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  1. Give me the more experienced team
  2. Patriots early 3 point favorites
  3. Take your time Steelers, you have all the time in the world
  4. Hes on the sideline nursing his penis
  5. The patience Blount showed on that TD was amazing
  6. Pitts pass defense is pretty good
  7. His 2 ypc impressed you that much today?
  8. Jones Fxs are very common.....Durant, Crabtree, Julio, Dez off the top of my head. Believe all but Crabs needed more than one surgery on the same foot.
  9. Not sure how damaged he is, its a fairly common injury. Fournette and Cook will be gone in most leagues. Id take him over the rookie WRs pretty easily. Hes only a year older than them.
  10. My god thats awful
  11. I can understand him just fine. That guy with the head tattoo, jesus.
  12. We let my 6 yo daughter quit soccer. Cried every time we went, didnt like it. Wasn't worth the fight and hassle every sat morning.
  13. Jordy Nelson