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  1. Always a challenge to a story when you introduce an all-knowing character like the 3 eyed raven. "Why doesn't he tell them this? Why didn't anyone ask him about this?"
  2. Bah. When I am referencing "writing" I am pretty much referring to the dialogue. There was fantastic dialogue early on - it was suspenseful and efficient (as in the dialogue was mostly leading towards something). The last two eps pale in comparison. And if you disagree, please feel free to cite an example from last night of great dialogue..
  3. That is so off the mark for me personally. I have the objectivity to recognize the drop in quality of the writing. I would guess most in here lack objectivity in assessing the show.
  4. Put me in the weak writing column. Worst writing probably of the series. It's like the writers are trying to carry the show by having highlighting characters with a past together - expecting viewers to geek out over the pairings. And if you read this thread you can see that it is working.
  5. And All Time HOF - What tis the standard people are using for HOF?
  6. I hear Hall talking about how they couldn't get played on mainstream radio in the beginning because of their "motown" sound.
  7. This is just too bizarre Emmett Flood is taking questions from Silk - bahahahahah He is having a teleconference that includes Diamond and Silk - the Trump administration is so dumb.
  8. My guess - Dany dies and Jon turns his back on the throne as it's cost him too much. Then Gendry takes over and marries caterpillar-eyebrows.
  9. And then you will find a reason to doubt the credibility of the otherwise.
  10. I think the former version is organic and the latter is forced. It's like, "Hey, we are doing episode 1 of our final season - how about we reference items from episode 1.1? Great idea." It's the intentional process of connecting the two that is lazy.
  11. I said the same things weeks ago and got the backlash - but I am not the Iron Sheik! There's not to much to be jazzed about right now (unless there is a big reveal in the 5 year plan) Even this version of Spiderman movies has been merely okay. This next phase needs the Fantastic Four badly.
  12. Exactly. And those were just part of good story telling. To call back ep 8.1 to 1.1 just because it's a final season is not.