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  1. NBA All-Defensive team announced. Give them all 90 ratings and let's move on.
  2. the Giants have lost 12 out of their last 13 and now you're fading
  3. You haven't been watching the Giants bullpen the past 11 months.
  4. Spreadsheet updated more or less to the end of page 116 Gervinho
  5. Blake Griffin opts out to nobody's surprise. Who had a better season: Blake or Kathy Griffin?
  6. I hope they're faster than his home run trot
  7. Down goes Frazier
  8. something a bit less orange ETA: I would rather buy it on a bracelet because I'd tire of that orange edged sailcloth or Kevlar strap. Omega bracelets are expensive and rarely discounted. The best time to buy one is when it's attached to a watch.