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  1. Why don't YOU go to the Asst Coach Forum and get some opinions - this thread is for NEWS
  2. NO, it is NOT and vetoing a trade because one/both of the teams improved via the trade show just how stupid trade vetoes are. Have clearly defined trade rules before you join a new league and NO votes or vetoes on trades Unless the commissioner finds evidence of collusion
  3. didn't take long for lawyers to get involved
  4. on my bench - until Big Ben is back or I run into a bye week situation
  5. Yes but not Forward IN the end zone You can knock the ball out of bounds You can knock the ball backwards
  6. Here is another thing for the DFS companies to worry about > 1.3% of the players account for 91% of the profits (link below)
  7. Ehh, I mean Ive had my eye on him for a couple weeks now but today's game didnt make me think run to get Hankerson. He was wide open on his 55 yard catch and his YAC was nice on the play but nobody was around him. He IS getting a ton of targets every game
  8. Very hard to figure because the second half of the schedule is much tougher. As good as the start has been - look at who they have played - NO, CHI, SF - I think those teams have one win between them BUT they do have really good playmakers in the secondary - Honey Badger will have a better year than Peterson fantasywise and so far the front end has held up really well
  9. Carroll said today they won't decide (read > or tell anyone) until Monday night I would love to play Rawls home against the Lions but can't take the chance that Lynch suddenly shows up and gets a good number of the carries
  10. I wish I had someone I could bench him for this week
  11. If you want to stash him - doubt he has much value for a few weeks
  12. Post it in the Asst Coach Forum and put a link here
  13. Matt Cassell just traded from Bills to Cowboys