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  1. I started late this year because I've been busy and on the road. Here's the deal: I called the standard, 1800-Directv number and was only able to get $25 off, Free Redzone and that's it. Then the ID10T charged me $25 for the RZ. I went ahead and called the 866 number and the guy there explained it to me: When you call in to the regular line, you get 'Active Care' and their best deal.. They won't give you free ST, because the season started. At least now, you have to completely disconnect, and be disconnected for 2 full days before you can call the 866 number. When you call the 866 number, if you are a customer in good standing, (I've subscribed for 20+ years) they will try to get you the best deals (big discounts, ST for free). There was a twist. Because the ID10T added Red Zone on to my package, there is no way to pull it off - it has to go to the Sunday Ticket desk. The lady there gave me STMAX for $100. I called the main line back and got my $25 discount for 12 months. Total discount - $430. Not bad.
  2. If you input your league settings into DD you can generate a Cheat Sheet. File > Print > Cheat Sheets
  3. Same... Of course I'm so familiar with Classic it will need to be a significant upgrade (ie: Custom ADP) for me to use the APP.
  4. The benefit of LD is having a long term look at your team. MyFBG is good for a weekly bump - but what if you are looking 2-3 weeks ahead?
  5. If you are using MFL, try the MFL Import app, or you need to use MFG instead of LD.
  6. I didn't want to go through the hassle of calling to disconnect and the be home when they call back - especially since my wife won't answer the phone anymore if it's not someone she knows.... I've gotten enough discounts every year to get the ST MAX for free + extra....that was my immediate goal. I called in and immediately asked for retention. Guy was nice enough noticed I've been a subscriber for 20 years (!!) with Premium Package and he offered me the Ticket at $35. I said, that's great - what else can you give me? He sent me to programming. She wanted to know where I needed my bill to be - I gave her a figure about $100 below current and she started working. Got it down $60 through various discounts. Excellent. How are we going to make the final target? Retention will have to help you. Sends me to retention. Guy notices the 20 years and asks what he can do. I tell him, "get me to X $/month. I know I can call and cancel and you guys will call back and I can get the Big Deal and get what I need. I'm saving you the hassle." Took him about 15 seconds to come back and say, I can get your bill down another $40 - all good for 12 months." Total savings - over $1400 and my bill is less than last years.
  7. Gronk is usually enough of a differentiation (about 5-10 points) that he's worth it. I only have 1 TE - I can have 3/4 RB's and WR's and pick the best match-ups each week to remove some of the difference. With Gronk it's plug and play every week. I like Jameis's upside - I only pick up 1 QB during the draft and try to stock up on RB/WR flyers at the end of draft.
  8. Here's what I ended up with. We use a 3rd Round Reversal, so my 3.04 was a little better than most. I rarely get a QB2 (always available for streaming when needed). 4WRs, 4 RB's gone ahead of me. Passed on AJ Green and Miller. 01.09 TE1 Rob Gronkowski 02.04 RB7 Mark Ingram 03.04 WR18 Demaryius Thomas 04.04 WR24 Jeremy Maclin 05.09 WR30 Doug Baldwin 06.04 RB21 Ryan Mathews 07.09 RB30 Frank Gore 08.04 QB15 Jameis Winston 09.09 DEF11 Kansas City 10.04 WR63 Michael Thomas 11.09 PK4 Chandler Catanzaro 12.04 RB44 James White 13.09 WR67 Tajae Sharpe 14.04 WR54 Mohamed Sanu
  9. Or use the DD on your laptop (if you have one)
  10. You have to go into File>Setup/Projections and manually update them. Bear in mind, if you update projections automatically, it overwrites your changes.
  11. MFL Import? Or just open up your last LD? Not quite sure I understand your question.
  12. It's not in the PC version....I've gone through everything. I can set scoring and that's it.