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  1. It sucked but you’re right Dexter may have even been worse. Dexter wasn’t on the level GOT was on though.
  2. True. This wasn’t even a hard ending to write. The parts were all there. There were dozens of fan endings that would have been ten times better than this one. The ending we got was written by a third grader.
  3. Has a top show ever missed the landing that badly? People generally didn’t like the Seinfeld finale but at least it held true to the show. This one they may as well of had the whole thing been a dream after Danny got plowed by Drogo.
  4. Prefer the Mahomes side but Sutton goes before Kupp and Mahomes before Kyler.
  5. 16 team one QB, ppr. Courtland Sutton and Kyler Murray for Pat Mahomes and Cooper Kupp.
  6. Yeah, doesn’t seem easy at all. Not only do you have to count cards with everything going on around you, but you also have to memorize the correct percentage play in every situation. On top of that, have the right personality and discipline to continue doing what’s not working at times cause you’re looking at only a 1% advantage so there will be losing streaks (dude in the video was down 300 grand from the top at one point). All of this while acting like you don’t know what you’re doing so as not to attract attention.
  7. Why doesn’t every casino do that? Wouldn’t that completely do away with card counting? Unless they have no problem with counters in general, just those really good at it.
  8. I’m not even saying he won’t get it. Just that any team paying him that is going to a loser.
  9. Pretty fascinating. Said that they can gain a 1% advantage by doing everything correctly outside getting lucky by getting a dealer hole carding etc. seems crazy to me that small advantage is very lucrative but I guess when you play that many hands it adds up. Casinos were built on small advantages. I’d avoid the Indian reservations though. Seems like a good way to end up buried somewhere.
  10. Dunno. McDonalds new fresh not frozen quarter pounders are pretty damn good. The rest is garbage but those are better than anything from back when.
  11. Barkley and Sutton were traded for D Adams and Kamara. 1/2 ppr.
  12. It killed the tension of the scene though. Throughout the movie there were great tense moments (at the ranch, the drunk confrontation when they pulled down his street etc). I was all for a super violent ending, even a alternative ending, but the campiness just made it goofy whereas the rest of the movie had a totally different feel.