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  1. Hi Bloom, couple important decisions. All 0.5 PPR. 1. Need 2: ESanders, TColeman, LMurray, DParker 2. Goodwin or JuJu? thank you
  2. Hey Sig, half PPR, would u start JStew, Twest, or AAbdullah? Also half PPR, Clay or Hooper? thank you!
  3. I'm pondering the same thing right now. Do I want: Melvin Gordon - Crabtree - Benjamin - Diggs/Garcon/Parker or ABrown - Crabtree - Benjamin - TColeman/Abdullah/Powell I feel the upside of Diggs/Garcon/Parker is greater than the RBs in the 5th-7th round. The WRs would mostly be startable, but the RBs can very well not give you much half the weeks
  4. Championship week! Thank you for all you did for us this year Bloom. Half PPR league. Need 2 WRs and a flex out of these guys: AJ Green Alshon ARob Tyrell Williams Inman Kenneth Farrow Dion Lewis Same league, lost LGreen, need to pick up one of these TEs to start: CJ Fed, Ryan Griffin, Hunter Henry, Jesse James, Doyle, DAllen, Will Tye, JGresham, LKendricks, Barnidge...
  5. Hey there Bloom, this is a half PPR league, below is who I currently have starting. QB: Brady RB: Shady RB: S Ware WR: TY Hilton WR: Tyrell Williams WR: Alshon Jeffrey Flex: Kenneth Farrow Have Tyrod on bench, can also acquire Kaep. Are either worth starting over Brady in your opinion? Also have on the bench Inman, ARob, and Gillislee. Would you replace any of the starters with those 3?
  6. Putting in Jarvis Landry in the earlier games in place of Julio... Also have Michael Thomas, so might play it by ear before the late games and see which one of those 2 I will put in.
  7. Hi Bloom, thanks for helping. First week of playoffs! Both teams half PPR. Edit to say I'm preparing to play without Michael Thomas in both leagues as well now... 2nd Edit, Theo Riddick Out... Team 1: Preparing to be without Julio, Thomas, Riddick. Here are my options, which would you prefer? 1) Do not wait on Julio/Thomas, and play Jarvis Landry and Burkhead vs. Miami 2) Wait on Julio and/or Thomas, if they're out out, play Hightower and/or KDixon. 3) Pick up Brandon Coleman and play him in place of Thomas (also can pick up Asiata, Robby Anderson, Vance McDonald, a Bears WR, or Justin Hardy/Aldrick Robinson) Who to replace Riddick? hightower, Dixon, Burkhead, pick up someone like Zenner? Team 2: Need 2 RBs, 1 WR and a flex out of these players: RBs: Rob Kelley, Crowell, TColeman, KDixon, Burkhead, Hightower, Powell, Gillislee, WR: ARob, Snead, MMitchell thank you
  8. Hi Bloom, 3 WDIS questions, half PPR leagues. 1. McKinnon (if he plays), Rob Kelley (if MJones is out), Gillislee (if McCoy's out), or Crowell against Jets? 2. Snead or Michael Thomas? Or start both and sit Maclin or Allen Robinson? 3. Riddick, Will Fuller, Moncrief, or Michael Thomas? thank you!
  9. Do this trade? Half PPR: I get: JCharles Marvin Jones I Give: Allen Robinson My current RBs are McKinnon, Crowell, Tevin Coleman, Gio Bernard, Gillislee, Powell Current WRs: OBJ, Ant Brown, Allen Robinson, Maclin, Montgonmery, Snead, Michael Thomas, Coates
  10. Hi Bloom, half PPR league, need to start 3 WRs, 2 RBs and a flex. Below is what I currently have in, and who I have on the bench. Any changes you suggest making? WR: Antonio Brown WR: OBJ WR: Allen Robinson RB: Gio Bernard RB: Tevin Coleman Flex: Maclin Bench options I'm considering putting in for Maclin and ABrown (:/) Crowell McKinnon Ty Montgomery Mike Gilliislee thank you
  11. Hi Bloom, need 2 RBs out of these, half PPR.. Ryan Mathews Crowell Gio Tevin Coleman thank you!
  12. Hey Sig, 1) Half PPR, can only stash 2 out 4. Which 2? Smallwood Derrick Henry Dwayne Washington Dion Lewis 2) Need to pick 1, half PPR. Just lost Riddick, Fuller, and probably Coates.. Forsett Michael Thomas, or Coates if he is active? thank you
  13. half PPR, torn on who to drop so I can pick up a LB to start... Tevin Coleman Ryan Mathews Gio Bernard Kenneth Dixon Powelll Willie Snead Michael Thomas I have DeAndre Washington as my FLEX this week, but he's an option as well, and I can start someone like Mathews instead this week thank you
  14. Half PPR Keeper league, which starting lineup would you want? 1 is without trade, other is after trade Lineup 1: WR1: Antonio Brown WR2: OBJ WR3: Allen Robinson RB1: R Mathews RB2: Langford/Gio/Duke Johnson Flex: Maclin/Gio/Duke Johnson Lineup 2: WR1: Antonio Brown WR2: Allen Robinson WR3: Keenan Allen RB1: Lamar Miller RB2: R Mathews/Langford/Gio Flex: Maclin/Langford
  15. Hey Sig, I just cannot get a good grasp on these 2 decisions... Both leagues are 0.5PPR Need 1 for FLEX: Amari Cooper Shaun Draughns Brandon Bolden John Brown (I'm already starting Larry Fitz in this league) Need 1 at WR3 John Brown Martavis Bryant