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  1. Love this video. Can feel the hornets on me.
  2. Been in many disagreements with friends. Never been questioned by police over any of them.
  3. Not something I’d say in front of a 7 year old whether a joke or not. They’re not sure if it’s serious or not and it obviously bothers her if she remembered and mentioned it to you.
  4. I hate it when people let offers just sit there. Happens enough times and I never send them anything else.
  5. Thought it was flat out boring, which I didn't expect to feel from this movie.
  7. Sweet Robin practicing his sword fighting like a girl with palsy.
  8. Good video. Watched a lot of Pettis last season. Was generally impressed. Outside Moore I thought he was the best looking rookie receiver. Agree with what this guy saw. Gets separation at will and a lot of it. Runs good routes. More quick than fast. Can be manhandled. Very much a finesse guy. Skill set is there to be a very good WR if he can remain healthy.
  9. It sucked for the overall quality of the show. I do t know how anyone can say different. Was it terrible as a stand alone, perhaps not. But as the culmination of one of the best shows ever created, it bit hard.
  10. Sure stuff can come out of nowhere but I think what he’s saying is guys who have had issues in the past are more likely to have further issues.
  11. Pretty minor. He gets in the guys face but doesn’t really shove him, guy loses his balance after being backed into a gate. That said this obviously isn’t his first go around. He’s a moron. Wasn’t arrested or charged with anything. Still guessing a couple games.