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  1. Board member reported this yesterday before it hit the news.
  2. This needs a bump. Was reported yesterday before it hit the wire. Big kudos.
  3. Lmao she has a name
  4. he talks himself into a hole and she stands there with a creepy clown smile. Winnahs.
  5. Trump heating up
  6. Hillary says hi
  7. She might as well be reading off a cue card
  8. Utter trash and complete cheese. Completely missed what made the original great.
  9. I traded him. I dont like the reward/risk any more.
  10. Hes not that good. Rodgers is, Cobbs not.
  11. Back in a big way today
  12. OBJ side but i like Parker
  13. Agree but i could see the risk adverse making a deal. Treadwell for example could be good or he might flop completely. We know a guy like Thomas or Shepard can play. I wouldnt fault someone for now moving Treadwell for one of those two even if Treadwell was selected higher.
  14. Have Fuller, Shepard or Thomas jumped Treadwell if you drafted today?
  15. Top guys Treadwell Coleman Doctson Fuller Shepard Boyd Thomas How would you rank them today?