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  1. Yep and virtually worthless in that offense with those skill position players around him.
  2. perfect compliment for AJ Green. Its like we hardly knew yah Tyler Boyd.
  3. Great spots for McCaffrey and Davis as well. Shaping up to be an epic fantasy draft.
  4. Hes gonna be awesome in Carolina. He might lead the team in receptions.
  5. McCaffrey will be a gold mine in Carolina
  6. Offensive skill positions being drafted very high. Strong fantasy draft is becoming reality.
  7. They drafted Fournette 4th overall. Ivory and Yeldon are gonna get used as much as Tre Mason.
  8. Lmao. Thomas was sitting there ready to jump out of his seat
  9. Liked it better on Saturday as well. That said i work evenings and i took the night off tonight.
  10. That's awesome man, thanks so much
  11. Im confused, sorry. So the car has 48,000 miles already. Does the warranty run out at 60,000 miles or are they adding an additional 60,000 miles so it runs out at 108,000 miles?
  12. You think? I think Ross is a far superior player personally.
  13. So you get 12,000 miles of new car warranty then you're on your own?