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  1. THIS is the way to do it - with one difference. Called the 1-888-777-2454, said 'Cancel service at the prompt and asked to be transferred to customer loyalty. the lady in Alabama, "Donna" said she was in the loyalty department. I told her that I got my last bill, it was very high (ST, Choice, regional sports and 4 receivers, HD, DVR, so on) and was there anything she could do about it. She was able to get me $60 off per month immediately, which she noted would offset the cost of ST. Was I happy? Ehhh.... I mentioned that a couple of friends (you are all friends, right?) had gotten Sunday Ticket Max for Free, what can she do. She says, "Let me try something." Takes ST off of my account, and then puts it back on with the offer of FREE Sunday Ticket Max. "But it won't auto-renew - am I OK with that?" So the order was: Get the discount first; take the ST off of your account; then put the ST on your account. Savings - $1120. 15 minutes, including 5 minutes of wait time to be connected. She said to be certain to call back next Labor Day.
  2. Johnny Rock - replying here do that others can see. I continually reviewed my drafts over the years - looking at what worked, where I got burned and what works well. I've tweaked my procedures and come up with a number of resources over the years to help with my process. The key for me is creating a customer ADP based on the past three years drafts - I can import it into DD AND (very important) I use it to calculate my own baselines. I use an EXCEL file called Draft_log that someone posted years ago. I have data in that thing going back 10+ years. It captures your draft, provides the order of picks, how many of each position are chosen each round and an accumulation by each round. I import the previous years draft data into the DraftLog and get the accumulated totals and output of the draft in a column (RB, RB, RB, WR, RB, WR,...and so on.) I have another program someone came up with about 6 years ago called the Planarizer. I take 3 years worth of the draft order (RB, RB,...etc), put it in there and it spits out an ‘Average ADP”. the last8 picks get a little wonky because it's so random by then. I take that output and put it back into the Draftlog and it shows the accumulation by round. For my 12 round league I use the 7th round for Baselines for this year (8th in my 10 team league). I then compare it against the baselines I used for the previous years to see how it compares. For the end of the draft I adjust the baseline a little bit to ensure the total RB's. WR's, TE's, QB,s DE' and PK's are consistent against last 3 years. The order isn't as important as the totals. I jot those down. After I reach the 7th round in my draft I adjust the baselines in DD to match those of the final draft numbers. From that tweak to the final total baselines, now have a custom ADP and I also save that as ADP_User.csv for DD. It seems like a little work, but it's pretty straightforward if you have familiarity with EXCEL. Make sure if you are using Projections Dominator and/or ADP_USER that you follow this order: Import any notes from the VBD App. Insert Baselines into DD. Update Projections in DD. Update Projections in PD. I personally use 30% Dodds, 30% Henry, 20% Tremblay and 20% Wood. Import PD into DD. Import ADP_USER. (Ensure ‘Draft Others by ADP’ is checked if you’re using ADP_USER and that it’s off if you are not.) Modify and Projections you make to move someone up or down. Here are a couple of other things I do. Export the playerpool with notes into EXCEL and highlight specific players I want to grab or avoid and print that out. Having all of the players on a cheatsheet allows me to see the bigger picture. I try to align it with the ADP file from DD to identify opportunities. For example James Conner is currently ranked 21 in my sheet (RB16) but it looks like he's going about #33 in MFL. I I might be able to grab him late in the 3rd, rather then end of the 2nd. Finally I also print out the DD Cheat sheets that shows all of the players in tiers. This is key for using the best value pick window. With your ADP_USER file the BVP window will show the number of picks until your next pick. You can look at the DVBD, compare it to your tiers and decide if that's the pick you really want to make - especially if you have similar values. Most of the files I referenced can be found here: Good luck. PM me if you have other questions.
  3. Open up the Player Pool window, type in player name at the bottom and if you hit the Find/Find Next button it should show you their spot in both the Overall and Positions.
  4. Thanks Joe! I've been a subscriber for nearly 20 years. While the online/mobile DD are good, the customization of the classic can't be beat.
  5. Apparently the NFL had the option to opt out with AT&T and didn't: But things will change in 2022. This is the best summary of the coming negotiations: This would also be interesting:
  6. I don't have that problem. Go to the header row and you should be able to expand the columns just like you would in EXCEL.
  7. I'll have to try this at work where I have 2 monitors, but I believe you can expand the frameset to cover two monitors and slide the draft board over to the side of the 2nd monitor.
  8. If they are in MFL, you can use the MFL Import tool and import them into DD and then use the RMT function within DD.
  9. Have you looked at using the VBD Excel file?
  10. I am not aware that you can import your own projections into the Mobile/Online version of DD. You can go into PD and set your own projections ( and then import those into Classic DD. Or you can use the VDP Excel sheet and do the same and also your own notes. I think this is more toward what you want to do: There are a couple of us old timers around here who still rely on the customization available with Classic DD. Good luck!
  11. Close DD. Go into the directory where your DD is located, delete the PlayerNotes.dat file and then reopen DD.
  12. I think RMT works automatically only through one of the draft apps... You can go here to enter it in manually: