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  1. Keep hearing about how much mortgage lending has tightened and banks don’t really want to loan money right now. Is that what you guys are seeing? Can you still get a low rate mortgage with 10% or less down and a good credit score?
  2. He’s emotionally a child. His facial expressions are money.
  3. No.
  4. Dynasty, won last two years. CMac, Barkley, Michael Thomas, AJ Brown, Golladay, Kittle, Danielle Hunter.
  5. If you want Taylor, a good WR prospect and a teams 1-4 I think you’re asking too much in my opinion. That’s a pretty hefty haul for Zeke.
  6. If this is a lost year for you I think it’s a no brainer. This time next season, Zeke is 26 with the carries piling up and Saquon is 24. Sure, you’re are taking some risk but ACL repairs are pretty smooth these days, especially with nearly a full year to rehab. I think at this time next season, Saquon is worth a good bit more than Zeke.
  7. Yeah, if you’re playing for next season, Saquon is a perfect buy. Will be worth more next season and he doesn’t add any points this season. I’d trade Zeke for him if I were in that situation.
  8. Start to the season like this and I can't help but wonder what the point of playing fantasy football is.
  9. Geez, atleast make it look like you might throw.
  10. He plays so soft. Jamal Adams just wiped him out on that catch near the goal line. You look at him and think he should be playing a lot more like DK Metcalf on the other sideline.
  11. One cue. Announcers talk up Gilmore, two plays later he gets beat.