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  1. Charles Clay, BUF - will be INACTIVE (didn't fly with team because of impending childbirth)
  2. Theo Riddick, DET - is Active Mark Ingram, NOS - is Active both per ESPN
  3. maybe you should take this over to the AC Forum
  4. probably because there was nothing much to his performance on Sunday - not all his fault I thought the run plays they did call were very predictable and they didn't try and get him loose
  5. I actually had him in my lineup but decided to change that when Travis Benjamin was finally active - Not a good choice - fortunately I have Rodgers & Jordy to close on MNF
  6. I need Cobb and the Eagles DST to be 7 ppr points better than Smallwood
  7. "trending in the right direction" - still TBD
  8. according to local broadcast team in ATL - Floyd on the field working with trainer and smiling and moving around - their view is that as of now all signs point to Floyd playing (not saying he should be in your lineup just that he may be available)
  9. found another one - I need Lamar Miller to have less than 24 ppr points
  10. I need Michael Crabtree to have 16 ppr points since I got a 0 from A.J. Green
  11. from Bramel's column today A.J. GREEN | HAMSTRING STRAIN | 4+ WEEKS There is very little to like about Green's outlook. He immediately reached high on the back of his leg, was unable to bear weight and carted off the field, and multiple local and national media members are tweeting about a multiple-week absence. Every indication is that Green suffered a high-grade hamstring strain. That's an injury that usually comes with a minimum four week recovery timetable. With the Bengals falling further out of the division race and unlikely to push Green to return for late season games if eliminated, he may not return until 2017. Tomorrow's MRI will help define the timetable.
  12. when do your waivers run? should have the OUT for the season confirmed today and the week isn't even over
  13. Dez ACTIVE per ESPN
  14. PLEASE delete that whole post - it is clutting this entire thread
  15. I have both Rawls and Prosise - planning on playing Prosise this week because Eagles have stopped the run well but I think Prosise will get several receptions in this PPR league. Would love to see Rawls look good in whatever snaps he has and be a starter for me in coming weeks and playoffs in Weeks 15 & 16