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  1. dude was only 270 miles away. You can’t make the 4 hour drive for 800 grand?
  2. Sapps gotta be the dumbest MFer on the planet
  3. I’m thinking a lot more development in college. This sounds like a local rec team. Vytautas plays in the Lithuanian (LKL) league, but it is unlikely the Ball brothers would see significant playing time in that league. Vytautas also plays in the lesser competitive Baltic League, where the teenagers could see more playing time. The team has discussed a role of 20 to 25 minutes a game apiece in the Baltic League, a source told ESPN. Prienu Vytautas, or BC Prienai as it's often called, is a low-level club from a small, non-English speaking village of roughly 10,000 people in southern Lithuania. The team has been grappling with financial issues, and started the season losing eight of its first 12 games in the Lithuanian league. The club plays in a 1,700-seat arena; 500 of those seats are reserved for team sponsors and their friends. Tickets cost around 5 euro. The team has no general manager and doesn't practice regularly due to the poor financial situation. The team's best player currently is likely the coach's son, Edvinas Seskus, who was considered a huge prospect as a teenager but didn't develop as expected, partially due to injuries.
  4. nice pick but Cooks walks in if it’s thrown 5 yards further.
  5. Seahawks fans have really bought into the 12th man bull. They really think they’re part of the team.
  6. Me too. Was psyched when I got him at 1.10. Traded him and a 3rd at the deadline for the 1.14 next season.
  7. That’s the thing with the Bengals. They’d rather lose the game and come out ahead on the hit meter.
  8. AJ should have been suspended, that was laughable. There is taunting and then there is taunting. Cant really compare this to spiking a ball at an opponent after a TD. He literally stood over a guy he knocked out and goaded him. Makes it look like he did it on purpose and targeted him.
  9. If it were just the hit, a fine. The Ali over Liston stance afterwards gets him a game imo.
  10. I think it’ll be a game but not guaranteed. I do think the guy laying on the field comes into it. There’s gotta be guys in the office who are tired of Burficts antics as well and think its about time.
  11. Just curious Steeler fans. Which team do most fans hate worse. Ravens or Bengals?
  12. Every situation is unique but this wasn’t flicking the ball at a guy. Standing over an injured player is a pretty bad look, even if it is Burfict.
  13. Not sure about that. Burfict strikes me as the type of guy who would look for revenge. Guess he was livid in the locker room that they wouldn’t let him back in the game.
  14. He’ll get atleast a game for the taunt alone imo. That was worse than the hit. Just the hit and he prolly would have gotten away with a fine.
  15. How many games does juju get?