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  1. Did they reference that in the show at all and I missed it? Cause otherwise it’s just squid all over the place.
  2. I was a little confused. Might have to watch it again.
  3. How did Carson look? Stat line wasn’t impressive but that could be because of a lot of things.
  4. You should be commended for taking this step towards a healthier lifestyle. A lot of people just can’t do it on their own. No matter how you got there, you did, and that’s all that matters.
  5. Couple weeks ago would have been the time to try. Not right before he hits the field again.
  6. Next year when they have to pay Ramsey. Was actually light. Closer to 80 mil for those 3 right now.
  7. I guess. I mean they’ve got 70 mil a year in just Goff, Gurley and Donald.
  8. Will be interested if Daryl Morey responds or not. I’m guessing no but he’s gotta be a little pissed about a Mensa member like Lebron calling the MIT educated Morey uninformed and uneducated.
  9. I’d agree if either he was there at the time or the NBA players weren’t. Like I said, I generally think Lebron is a tool but I agree with him that the tweet could have waited a week.
  10. Probably not but who knows. I think making that tweet while there were NBA players over there at the time was putting them in harms way.
  11. Certainly could be. But I’d be pissed too if some dude sent out a tweet from his couch that could have caused me harm at the time. Brings up whether they should be over there at all but they were and it’s not beyond the realm of possibility for China to keep them for a bit.