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  1. I went with McDonald even though Chandler was available. I think it will be a toss-up but the stat that clinched it for me was that the Patriots pass nearly 70-80% of the time when in a 2 TE set. Remember, Chandler caught his passes while Gronk was in the game. With Gronk out, I'm not sure that Cleveland or Williams provide enough capability to free up Chandler. McDonald has his own issues, with SF playing Chicago - CHI limits TE's to about 7 points in PPR leagues. Butt since Gabbert has capable WR's and RB's to throw to, that should free up McDonald - whom Gabbert clearly favors in the RZ.
  2. What about V. Macdonald, SF? He's been averaging 15 points/week since Gabbert took over.
  3. Trade Analyzer only works as a comparison of team strength of Before vs. After in the TA window.
  4. About 10 years ago I did a full analysis of each of the FBG's projections for one year. While there are some differences, there is a 'group' think that minimizes major differences. Everybody is going to have Luck as the #1 QB - there is just some variance. It's at the mid to bottom of the pool where we see the biggest differences - and nobody get's it perfect. As noted, if you use DD you get 100% David Dodds. which is great if Dodds has a good year - not so great if he doesn't. That said, I've always used PD to weight the experts: 30% Dodds 30% Henry 20% Tremblay 20% Woods For DEF 50/50 Dodds, Tremblay
  5. I just tried this and it kinda worked. Picks were assigned in the correct order, but the teams were NOT moved left/right on the draft board. Quirky. The only way I can get the draft board correct is by re-entering teams in draft order into the "Team Names" tab. I noticed this really messed up the keepers, too. I haven't tried but I suspect this would also screw up stuff if teams had traded draft picks for players. ETA to mitch_r: I highly recommend you test this now and don't wait until 15 minutes before the draft. If the order shown on the draft board is important and not working, that's not something you want to discover 15 minutes before your draft. the Draft Board does not follow draft order - only team order. Think of it just like an old fashioned paper draft board.
  6. One aspect where the desktop is superior is the ability to use a custom ADP by importing ADP User.
  7. Wait until LD comes out and use the TD in there.
  8. It's show up as all 1s. And I would like to have the data be exportable if possible. http://puu.sh/jPfj9/479bc927ab.png Go into DD and do a File>Export>Player Pool Weekly Points
  9. File>Setup>Projections - scroll all the way to the right
  10. You can use last years model - just put in the last 3 years of data in the correct order. Or directly email the OP (his email is in one of the posts).
  11. Use the VBD EXcel sheet - ensure the notes are empty and import it into DD. then you can re-update projections.
  12. I guess not. He's about 32nd in the latest version. Have you updated it?