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  1. Check your settings. I think you are stuck in “Spin”
  2. Was this the discussion we were having? We were talking about the economy from Obama to trump
  3. Not even sure he super charged it. If you look at the trend line it was better under Obama. The trend line isn’t as steep under trump. just like the unemployment rate had improved every month for like the last 8-9 years - but for some reason it was celebrated under Trump even though the Obama administration did the heavy lifting.
  4. This happens on Fox as well. There were movements to get rid of Shepard and cavuto that started a long time ago
  5. The last item on Cuomo was about ny raising taxes. I think we should be taxing gas right now. Tax every gallon to a net cost of like $1.50. Yes usage is down but we need to increase revenue inflow. And nobody should complain at that price.
  6. Watching his press conferences is like watching Curly drill a hole in the boat to let the water out.
  7. Reportedly he encouraged governors today to reopen schools. Few parents are going to buy into that idea.
  8. You didn’t share any truth Your part in this exchange is pretty transparent - you make statements and then have nothing to back them up - and then you try to cover for yourself by thinking you have witty replies. you fail on both counts. /exchange over, you lost
  9. You could have just typed “I’m not the doodoo head, you’re the doodoo head.”
  10. Try to stay on topic, trump. You were talking about the media calling out the liberal agenda. And I was talking about the media as well. this site is not the media.
  11. Sounds like you listen to those conservative agenda mouthpieces. When the answer to everything bad is democrats, you should know you are not getting objective reporting.
  12. A lot of takes by conservative agenda mouthpieces.
  13. Disagree that tony played a great game. He’s reminded everyone that he is not trustworthy and his best shot now is to align with Jeremy, Michelle, Kim, Denise, Adam (is that his name) - and he’s in the minority of his own team and only gets him through another tribal or two. that groups best plan is to turn on tony after one more tribal.
  14. Agree but probably need to include the Titans in that list