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  1. Dumb question but what exactly is the corporation chick's beef with Ford?
  2. Devante Parker being shopped in the dynasty leagues im in
  3. If they knew, even a little, i hope they sue them to the point of bankruptcy.
  4. Westworld from last night
  5. Surgeon i used to work with paid $10,000 for two seats. Anthony Rizzo lived at his house for awhile when he was in the minors. Even he thinks it was stupid money, but hey you only live once and he has the money.
  6. To me looking every bit as good as we thought it would be
  7. Im gonna send out some Cooks for Arob offers in my dynasty leagues.
  8. Sometimes you've got to be a tool. I don't get the guys who go out of their way to be one.
  9. Seems pretty accurate. Answered C to all but the true and false and got a 129
  10. Learned a long time ago that money doesn't buy class.
  11. Thought the email would be worse. Hope it makes you feel good to be a total ##### to some kid.
  12. $15 an hour for two kids sounds about right. I would nix the awake/asleep pay difference. Makes you sound cheap.
  13. Heard the uproar and went to watch the video. Honest reaction.......thought it would be much worse. If it wasnt Burfict it wouldnt even be talked about.
  14. as long as its not in an IRA (and even if it is), you can get the money out of a mutual fund in a matter of days. You might lose some principle but its not like your moneys locked in.
  15. I get the whole, hes 21, not ready yet, nothings changed mantra, but for me his value has dropped some. Mainly because his risk has increased for me. I wouldnt throw in the towel on him or anything but if i could get Shepard or Thomas for him id pull the trigger. As far as next season, its a stronger class so id move him for a mid 1st but wouldnt buy him for more than a late 1st.