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  1. The problem is that like most Patriot RBs you will never know which weeks to play him
  2. I picked up Siemian and am rolling with him - none of the guys some have listed are available in my twelve team keeper league but it does have deeper rosters.
  3. Bootee for Week 3 (assuming we are down to one a week no which is how I read the posts) Is BassNBrew
  4. dreaded GTD ... especially on SNF ... at least I have Sanu on MNF I can sub in if he doesn't go BTW - I think ratings for him this week are too high especially with Cutler out
  5. does get him more targets which is what we want I will play him this week if either Hilton or Marshall are out
  6. While the poll is stupid - you play him if he is a good option for a particular team - I did add him last week but right now can play him at RB2 over one of the ATL rbs (David Johnson is RB1) I am hoping to play him IF he gets to the point where he is getting enough carries - hopefully for late bye weeks
  7. Nobody (not even Gisselle) knows how long Brady will keep playing but what we can see is that the Patriots (sorry haters) are in a great situation with the QB position. Speculation was that Garoffolo's performance in the first two weeks would allow them to either take a hard position with Brady as far as money and years; or be in position to trade JG to a team that needed a QB. Now Brisset looks good for his first game and the options are even better. The one thing I will bet on (health providing) is that Brady will be back in Week 5 hell bent on putting up huge games for the balance of the year to show the Patriots and everyone else that he will be back as one of the top quarterbacks for next year (and who knows for how many more years).
  8. check the numbers BUT Rodgers has Always done worse against the Vikings than against the rest of the league
  9. Well Langford didn't hold up his end so Broadway G will join Busman on the Week 2 plank AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH
  10. Blount has two more weeks as a solid starter - you either trade for Dez now or hope for an even better game next week and then trade him for a better offer
  11. League size? Lineup requirements? Rest of your roster?
  12. 3RR

    Consensus way? Where did you get that? The only major contest using that is the NFFC - and it's a holdover from when the drafts started with Tomlinson and five or six other running backs. NOT needed with today's NFL passing game domination and not used by FFPC or FFWC
  13. Week 2 - Looking for two dead ships Glad Busman enjoyed the draft because Crippler was correct - Busman's team is OUT after Week 2 The second OUT will likely be decided by Philly's D's ability to contain Jeremy Langford Broadway G has 126.40 + Langford, while Maggot Brain has 129.60 + two Eagle non-starters, Josh Huff and Trey Burton IF both teams could score into the high 130s then Stinkin Ref who has 135.90 + PHL DST would need a contribution there. My prediction has Maggot Brain joining Busman on this week's plank ............
  14. according to " Chargers running back Danny Woodhead tore his ACL on Sunday, a source told Rapoport. The back is out for the season. "