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  1. There are a lot of factors involved - a prominent one right now is a lack of leadership by the administration.
  2. That’s funny. The other day Dobbs - or maybe it was Jarrett - WiFi went out when working on a story. They blamed it on Biden.......only on fox
  3. Pittman when back in playing shape for the Colts
  4. Mooney for the Bears might turn into a decent flex option - as could Miller. Miller had a decent run at the end of last season - so there's a chance - but one needs to emerge and take the iions share
  5. Hunt on track to start week 8 bye week 9 Chubb back week 10 theres no decent option for Johnson unless something happens to hunt between now and sunday
  6. Looking for thoughts on players that might come out of nowhere (waivers) and make an impact on the second half of the season. Seems like every year has a couple. This isn't the weekly waiver wire thread - this is a longer play. Irv Smith is trending up and may be a better TE than the one you own Gus Edwards. Maybe not a favorite to make an impact but he's looking better than Ingram. If he parlays some of Ingram's carries into his own - maybe Z Moss - Singletary stumbling, Moss shining in spots. Likely takes one good game to take over the lions share
  7. Not to disrupt the discussion in here but maybe more important is advertising dollars. Reports are trump has significantly cut advertising in MN, WI, Mi - leading people to believe his team has recognized those are out of reach
  8. Now it’s about thinking Further out. Picked Coleman last week. Gio when the Mixon ankle wasn’t serious. I like to rotate my worst roster spot with a Nostradamus acquisition. Edmonds in draft night cause it seemed inevitable. sure they are not all hits but adds to the fun
  9. Judging by reactions in here trump mostly hooked his bas and didn’t extend much beyond that. Joe had much more broad reach