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  1. Depends. More clarity could be for the worse as well. What happens if another ex girlfriend comes out of the closet and says he smacked her around too? As of now i think most in the fantasy community thinks hes largely innocent.
  2. Personally think he has to be discounted in dynasty. I mean he was under investigation and he still managed to get in a scuffle at a bar and pull up a girls top at a parade. You would think you'd be super careful if you're being watched. Bonehead factor is too high not to discount him some imo. Doesnt help that hes a RB with a short shelf life. Missed games are even more important. Hes still very valuable so i wouldnt kill his worth but i would drop it by 25-30%.
  3. Yep and im thinking the medical professions had a lot to do with the decision. My guess is they universally told them that the bruises looked like they were from several and not one incident judging by the state of healing.
  4. Not really. The shirt pull up episode and the deal in the bar.
  5. Thought hard but its a 16 team league with deep starting lineups. Not easy to find starters.
  6. Received an offer of Zeke for Kamara, Diggs and Kelce. Rejected but thought about it. Leaves me with too many holes.
  7. Something. It was a pretty poor episode all around. One of the worst of the series imo.
  8. Better explanation than what the show gave
  9. Good point but they've gotta come up for air within a few feet away.
  10. Jaime and Bronn popping up out of the water well away from the fighting has to be the biggest stretch in the show thus far. You mean to tell me Jaime tries to kill Dany and everyone just lets them swim away? He would be the prized prisoner, no way hes getting away unseen.
  11. 16 team ppr. Ive been offered him twice. Once for Evans straight up and once for both Fournette and McCaffrey. Rejected both. Both offers felt like pre suspension prices. His value has to be discounted imo. He screws up again and it could very well be a season. Also i offered Fournette, a late 1st and a top 10ish LBer for him and that was rejected.
  12. Was just offered Zeke for Mike Evans straight up in a ppr dynasty.
  13. Yeah. That was pretty much my basis on making the trade. Valuewise i think its close, especially if you still view Luck as a top asset. But safety wise its Beckham and Marcus by a mile imo.
  14. Big one. 16 teams, ppr Michael Thomas, Andrew Luck, Gerald Everett, late 1st for Marcus Mariotta and Odell Beckham
  15. Sit him the rest of the preseason.