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  1. I cringe every time i see this bumped to the top
  2. Hes been an offseason superstar for 3 years running
  3. Give me the defensive guys pretty easily unless scoring for defense is whack.
  4. Talking about the 44th pick in a deep draft by the new coach vs the 110th pick in a weak draft by the old coach. Not sure who i'd bank on.
  5. Fournette for me but close. Mainly because I feel his usage is a lot easier to project.
  6. Any thoughts on Adam Shaheen?
  7. I'm sure he'd value your QB a whole lot less. I don't mind differing values but guys who always value their guys higher than the norm and your guys lower are annoying
  8. Yeah, its that close for me as well. He gets any kind of blocking and hes going to get the carries to hit 1300-1400 yards. if hes in the game that much it will be tough to not get 30 catches even if hes not the third down back. 1600 total yards is a realistic possibility imo. I love Davis, but im not sure hes that Julio or AJ Green kind of prospect. I usually go WR i situations like this but Fournette is a difference maker.
  9. Tough choice at the top in PPR leagues this year and you need to be right with it
  10. Really, Mike Williams as well. Crowded receiving core isnt ideal but Chargers liked him so much they used the 7th pick on a position not teally a need.
  11. Bumped him from the 18th pick to the 13th pick and gave up a pick in the 3rd. IDP so later picks have more value.
  12. I just did exactly that. From pick 7 to pick 6
  13. Fournette's line was giving him no runway at LSU. There were usually 8 or 9 guys in the box.
  14. Top tight ends are like top runningbacks in TE premium leagues. I would consider Howard right after Fournette, Davis and McCaffrey.
  15. Im torn on Howard or Ross. WRs are generally more valuable but feel Howard is the safer pick