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  1. The butt stuff chick looks like she hasn't showered in a week
  2. Looks like a floating trailer park
  3. Any idea when MFL lets you roll over to 2017?
  4. when do the 2018 picks come out?
  5. Lesean seems high at 29 years old.
  6. As far as dynasty rankings, id take a couple of the rookies as high as 6-7 judging by this list.
  7. Good luck, good days ahead
  8. The main thing that list tells me is to not draft 29 year old WRs as high as being drafted here.
  9. Or the Rams line
  10. Yep, thats exactly what im suggesting.
  11. We still have the death penalty for treason don't we?
  12. Like PS Vue a lot. In was a bit sketchy with pausing during peak hours the first few months but havent had an issue in awhile.
  13. Why now when a number of streaming services are coming online?
  14. Me too, even if for trade value alone. A number of these guys are depreciating assets already. Bad idea in a start up imo but each their own.
  15. Wish they had asked her why she waved him over to the table they were at when he entered the restaurant.