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  1. No concern about Davante Adams having 3 concussions in the past 14 months?
  2. Thanks for taking the time. Where would you slot Barkley and Guice among the RBs?
  3. The leading candidates don’t look that great to me. Seems like the top choices have all been placed elsewhere. Mularkey was an offensive coordinator before he was head coach.
  4. Think we need to see who the new coach and o coordinator are first.
  5. He had that one huge year and watching him play he should be able to do that every year. Think some are hoping things come together again.
  6. Do like how the guy had to throw in the 3.06 to make it work.
  7. 16 team ppr. Julio was traded for Kareem Hunt.
  8. Don’t think you’re getting a 2nd in a 12 team league. He’s been old for awhile but he put up elite numbers before. This year, with the running commitment, his numbers were pretty average.
  9. Don’t doubt McMahon’s story one bit
  10. Outside the Lines on now doing a story. He’s not the only one who should be thrown in jail.
  11. Yeah, doesn’t look like the end of the list is updated.
  12. new one just released
  13. Actually agree with some of this but he missed training camp, preseason etc. That said I thought his separation ability would be better. He almost always had somebody right in his hip pocket when running his routes. It didn’t seem hard for even average CBs to stay with him. Also expected a little more deep ball ability but that could be on the offense and QB. His ypc for an outside WR was abysmal. Read a report on him around week 12 or 13 that said no WR in their first year with a ypc around his went on to be a star. He did come on some after that report. He’s a wait and see for me. Coaching change has to help but this wasn’t all on them. He looked lost, out of shape and slow out there. He did pop a lot more the last few games so hoping it was just the lack of prep due to injury early on.
  14. No but it was pointless. Biggest playoff moment, perhaps ever and you throw a flag for a celebration penalty. The game was over.
  15. Disagree. Id take the guy who’s 3 years younger in a stable situation for those two stiffs pretty easily.