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  1. Assuming youre talking about Pharoh Cooper
  2. Its been pretty obvious that many simply change the date on their rankings. Been this way forever
  3. Dez easily
  4. My main worry would be reoccurrance, especially if he tries to come back too quickly.
  5. Getting the vibe thats hes gonna be one of those rookie WRs ala Doctson,Coleman, Treadwell etc who are cheaper at some point than he is now.
  6. Getting the 1.05 and Kwon for Jordy is highway robbery.
  7. His cuts at full speed are what stand out to me vs the other backs in this class. Nobody else has that ability to move through traffic without slowing down. Very Lesean McCoy like.
  8. Not for me but Fournette and Howard are 7 and 8 in this site's dynasty rankings.
  9. I'll take the 1 and 2 but theres much worse on this page alone.
  10. And thats how lousy teams stay lousy. Trading their obviously high future 1sts before the season even starts for a bunch of JAGs
  11. My main tip is to be realistic with your team. You are either a real contender or playing for next season. Its the guys who try and do both or waffle back and forth that run into problems. If im in a startup that i feel is going to last awhile i usually toss the first year. Trade for a core of a few young studs and accumulate future draft picks from the teams who think they're contenders. Hold those picks until the draft when the fever hits and then keep the choice ones unless i get a great offer and sell off the others. Either for proven players or higher future picks. Ive been in more leagues than i can count where ive gone from doormat to superpower in the span of a year or two. Everyone thinks they're gonna dominate year one, its the best time to get future picks on the cheap. Only things in fantasy you can guarnatee will increase in value over the course of the year.
  12. Yeah i got Dalvin and TY. Was a little more to it than that but thats basically the final result. Felt Dalvin had a better chance to match Gurley than Parker did to match TY
  13. 16 team ppr. Dalvin Cook and TY Hilton for Todd Gurley and Devante Parker.
  14. Crazy on you- Heart Rhiannon- Fleetwood Mac Billie Jean- Michael Jackson