60.50 No Dynasty for Old M... 60.00 pik95 49.00 RnR 38.50 Rodg12 36.50 Zihuatanejo Pescador... 24.00
  2. Waivers order 1 Zihuatanejo Pescadores 2 Rodg12 3 Cheese 4 Hail to the Victors' Victors! 5 No Dynasty for Old Men 6 RnR 7 Kieboom Goes the Dynamite 8 NV 9 The Relentless 10 Kraft 11 HellToupee 12 pik95
  3. Rosters will lock on Monday at noon Pacific so Garrett Crochet can clear waivers again.
  4. I'm just happy the air quality has improved enough for me to sit back and take a deep breath
  5. Always loved the first album before the boys split from Maurice Starr. It's closer to Bubble Gum with 808s than the New Jack Swing.
  6. One other factor that could have hurt Russell on the last restart is Grosjean and Kimi got an extra lap to put heat in their tires when they were given the wave around to make up their lap at the end of the red flag period.
  7. Hats off to Lewis for making it seem easy again. It was pretty comical to watch Leclerc get picked off by a car every lap in the DRS zone but both Ferraris finished in the points for #1000. It's probably only a matter of time before the FIA goes to standing starts after all safety cars. That would have been preferable to the bunch up that led to they first red flag. My recording cut off so I didn't see what happened to drop Russell on the last restart when he had a hold on 9th place. There won't be many better opportunities for Williams to pick up points. Sochi next in two week's time. Too bad it's a crap circuit.
  8. Albums I've liked since the mid-year draft Cafe Racer - Shadow Talk Declan McKenna -Zeros Empty Country - Empty Country Creeper - Sex, Death & the Infinite Void
  9. I'd occasionally see people here on the subway wearing masks before COVID. I think it'll become much more commonplace going forward in cities, especially ones with significant Asian populations.
  10. Maroon is just as slow as Marlboro red. If the Saturday F2 race is any indication, the only overtaking will be in the DRS zone heading into turn 1. The F2 cars usually were able to complete the pass before the corner but there was occasional side-by-side action going up the hill to the chicane. Even if tomorrow is a parade, I'm still sold on the Mugello circuit--the in-car shots from the second sector were just breathtaking.
  11. The great Jazz bassist Gary Peacock died at age 85. Peacock was equally adept in playing Free Jazz as he was exploring the standards. He's probably best known for accompanying pianist Keith Jarrett in a trio format where Peacock had ample space to make his instrument sing and swing while still anchoring the bottom.
  12. The silly season has been better than the real one.
  13. Another day of dull racing that was saved by the timing of the safety cars. I'm American so I don't like the idea of working on cars during the red flag. For a series that's so heavy on pit strategy, giving Stroll and others a free pit stop doesn't seem very sporting. It's always great when someone other than the top three two wins, especially when it's by the Faenza team. Giancarlo Minardi is smiling. Lewis was able to overtake backmarkers and everyone passed Raikkonen when his softs went away but other than that, it was a parade. Bottas fell back at the start and couldn't make up any positions. It'll probably be more of the same next week at Mugello. It's a great track for bikes but I don't think expect much passing. Maybe we'll see some side-by-side action in the long right hander at the end of the main straight. It's sad to see the Williams family leaving F1. Sir Frank was the last link back to the garagistas. There are still lots of people in the garage who embody that spirit but they don't own F1 teams.