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  1. Sent some offers out for him
  2. Lynch doing any dancing tonight?
  3. Seems to be moving in that direction.
  4. Not sure I'd call his run garbage time. Chiefs were only up by 7
  5. He needs to cross the goalline before he starts showboating. And I love him.
  6. Love this run. Just trucks Tre Boston
  7. That's tough. My mind says i should but damn I love me some Kareem.
  8. I could watch that all night. Great vision to see the cutback on the over pursuit.
  9. Think everyone knew this game was coming soon
  10. What it KC doing with the ball. Smith has 8 passes and Hunt has 8 runs through 3 1/2 quarters?
  11. Hes a nimble bull. Either makes you miss or runs right over you.
  12. If he's validated during the draft, i.e. he goes top 5ish, id seriously consider him at #1. Think hes better than any of this years backs, DJ and Bell are getting older and Zeke is a head case. Beckham and Evans would be my other options but I feel like I can find WRs later.
  13. PCL,LCL tears are no joke. Worse than ACL tears. He might not even be ready next September and 2018 is the last year of his contract.
  14. Philly, who has a top front 7 anyways, sold out to stop the run. In watching his carries last Sunday, Philly had 8 or more in the box on 62% of his runs. Twice having 9 men in the box. Every other time they had 7 men in the box. His long run came against a 7 man front.
  15. Mind sharing the list of guys you'd rather have? Im still kinda fortifying his value in my mind as well.