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  1. Article a couple years ago
  2. Could the Raiders play any less inspired?
  3. Finally connects on the long one. 133 yard and a TD through a half.
  4. Brady Cooks finally connect
  5. Chiefs deserve two losses for this one.
  6. And it is
  7. Really no excuse for Hunt not having 25 carries in these conditions and close low scoring game.
  8. Well that was a bad looking play. Let’s let Kelce throw it deep in lousy conditions, wtf. Chiefs play calling today had be abysmal.
  9. He’s pretty awesome I have to say.
  10. Engram having a pretty poor day. Couple drops, offensive pass interference on a long catch he made.
  11. Tyreek Hill stretching hip on sidelines
  12. That’s what I looked like to me as well. Guy didn’t know where he was going. Looks to me like he has to think everything through right now which is causing a delay in motion. He’s also generally out of football shape. He’s wheezing out there like a smoker. The two together are causing some poor lazy looking routes.
  13. If we put the 2018 rookies in I can get pretty close to 15. Zeke, Fournette, Hunt, Bell, DJ, Gurley, Freeman, Howard, Cook, Mixon, Kamara, Barkley, Guice, McCaffrey. That would put Gordon at #15.
  14. His conditioning isn’t there yet, not even close. Hes wheezing like a smoker on there. Missed a lot of time and this is like training camp to him. The poor conditioning is leading to poor route running.
  15. Prolly a tier below. He was a playoff team and his QBs were Flacco and Eli after Watson went down. Wilson was huge for him.