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  1. Get someone else to keep score. If it is a mental issue then quit putting that distraction in your head so you can fully focus on each shot coming in. I try my best not to think about score and think about swing instead.
  2. I had this problem for a while and went to chipping with a hybrid on any tight lies. Just stroke it like a putt and nice you figure out the pace it's a nice tool for when the pressure is on.
  3. Survived the first round of summer match play 2&1 Hit every fairway on the back 9 Hope to putt better in my next match.
  4. Outstanding advice! I started to improve when I learned to make bogey. Why do 20 handicappers try to shoot even par? Start by hitting shots you know you have and gradually add to the bag. Chopping & putting require almost no talent but lots of practice. Hitting 300 yard drives on the other hand.
  5. Played there last year. I felt he course played long and the rough was brutal. I found a sleeve of balls not a yard off the fairway that had been lost by groups in front of us. The only truly memorable hole was 18 (14 this week).
  6. He's a contractor so I assume they won't have health insurance which is likely to cost about $950/mo. I have several well off friends who continue to work only for the health insurance.
  7. I believe you can post it as two 9s. Take equitable stroke for 6-9 & post from whites. Then post your back 9 score from blues. I might be wrong about front 9
  8. Buddy of mine made double eagle in a tournament today. He also made birdies, bogeys, doubles, triples, and one quadruple bogey. It's a funny game.
  9. Bad news: your greens fees just doubled. Good news: you'll play a lot more vacation golf.
  10. You can, and will. Just have to not care Best round at my home course today. 76 - 4 bogeys 14 pars. Perfectly boring golf.
  11. Shot a typical 83 today 48 on the front, 35 on the back. Don't understand why I skull every wedge early and can't make a putt til I don't give a ####. To b honest I've done the reverse also but that makes more sense to me. Never shot 35-35
  12. I've gone from my brothers bday (jan 5) to my bday (mar 19) but only to prove I wasn't an alcoholic. I was going to try this feb but my team lost and I need a drink.
  13. I voted 3rd party in every available seat. I think its time our politicians do more than just fund raise and campaign.
  14. There are a lot of young QBs having success right now, Tebow included. There are also a lot of young QBs that are struggling perhaps as a result of "defenses cathing up". I can understand how you can watch Tebow and not see him as a starting QB in 2-3 years. Which young QBs do you see having the talent to make it in the NFL long term? Bradford was a guy that was getting a lot of attention last year at this time but he seems to have taken a big step back, injuries not withstanding. The one thing that I've come to appreciate about Tebow is that he seems to have exactly the attitude that you'd want from a starting QB. He doesn't let what everyone says affect him, he's a positive leader on the team, and he seems to be working very hard to get better. I was a doubter early on but I'm buying now. Ask Rams fans if they would trade their "pretty passer" for a streak of ugly wins.
  15. Ha. That's pretty good. Anybody just see The Big Tuna cause Hoge to stutter while talking about Tebow on Sunday NFL Countdown?Hoge: You'll never win a super bowl with this style of play.Tuna: What about the division? Hoge: ...... Tuna: Let's just try and win the division and see what happens. On the drinking game I assume you can pass your drink if Jesus is your personal lord and savior.