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  1. Disagree, i think the losses are pretty even. Next year the #5 pick will earn roughly what the #3 pick received this year. Add in the high California tax rate and it probably stretches in out to the 7th or 8th pick being pretty similar to this years 3rd. He does miss a year of earnings and a year towards the lucrative 2nd contract. Losing a top 5 pick is pretty devastating as well though. Especially to a franchise looking for a new stadium. They look like the laughing stock of the NFL and very dysfunctional.
  2. I think he still goes in the top half of the 1st but could be wrong. Hes not asking for anything crazy and im sure the other teams know that. San Diego also has as much to lose as he does imo. They would essentially be forfeiting the #3 overall pick in the draft for no compensation.
  3. His raincoat will be hanging by the door.
  4. Highlight video from last season I only saw him against my Pats last game, i can tell you he looked like a man amongst boys in that game.
  5. Maybe you two will hook up in the old age home
  6. Im so sorry. What an amazingly strong little girl.
  7. All bran buds cereal. 1/2 cup in the morning and a 1/2 cup at night. 20 grams of fiber each time. Good combo of soluble and insoluble fiber.
  8. Just yesterday. Bruce Irvin for Todd Gurley. Its just gonna sit there.
  9. Smart title change. Old friend sounds more like someone you've known for a long time.
  10. Be great if they lose
  11. Happy ending. I thought you were gonna say somebody pulled her out of the pool.
  12. Heres the article i was referencing, saying they retain him until the draft starts. Sounds like it wrong?
  13. And thats all Bosa wants. One of the issues at hand. Seems kind of obtuse for the Chargers to expect him to cave on both.
  14. From what ive read they lose his rights when the draft starts. That info could be wrong though.
  15. Yep. Or they can trade him at the start of the 2017 league year.