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  1. Eh. I wouldnt mind the maintenance. I just wouldnt want a town full of kids in my yard every sunny day.
  2. Not too mention Euron is a legit badarse. Ramsey was a wannabee.
  3. If nothing else happened in that episode, it was a major win by just getting rid of the sand snakes.
  4. 2 before, 4 now, reduced to 3 on appeal
  5. That was the feeling even before this. Gonna guess this just cements it.
  6. TMZ Sports reports a witness saw Ezekiel Elliott punch a man at a Dallas-area bar Sunday night. A video shows the victim laying on the ground after the incident, but there is no video of the actual altercation. The victim suffered a broken nose. Despite a witness identifying Elliott as the assailant, police did not make any arrests because of a lack of information and the fact the witness appeared to be intoxicated. Police also did not speak with Elliott because he was gone by the time they arrived. No charges have been filed at this time. Source: TMZ Sports Jul 17 - 11:31 AM
  7. Put me in the camp that Jamie eventually kills Cersai. She basically did what Jamie killed the Mad King for wanting to do. Lighting up the city with wild fire.
  8. Me neither but they should. Fighting by Mayweathers rules, use McGregors gloves.
  9. 4 oz gloves would be a game changer imo especially for a guy not used to fighting in them.
  10. Gotta hand it to Amazon. Some glitch at the start, supposed to be 20% off a $127 racetrack for my daughter. Gave me three discounts instead of one. Got it for $47 with tax. They honored it.
  11. They have like five different shows. Kill me.
  12. Friggin wife wont go without E! and her Kardashians. To get the channels we want it would be $45 a month
  13. Since ATT is my cell provider they are offering their 150 channel base package, DVR and up to five TVs hooked up for $50 a month for two years. $200 gift card as well. Hard to say no to that.
  14. Father in law has one and its pretty sweet. Not as easy as the video but a nice tool to get in tight places and do a multitude of things. Its atleast $130 everywhere else.
  15. Great deal