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  1. That and undead, undead, undead are pretty much the whole lyric.
  2. White on white translucent black capes Back on the rack Bela Lugosi's dead The bats have left the bell tower The victims have been bled Red velvet lines the black box Bela Lugosi's dead
  3. My daughter was one when Cheers went off the air so she'd never seen it. So we watched a couple of episodes recently after Kirstie Alley was in the news for being an idiot. I think I probably enjoyed it more than she did but there were some laughs coming from her end of the couch. Some characters held up better than others.
  4. The carefree days are distant now I wear my memories like a shroud I try to speak, but words collapse Echoing, echoing Trick or treat Trick or treat The bitter and the sweet
  5. 8.08 - Yelle - Ce Jeu (Globalization) French Electropop. Love it or hate it, the hook will be stuck in your head.
  6. Octane (hard rock) 50s on 5 (pop hits) Comedy Central Fly (90s/00s hop hop r&b)
  7. hopefully we aren't maintaining draft order. I know NV used to like to maintain draft order but Pitchfork seems like a more reasonable guy
  8. I'm normally not big on ranking songs but doggonit, The Boy Is Mine is better than The Girl Is Mine
  9. 7.08 - Teddy Pendergrass - Get Up, Get Down, Get Funky, Get Loose (Soul Town) A line dance classic
  10. Now you made me go over there and check the categories ETA: they certainly are comprehensive
  11. On my walk with Louis tonight, we came upon a Jazz group playing in a vacant lot across from a small urban green space. It was good to see people playing music.
  12. Mrs R will make you pick one of the films, but you don't get them all. I don't see how. That would be akin to having you take one episode of The Civil War or any other Ken Burns series. Just because these were released seven years apart doesn't make them any less of a fact, it makes them more amazing. To me, the Up series should also contend for GOAT, though I know tim judges that and he is weird. Were they ever shown on American television? I'm only familiar with them as US art house releases.
  13. Did the judging for the Great Movie Draft ever finish?
  14. 1. Suspicious Minds 2. Blue Christmas 3. (There's) No Room to Rhumba in a Sports Car
  15. Some will say Nirvana, others Pearl Jam but Screaming Trees are the runners-up either way.
  16. The second best band to come out of the Pacific Northwest during the period.