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  1. One of the main things i came away with watching Fournette is how bad the passing game around him was.
  2. I remember him being traded in many leagues for AD, his value was through the roof
  3. Reggie Bush had very few detractors from what i remember.
  4. Yep. Mainly injury concerns if i remember right.
  5. I'll take McCaffrey or Mixon over any player on this list, so 1.6
  6. Its also a fact that your offer belongs in the worst offers of the year thread
  7. You're that guy. The annoying sob who gives you all the reasons why the player hes trading for is a piece of garbage yet he continues to make offers.
  8. There's no counter here. Dont know how many times people have to tell you that. How do you counter 5 cents on the dollar? Robinson's probably worth two mid round 1sts. You offered a 4th or some waiver wire quality players.
  9. If it was a legit offer you wouldnt care if it was posted on the message board. Maybe think about that next time before making an offer. If you're that embarrassed by the offer being posted maybe you shouldnt have made it in the first place. Im guessing this isnt the first bogus offer you've sent this guy and he finally had enough. Waiver garbage and a 4th for a guy the community dynasty rankings have as the 14th overall player isnt even counterable. You're more a tool for sending offers like this than he is for posting it.
  10. You could have gotten a kings ransom for Trent after his first season.
  11. The amateur scouts always try to ding the top prospects. Happens every draft season.