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  1. Acted like someone ripped his leg off on the field then they went to commercial
  2. Seems to be ok. Stretching on the sidelines.
  3. Lesean Mccoy down
  4. Baby boomers are leeches on society but i still cant get past the millennial's entitled attitude. I'm "lucky" enough to manage 50-60 people at a time through a diverse range of ages. I've never seen anything like the 20 somethings. Getting them to do anything is like pulling teeth. They truly believe you are lucky to have them. Im painting with a broad brush, obviously not all. A few are fabulous people and workers. But as a whole, my god. The generation of coddling, political correctness and your feelings matter above all else and it shows.
  5. Millennials are even worse
  6. Im dumb
  7. Id rather keep the two yard play and not give them another down.
  8. I had forgotten how awful most of those games are.
  9. Nintendo going for more than an Xbox One
  10. Lmao at that bald punk looking fool telling him to meet him in Lexington and they can handle it like men.
  11. Gotta be Fisher for twenty years of virtual ineptitude
  12. MIB has to be William. Recognizing the chick who initially greeted him upon entrance to the park confirmed it for me.
  13. Prolly next season as well.
  14. Question. So Ford creates Bernard years after Arnold is killed. Isnt there anyone saying, "hey, whos that new guy who looks just like Arnold that we just hired."
  15. Thinking Delores as well. MIB finally found Wyatt in the church.