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  1. They’re 2-4. Seems pointless to bring him back late in the season and risk reinjury.
  2. Not even close
  3. Lol those last two catches by Doyle gave me a 1point win
  4. Strong run d right there
  5. DeMarco with this all kinds of suck on that play. Doesn’t lay a finger on Simon to block him and then gets outrun by a lber.
  6. If Wentz went to the Browns he’d probably suck anyways
  7. What’s going on with Danielle Hunter? Invisible in the boxscore save one game this year. He just missing on on getting to the QB or has his game downgraded some being in the game a lot more?
  8. What a pinhead. You’re complaining 6 games in after being suspended since 2015.
  9. I don’t blame a guy for putting a little extra juice on a hit to the other teams QB within the rules. Happens all the time. Wouldn’t go as far as to say it was dirty.
  10. Typical Julio day. 10-15 points in ppr. Blah.
  11. So is he now Robert Woods backup?
  12. Funny, he still has over 100 total yards
  13. Sorensen legit sucks.
  14. Waldman was wrong about everything else