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  1. Pepperballs and CS canisters are the difference between firecrackers and a grenade.
  2. I’m anti Trump but you really need to stop posting about things you have no clue on. It takes away from the message.
  3. It wasn’t classic tear gas like CS gas. Anyone who’s gone through a gas chamber without a mask knows what people look like that have been exposed. I’m sure there was smoke, pepper spray, pepper balls etc. Could call the difference semantics but when you think of tear gas, it’s a lot more sinister in its effects.
  4. Probably not. Pepper spray probably. CS gas is brutal. There would be people on all fours coughing with snot running down their face. That said the situation was still abysmal.
  5. I trust the police to tell us the truth.........not like that’s what these protests are all about.
  6. Did they hear he was coming and just move out of the way? Like a parting of the Red Sea?
  7. Had nothing to do with the church. He just needed somewhere to go to show that he’s not scared and that he can clear the streets whenever he wants. Was a photo op geared towards the governors and those saying he was holed up in a bunker. He could have gotten a slushee at a 7-11.
  8. Most of them look like they’ll be worn out after two blocks.
  9. Very powerful. A bunch of white people standing in an area in front of a church they forcibly cleared of protestors.
  10. I’m not sure an escalation is going to get the result you desire.
  11. Watched it again and still love it. His wife washing her mouth out after he put that stuff on his junk still cracks me up.