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  1. Maybe it's been discussed - what about taking Kelce and Tyreek late in the first/early second? 40% of Mahomes passing TD's in 2018. I might like that over WR-WR
  2. Agree. I think he has only appeared in the Avengers movies and none of those are on the docket for the next two years or more. I love the change as far as getting out of the shadow of Tony Stark
  3. I appreciate ramping up the drama - but it's a little much. And the daughter is so over the top
  4. Any opinion, Dave? Got it on DVR but haven't watched yet
  5. Let me know - thought ep 1 was great
  6. Being mad/angry/irritated about an idea is a lot different than being incited to act. These points are not close
  7. i only have 1 channel for like $5.99 a month. Definitely check out Perpetual Grace and Pennyworth
  8. He has kept several but failed miserable on the big ones. Healthcare Deficit Trade War Build the wall
  9. Disagree on last week, the scene with the brother going off the deep end was horrible. Plus they tried to make it look like she drowned - you can't get water in the lungs of someone who is not breathing.
  10. Biggest early surprise is - Bernie with one vote
  11. I am not with you on this, Tony. If you are talking empirically, maybe - but voters both sides of the aisle want healthcare - so is it left or right or forward?
  12. Just hear on a pod that Sony announces Spiderman movies not Marvel - so that may be coming sooner that phase 5.
  13. He can't run a presidential campaign on impeachment - it's illogical.
  14. We should all be making small donations to Tom Steyer to get him on the stage and see what he's got.
  15. Tom Steyer!!!!! Seriously if he gets on the debate stage he might be the shiny new thing.