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  1. Update from someone on the Chiefs board. No idea if true but everyone took it seriously so I suspect he’s a respected member. Hi all. I have a legitimate update. It is not much, but it is an update nonetheless. Preface: 1. This information comes from a very trusted, personal source, who is in a position to know. It is accurate. 2. I will not tell you the source. I don't care if you don't believe me. 3. This information may or may not be made public in the future, so this means that I may or may not be proven right in the eyes of you all. Again - I don't care if you don't believe me. The Update Quote: The state has decided there is a "more-than-likely" reality that the child has suffered neglect/abuse of some sort, and therefore they are petitioning that the child become the state's custody. I am told this is often a temporary measure, and often a tactic for when investigators are trying to find more information. Often, it is used to pit one spouse against the other to "flip" on their partner, although that doesn't necessarily mean that is the case here. Essentially, the investigators are trying to get to the bottom of HOW and WHY the child suffered harm. Tyreek has retained a lawyer with experience in this area to represent him in this matter. This does not mean that Tyreek - or anyone - is being charged with anything at this point. Parents in this type of situation may still have the child "live" with them even if the state has "custody." I am not sure what their current living arrangements are. It is important to note that this situation doesn't rule out a third party, like a grandparent, either, but it also doesn't mean that is who did it. This is why they are investigating - to find out who did, or didn't, do what. They have not shared with me what the alleged neglect/abuse entailed, though there are some obvious guesses based on reports. I am told that if a person had told on another person - and there was sufficient evidence - it would likely have surfaced by now and that action would have been taken, like someone being charged. The fact that no one has been charged yet likely indicates that the state does not have the evidence it needs to bring charges on a person. That is not to say someone can change their mind and say something, or that the child can act as a witness should he talk. This could wrap up tomorrow, or it could wrap up 10 months from now. Depends on if the state ever obtains evidence to bring charges on anyone.
  2. If a guy is thinking hard about taking an offer I sent, i'll revoke it. Human nature to want what you can't have. Most of the time i'll get the offer back.
  3. It certainly appeared he was the glue that kept that offense together
  4. 1. Star player traded always makes me a little nervous, team always knows more than we do. 2. His sidelines antics makes me question his mental well being 3. the pic not long ago with the instagram model with the drug stuff around
  5. And if hes not, kudos to those who got something for him. It's literally 50/50 in my mind which way this goes, so I cant fault either side.
  6. Saying the 2nd one was in fact investigating the arm break back in January and the child’s well being. First time was the child being home alone or so they thought. I kinda stopped reading after a while, got a bit xfilesish but who knows.
  7. He’s one of those guys I wouldn’t pay the price on. Feels like the knucklehead factor isn’t figured into his value. Great player don’t get me wrong but one of those guys you could be reading a headline on.
  8. Little more to it. Guess a member or two has talked to someone close to Tyreeks family or something. Her family doesn’t like him (understandably), mother is very controlling etc, jealous that his family babysits all the time. Tyreek had enough of the drama and threatened to leave her. This is how they’re getting back at him. Basically no abuse, all family drama and they are 80% sure he’ll be completely cleared.
  9. It’s members in the forum. Basically, Crystals mom called the cops March 5th because she thought they went out and left the child alone, when in fact Hills parents were babysitting. Hill got upset, led to a big falling out with the fiancée. She went back to her parents and either told them it happened or they concocted a story about Tyreek being responsible for the kids broken arm in January. Cops investigated again March 14th.
  10. Funny, how different people look at things. I always felt from the beginning, the longer it goes the worse for Hill. If he were truly being set up or had nothing to do with it, that would be weeded out quickly. Whereas if there were something here, since it’s a high profile case, they would want to dot all their i’s and cross their t’s.
  11. Try going to the Chiefs Planet forum. They think they’ve cracked the case.
  12. I’d trust a good bookie over most sources on the internet lol
  13. I’d turn down 1.12 easily as well. Top 5 would be tougher.