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  1. Performance as a runner last week was blech. He is not a must start - he has to prove it against a tough defense first.
  2. So what? There are a lot of fringe people on both sides saying stupid stuff. They are not indictments on their party.
  3. Tough call each week as he is touchdown dependent. Unfortunately my options are not good.
  4. Sorry. Meant 3 votes to get secret ballot. And then they might get 20
  5. I think it was Politico that suggested a vote on a secret ballot on impeachment. The Dems would only need 3 GOP to agree. Then I think we might see Trump sweating one out
  6. Add Josh Reynolds as a possibility with Cooks uncertain. And was there some word about Kupp not being healthy? there was something on the radio last week but not sure it was recent or referencing an earlier injury.
  7. It might be Slayton but I think he takes a hit with Engram likely back after the bye.
  8. Interesting. In general, Pitt passing offense stinks - although as long as Juju draws the one CB, Johnson has a shot. I think there will be an effort to get Juju some TD's - even short ones. I think I would gamble on Renfro
  9. There's not always one - but there is I think in more years than not. Looking for thoughts. Guys I will through out Hunter Renfro - no true one on Oakland; offense might grow for playoff run Deebo Samuel - probably limited with Kittle being the one and run first low risk offense Robby Anderson - super easy schedule but hasn't stepped up yet Dede Westbrook - With Foles back although offense is still run first And I only own one of these guys - so please don't just tell us why you love guys at the end of your bench just cause they are the end of YOUR bench
  10. Saw a note that the new Thor will tie heavily into Disney plus shows. It's great in a marketing concept - but I think that is a drag at the box office.
  11. How abut some feedback? Early numbers are promising/
  12. On a side note, the players cutting their college is sold old it's boring. Do something fun. Favorite candy for Halloween or something
  13. I hope Sherrod Brown gets back int he race - soon.