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  1. Captain Hook

    What Do You Need Tonight?

    An easy one (hopefully) - I need Q to get one point For safety sake in another league I should add I need Ezequiel to get rested or not try for the record tonight - I can handle a big night just not a monster night
  2. Captain Hook

    2016 FBG MBSL 1 Discussion Thread

    Good Luck to both Maggot Brain & Ryheaps - well done this year to be IN the Finals
  3. Captain Hook

    **Streaming Defense** Weeks 14-16 FF Playoffs

    down to last week for LCG with seemingly three good choices - Rams, Packers, and Titans TEN appears to be best but only marginally on projected points
  4. Captain Hook

    Fantasy Football Sucks

    I think you should quit .. I mean ten years and you just figured out there is luck involved (in any given matchup, just intensified when you make the playoffs which is all you have control of)
  5. some of you are much better at figuring out these scenarios - so nice bottle of wine for the best answer to this condundrum: What do I wish for - 4 teams in semis (out of four) Team #1 - simple, down 19 and I have Fat Rob Kelley tonight Team #2 - simple - up 25 and he has Greg Olsen (now the complications) Team #3 - up 13 and I have Greg Olsen while he has JStew and Jordan Reed (best if he misses game) Team #4 - up 21 and done but opponent has Rob Kelley AND Greg Olsen
  6. starting him with confidence today
  7. Captain Hook

    Playoff Weather Concerns

    sunny and rainy - only question is wind which right now is projected for 19 mph - not quite enough to worry about IMO
  8. Captain Hook

    Week 13 Actives & Inactives

    Charles Clay, BUF - will be INACTIVE (didn't fly with team because of impending childbirth)
  9. Captain Hook

    Week 13 Actives & Inactives

    Theo Riddick, DET - is Active Mark Ingram, NOS - is Active both per ESPN
  10. Captain Hook

    Thomas Rawls, RB, CMU/Seahawks

    maybe you should take this over to the AC Forum
  11. Captain Hook

    Thomas Rawls, RB, CMU/Seahawks

    probably because there was nothing much to his performance on Sunday - not all his fault I thought the run plays they did call were very predictable and they didn't try and get him loose
  12. Captain Hook

    Tyreek Hill

    I actually had him in my lineup but decided to change that when Travis Benjamin was finally active - Not a good choice - fortunately I have Rodgers & Jordy to close on MNF
  13. I need Cobb and the Eagles DST to be 7 ppr points better than Smallwood
  14. Captain Hook

    Week 12 Actives & Inactives

    "trending in the right direction" - still TBD
  15. Captain Hook

    Week 12 Actives & Inactives

    according to local broadcast team in ATL - Floyd on the field working with trainer and smiling and moving around - their view is that as of now all signs point to Floyd playing (not saying he should be in your lineup just that he may be available)