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  1. Why? Theres nothing to fear if theyre telling the truth. If the guy can prove that she was lying and filed a false report, you think the police should just say oh well? Happens a lot and nothing ever seems to happen. Once an accusation is levied, the guy has that stigma forever.
  2. Not saying this is necessarily the case here but a woman who makes false abuse accusations should be jailed for a few weeks. Never happens though.
  3. 10 team, no doubt studs. Think depth stars getting more important when you hit 14 teams and up.
  4. Sucks but you dont wanna be that guy screaming in the middle of the field at a 12 year old ball game.
  5. Uh yeah, i'd be pissed if i almost wrote a character reference for a child molester. And that close trusted relative wouldn't be nearly as close or trusted anymore.
  6. offers Kaepernick, Colin SFO QB;Conley, Chris KCC WR;Crowder, Jamison WAS WR;Greene, Rashad JAC WR;Montgomery, Ty GBP WR;Nelson, J.J. ARI WR;Rogers, Eric SFO WR;Smelter, DeAndre SFO WR for Flacco, Joe BAL QB;Beckham, Odell NYG WR
  7. Would think Hopkins could do better
  8. Exactly. I can handle some weight as long as its not around the midsection. A little puff is fine but i get grossed out when i reached around her and can grab soemthing there.
  9. Wasting your breath. Tim's banging the skank you just dumped. He thinks she's dreamy.
  10. Overall, i think Game of Thrones is a better show, although its close. Ozymandias is the best episode of either show and its not that close.
  11. People who talk about the show on message boards are the 1%ers. Majority of viewers would be lost without being beat over the head.
  12. Best line of the episode was when Cersai introduced the Mountain and said "he's quiet too"
  13. Seemed like it to me, watching it a second time. She "saved" him from actually physically killing him herself but as soon as the building exploded the Mountain left him all alone. She knew what state of mind he'd be in and never went to see him. Without him, she assumed the power she's sought from the very beginning.
  14. Bored to death. Just a poorly executed money grab.
  15. Seemed like Cersai wanted Tommen to take his own life.