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  1. guess that was all you read .... Coach Jay Gruden said Rob Kelley would start if Matt Jones (knee) can't play this week. "If Matt has an issue where he can’t go, it would be Robert in the lead role, more likely," said Gruden. "Chris [Thompson] has such an important role as far as third downs that we need him in that, and he’s not a very big guy." It's not a surprise that the Redskins would give Kelley carries over Thompson, but he'll need Jones to not play to have value. There should be more on Jones' status Thursday.
  2. Yeah I have heard that joke like three times in the last two day on local radio shows. How about after the coin flip - first touchdown wins - no field goal attempts allowed.... gives a strategy twist and while you might still have a tie after the OT period, it would at least be more entertaining
  3. I like most of these BUT #1 is just not possible - I was at the SEA/AZ game Sunday and after the one overtime period the players were just beat - cramping and other issues. I doubt they could have played a second overtime period and would definitely be risking injury. Still there should be something reasonable the league can change to (not Russel Wilson's stupid proposal)
  4. ONLY lost a time out? Not having that timeout prevented them from attempting (note I didn't say kicking) a field goal a the end of the half
  5. GET rid of Thursday night football games Shorten pre-season games to two (teams allowed to schedule scrimmages with other teams if they choose to) Get Jon Gruden OFF MNF football - He has good views but NEVER shuts up and repeats the same comments over and over and over and Schullman is not the right parter for him
  6. it may not be perfect but exactly where do you think you will relocate your league to a BETTER site?
  7. I think he was mentioned before but I will reiterate that I think J.J. Nelson, AZ is a great play if you need an extra WR/Flex play this week because of byes or injuries - Floyd dropped some key balls on Sunday and Jaron Brown is now on IR. Add John "Smoky" Brown dealing with sickle cell trait issues (making his legs hurt and hard to keep him rested and hydrated) and the matchup with Palmer and the Cardinals facing a poor Panther secondary.
  8. for Week 7 - Reaper is the bootee Mr. Irrelevant gets the immunity
  9. Important Note about the Shark Pool: Threads that are asking for advice on how you should draft or manage your team belong in the Assistant Coach's Forum
  10. I think Reaper walks the plank after Week 7 as Norseman has lots of ways to score three points Immunity for the first bye week with six teams off > TBD
  11. BUF - RB LeSean McCoy On ACTIVE List - Should be "normal self" per Rapoport Summary: The Bills will have RB LeSean McCoy today.'s Ian Rapoport just tweeted,"#Bills RB LeSean McCoy (hamstring) is officially active. Should be his normal self." Here's something that has us feeling much better - RB Jonathan Williams is a healthy scratch and on the inactive list. If they were too worried about McCoy, Williams would likely be on the Active list.
  12. I have both and will start McCoy - as long as he is starting I think you have to play him - obviously sucks to know he might be out after the first series but it is Fantasy so I am seeing him play most of the game and scoring at least once
  13. This list is from LAST week - why it says Week 6 ..... new one will be up when they have enough information
  14. are you the commissioner? did you check the league calendar to make sure waivers time wasn't changed?
  15. ours scheduled to run in a few hours - nothing weird ... so far