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  1. You have to go into File>Setup/Projections and manually update them. Bear in mind, if you update projections automatically, it overwrites your changes.
  2. MFL Import? Or just open up your last LD? Not quite sure I understand your question.
  3. It's not in the PC version....I've gone through everything. I can set scoring and that's it.
  4. Are you using APP or DD Classic? I've never seen it in DDC. If you are using the APP you need to email Simon the APP guy.
  5. Ping me At gobears84@aol.com and I can send it to you.

  6. LOL. I'm touched and thrilled that people are using it! On my page you'll find the Draft_log template. You can use that to import previous years drafts to easily put them into the correct format and then use that data in the Planalyzer. Otherwise, that's exactly how I do it too!
  7. Offline. Go over to the Forum and you'll find tons of information.
  8. Never heard of that problem. What specifically do you mean by custom scoring? File>Setup>Scoring
  9. Great topic - I'm in the same boat. Go to the front page and find some of the articles. Dodds Perfect Draft and Hester's Evaluation by Association are good reads. I miss the Avoid the Suck articles, but I've put together this simple guideline. Target players on these teams: Top offenses Carolina* AZ** NE** NYG** CIN NO** SEA** PIT** Avoid Players in these teams: Worst offenses: SF** CLE** LA** TEN** MIA** Somewhere in the forum is a post on Defenses. Houston seems to be a good DEFBC team. Good luck!
  10. Not sure what happened to the FBG DEFBC, but I did find this: DEFBC
  11. I actually track that. Usually the 6 or 7 of the top 8. 2 years ago it was 8 out of top 9. Steve Johnson #5 was the only one who didn't pan out.
  12. I've done so well with my drafts over the years with DD - especially with my custom baselines and imported ADP that I won't waste my time on the APP until those are included. I've been to the Final 5 years in a row, so hard to argue with the results.
  13. I'm surprised not to see the Defense By Committee Article - that's been a FBG standard...