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  1. I don’t really see a political transition of Obama to trump in your post. You are favoring a candidate. I think a transition would be more like hate trump to love him. Or left to right on policy. But nit candidate to candidate
  2. Imo, all he has to do is have an African American vp and he can kill most of that talk. Even better if it's a female.
  3. Episode two was a lot of fluff - not feeling good about 6 episodes
  4. Correct - and if he appoints a black VP he can easily defend against those points.
  5. How do Bennett, Patrick and Bloomberg get in this thing? Is the plan a goof super Tuesday showing?
  6. Andrew Gilliam (sp) from Forida is a good option as is Deval Patrick
  7. Locke and key hits tomorrow on N. Stephen kings son wrote the comic
  8. I hope he shows a map and moves the border of Kansas to include Kansas City
  9. Just saw Kelce's speech - for a guy that is supposed to be wild and crazy - pretty poor performance
  10. Things are moving so fast none of all that junk you guys are pointing out is going to count in November. So much is going to happen between then and now his will all be ancient history
  11. Who did the half time show. forgettable
  12. Even if true, the Senate is to uphold justice and do the necessary thing - not condemn the House for their efforts.
  13. I am voting anti-Trump. But the Dems have put themselves in a bad spot not having lacking a quality moderate that can win. Would have much preferred Brown or Patrick be in the race.